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The Grand Grimoire Chopeer I ‘This book ts 20 rare & sought ofter tm our country it hes beea called, by our Rabbis, the tree Great Work. They Were the ones who eft us this precious original that many charlatans uselcssly wanted to counterfeit, attempting to imitate the trath that they newer found, in order em swindle ingenuous {ndividuels who have faith tn initio encounters without seeking their cue Source, ‘This mannstript has deen copled from the sarious writings of the great Bing Solomon. This great king spent all of his daps in the most difficult search & in the most obscure & unexpected of secrets, Jn the end he succeeded in all his cndequors && he reached fis goat of penetrating the Most profound dovelling of the spirits, whom he obtiged to beg him bp the pawer of fits calisman, the clavicle, since who dae but this powerful genius mould have dared bring to fight the thundering words chat he made wae of to constrain the ‘THE GRAND GRIMOIRE, tebe! spirits to obey his will, having penecatad up to the coaestil beings to Irarn moce thoruughlg the secrets é the ‘powerfol words that have the force of a tereiale aud respected Goi Chis great Bing disconered the secrets of which the ‘Gat Pivinity mode use, & then enabled vs co understand ‘the infleence ofthe stars, the constellation of the planets. Co [prepare the friminating (ar Conjurer’) rod, wich ies effects ‘hich make the spire tremble & af which God made ose of ‘warm the angel who cxpelied Adam & Zoe ftom the Garden of Bien; with which God struck dour the Rebel Angels, ‘Precipitating their pride {or baughtiness) into the most ‘horrendass abyss. With the power of this red clouds are formed, harricancs are dispensed & one can take them fal on ‘the pattof the earth that one destes. ‘Shaper 1 ‘Deak raen & mutate: Tremble at pour temerity cohen ou blindly think that you posuess such a profound science. ‘Bou are cating pout apt bepond its apheres, eam from the that before mndetcing chis mark it Ws necessarg to be ‘steadfast, constant & most careful to observe exactty, potat ‘by point, mergtting that 3 will cell you (enithowt which) eceruthing would rebound to pour diseduantage, confusion & ‘tel fogs. BF, to the contrary, pov Comply exactly that wich ‘200 onl have fall success in Gil of poor enterprises. @) ‘THE GRAND GRIMOIRE, Shem yourselves then with tatepiacion, prudence fe ‘irevosicy i order to succeed at this gent fe tna tas, at bic 2 awe spent 67 pears mening day & nigh. La succeed at this great goo if nessa to do exact that ‘ahi 3 wl ced indicate. —Solomon Proce ‘Bou will pass a quar of month abstaining from the Campeng oF the apposite sex, 20 as not t fall inte impurign. Begin chs quarcer of a month by powmising eo the great ‘AAdoway, coho is the leader of all of the spirits to have toro ‘meois @ dap emery 24 hows of the abacementioned quarter ‘month, daving which pou wit eat or midday é& midnight, ar ot seven in the moring & seeen in the evening, reciting the following prager befhre ding fur this entire periad, ‘Whe manner in which one cen mee any sort of sptrt ‘appear, reciting the grec iaocation chat ow el find eis book. Sa olso, the truc method of preparation, Brave “Fimploe you, © great & power Bnap, head of all the spines. 3 implore you © Blohie 3 inpote poo © 3ehova, © great Bing Bdonag,condescnd tobe fanoaie, ‘Boi shall be. Ben” ‘Then cat your mes, & don't undtess, & seep as (3) THE GRAND GRIMOIRE Iietle as possible for the prescribed quarter of a manch, ‘continoelly cinking of pour undertaking & petting all of pout feith & hape in che infiite good ofthe Great annoy, ‘The second dap of this perad, pou wil bog @ blood ‘stone called marie ftom the droggist & pox will akwaps ‘cary it mith pou & it will preseroe pou from all fears & Worries since the spirit that pou intend to bring tntm yoor servieude mili do all that he con oo dissuade you from post ‘underteking, belicsing with thase means to berate himself & therehg break the cnnes of the wet thot you begin co fasten tonnd him, This project must be undertaken oxi by ont ‘cher pecsam, including she Barcist, the ove who must speak ‘tm the spirit, keeping in his hand the folminacing word. 3 is casential 1 choose a solitary location for this ‘eration, eich is far fom eng npr, so that te operator {snoc interrupted, following ths, now wil bup a poang virgin ‘ed, that on the third doy of the quorter pou coll adorn cith ‘gariand of neroain (or the sacted herb) which you aril attach ‘0 fos head wvieh a green ribbon. When poo evil cranspore ic to ‘the place that fas been chosen for pour operation; pour right ‘orm ol be bar ta the shoulder, armed mith 2 blade af pore ‘steel, a fire of mite wood aril be tit, vou will recite the Falkowoing wards with hope & resnoe. ‘fost Oferag “Sofie youths victim, © grat Bdonay, Bokin, Set ‘ Jehao, this the ono, glory & pore of our superar (4) ‘THE GRAND GRIMOIRE ———_—_——_—_==x**__ tengs & co all fhe spre, deign, © great Shdonap, os 10 ‘accept ft, amen” Following this you vill skin che kid fe take its skin, (utting the rest of it tm the fie une ic ts reduced co ashes, ‘which poo wil gather & throm co the rising Sun promouncing the following words: “Bt is for the honor, glory power of oor name, © Atonen, Blohim, Arie! & Fehowa, thet J -shed the blood of this victim, eign to wecept these ashes, © great Admap,” ‘While tae sacrifte buens, rete inthe honor & glang of the great Adanoy, Ebi, Ariel & Jehovs toking care to ‘unstrue the kid's skin in order oo make the round, or the grand caboistic cele within which ye wil stand the day of the great ondertaking, Dope OL Containing the rae composition of the mysterious ot falminating mand as it ts depicted here: > ©n the eve of the great undeaking pou will search for a tod or mand from 2 wild haze! ceee that hes not pet born fiuit, at che highest point af the saxghtafter branch there ‘should be a second little branch in the form ofa Fork coieh cna ends; its lengeh should be nineteen & a half inches. ‘After having found a branch of this shape, oniy gaze at ‘it tue abstain from raocting ft, oaicng forthe following day, adgg destined for action, i cohich nou wil go $e cut it precisely at sunrise, & then denude it of tx (eas & small opigs, Gs)