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November 17, 2018 November 20, 2018 November 24, 2018

Warmup: Warmup:
Hands-on-Shoulder Rotations Hands-on-Shoulder Rotations
Leg Swings Leg Swings
Hops-on-Spot Hops-on-Spot
Arm Swings Arm Swings
Shoulder Rotations Shoulder Rotations
Knee Lifts Knee Lifts
Front/Back Hip Bends Front/Back Hip Bends
Head Tilts Head Tilts
Side Hip Bends Side Hip Bends

Workout: Workout:
Flexibility: Flexibility:
Shoulder and Chest Stretch Shoulder and Chest Stretch
Single Toe Reach (Both arms) Single Toe Reach (Both arms)
Right Single Toe Reach (Single arm) Right Single Toe Reach (Single arm)
Left Single Toe Reach (Single arm) Left Single Toe Reach (Single arm)
Sitting Torso Stretch Sitting Torso Stretch
Stationary Lunge Stationary Lunge
Adductor Stretch Adductor Stretch
Sit and Reach Sit and Reach
V-Sit Reach V-Sit Reach
Standing Toe Reach Standing Toe Reach
Conditioning: Conditioning:
Jog (8 Rounds) Push-up Planks
Push-up Planks Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbers Russian Twists
Russian Twists Burpees
Burpees Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks Jump Squats
Jump Squats Jumping Jacks II
Burpees II Burpees II
Walking Lunges Walking Lunges
Side Hops Side Hops
Strengthening: Strengthening:
Squats Squats
Lying Side Leg Raises Lying Side Leg Raises
Plank Plank
Sit-up Twists Sit-up Twists
Leg Raises Leg Raises
Crunches Crunches
Push-ups Push-ups
Diamond Push-ups Diamond Push-ups
Wide Push-ups Wide Push-ups

Cooldown: Cooldown:
Lunge Stretch Lateral Hip Stretch
Breathing Breathing
Neck Stretch
Knee Hugs
Standing Quad Stretch
November 20, 2018