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TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Conte Mobile Application for Mobile Application for

nt Creating Collaborating

Subject Focus on History

one subject area

Grade Level This 11th grade 11th grade

may be the same or
different for each app.

Learning VUS.7 The student will VUS.4: The student will

Objective apply social science skills to apply social science skills to
The objective of the
lesson is what students understand the Civil War understand the issues and
will be able to do as they
finish the activity. For this
and Reconstruction eras and events leading to and during
objective, use the their significance as major the Revolutionary Period by
Standards of Learning
(SOL) to say what you turning points in American explaining how conflicting
want to focus on. You can
find the SOLs at history by describing major loyalties created political
http://www.doe.virginia.go events and the roles of key differences among the
v/testing/ look on the right
of the screen for the leaders of the Civil War era, colonists concerning
subjects and go from
there. with emphasis on Jefferson separation from Great
Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Britain.
Robert E. Lee, and
Frederick Douglass;

Peda Activity Describe Students will create an Students will partner up and
gogy what the learning activity
interactive map that create individual “letters”
will be. What will the
students and the teacher incorporates Revolutionary that they will send to each
be doing with the app?
War events and leaders. other using ShareIt. Both
Using students will create partners will be writing from
10 significant places on the the perspective of either a
American map that Patriot or a Loyalist. The
incorporate at least one of objective of the letter is to
the listed people, what discuss what life was like for
occured in the location, the them pre- Revolutionary War
date, historical significance, and to persuade their
and images. The teacher will partner why they should join
explain how the students their side. Students must
register and start creating use factual evidence to
their maps. support their claims. Once
their letter is finished,
students will use the ShareIt
app to electronically send
their letters. When
.registering for the app, the
teacher will show the
students how to add each
other to a group and how to
add the teacher.

Tech Technology

nolog The name of the ixagogo/3000-2064_4- m/mac
y Mobile Application 10755352.html
Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).