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#1121 12/06

issue one thousand one hundred twenty-one thursday, december six, mmxviii

“ANIMAL KINGDOM” 04 Series / TNT 07-12-18 ê
411 N. Hollywood Way, Bldg. 30 R, Burbank, CA 91505

STATUS: January 15 LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRODUCER: John Wells - Eliza Clark - Jonathan Lisco - Christopher Chulack - Etan Frankel - Megan Martin - David Michôd - Liz
Watts LP: Doug Ornstein
JOHN WELLS PRODUCTIONS 5707 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 | 323-203-1444
WARNER HORIZON TELEVISION 3601 West Olive Avenue Suite 700, Burbank, CA 91505 | 818-954-6000
After a heroin overdose kills his mom, teenager Joshua "J" Cody moves to Southern California to live with his freewheeling relatives. The family's
matriarch is J's estranged grandmother, Janine "Smurf" Cody, from whom he's been shielded for years. J soon finds out the reason for the isolation --
Smurf and "her boys" make their livings through carefully planned armed robberies and other criminal activities. Prominent perpetrators are Smurf's
relatively level-headed right-hand man Baz and her three sons: mentally disturbed ex-con Pope, hyperactive drug user Craig, and suspicious Deran.
In order to stay alive, J must prove loyal to his beguiling grandmother, who rules with a borderline-incestuous love. (January - June)

“ANGELS PRAYER” Feature Film
PO Box 2488, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
PHONE: 213-448-8482 FAX: 843-651-5298
STATUS: February 10 LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, SC
PRODUCER: Ralph McCloud - Elizabeth Snoderly WRITER: Ralph McCloud DIRECTOR: Michael Kampa
A traumatic event has Matthew hearing the prayers of other people. His only way of drowning out the prayers is to drink them away. His mental state
and drinking lead to a separation from his wife Hannah and daughter Angel. Matthew is convinced to try and start answering the prayers he hears,
while his only prayer is to be reunited with his family.

“THE ART OF MURDER” Feature Film
821 Malcom Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024
PHONE: 310-474-1079
STATUS: March 4 LOCATION: Germany - France - Italy
WRITER/PRODUCER: Renato Romano WRITER: Abe Frank

“AWKWAFINA” Series / Comedy Central 06-14-18 ê
9465 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
PHONE: 310-274-4130 FAX: 310-274-4108
STATUS: Active Development LOCATION: New York
PRODUCER: Peter Principato - Itay Reiss WRITER/PRODUCER: Nora Lum - Teresa Hsiao - Karey Dornetto
DIRECTOR: Lucia Aniello CAST: Nora Lum - BD Wong - Lori Tan Chinn
A half hour scripted narrative inspired by Nora Lum’s experiences as a 20-something woman in Queens who strives for a larger than life existence. The
show stars Nora, also known as rapper Awkwafina, and includes musical set pieces to embellish the story.

PHONE: 647-746-2766
STATUS: January 17 LOCATION: Greater Sudbury, ON
PRODUCER: Andrika Lawren - Jennifer Twamley DIRECTOR: Michael Margolis LP: Topher McFarlane PM: Karina Keeble
EONE 134 Peter St., Suite 700, Toronto, ON M5V 2H2 416-646-2400
A typical middle class Canadian family goes through an experiment to live in the past as a middle class Canadian family would, that life down to their
suburban house interior being stripped to the walls and redecorated and refurnished with items solely from the era, the same with their clothes. These
items are switched out weekly as they move onto the next era, each week the equivalent of one decade progressing in time throughout the week. They
are provided a manual each week on how to live, including recipes from which they must make their meals. The show host provides background on the
era in question, and periodically discusses with the family their feelings concerning the experience in light of their twenty-first century current life and
mentality. (January - April)

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