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Cuco - Lover is a day

Title of production

The concept of my music video relates to homosexual couples and to people that have experienced
similar events. My music video is about a couple that met in their teens and become united in marriage
at a later age. The video follows the man in the relationship who starts to begin to see his wife around
another woman a lot. The song Lover is a day by Cuco suits this well as a lot of the lyrics convey the
same emotions as what I want to portray from my main character. There are also a lot of musical
instrumentals inbetween verses so in these spaces I’ll be able to put in a lot of clips that help to portray
the narrative of my music video. I want the video to have a good balance between shots to the
camera lip-syncing and the narrative parts. I want to use a variety of locations that are big open
spaces to convey his loneliness and depression. I want to be able to portray the right emotions through
long and close up shots. I also need to do this through the use of props as they’re a ‘married’ couple or

Why are you producing this production?

There are different reasons as to why we’re producing this production for example, its major guidance
and practise for when it comes to the stage of producing our final major projects. By doing this unit we
will be used to producing more than one production at once as well as knowing the techniques and
skill sets that we need to bring our work up to its best standard. Another reason why we’re producing
this production is because there’s a prize. Sarah has offered a £50 Amazon voucher to the person that
she thinks has improved the most from last year to the work that we’re doing now.


The deadline for this production is the same for the short film, 18 th January

Target audience is

My target audience are between the ages of 25-40 which means that my production needs to be
relatable and appealing to them. From my research I found that this sort of audience range prefers to
watch something with a strong narrative so that the music video embraces them and they’re not
bored of watching something on screen that has no storyline and is just shots of pointless events. I need
to make my video relatable to my target audience by adding in certain props that conveys the
characters ages. The locations that I want to use will also play a big part in my video appealing to my
target audience.

What they want to see

From producing research, both primary and secondary I’ve been able to gather the information that I
need that will help me improve my production. For example, my target audience said that there should
be some kind of twist in the story to give it full effect. Somebody said that the other girl should be
someone that the man used to know when he was younger. This adds a sense of mystery to the
production and it makes it more appealing for my target audience as they like to see plot twists in
films/short films.

What you are creating based from that research

After producing research I’ve learnt multiple things that will help me for producing my production.
One of the things is that I need to do more research. If I do more and in depth, it’ll help my
production massively as I’ll be more aware of what I should and shouldn’t include. It will help me
have a better understanding of my target audience and what they want to see in modern
productions. Due to the fact that my target audience are of the 25-40 range I don’t want to produce a
production that doesn’t appeal to them. I could produce an amazing project but its useless as its to
aimed at a lower target audience, this is why I need more research. From what I’ve already produced I
found out the personality traits of my target audience this will help me to portray the characters
emotions better and ill be able to gage where I want to place them and at what times depending on
their day to day life.

Where the production will be aired (why – based on target audience)

Based on my target audience I found that they mostly use sites like Facebook or YouTube. The majority
of that age range would only use Facebook but for the younger part of my audience they will be using
YouTube most the time so I know what platform to show and promote my production on.

Your proposal should be at least 2 pages if you include the above in any
detail (illustrations should also be added)

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