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This scenario is intended as a brief single session game for a new group of players,
it is short enough that it should be able to be run in the same session as character

At the completion of Bureau Noir orientation, the players have been assigned
together to form an operations team. The normal icebreaker scenario for team
formation is suspended as a internal situation has come up which it is decided to
assign the players instead. The main portion of the scenario takes place in a
development lab within O-12. The lab is a secured facility with only one elevator
accessing the lab and isolated from the rest of the networks by a hardwire preventing
data being syphoned out of the lab (or programs escaping), but also has impacts on
communications both in and out of the lab.

One of the secure labs has had a remote stop responding to commands, the
remote’s internal pseudo-AI has appeared to have gone into a defensive mode with all
targets appearing as hostile. The players are required to determine if this is due to
sabotage, and to deal with the remote so the lab personnel can safely leave.
The plot of the adventure is a single Act consisting of two phases, which represent
the threat of the remote to the players and the Lab personnel. These phases are. -
“Introduction and investigation”, and then - “Neutralising the remote and Politics”

• As this is a short introductory scenario, the GM starts with 1 HEAT per player not
per infinity point.
• Due to the time pressure the GM may add an additional HEAT for every 20 minutes
of in game time that elapses (such as running search programs etc.)

Wilderness of Mirrors:
During this mission each player will be randomly given one of the following three
objectives. None of them interfere with the others, and reflect the controllers not yet
knowing what missions they will be assigned.

• Make a contact within O-12 HQ

• Gain a positive Reputation as an agent with the Bureaucracy
• Prevent any incriminating evidence about your faction being revealed
• Gather intel on current O-12 projects
• Take genetic sample (blood/skin sample) from someone with higher
• Place a tracker on someone with higher clearance, (will not activate for at
least 72 hours)

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Phase One: Introduction and investigation: the players will have the scene set and be allowed to
conduct their investigation into how the remote has gone rogue and determine an approach
to neutralise the remote. the phase will end either when the players take direct action
against the remote (an action which would affect either the remotes vigour or firewall (even if
the damage would be negated by Soak) was applied, or the GM has spent sufficient heat to
allow the remote break open a door and exit the calibration room.

Through out this phase the GM should work to

Common Complications. ensure that the players are feeling under
tension, if they are taking a relaxed approach,
have one of the NPC’s start stressing or better
• The loss of network renders causes yet spend some HEAT to make the threat from
poor translations with quantronic the remote more imminent. Saving some HEAT
for the direct conflict is advised, but 2-3 per
translators. player should be sufficient.
• The hardware identifies the player as an
intruder revoking access During this Phase the players are required to
• The player inadvertently offends the investigate how a remote has gone rogue within
the lab and neutralise it. While the directive from
subject (requires a D1 lifestyle test to command is unspecific about how the remote is
correct handled it should be clear in short order that
Saul, and by extension Paul would like it to be
intact after being neutralised.

The Lab is sealed from outside Phase One

networks with only a hardline Additional HEAT Spends
connecting to the outside world. this
hardline is specially configured so 1 System Glitch, the remotes
data can be streamed into the lab but
outgoing data is strictly limited to attempts to access the system
simple text at very low speeds to allow results in a minor inconvenience -
it to be monitored and prevent the workstation anti-hacking protocols
theft of information via the networks.
the lab network consists of the main forcing an immediate shutdown or
server, 3 workstations, and all the like.
accessible via a simple AR/VR host 2 The remote activates its
The remote has gone rogue due to thermooptic camouflage.
parts of its pseudo AI being over
written by accident when the 2+ The remote fires at one of the
programmer Reilly was trying to locks. Each heat beyond the initial
stream an Archane Feed into the Lab 2 allows the use of a reload)
without being noticed. While not 4 The hardline is inadvertently
illegal, it would show a poor work ethic
and Archane in general is frowned shutdown bpreventing access to
upon by many of the staunch Aleph reference materials on the net.
Supporters. (affects education and similar
The overwriting of the data has had rolls)
three effects.

1. the remote starts up in a hostile

configuration with no friendly
2. the remote’s communications
have shifted to an unusual system which means it cannot see or be seen by the local
network, and the players will need to modify either the network or a hacking device to
either carry out infowar attacks or attempt to give the remote orders.
3. the remote is overwriting a lot of its own programming at random, so commands and
access frequencies can change at random.

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Phase Two: Neutralising the Remote and Politics: Phase two differs by the fact the scene is now
action based. The remote has either broken loose and is presenting a real hazard to the
players or lab personnel, or the players are attempting to stop the remote via physical
combat or via Infowar.

Through out this phase the GM should work to ensure

that the players are feeling pressure to deal with the
Additional Common remote quickly, While the desired solution should be
Complications. clear to the players as one which will not destroy the
remote the players need to feel that the quick
destruction of the remote may be a better option than
Bad shots damage lights, or trigger risk the remote injuring or killing people.
fi r e s p r i n k l e r s ( i n c r e a s i n g
shooting difficulty) NPC’s should generally take cover if the remote is
• The remote activates/deactivates a targeting them unless following the directions of the
players. Saul may be act a little braver and be
camouflage system proactive in assisting but will still avoid direct line of
• One or more doors suddenly open sight unless part of a players plan. Paul on the other
or shut. hand may be a little more curious exposing himself to
danger particularly if it means getting a look at one of
the camouflage systems.

