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Peter is the youngest in our family. He is fourteen years old and four years younger than me.
He has long, straight hair, bright eyes and a friendly smile. Sometimes he is rather naughty at home,
but he usually does what he is asked to do.
Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school, he plays football and tennis. He is the
best badminton player in our family.

1. “Peter is interested in sports very much,

and at school he plays football and tennis.” 5. The writer is … years old.
The underlined phrase can be replaced by A. Fourteen
…. B. Sixteen
A. Dislike sport C. Eighteen
B. Really likes sport D. Nineteen
C. Hates sport very much
6. Which of the following statement is not
D. Finds sport not really entertaining
true about Peter?
A. He has long and straight hair.
3. What is the text mostly about?
B. He has bright eyes.
A. Peter
C. He is interested in sports.
B. Peter’s hobby
D. He plays football and tennis.
C. Peter’s family
D. peters’ elder brother 7. How old is Peter? He is … years old.
4. From the text, we may conclude that…. A. Four
A. Many people do not like Peter. B. Fourteen
B. People is older that the writer. C. Forty
C. Peter is a welcoming person. D. Ten
D. Peter is not diligent at all.
My best friend
I have a special friend. She is my classmate and sits besides me. Her name is Rohmi. Rohmi
is a quite girl and very simple on the look. However, I really adore her. She is not only kind but also
Rohmi comes from a very simple family. Her father is a pedicab driver and her mother has
passed away. She has a younger brother. His name is Rahmat. In order to help their father, Rohmi and
her brother work part-time to earn some money. Rohmi sells food during our class break, while her
brother sells newpapers and magazines after school.
One thing that I always admire about her is that she can manage her time well, and she always looks

8. What does the second paragraph tell you about?

a. Rohmi and her family
b. Rohmi and her father
c. Rohmi and her brother
d. Rohmi and her friends

9.”…Rohmi and her brother work part-time to earn some money.”

What do the underlined words mean?
a. work for the whole of working week
b. work for only part of each day or week
c. work for the purpose of getting money as much as possible
d. work for family

10. Where did the writer sit ?

a. in front of Rohmi
b. behind Rohmi
c. next to Rohmi
d. far from Rohmi