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ISSN No: 2456 - 6470 | Conference Issue – ICDEBI-2018

Organised By: V. P. Institute of Management Studies & Research, Sangli

Digitalization in Education Sector

Dr. Satish Marathe
Associate Professor, Tilak Maharashtra University
University, Pune, Maharashtra,
Maharashtra India

In today’s world, digitalization has been a game Digitization
igitization is very useful not only in education but
changer in one of the most important sectors sectors– also in sectors like banking, finance, insurance,
Education. It has been effectively used as a prominent marketing, shopping, heavy industries, travel and
technique in the whole gamut of education sector. It tourism, hotel industry and in the field of medicine.
has blurred the boundaries of physical distance, as Within education sector, it has different applications
well as, has embedded more scientific ways to impart like online courses, online examinations, digital
knowledge from tutors rs to the students. Digitalization textbooks, animations, and administrative activities.
would also mean huge savings in the resources
(infrastructure of seating capacities, printing of books, A differently coined term ‘Digitalization’ is the
notes, papers etc.) application of electronic / digital techniques to
existing manual and paper-based
based process for better
Primary objective of the study is to highlight evolving revenue generation and improved business models
of digitalization& its economic impact on the enabled by the digitization of information.
education sector. Digitalization of education assumes
to include two inseparable components – a) classroom The difference between digitization and digitalization
learning concepts and b) online learning methods. The is very important. While digitization is process of
paper also describes various terms and types of converting information/data in to digital format;
digitalization. It discusses advantages and digitalization is the use of digital technologies to
disadvantages of online methods of learning. change a business model and provide new revenue
producing opportunities.
This paper also tries to differentiate between ‘Old‘Old-
school’ techniques and ‘Digitalized’ techniques in We are in the 21stcentury where technology is
education. While there are obviously seen advantages changing at a rapid pace. Smartphone, laptops, and
of Digitalized education sector,
tor, there are still merits in tablets are not foreign terms to common people
certain aspects of ‘Old-school’
school’ education. anymore. And with fast speed data connectivity made
available across the country, adoption of digitalization
The nature of the study is semi empirical. Various has catapulted to a new high.
theory concepts, experiential learning and data points
from external sources have been used while arriving When we consider education sector, it’s dynamics are
at recommendations and views expressed in this changing by every passing day. Along with the th
paper. methods, mentality of students is also changing. They
are extremely curious today and are not restricted with
INTRODUCTION textbooks that were traditionally available in the book
Digitization is the process of converting information stores or libraries. Their methods of learning are
in to a digital format. It has many advantages and a changing every day. Learning through YouTube,
few disadvantages as well. It combines concepts of online portals, apps is a common thing now. Their
classroom learning and online learning methods.

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 51
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
curiosity is vast and cannot be fulfilled with experiences were amalgamated into it so that pupils
conventional educational systems. could learn the nuances of the lessons.
Traditional educational system lacks these Although Digitalization has changed the education
advancements and hence we are compelled to use sector dramatically, the traditional way of Guru- Guru
digitalization in our educational
ucational system. Shishya method of imparting knowledge is
irreplaceable. It cannot diminish the importance of old
Online courses, online examinations, digital education system. Digitalization
igitalization in education has led
textbooks, animations, and administrative activities to misconception that the relevance of the teacher
are known and popular ways digitalization in would gradually fade away in an era of e-learning.
education system. There are various adaptations in the
education sector such as learning throughgh phonics that The institution of teacher remains a strong pillar of
are fun, interesting and easy to understand. This the education system.
technique is primarily used for kids’ learning wherein
sound, pictures, and stories are woven together and Teacher plays an important role in today’s education
presented to kids in an electronic form. system too and guides his pupils to identify places
where his students can apply the knowledge and also
Education system – then and now the likely pitfalls. There is no doubt that students will
In the previous era, knowledge transfer was strictly be felt deprived if they are not learning in a digitalized
was through the lessons given by teachers to his world today, just that pivotal role of teacher needs to
pupils. This method ensured that not only theoretical be understood by all elements of this sector.
knowledge was getting imparted, but also the real

Below are the key observations for traditional or old education system:

While for online education,, below are the observations w.r.t. advantages and disadvantages:

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 52
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101

Expanse of the online education Application of online techniques in various parts of

Today in India, traditional and online education education
systems are existing in parallel. Online system is in The new phase of learning has begun and involves
transitional phase actually. We are not yet completely various advanced techniques and methods like:
detached from old learning system and at the same 1. Online self-paced
paced or timed courses
time, we are slowly and gradually accepting onli
online 2. Online examinations
systems. 3. Digital textbooks
4. Animation
Entrance examsare online / digitalized but latter, the 5. Videos and films and PowerPoint presentations
education imparted in classroom, is through 6. Use of multimedia equipment like interactive
traditional way. While online methods can accurately boards, LCDs, Laptop and advanced projectors.
evaluate answers of multiple choice questions, they
cannot really evaluate the subjective answers easily. Brief description is given below for important
Hence, it is partly accepted for higher education but technologies in use.
primary and high school education still uses old 1. Online courses – They are used to learn a new
system. Teaching and examinations still happen with language or get trained in some specific course, or
old system. Results are declared with online systems. even to learn through distance learning. Online
We are in a phase of preparing our teachers and courses are developed by experts
expe who have
students for online education system. Even unmatched proficiency in their specific field and
application of online system for administrative can give you the experience of real-time
real learning
purposes is in mixed state. by designing their own online course.
2. Online examinations – Examination process is
The staff and student lack the required skills for convenient for both teachers and students.
complete application. All types of fess are still paid in
schools andd colleges. Online payment system is not 3. Digital textbooks – Digital textbooks provide an
fully accepted. Present education system is interactive interface in which the students have
combination of an old system and new system. access to multimedia content such as videos,
interactive presentations, and hyperlinks.

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 53
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
4. Learning through animations – This is typically 5. Videos and films and power point presentations
used for educating children between two five are used for student of any age group.
years old. Learning through pictures, diagrams, Management films, motivational films, are
through colors is more effective. examples of this method.

SWOT – online education in India

SWOT analysis for online education in India is tabled below:

Scope and Limitations sectors of economy are going to open many

If we were to define scope of Digitalization in India opportunities for service providers.
today, it is expected to pervade almost each and every
area of education. It will be wide spread; right from These figures, give us an overview of the growth
primary education to higher studies and onto research potential which India has for online education.
field as well. It will also be pervasive in all other
fields like health, transport, travel tourism, insurance,
banking, finance etc. It will be consumer centric and
will be made extremely convenient. Though personal
or human interaction would not be available, but
accuracy and repeatability will be enhanced through
automation capabilities embedded within.

Conclusion & future of online education

Based on the figures made available in KPMG’s
report and Quora, it is evident that future of digital
market and online education system in India is
extremely bright. There is huge scope for Increase
se in number of users of online education
implementation. Digitalization in educa
education, banking, systems, increasing cost of traditional education,
insurance, financial services, agriculture, and other increase in number of internet users, estimated