The remote will attempt to keep the Phase Two

pressure on the players by Additional HEAT Spends
aggressively attacking any valid
targets (warm humanoid bodies being
a targeting priority). being an 1 Overwrite - the remote changes
experimental remote it has several frequencies requiring a D3 hack to
capabilities which are not commonly reconnect.
seen particularly combined in a single
unit. This opens up a number of 2 The Remote shoots out the
HEAT spends to ensure the players security cameras in the room it is
are kept on their toes. in.
4 The enviromental testing system
The durability of the remote coupled
with its various camouflage systems, activates causing extreme heat
should give the players some difficulty (D2 resistance test required
if they attack it front on. The remote is before taking each standard action
more susceptible to infowar attacks, inside the calibration room or
but the use of HEAT allows the GM to
halt progress by making the remotes suffer 2 vigour damage)
frequencies change (Again!) The GM
should allow the remote to be
distracted by players presenting
themselves as big targets (standing out of cover blasting away with weapons)

Once the remote has been neutralised the second phase will round out with a debriefing
which can vary depending on the approaches taken with the investigation and the remote.
Players should be praised for thoughts and minimising damage. Dealing with the lab
personnel in a positive way is to be considered a better approach, particularly if indiscretions
are not brought up to the upper management.

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The Real Story.
The following time line covers the events in the lab for reference.
0845 Saul Arrives, disables the security system and accesses the system for updated instructions.
0854 Paul Arrives greets Saul, and enters the clean room to check on a nano fabrication that was running
0859 Reilly Arrives, greets the others, tells Saul, that she realised how to improve the response time and will
have the code ready for checking before lunch.
1003 Reilly transfers the code to Paul. and takes a break leaving the lab.
1007 Reilly reports to superiors who order a stress test for the lab
1012 Paul starts reviewing the code.
1021 Reilly returns, starting the code compiling.
1104 The code is compiled
1107 Saul adds some modified parts to the remote
1120 Reilly starts modifying some code to act as a buffer for a stream of Arachane to be viewable at her
1155 Saul asks for some specifications from Reilly to ensure he has the hardware matching her needs, Reilly
leaves here workstation to assist.
1249 Reilly returns to her workstation adding in a few extra lines of code and saving, adding the lines and
saving to the compiled code.
1300 both Saul and Reilly head out to lunch, Paul is going to finish checking the code first.
1345 Saul returns
1348 Reilly returns and copies the compiled file to a remote control board.
1355 Paul completes checking and says that it looks good for a test run. and leaves for lunch
1410 Reilly gives the remote control board to Paul who promptly installs it, both Reilly and Paul go to their
workstations to get diagnostic programs ready
1450 Paul Returns, and goes into the calibration room and after checking that diagnostics are ready turns
the remote on. The remotes Safety light switches off, Paul attempts to power it down, no response. Paul
exits the room locking it down while Reilly tries to access the software but cannot connect.
1500 Paul sends amber warning to management.
(Management then calls team for “icebreaker” just in case)
1525 Paul declares emergency instructs Saul and Reilly to stay put, and exit elevator to attend meeting
1535 Players meet Paul and the scenario begins.


The modified code has ruined the communications of the remote, it is possible to communicate with the
remote by modifying equipment so it behaves how the remote expects. Until this is done the remote cannot
be attacked via infowar. Part of the code is in a section of volatile memory so periodically a D2 Hack test will
be required to re-establish a connection.)
The two options are
Modify a hacking device, which will limit the remote to infowar with that hacking device, and will not allow VR
access. (two rolls required D4 Hacking 30 minutes + D4 Tech 30 minutes)
Modify the server will allow VR access and the benefits of Security, however it will also allow the remote to
attacking other items in the network. (two rolls D3 Hacking 20 minutes + D3 Tech 60minutes)

Senior O-12 plans for lab team.

Reilly was never intended to remain in the team, she was placed there to determine her skill at deep cover.

There have been repeated requests for Saul to be sent out to field to assist, however he is too valuable to
send with out being sure that he could handle himself under stress.

Reilly was given an order to create a stress test that would test the reactions of the other members of the
team while making it seem accidental and having the blame if there is an investigation fall on her, Reilly has
known it was coming for the last few weeks and has been doing the Arachane feed as a cover.

The team was sent in to assist, because it would help highlight Paul and Sauls abilities understress as well
as how well Reilly can maintain her cover (which is exceptional and there is no reason for the players to
detect the acting)

O-12 and in fact Yu Jing Really have no idea what happened to Alita, O-12 itself doesn’t suspect foul play
however the Yu Jing security is not so convinced and been discreetly putting out feelers.

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Setting: O-12 Research Lab - Sub Level 23
The lab is a similar layout to many in the research area of the O-12 operations building. Each lab was
designed to house between 2 and 9 staff depending on the projects assigned and have the layout of the
meeting room, server room and storage room in common. The rest of the lab is broken up depending on
needs some will have the remaining space broken up into clean rooms for toxin analysis, while others will
resemble a gym, and still others heavy manufacturing.

In the case of Sub Level 23 the lab has been set up primarily to suit the needs of Paul, this means that the
remaining lab has been portioned into a testing area, as well as a small high tech fabrication clean room and
a general purpose work place including workstations and heavy assembly equipment. Each of the rooms is
accessed through sliding impact doors which are secured by electromechanical locks.

