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“It gets better.”
- Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns addressing the rash of LGBT youth suicides.

Equality Texas to continue taking action on preventing school bullying in 2011
By Jesse Garcia Nationwide media is finally focusing on a terrible epidemic that has been robbing the LGBT community of its youngest members. Increased school bullying has resulted in weekly LGBT teen suicides and suicides by those perceived to LGBT. One organization that has been concentrating on this issue for years is Equality Texas, the state’s LGBT organization that works to pass proequality laws at the state level and helps affect change communities at the local level. The organization’s newly-hired executive director, Dallas native Dennis Coleman, will speak at Stonewall Democrats of Dallas’ November general meeting. He recently sat down with the Stonewall Advocate for a quick Q&A: Stonewall Advocate: What does Equality Texas do? Dennis Coleman: “Equality Texas advocates and lobbies for the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.”
Dennis Coleman,
Executive Director of Equality Texas

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SA: What is your annual budget and how big is your staff? DC: “It’s $650,000. And we have three full-time employees.” SA: What is the reaction of Equality Texas regarding gay teen suicides across the nation? DC: “Equality Texas is saddened by recent events, as are most Americans around the country, and we are committed to protecting not only LGBT kids, but all kids that are perceived to be different.” SA: What legislation is Equality Texas

DC: “For over two years we have been working with Rep. Mark Strama and a coalition of public educators on comprehensive anti-bullying legislation. A revised version of 2009’s HB 1323 was submitted to Legislative Council last week and we expect Rep. Strama to file the new bill when pre-filing of legislation for the 2011 Session begins on November 8th. In addition to the bill being proposed by Rep. Strama, Equality Texas is also supporting the Dignity for All Students Act that is being proposed by Rep. Garnet Coleman, which would prohibit discrimination, harassment and retaliation based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.” SA: What other pro-equality legislation is being considered by Equality Texas for 2011? DC: “Accurate birth certificates for children adopted by same sex couples. Currently, birth certificates only allow for one parent, ‘the mother,’ and one parent, ‘the father,’ not father/father or mother/ mother. There were seventeen (17) proequality bills filed in the 2009 Session, and we are currently working with legislative offices on our agenda for 2011.” SA: Why is it important for LGBT DC: “First, Equality Texas is the only

214 506-DEMS pushing for next year’s legislative session to Texans to support Equality Texas?
help those who are bullied in school?

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Dennis Coleman con’t.
state-wide organization that is lobbying and advocating for LGBT Texans yearround, no other organization is doing what we are doing; second, many of the issues: family, relationship, employment happen on the state level; and third, if you intend to make your life here in Texas, you should support where you live.” SA: Which politicians are your best allies in North Texas? DC: “We are fortunate to have a broad base of support in North Texas. Reps. Roberto Alonzo, Rafael Anchia, Lon Burnam, and Marc Veasey have all carried specific pieces of our legislative agenda by authoring or co-authoring bills. Additionally, Reps. Paula Pierson and Allen Vaught have signed on as Joint Authors to bills in our legislative package. Rep. Yvonne Davis has authored supportive floor amendments, and Reps. Carol Kent, Robert Miklos, and Paula Pierson have provided key supportive votes in committee hearings. SA: What is the status of the LGBT

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Texan? Are we worse off than other LGBT communities or not as bad, compared to other states? DC: “Equality Texas in the next couple of months will release data on the status of LGBT Texans and I think everyone will be surprised in some ways, but, excited about where we are headed for full equality.” SA: Can you tell us about Lobby Day 2011? DC: “Lobby Day is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2011, at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. The purpose of Lobby Day is to mobilize and engage the community to talk to their legislators. The ultimate goal of any Lobby Day is to influence and make change, whether it is attitude or law. We would like to have 500 (and that is small) folks descend on the Capitol on March 7.” Come see Coleman at the November general meeting, taking place at 6:30 p.m., on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at Ojeda’s, located at 4617 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75219. For more information about Equality Texas, visit

October 2010 News Briefs

Stonewall Members Charles Griffith and Sherriff Lupe Valdez at the 2010 Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

n Stonewall meets on Oct 19 : The October General Meeting takes place Tuesday, October 19th, at 6:30 p.m., at Ojeda's Restaurant, located at 4617 Maple Avenue in Dallas.

Eddie Bernice Johnson is the best and only choice for District 30
by James Nowlin When Rep. Barney Frank stated that “The LGBT community has no greater friend in Washington than Eddie Bernice Johnson,” he was correct. Rep. Johnson has been a leader for Dallas and for our nation in moving human rights forward for all people regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately her opponent, Pastor Stephen Broden (endorsed by Sarah Palin), seems to enjoy singling out the gay community on national news by calling for the repeal of anti-bullying laws, the continued enforcement of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and by claiming that he is the only pro-family candidate. Pastor Broden’s statements are out of line with the 30th Congressional District’s appreciation for diversity and true leadership. Rep. Johnson’s record speaks for itself as one of only two representatives in the 32 member Texas Congressional Delegation to receive a 100% rating from HRC. She was an original co-sponsor of H.R. 1246, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and H.R. 3006, the Uniting
Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson

n Officer elections Stonewall Democrats of Dallas is now accepting nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections will be held at the November membership meeting. If you are interested in running, please email

n Holiday Party Save the Date The annual Stonewall holiday party will be Monday, December 6th at the Roundup. Start working on your baskets for auction.

