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Type of room/area:

Theale High Street

Location Address:

Theale High street

Sat Nav details:

Nearest Train Station:

Theale Train Station

Nearest Bus stop:

The Crown

Lighting Information: Solutions:

As I plan to be filming at night, the street will be If the lights aren’t on I will make sure that I
lit by street lamps and Christmas lights. have back up LED lights on my camera for my
However there is a big chance that the video to be well lit.
Christmas lights won’t be on and there would
be low lighting.
Sound Information: Solutions:

As this is a high street there will be expected I will bring a boom mic which will allow me to
cars and people going past whilst filming. This capture the right detail in the sounds which I
isn’t a big problem as I won’t have anyone plan to capture without interruptions.
speaking, However with the use of a boom it
will allow me to capture the right quality
Power Information Solutions:

The use of power will not be needed as all my I will make sure I bring spare batteries and
cameras are battery operated. However there charge up my camera before filming. This will
is a possibility that the batteries could die or prevent the risk of the batteries not working.
run out
Hazards Solutions:
People trip on tripod I will make sure the tripod is visible especially in
Run over By cars going past the dark, also I will film right away from the
road so that my actors don’t risk their life on

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