In common with the standard layout the Server is linked to the external Data-spheres by a asynchronous
choke line, which in essence means data out to the external data-spheres is limited to mere bits per second
allowing the information to be fully processed by security, but the data coming in is at full speed. In practice
when information is required for research it will be requested of a remote Geist, the request may take unto a
minute to be delivered, then the Geist will search the external data-spheres and stream the data to the lab
where it will be stored on the server an be accessed normally. The real limitation of the system is no AR/VR
functionality exists across the hardwire, and external communications cannot even support voice.

Within the lab the Server supports a local AR/VR network, this is basic but allows all normal functions to be
carried out and equipment can be accessed via the local data-sphere, and data manipulated in the manner
which residents of the human sphere have become used to. Each room has one or more security cameras,
in addition each workstation, the server and the meeting room have cameras for communications and
logging progress. All the camera feeds automatically record back to the server (and an adjoining secure
backup behind the storage room.) The cameras can be viewed via the network or any workstation or server
in the lab. All of the workstations and the server can mirror and access the others (provided authentication)
allow data to be shared or discussed.

DESCRIPTION: The Elevator empties into a rectangular room, four pedestals with
mock-ups of remote components line the walls to the left the door has a large window
through which the meeting room is visible, and at the far end a reinforced steel door
leads into the calibration and testing area.

COVER: The pedestals are too small to provide sustained cover but will provide 2[CD]
Soak until an event is rolled, at which point the pedestal will shatter inflicting 3[CD]
damage to anyone using it as cover.

Meeting Room
DESCRIPTION: A Large table dominates the room the furniture seeming very solid and
almost out of place given the delicate screens on the walls on one wall is the door to the
foyer, while the adjacent walls lead to the calibration room on one side and the server
room on the other

COVER: The furniture is of high quality and can be used as hard cover by the players if

DOORS: The two unreinforced doors (leading to the server and the foyer) are
considered to have 3 armour soak and 3 structure each, as they are only standard lab
doors not security doors.

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Server Room
DESCRIPTION: Dominated by the main processing core, and two access nodes the
room is several degrees cooler than the adjoining meeting room. There is no chair, but
the access nodes are positioned such that accessing the other terminals remotely is
comfortable from a standing position. Several reinforced cables spiral down the back
wall, most likely providing power and data to the floor.
The server room occupies the space between the storage room and the meeting room
with doors connecting both.

COVER: There is no cover in the server room, the server itself could however be
damaged physically.

GM: Treat the actual server as 2 armour soak, 6 Structure, and with 3 serious harms
available before it it destroyed) The first serious harm severs the hardline, and prevents
use from the console (has to be accessed remotely or via AR/VR), the second collapses
the AR/VR hosting, and the 3rd renders it inoperable for any purpose (there is backup
data in a dedicated unit behind the storage room)

DOORS: The two unreinforced doors (leading to the meeting room and storage room)
are considered to have 3 armour soak and 3 structure each, as they are only standard
lab doors not security doors.

Storage Room
DESCRIPTION: Accessed from the server room it is lined with shelves the room is the
same as every supply closet you have ever seen, though the pens are a bit better

GM: there is a hidden panel on one wall that contains an adhesive pistol with three
rounds, there are also some small caliber incendiary rounds (2 reloads) and a standard
pistol (1 reload of standard ammo in addition to the incendiary rounds) the panel is bio
secured (D3 Hacking/Tech/Thievery to bypass) but Saul will open it if the players find it,
or know of it, and ask. There is also firefighting equipment and standard medical
supplies amongst the contents on the shelves

COVER: No cover available here.

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DESCRIPTION: Three terminals are situated one to a bench, also on the benches are
the tools of the owner, Reilly’s is covered diagrams and flow charts, while Paul’s desk
has multiple disassembled components with fine control tele- operator gloves and
effectors mounted to one side. Saul’s area is spotless by comparison only one project
out, and a small pile of organised paper work in one corner. On the other side is some
overhead manipulators for moving heavier equipment. Rielly is pacing around the room
though keeping away from the door to the calibration room. Paul appears to be
continuing work as if nothing was going on. The airlock is situated on the wall opposite
the calibration room.

COVER: There is plenty of hard cover in the workshop.

DOORS: The airlock door is an unreinforced door (leading to the clean room it is
considered to have 3 armour soak and 3 structure as it is only a standard lab door not
a security door. the door to the Calibration room is reinforced and coved in that rooms

Clean Room and Airlock

DESCRIPTION: The room is filled with very expensive equipment including the Nanite
driven Nano-Fab. A microprocessor etcher is also located at one end. The room can
only be entered via the airlock between it and the workshop; clean suits can be seen in
the airlock. The clean room is kept at +ve pressure to prevent contaminates entering.

COVER: There is minimal light cover in the Clean room the fabrication machines are too
light duty to do much in the way of deflecting bullets, but can be used if necessary.

DOORS: There is only the one unreinforced door in the Clean room (leading to the
airlock) which is considered to have 3 armour soak and 3 structure. The airlock has
one opening in the workshop and one in the clean room, unless damaged only one of
the two airlock doors can be open at once.

