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The Venezuelan tragedy of the 21st Century was the election of a megalomaniac as president of this country by a majority of people who wanted to punish the previous two political parties- AD and COPEI, who alternated themselves in power for their unpaid promises to the people. Hugo Chavez represented that change and that man at that moment in 1998. Even though Chavez attempted two coup d’états in 1992 against a democratic government of Carlos Andres Perez- failed but was acquitted (political pardon by Rafael Caldera) and ran for president as a candidate of a political party MVR 2000, following the recommendations of the Sao Paulo Forum orchestrated by Fidel Castro and Lula Da Silva to obtain power through “democratic elections” to bury democracy once in power. Hugo Chavez has done so in Venezuela. Quite a few Latin-American tyrants have followed suit; likewise in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua; only that the tyrant wannabe in Honduras “Mel Zelaya” was ousted in his pajamas, just in time, by “Honduran Constitutional Law” which many outside of Honduras fail to read and much less understand. Honduras survived a changeover to be a Chavez puppet government and is today a constitutional democracy. This power hungry tyrant Chavez, who is a pupil of Fidel Castro, in emulating him for his permanence in power in Cuba for nearly 50 years, and wants to do the same here in Venezuela at any cost. By any cost, I mean he does not care for the well being of the Venezuelan people, undermining the way of life that we had before he rose to power and squanders the oil revenue in giving it away to his political friends, helping them and not Venezuela in solving their problems of housing, employment, medical attentions and military weaponry like giving Ecuador 6 Mirages that belonged to the Venezuelan Air Force to heckle Colombia. This all in gaining allies that back him on

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an international scale, even at the OAS to the point that he sells oil to smaller nations only to be paid in 50 years with the first three years free. Chavez Squandering Venezuela’s wealth for his personal gain and having many of its citizens starve due to high cost of food basics, inflation and insecurity only to spend what is left of the National Treasury on weapons that we do not need. Chavez has found himself a Siberian roommate who will supply him whatever he dreams in having, just as long as he can maintain himself in power at any cost. He wants to buy the missiles that were destined to be sold to Iran- the S-300 truck mounted version and also purchased 30 tanks. To fight against who? To threaten a lot of neighboring nations. This is a sure fact, since he did threaten Colombia during the Uribe government four times. Venezuela is a peace loving nation whose people want to work in peace and improve their standard of living, have a decent home in which to live in and not a shanty refuge on the verge of collapsing or to be ravaged by landslides or floods. Many Venezuelans have awaited that decent housing solution for over 12 years now, including those who survived the Vargas flood and mudslide of 1999. Apparently Chavez wishes to pick a fight with the USA with those missiles and tanks, postulating the US will invade Venezuela; ignoring the fact that the US has in the past invested t many billions of US Dollars, mainly from the private sector during the 20th Century, creating jobs, prosperity and careers for many Venezuelans as well as economic opportunities in entrepreneurship in service companies. Chavez seems to envy the US for its well intended foreign policy in raising the standard of living of many people where that policy is adopted and takes the guidelines of prosperity. Prosperity and success is something that he also envies, since most of the companies that were pioneered by humble beginnings whether they are farms or factories have been taken over and now produce nothing. He gloats in the misery of others. Many Spanish immigrants, who improved our agricultural productivity, have not been paid in full for their farms being taken over by these hoodlums in power. We now import more food as a cause of those insane measures of “revolutionary land reforms.” The quality of life and well-being has deteriorated in such a way that we have frequent blackouts since the revolution does not do any maintenance in hydroelectric dams or power houses throughout the country. The blackouts only serve to increase insecurity since delinquency is at a rampage with such impunity, that many Venezuelans are killed over the weekend more than US Soldiers in Afghanistan in a month. You simply have to read the papers on Monday and Tuesday to read those tolls. Instead of investing in security and rounding up the delinquents, which he armed with pistols to defend the Hugo Chavez “Bolivarian Revolution” as a militia force, turned out to be a rampaging horde of blood thirty maniacs killing people sometimes with 16 shots. Insecurity is a political tool to maintain power, since Chavez has many people running scared if you dare speak too loudly against the “Hugo Chavez regime.” Juan José Herrera
"Soldier of Democracy


Juan José Herrera is a contributing writer to Criminal Justice International Associates from Venezuela. He writes extensively on issues of democracy that face his people of Venezuela, as well as other events in Latin America that affect the Venezuelan homeland. One of his main concerns is "hemispheric carrying capacity." He can be reached at jjherrera3000@yahoo.com
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