American Families Act, which would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide same-sex partners of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents the same immigration benefits that legal spouses of U.S. residents enjoy. As a steering committee member for Eddie Bernice Johnson for Congress, I trust her as a fair, committed, and strong leader who puts her constituents first. This election season, let’s send a message to Washington by reminding our neighbors, friends, and family members to support the one candidate who supports every American. Let’s rock the vote and send Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson back to Washington!

October 2010 President’s Corner
Stonewall President Erin Moore

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U.S. House of Representatives Cong. Dist. 3: John Lingenfelder Cong. Dist. 5: Tom Berry Cong. Dist 26: Neil Durrance Cong. Dist 30: Eddie Bernice Johnson Cong. Dist 32: Grier Raggio

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2010 Endorsed Candidates

So it’s voting time. Early voting started Monday, October 18 and runs through Friday, October 29th. Election day is November 2. It is time to do what this organization was formed to do. We need to get out the vote, and that includes your vote. It is time to take a friend or two or ten to the polls and have them exercise their right. If we sit on our comfortable butts and don’t vote, don’t do everything we can to get the people elected who can advance our movement, we deserve the fate we get. The Presidential elections are sexy. They are national and full of energy but the local elections matter more. They affect us more directly everyday. We must elect judges that will be impartial and fair and open minded when it comes to issues of LGBT families, fair treatment under the law and yes, fair treatment when we are on the other side of the law. We must elect representatives and that will fight back bad bills in the legislature and introduce bills that will protect our LGBT youth, our employment, our status as citizens in Texas. We must elect a Governor that will see LGBT Texans as a vital part of this great state and deserving of the rights given to every other tax-paying citizen. Go vote. Go get others to vote. Make phone calls for a campaign, talk to your neighbors. Do something. Talk to you later, Erin

GOVERNOR: Bill White Lt. Governor: Linda Chavez-Thompson Texas Atty. Gen.: Barbara Ann Radnofsky Gen. Land Ofc Com: Hector Uribe Agriculture Comm: Hank Gilbert Criminal Appeals: Place 6: Keith Hampton Texas Supreme Crt Pl. 9: Blake Bailey STATE REPRESENTATIVES District 100: Eric Johnson District 101: Robert Miklos District 102: Carol Kent District 103: Rafael Anchia District 104: Roberto Alonzo District 105: Loretta Haldenwang District 107: Allen Vaught District 108: Peter Schulte District 111: Yvonne Davis District 114: John Wellik Justice, 5th Appeals: Place 4: Bonnie Goldstein Place 12: Larry Praeger District Judge 44th Carlos Cortez 68th Martin Hoffman 116th Tonya Parker 134th Dale Tillery 160th Jim Jordan 191st Gena Slaughter 193rd Carl Ginsberg 194th Ernie White 203rd Teresa Hawthorne 204th Lena Levario 254th James Martin 256th David Lopez 265th Mark Stoltz 291st Susan Hawk 292nd Larry Mitchell 298th Emily Tobolowsky 363rd Tracy Holmes Criminal District Judge: Court No. 5 Carter Thompson Court No. 7 Michael Snipes

Judge County Court At Law No. 2 King Fifer No. 3 Sally Montgomery No. 4 Ken Tapscott No. 5 Mark Greenberg Judge County Criminal Court No. 2 Julia Hayes No. 3 Doug Skemp No. 4 Teresa Tolle No. 5 Etta Mullin No. 6 Angela King No. 7 Elizabeth Crowder No. 8 Tina Yoo No. 9 Peggy Hoffman No. 10 Roberto Cañas Judge, Cty Crim Crt of Appeals: No. 2 Jeff Rosenfield Judge, County Probate Court: No. 1 Brenda Hull-Thompson No. 2 Chris Wilmoth COUNTY County Chair Darlene Ewing County Judge: Clay Jenkins Dallas County DA: Craig Watkins County Comm: Pct. 4 Elba Garcia District Clerk: Gary Fitzsimmons County Clerk: John Warren County Treasurer: Joe Wells Justice of the Peace: Pct 2 Place 2 Wesley Johnson Pct 3 Place 1 Joseph Miller Pct 3 Place 2 George Freeman Pct 3 Place 3 Bruce Kaye Pct 4 Place 2 Katy Hubener Pct 5 Place 2 Juan Jasso Constable Precinct 2 Jerry Pittman Precinct 5 Beth Villarreal

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October 2010

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