Calibration Room
DESCRIPTION: A large room, mostly dominated by the terrain testing equipment in the
centre, it appears to have been set for some kind of pitted surface for the last test. Up
one end is a wall of ballistic gel with targets set out in front. The remote can be seen
pacing around the room, crossing the terrain test area with the same ease as the flat
floor. The remote is distinctively armoured with sensors mounted to the left and a visible
barrel to the right, mobility is provided by 6 long and apparently sharp legs. Doors link it
to the foyer, the meeting room and the workshop.

COVER: There is no cover to speak of within the calibration room.

DOORS: Each of the three doors are reinforced for the safety of the adjoining rooms,
they are considered to have 5 armour soak and 8 structure each, the first serious
injury will break the door or lock allowing access for players, NPC’s and the remote a

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Dramatis Personae
There are three people which the players will interact with, the lab team, which is made up of:

Saul - Leader of the team, versatile in technical abilities, able to assist with both Mechanical and
Programmatic problems but missing the spark of inspiration which allows for innovation. Saul does however
make a fantastic leader with his diplomatic skills as well as direct involvement in his team’s projects.

Paul - Technical Genius, quiet, but happy to be social though somewhat lacking in the skills for normal
interaction, which disconcerts some people. Without a doubt a highly valued member of the O-12 R&D
department as a whole.

Reilly - Attractive and smart, Reilly really does have the makings of a master programmer but only if she
stays focused. Her interest in weirder things makes focusing on the mundane difficult. This is only her first
job and while thrilled to be working with the covert part of O-12, lab work doesn’t have the excitement she

Complete NPC sheets are found at the end of this scenario, Details of what the NPCs know, and can do
regarding this situation is covered in Phase One, complete with difficulty of common investigative

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The Adventure begins… If the players have played previous games with these
characters, this scene could be part of a continuation
Read allow or paraphrase as needed the following … of service assessment instead of applying for O-12
positions, or being reinforced after losing members.

The group of you summoned several hours

earlier than your scheduled meeting. As you are ushered into a very well appointed conference
room you take note of each other, you had seen and even talked briefly in passing during your
training, but this is the first time you have all been in one place. At the head of the conference table
with a holo-projector displaying a floor plan you see a Chief of internal O-12 security. He begins by
addressing you

“Each of you have been sponsored or in a few cases directly recruited to cover a range of skills
and abilities for this team. The last 3 weeks you individually have endured a large amount of
assessment as well as training in operational procedures. The group of you will be forming an O-12
regional security detail. The team is authorised as a Bureau Noir operational asset on approval.”

“You will have plenty of time to get to know each other over the coming weeks and months and
usually to commemorate the assembly of a new team we have a situation simulation. However
today is not your normal day. A real situation has occurred in one of our R and D labs. Saul ...”

The Chief nods to a man standing by another entrance to the room.

“... is one of of our most valued researchers, Paul and Reilly his workmates have become
trapped in the lab due to a security remote malfunction, we would like you to deal with the situation.
Saul will brief you.”

The man moves to beside the Chief.

“We had just finished a clean slate... “

Saul pauses and considers your group and decides to be more descriptive.

“...Memory wipe, and reinstall of the Pseudo AI programming. On disconnection of the Charging unit
the remote started a power up, I attempted the emergency shutdown but the remote continued to
power up, so I followed procedure and left the calibration room, and locked it down. When the
remote was fully powered up it started to patrol the calibration room. I and Reilly both attempted to
access the remote to shut it down with no effect. Sending in a pal-bot resulted in the pal-bot being
shot. “

Saul looks intently at you.

“Paul and Reilly are trapped in the Workshop portion of the lab the only exit requires moving through
the calibration room where the remote is patrolling. The Remote has many prototype devices fitted
to it and Paul would not appreciate it being damaged. So my task for you is to get Paul and Reilly
safely out and disable the remote. Preferably with as little damage as possible. There is a lot of
sensitive equipment in the lab so under no circumstances are you to use and E/M devices in the lab.

“I should also remind you that being a O-12 research lab, the whole lab is isolated from all
external networks by a faradays cage with only a hardline connection, while data can get into the
lab, the outgoing data is limited to simple text only messages, this means there is not much outside

Saul grabs a small device and the Holo of the floor plan disappears,

“I have the layout of the Lab here and I can answer any other questions you may have on the way,
let’s get moving.”

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All the rooms people and objects are the same in both phases, however at the point that the remote is
actively engaging people, options available to the players change.

The players have the opportunity to interview the 3 people who work in the lab as well as examine each of
their work terminals remotely and the labs server in person.

The players should work out how the program for the Pseudo AI was corrupted. Most likely they will also find
a way to connect to the Remote making Infowar Possible. The players also have opportunities to gain
alternate solutions dealing with the remote, reducing risks, or reducing damage to the remote.

The phase will transition when one of the following occurs

• The players open the door to the remote
• The players attack the remote’s firewall
• The Remote blasts open a door.

Prototype Remote - Attributes

Brawn Agility Awareness

5 8 12

Coordination Intelligence Willpower Personality

8 6 10 2


Combat Fortitude Movement Senses Social Technical

Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc

5 - - - - - 3 1 - - - -
Structure 12 Resolve 9 Firewall 12 Soak 4

The remote has 2 Faults for both Firewall and Structure.
First fault for Firewall causes the remote to no longer make infowar attacks (it can still be attacked
and can react in defence)
First fault for Structure causes the ammunition feed to malfunction the combirifle, the remote may
not expend heat on reloads.