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 54
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
increase in number of open learnings and distant Digital technologies given below will wil impact
learning courses by 2021 and percentage of ambitious economy of the country and improve the performance
young population
ion with low income. Population of online education. It will also increase market depth
between age group 15 to 25 is target market for online and will bring more revenue to the country.
education. 1. Big Data: Users create digital footprints via
interaction of the platform, which are captured by
Following key conclusions can be drawn: system to map their profiles and suggest them
 Online education market in India is set to increase proper course and material.
at an astonishing rate i.e. CAGR of 52%, from 2. Data Analytics: Mapping academic/professional
2016 to 2021 background and drive purchase behaviour.
 Number of users in online education to grow 6x 3. Wearable devices: New mode of content
from 2016 to 2021. This is in-line
line with internet consumption.
penetration rate in India which is 31% today with 4. Virtual Reality: Virtual labs can be setup to
almost 409 Mn internet users, and nearly 735 perform experiments.
Million new users are predicted by 2021. 5. Machine Learning: A detailed feedback given to
each student with level of accuracy, grasping
Also, the cost of traditional education from 2008 to power, time spent on different concepts, historical
2014 has risen by 175%, hence online education is a performance.
cost alternative to traditional education. 6. Artificial Intelligence: Providing profile based
customized course suggestions
sugges to prospective
And, open learnings and distant learning courses are students. Help students to make informed choice
expected to grow to 10 Mn by 2021. on course content, type of course, type of
evaluation and course duration.
Nearly 46% population is between 15––40 age group.
The young population with high aspirations but lower And from the Business Model point of view, online
income is good target market for online education. players may adopt hybrid channels to reach their
The acceptability of online channel is high in younger customers. Like,
ike, online learning platforms may start
demographic. engaging with the students through offline touch
points- labs, group discussions, panel discussions, to
Report also indicates that people trying to pro
provide bridge the gap with traditional modes of learning.
generic online education via non-personalized
personalized games
and animations and standard courses would struggle Digitalization has changed our education system
to exist in near future looking at the trend and undoubtedly,, but we cannot say that it has diminished
platforms that provide personalized learning the value of our traditional classroom learning. It also
experience will grow. (Source: cannot replace Guru-Shishya
Shishya parampara (conventional
student – teacher learning method) which was used in
lization means advance technology and more older days. During those days, students used go and
usage of electronic media, which will improve stay with their Guru for ten to twelve years. This
country’s GDP and bring more revenue. If we follow system was more profound in use for performing arts
trend of USA/UK, where digitalization is like singing, dancing, painting, drawing, etc.
implemented twenty years earlier than India, we are
sure that digitalizationn will make Indian economy In a nutshell, India has exciting opportunities in Ed-
stronger with strong GDP and good growth rate. tech sector with rising young population, increasing
internet penetration and acceptance of online learning
learning and test preparation which
Presently it is e-learning as a cost-effective channel.
are leading the market, but in future years to come,
gamification (using game rules to non-game
game situation Following conclusions can be drawn at the end of this
and making learning experience
xperience more enjoyable and study on digitalization of education sector in India:
fun giving, which can retain the students interest in  Digitalization in education system will be a big
learning.) and application of technologies like Virtual success in future (at least 50 years)
Reality and Artificial Intelligence is going to make an  It will be beneficial to all stakeholders in
impact in the pedagogy. education. Important among them are givers of

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 55
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
educations (schools, colleges, universities,) and economy.Rs.864is provided for promotion of
receivers of education i.e. Students. digital econoy.Rs.4000will be spent on digital
 It will improve efficiency of present education literacy programme. Rs.30crores will be spent on
system. development of manpower development. Set up of
 It will be more precise and accurate. 5lacs. Wi-Fi hotspots will provide broadband
 It will reduce waiting time of student. access to 5crores rural citizens (source: -
 It will save on national resources.
 Campuses of universities and colleges and schools 3. Training programme for teachers and students to
may not exist and traditional classroom learning adapt technology for online and distant learning.
will be replaced by distance learning.
 Present examination system will be replaced by Citations and references
online examination system. 1. KPMG in India & Google report: Online
 Results will be declared immediately. No waiting. Education in India : 2021, May 2017
 Repeat examinations will happen quickly.
2. Information on Quora: Scope of digitalization of
 Payment of fees, admissions and registration for
education in India
the course, examination form filling, giving
examination, improvement in student 3. Article published in Hindu: Article related to
performance, etc will be conducted online only digitalization of education In India
 Physical movements of students from home to 4.
college/universities may not really be required. It analysis-of-Indian-Higher--Education
will save on transportation cost.
 Only disadvantage would be online or digitalized 5.
education will not give a personal touch. indian-education-industryppt
6. E-learning inn India SWOT analysis. –
1. Looking at the growth opportunities for online 201711051509883239.pdf
education,, distance learning, and ee-learning,
sizable amount of provisions should be made in 7.
budget for education. At present less than 4% of edtech-market/
GDP is provided for traditional education in 8.
central budget. Budget provision are Rs. 85,000 today/featurephilia/story/digitisation-
crores education-1045356-2017-09 09-18 (Digitalization
2. Government must providee strong internet high making teachers life simple or more complicated)
speed connectivity to rural citizens. Budget
indicates only 5 crores are provided for broad
(Five reasons for why digitization is must for
band access. This is turning factor for
education sector)
development for online education. Budget
provisions for digital India in 2018
2018-19 is Rs. 10. of
obal economy is changing to digital education in 21st century)

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 56