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TPACK Template

Content Subject Science (biology)

Grade Level 9nth-10nth

Type of Online Class Asynchronous

Learning Objective BIO.3 The student will investigate and

understand relationships between cell
structure and function. Key concepts
● a) evidence supporting the cell
● b) characteristics of prokaryotic and
eukaryotic cells;
● c) similarities between the activities
of the organelles in a single cell and a
whole organism;
● d) the cell membrane model;
● e) the impact of surface area to
volume ratio on cell division, material
transport, and other life processes.

Pedagog Online Activity This is an asynchronous class that requires

y materials to be provided before the
simulation. Additionally, the teacher will
have a video lecture explaining cell
structure and function prior to the student’s
participation in the simulation. The
simulation requires students to observe and
learn about different cell structures in plants
and animals.

The students will be directed to

and will create a free account. The
simulation will take approximately 20
minutes. Students will click on different
parts of the cell and learn about it’s purpose
and function. As they are learning about the
cell structure, they will be filling in a digital
worksheet that has each cell structure as
well room for the students to write an
original definition of the function of that
structure. When the students have
completed the simulation, they will take a
screenshot of both the plant and animal
cells they have learned about. Additionally,
they will submit a copy of their completed
worksheet that contains their definitions.

The function of this simulation is to be used

to introduce the basics of cell structure and
function. The simulation is a interactive and
visual diagram of both plant and animal
cells which contains descriptions for each
structure. When students have completed
the simulation and worksheet, they should
have a general idea and recognition of cell
structure and function. This simulation is a
first glimpse into the unit.

Technolo Technology

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