Mounted CombiRifle: Medium Range, 1 + [CD]5 damage, Burst 2, Expert 1
Sensor Array: Counts as a L3 Multispectral Visor (MSV) and adds Expert +1 to weapon systems
(CombiRifle grants -2 difficulty vs any model that is in Nano-Smoke to a minimum of 1)
Nano deactivation Jets: a series of small vents allows the Remote to disable any Nan oSmoke adhering
to the remote.
Nano Smoke Launcher: Close Range, 0 damage, burst 0. Models with out MSV suffer +2 Difficulty for
Ranged and close combat attacks in/out or through the zone. lasts 2 rounds (+ 1 pound per effect rolled)
(1 HEAT)
Thermo optic Camouflage: Models with out MSV suffer +3 Difficulty for Ranged and +2 for Close
combat attacks against the remote (3 HEAT)

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The players will enter the lab at the elevator, each room within the lab is described in the “Setting” section

The following complications exist for all interactions between players and NPC’s

All persuade tests have the following modifiers

+1 Difficulty if conversation is remote (e.g. via terminal/screen)

+1 Difficulty if there is no common language

-1 Difficulty if players have established as rapport (see Establishing Rapport)


A player talking with Saul or Reilly, (Paul is oblivious to such interactions) may make a
lifestyle test to improve their relationship with him. (trying to find common ground) This
is a Average(D1) test, +1 additional degree of difficulty for each social class step away
from the NPC’s social status. Success will provide reduce all subsequent persuade
test difficulties by 1, failure will increase the difficulty by 1.
(Saul is a Demogrant, Reilly is a Upper Class)

Alternatively a player may attempt by a Psychology (D2) with no modifiers to gain

trust, this will also work with Paul.

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When the players question Saul.
General Questions…
Saul will answer any questions about the remote that he knows the answer to excluding opinions on his
colleagues or their behaviour, as he feels that is private, or classified projects particularly the purpose of the
remote (preventing infiltrators),
Questions covered below require persuasion either to make him think harder about the details or because he
is uncomfortable sharing the information.

Asking about Paul’s…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
Saul will be very complimentary about his talents, and will discuss how long he has worked with him.
…Personality (D2 Persuade)
Saul will be defensive of Paul, but will agree that he is a little unusual
…Relationship (D2 Persuade)
Known and worked with him for years, one of the brightest and most loyal people he has ever known.

Asking about Reilly…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
Saul will be complimentary about her talents, and personality, additional momentum will reveal hesitation that
he doesn’t think Paul and her work well together.
…Personality (D2 Persuade)
Saul will indicate she is a very vibrant person and easy to get along with, 2 momentum will reveal that Saul
thinks there is something not quite true about her.
…Relationship (D2 Persuade)
Only known her for a few months, seems very friendly, perhaps too young and over eager.

Asking about the remote…

… Purpose (D2 Persuade)
The full extent is classified but it is a test bed to prevent infiltrators particularly on Paradisio. Additional
momentum can reveal that the use of Nano Smoke is to allow lower quality Multispectral visors to be
effective against Thermo optic Camouflage
… Equipment (D1 Persuade)
Smoke Launcher, mounted CombiRifle, thermo-optic camouflage, advanced sensor system. if the players
have at least 3 momentum Saul will volunteer the information about the smoke being a custom Nano-smoke
being used to enhance Multispectral visors.

Asking about the work process…

… His/other team members role(s) (Automatic)
Saul will inform the players that he is responsible for project scope, error checking and assembly, Paul does
the principle design and the controls for the systems and Reilly the automation and communications.
… last inspection of the remote(s) (Automatic)
Saul will inform the players he had checked the plain text code prior to Reilly compiling it for loading to the
remote, and all the physical systems had passed inspection until it powered on.
… Asking about timing of the process (D1 Persuade)
Saul has to think before replying, Rielly gave me the code around 10 hundred, I gave it back to here about
1400, as I took a late lunch, we started the remote at about 1430.
… how long it takes to make the program ready for loading to the remote (Automatic)
Saul’s not sure but thinks between 20 minutes and an hour, depending on the size of the update.

Asking for assistance…

… With Hacking or Tech (Automatic)
Saul will happily contribute to any Tech or Hack tests the players request assistance with.
… Destroying the remote (Phase One: D4 Persuade, D3 Command; Phase Two: D2 Persuade, D1
Saul will only take part in direct action in phase one if the players are persuasive. phase two Paul becomes
concerned with protecting his team.
… Ordering Paul to destroy the remote (Phase One: D4 Persuade, D3 Command; Phase Two: D2 Persuade,
D2 Command)
Saul will be very reluctant to force Paul to destroy the remote, if a plan doesn’t involve permanent damage to
the remote there is no test needed and Paul will happily assist.

Asking personal Questions…

… Family (D2 Persuade)
Married with children locally, but will not elaborate further regardless of how pushed.

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When the players question Paul.
General Questions… (Automatic)
Paul will answer any questions about the remote, and will answer any direct question about work, but will
avoid answering questions about his colleagues. where possible Paul will give very factual objective
Questions involving tests below are due to the players needing to make Paul recall details, or have him voice
a subjective opinion which he is uncomfortable with.

Asking about Saul’s…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
Paul will be very complimentary about his talents, and will discuss how long he has worked with him.
…Personality (D2 Persuade)
Paul will just respond with “I really don’t know what to say, I like him”
…Relationship (D2 Persuade)
Paul will just respond with “I really don’t know what to say, I like him”

Asking about Reilly…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
Paul will be complimentary about her talents, and that she tries to be polite
…Personality (D2 Persuade)
Paul will just respond with “I really don’t know what to say, she’s friendly?”
…Relationship (D2 Persuade)
Paul will just respond with “I really don’t know what to say, she’s friendly?”

Asking about the remote…

… Purpose (D1 Persuade)
trying to prevent infiltrators using both camouflage techniques and impersonation methods. it is also
intended to make it easier for less expensively equipped troops to engage high tech opponents.
… Equipment (D1 Persuade)
Nano -Smoke Launcher, mounted combiRifle, thermo-optic camouflage, advanced sensor system. Paul will
elaborate on any item if asked.

Asking about the work process…

… His/other team members role(s) (Automatic)
Paul will inform the players that he is responsible for System design. Technology Changes, and Sensor
Interfacing, while Reilly does the automation and communications, and Saul makes everything work.
… last inspection of the remote(s) (Automatic)
Paul will inform the players, Reilly had done the coding and he loaded it to the control module him self, all
the physical systems had passed inspection until it powered on.
… Asking about timing of the process (D1 Persuade)
Not sure he received the program just after lunch.
… how long it takes to make the program ready for loading to the remote (Automatic)
Saul isn’t sure

Asking for assistance…

… With Hacking or Tech (Automatic)
Paul will happily contribute to any Tech tests the players request assistance with.
… sCan he destroy the remote (D2 Persuade)
Yes, but there has to be another option
… Destroying the remote (Phase One: D5 Persuade, D4 Command; Phase Two: D4 Persuade, D3
Paul will only take part in direct action in phase one if the players are very persuasive. in phase two Paul is a
little easier to convince. Saul however only ever needs a D2 Persuade test to convince Paul.
… Ideas for holding the remote (D1 Persuade)
Paul will remember the adhesive pistol in the store room but will warn both the gun and a leg needs to be
shot as the adhesive cartridges are very small.

Asking personal Questions…

… Family (D2 Persuade)
Lives local, no family, if pushed will say that he socialises with Saul and his family, but no further,

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When the players question Reilly.
General Questions… (Automatic)
Reilly will probably flirt with one or more of the players (gender indiscriminate), if the players are persuasive
to make her think her responses are
Reilly will answer any questions about the remote, and will answer any question about work, and in fact on
nearly any topic, how ever unless the players persuade her to think about it her answers will be
uninformative, use the answers given below but reduce the details, introduce tangential conversations and
make the time periods more vague.

Asking about Paul’s…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
He seems to be a genius, and I can’t follow his tangents when he gets going
…Personality/Relationship (D1 Persuade)
I have nothing against him, but I can’t seem to get to know him

Asking about Saul’s…

…Skills (D1 Persuade)
He is a great boss, and very good at making work flow,
…Personality (D1 Persuade)
He leads by example
…Relationship (D1 Persuade)
He’s nice but remains a little distant.

Asking about the remote…

… Purpose (D1 Persuade)
Automated guard, same as every other remote.
… Equipment (D1 Persuade)
Ask, Paul for details, but I assure you there where more systems to program than a guidance system on a
trans-atmospheric spacecraft

Asking about the work process…

… His/other team members role(s) (D1 Persuade)
Paul is is responsible for System design. Technology Changes, and Sensor Interfacing, while she does the
automation and communications, and generally making sure it does what it should. Saul checks everything
and sets the schedule.
… last inspection of the remote(s) (D1 Persuade)
Reilly will inform the players, the code was done, she got the okay from Saul to proceed and converted it to
the format needed and gave it to Paul to load. (if the players don’t persuade her she will be more vague on
… Asking about timing of the process (D1 Persuade)
Reilly has to think before replying, she finished the code in the morning, Saul approved it around lunch time
and she immediately gave the compiled program to Paul. (if there is one or more momentum generated she
will also say she compiled the program ready for approval.)
… how long it takes to make the program ready for loading to the remote (Automatic)
Reilly will say it takes about 40 minutes.

Asking for assistance…

… With Hacking or Tech (Automatic)
Reilly will happily contribute to any Hack tests the players request assistance with.
… Destroying the remote (Reilly has no issues helping so long as she is not in direct danger. if she is it
becomes a D2 Persuade)
Paul will only take part in direct action in phase one if the players are very persuasive. in phase two Paul is a
little easier to convince. Saul however only ever needs a D2 Persuade test to convince Paul.
… Recheck the code
Asking personal Questions…
… Family (Automatic)
Lives local, single, and available, interested?

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Physical and Software Clues and Options
The Security Cameras
any room can be examined via the cameras and simple D1 Hack tests can be used to view footage from any
time period in the last 48 hours beyond that requires archive permissions. The cameras are full high end
multi spectral cameras and can be transmitted into AR displays to act as pseudo MultispectralVisors (Hack
D3 to set up) difficulty increases due to camouflage or smoke can not be greater than +1 Difficulty

The walls
Are all fairly structural, there is no option for going through the calibation room doors, the only two walls
where even a crawl space can be made is between the foyer and the workshop and the foyer and the
meeting room. It takes an appropriate D3 test (education, tech or similar) to find the locations and 2 hours to
cut through

The workstations
General searches for unusual items are D4 to search the whole network (1 hour) or D3 for a specific
workstation (30 minutes) if the search is successful and Reilly’s computer is checked, the modified time on
the software for the remote doesn't match the creation date.
If a player is exploring the terminals manually they may make an D2 observation test to detect the Arachne
program on Reilly’s computer.
Searching Paul’s and Saul’s computers just brings up schematics timetables and plans.

The Adhesive pistol

It uses munitions and only has 3 rounds

Adhesive Pistol: Close Range, Burst 0, Damage 3[CD]*, Munitions

*The damage is reduced to 0, but each effect rolled increases the difficulty of removing the adhesive by
1 step. (base is D0 with appropriate solvent, D3 for Physically breaking the adhesive )

Use the location dice when targeting the remote.

• Head and torso have no effect,
• Left arm jams the sensors reducing Coordination and Awareness to 5
• Right Arm Renders the remotes gun inoperable but the remote will activate thermo-optic 

camouflage and physically attack the players
• Either Leg will render the remote immobile.
• If both the right arm and at least 1 leg is hit the remote is considered nullified, and the adhesive does not
count as damage. 

Getting Saul to destroy the remote

If convinced to take direct action, Saul will assemble a small remotely controlled device with a shaped
charge which he will attempt to get under the remote and detonate. Constructing one of the devices takes
40 minutes, and requires Saul to pass a D2 Tech test (D3 for others), there are sufficient supplies to make 4
of the devices. If the device gets under the remote it will automatically destroy the remote. The device only
has 3 structure points however and an armour soak of 0, so the players will need to assist to get it into
position by presenting better targets. or send multiples at once.

There is a network of vents connecting each of the rooms however they are only about 100mm high and
300mm wide, making them too small to be of much use.

Other Remotes
There are two unarmed Pal bots in the calibration room, however if they are powered up the remotes will
destroy them before the initialisation sequence finishes (about 10 minutes).

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Paul William Bligh - Attributes
Brawn Agility Awareness

9 8 9
Coordination Intelligence Willpower Personality

11 10 10 10


Combat Fortitude Movement Senses Social Technical

Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc

3 1 1 - - - 2 1 2 2 2 2
Vigour 11 Resolve 11 Firewall 6 Soak -

Languages and Faction:

His primary language is Spanish but has passable English, he has been learning Malay but not
yet mastered.

Born and raised on Concillium. Paul is a loyal O-12 member through and through.

Talents and Traits:

Professional, Group Dynamics, Coordinator, , Marksman, Clear shot.
Special: when assisting TECH or HACK, Paul rolls 2D20 instead of the normal 1D20 but only if
the Lead has at least Exp 4 in the skill.

At 5 foot 9, and with a slight build, Paul does not appear commanding, however the moment he
starts to speak the air of authority is unmistakable. He appears to be mostly caucasian ion
decent but something around the eyes hint at something more. His clothing is well made but
primarily functional.

Born on Concillium, Paul attended a technical collage, and did a stint as a ships technician
before joining the police force. His experience in both arenas made him a successful candidate
for O-12’s development division. His skill in diplomacy meant that he was soon assigned a
socially awkward Technician by the name of Saul. The two of them became firm friends but a
programmer was needed for the team and it took 7 candidates and about 3 years to find Alita,
who completed the team and made the trio one of the most sought groups for difficult projects.
Alita’s disappearance has reduced Paul’s trust in others. Paul does have a wife and 3 kids in
the vicinity of the Lab but is close lipped about them and will not give details other than they

Paul is an example of how a person can have traits which seem contradictory yet be the
stronger for it. Paul is softly spoken yet you can’t help but listen and take on board his words.
Paul is a leader but also knows how to assist. He is always loyal to his team even if he
disagrees with them.

Paul is equipped with a light pistol, modified by Saul to enhance effectiveness
• Pistol: Close Range, 1+[CD]3 damage, Burst 1, 1-Handed, Close Quarters, Expert 1

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Reilly Jacander - Attributes
Brawn Agility Awareness

6 5 6

Coordination Intelligence Willpower Personality

7 8 7 10


Combat Fortitude Movement Senses Social Technical

Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc

- - 1 - - - - - 4 3 2 1
Vigour 7 Resolve 8 Firewall 11 Soak -

Languages and Faction:

Her primary language is English but is fluent in Spanish and Yujngyu.

Reilly’s seems fully loyal to O-12 despite being born into the Social Elite on Neo Terra. With her
expansive contacts and flirtatious nature, knowing her loyalties for sure is difficult, in reality she
is a true wilderness of mirrors player with contacts (and handler) within the hexahedron.

Talents and Traits:

Natural Socialite, Network (3), Social Mimic, Hacker.
Special: When making HACK TECH tests Reilly uses Exp 4, Foc 2, however this only applies
to HACK not TECH or other tests.

About 5 foot 9 Stunningly beautiful Reilly looks like she has stepped out of a Maya fashion
show. She appears to be primarily Caucasian decent but some hispanic features exist.

Reilly was born to the social elite on Neo Terra and learnt how to mingle and fit in from an early
age. Despite being unnecessary to work, Reilly approached the O-12 with the intent of being
one of the glamorous says in the movies. While knowing reality would not quite be the same,
Reilly’s natural talents seems to have given her a position in the lab as a lead programmer far
removed from her fantasies. Reilly still maintains and extensive and ever growing circle of
contacts and given her posting on Concillium now has contacts in every major faction.

To say Reilly is forward, and gregarious would be to sell her short. Reilly is all about appearing
to be your best friend within minutes of meeting a new person she will have found their comfort
zone and gradually expand it till they are telling her things they haven’t told anyone else. There
is nothing malicious about this it is just the way she has functioned with all the social gatherings
as she was raised. The other quirk with Reilly is her open love of conspiracy theories, while
she doesn’t actually believe the various sources of propaganda (she has a knack for the truth),
she loves to hear and talk about them possibly to disguise her true opinions, and inquiries.

After Effects
Depending on the players approach a number of outcomes can occur which can be covered in a brief
debriefing with señor O-12 officials. The players should be given the opertuinity to justify their actions and/or
make recommendations regarding the Lab team. the senior officials however already have plans and will
twist the outcomes to suit their needs but will probably be diplomatic and wait till after the debriefing is over.
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Saul Sanji Khan - Attributes
Brawn Agility Awareness

6 5 7

Coordination Intelligence Willpower Personality

8 13 7 6


Combat Fortitude Movement Senses Social Technical

Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc Exp Foc

- - - - - - 2 1 - - 3 1
Vigour 7 Resolve 9 Firewall 9 Soak -

Languages and Faction:

His primary language is Malay but is fluent both English and German.

Saul is in theory loyal to the confederation of Jovian Colonies but in practice his lack of
personnel skills means he is unsuitable for intrigue so he is by default a true O-12 employee.

Talents and Traits:

Natural Engineer, Grease Monkey, Makeshift Wizard, Design Savant (3).

Special: When making TECH tests Saul uses Exp 5, Foc 4, however this only applies to TECH,
not HACK or other tests.

A very skinny almost skeletal, tall character appearing to be a mix of nationalities definitely
some oriental genes but more of the qualities of the outer planet colonies seem to apply.

Saul is native to the Jovian Orbital Colonies, and had a happy though isolated childhood.
Learning to wield tools and make jury rigged repairs was a vital necessity in that environment.
Saul’s natural talents however were several grades above the survival level, and had modified
one of the families older air oxygenation systems making it function at a more efficient level than
the new replacements. Saul found himself enrolled in a technical applications programme where
he excelled. His isolated upbringing however meant he never really fit in and certainly not in the
way the corporations required. A recruiter for O-12 found him and offed him the opportunity to
push the limits of his skill which he quickly accepted. He is valued by many of the research
teams within the facility in which he works but since Mesairn Alita, disappeared in a transport
accident, Saul only truly calls Paul friend. Mesairn’s cube was not recovered, there is suspicion
of foul play but which parties could have been involved is unknown and there have been no
leads to go on with.

Paul wis generally very open and honest but will tends to interpret questions literally, his
responses are also very quick which gives the misleading assumption that he hasn’t thought
about it, but he has. He doesn’t generally have opinions about people with the exception of Saul
who he considers intelligent and trustworthy. He had an even closer relationship with Mesairn
Alita. Regarding technology is is very vocal with his opinions and thoughts though Saul does not
share confidential and classified information unless he believes the correct authorisations have
been met.

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Some guidelines to some issues to be addressed or actions taken by NPC’s prior/during/post the meeting

If the players managed to solve the problem by modifying a hacking device or the main server, Paul will
become intrigued with the possibilities of an additional layer of communication security by making a modified
version of it deliberate, and will even go as far as trying to get Reilly’s involvement.

If the cause has been identified as Reilly’s, there will be questions what to do about her behaviour; if she
ended up being of assistance in hacking the remote she will push this on the players as reasons to get
management to mitigate any punishment. Alternatively she may try other means of bribery. Regardless
Senior officials have already planned to put her people skills to use as information source within the
corporations, this will either be presented as a promotion for good work, or as penance for her behaviour
either way officially she will be reprimanded and removed from O-12 as a cover, including telling the players,
Paul and Saul that she has been let go.

If the Remote is undamaged and the players haven’t offended Paul or Saul before or during the debreifing.
Paul will offer to improve one piece of equipment, this will gain an extra trait, most commonly expert system

If the Remote is destroyed (even if they are involved), Paul and Saul will complain to management, the
players will be lightly reprimanded, but is accepted they achieved the aim of stopping the remote and freeing
the lab personnel.

If any lab personnel are injured or worse killed, O-12 may take harsher action depending on the
circumstance. all the Lab personnel can be resurrected if needed.

Experience Guide (this is a very short session so experience is in the range of 75 – 225 to each player

Remote stopped with out destroying it. 75XP to each player

Remote stopped with no Damage 50XP Bonus to each player
No injuries to Paul, Saul or Reilly 25XP Bonus to each player
Discovering how the code was corrupted 25XP Bonus to the player
Player who’s action stops the remote 25XP Bonus to the player
Player who contributes most to the scene 25XP Bonus to the player

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Players handout
How the players have come to be doing the training…

(New recruits)

(Refresher course)

(Replace lost members)

What is O-12

What are the responsibilities of O-12

What is a O-12 Regional security division responsible for

What is Bureau Noir

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