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International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (IJTSRD)

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ISSN No: 2456 - 6470 | Conference Issue – ICDEBI-2018

Organised By: V. P. Institute of Management Studies & Research, Sangli

Library Consortia: A new w

way of Resource
Sharing in Networked Era
Mr. Jadhav S. L1, Mr. Yadav R. D2
Librarian College of Education, Barshi, Maharashtra, India
Librarian Smt. C. B. Shaha Mahila Mahavidhyalay, Sangali, Maharashtra,
Maharashtra India

The advancement of technology on one side and its implementing the same integrated library system.
application in libraries to other side, leads to the Primary purpose of establishing a Library Consortium
changes in libraries from single platform to network is to share physical resources. However, increasing
based system of libraries such as library consortia. number
mber of publishers is using the internet as a global
The present paper highlights the concept and meaning way to offer their publications to the global
of library consortium, why the library consortium is community of users.
needed, features of library consortium. The attempt
has also been made to discuss some models of Library Consortia: Concept
consortium, and prerequisites for formation of library A Library Consortium is a group of two or more
consortium with issues related to library consortium libraries that have agreed together to cooperate with
etc. each other in order to fulfill certain similar needs
usually resource sharing. It is not about sharing the
INTRODUCTION resources but also improving access of information.
During the last few decades, tremendous information
revolution and proliferation have brought about Definitions of Library Consortia:
drastic changes to the function and services in all type Hirsh on (1999) explained that “Library Consortia is a
of libraries. Information exchange or sharing of generic term to indicate any group of libraries that are
information takes new mode of cooperation. With th the working together towards a common goal whether to
infusion of ICT, the cooperation mode has gone under expand cooperation on traditional library services
a transformation from print based environment to such
h as collection development or electronic
digital environment and which results in the formation information services”.
of new term library consortium. Library consortium is
not a new phenomenon, previously it was kno known as Reasons for Library Consortium:
library cooperation or library resource sharing. But  Information explosion:
due to advancement of technology on one hand and its Now days, information is exploiting in various
application in libraries on other hand, the libraries are forms and it is impossible for any individual
changing from single platform to network based library to acquire information in all the form. In
system of libraries such as library consortia.
sortia. In library that case it has become essential to acquire
consortia, sharing of library resources is done to have resources through Library Consortia.
mutual benefits for providing services to its users and
to fulfill their demands. Information is considered as a  Diversity of user needs:
vital resource for communication and for effective use Information requirement of user is ever growing
of information, n, it is necessary that it should be shared. and varies from user to user due to information
The motto of consortium is choosing, purchasing and explosion, new forms of information, presence
pre of

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 127
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Res
earch and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
discipline, specialization of subjects etc.  Open Consortia:
Library consortia help to fulfil their individual This type of consortia is open ended and
requirement. participating libraries have the freedom to join or
leave from consortium at any time. INDEST
 Professionalism: consortium is an example of open consortia.
Role of library professionals has been changed
from mere conservator to facilitator of knowledge  Closed Group Consortia:
and its due to changes
nges has taken place in all the This type of consortia formed by the same type of
areas. member and has a common need to cross the
resources in specific area. Examples of this type
 Financial constraints: of consortia are CSIR, DAE, IIM etc.
Today most of the libraries are faced with
economic problems and suffering from financial  Centrally Funded Model:
crises. Library Consortia can solve this problem This type of Consortium depends on the central
up to the limit through cooperative efforts. funding agency and parent body shoulders the
financial responsibility of running the consortia.
 Technological Revolution: For example INDEST, UGC INFONET, CSIR,
The rapid progress of information technology ICMR etc,
through research and development activities all
over the world, now tries to satisfy the  Share Budget Model:
information need of human being in diverse The formation of such type of consortia is with the
manner. appropriate sharing of funds with of participation
member and management of fund is individually
Features of Library Consortia: handled. IIM and FORSA are examples of this
 Library Consortia
ortia provides 24*7 availability of model.
information and resources to the users.
 Library Consortia promotes e-Publishing
Publishing of  Publishers Initiatives:
information variously. In this type of consortia publisher offered a deep
 Library Consortia assists in direct purchasing from discount consortium price to participating
publisher which helps to reduce the cost of libraries. For example
purchase. It also promotes rational use of funds. EMRALD,
 Library consortia helpful in developing technical
capability of staff.  Subject based Consortia:
 Library Consortia proves very helpful and These types of Consortia deal with specific
supporting in providing back volume of subject. FORSA, UGC, DAE are examples of this
information. type of model.
 Through library consortia sharing of information
and resource
ce in different formats or languages is  Regional Consortia:
possible which avoids barrier of language. These types of Consortia covers specific region.
 It provides different subscription level such as Chandigarh Library Consortia
ortia is example of such
cost benefit per subscription. type of Consortium.
 It avoids space problem as using Library
Consortia one don’t need to purchase or acquire  E-Journal Consortia:
every resource in the library. INDEST, JIM Consortia, ICAR Consortia are
 Library consortia help in development of ICT examples of E-JOURNAL
JOURNAL Consortia.
environment which make possibility of obtaining
best reading for the largest number per institution.
Prerequisite for Consortia Formation:
Models of Consortia: Formation of consortia needs most important four
Below discussed some of the models of consortia are prerequisites which are discussed below:
very useful
ul in formation of library consortia:

@ IJTSRD | Available Online @ | Conference Issue: ICDEBI-2018 | Oct 2018 Page: 128
International Journal of Trend in Scientific Res
earch and Development (IJTSRD) ISSN: 2456-6470
2456 | IF: 4.101
 Hardware: Conclusion:
It must necessarily be a Pentium PC/ Server which In the age of technology, providing access to
would support modular enhancements likes CD information resources is more important than the
Writer, document Scanner, CD Net and other collection building. Libraries in India are facing major
network elements. problem of static budget and growing prices of library
collection. It is difficult for any single library to
 Software: monitor all the explosion of knowledge filed and
It composed of different components like accumulate for the users. In last fewfe years a lot of
operating system, which could be either efforts have been taken to overcome the major
commonly used Windows or UNIX, LINUX etc problems faced by the libraries and best possible
and any library software which would enhance solution to this is sharing of resources through library
handling in house resources in an information consortium. There is no doubt that library consortia
centre. will be able to share the resources
resourc for more effectively
and efficiently than individual libraries. A successful
 Netware: consortium is based on the principal that, consortium
One of the major elements for successful Library have clear goals, a coherent membership and a
Consortia is a good network infras
infrastructure in structure that matches its goals and membership.
addition to LAN. The campus internet
connectivity with a decent bandwidth has to be References:
provided. This could be made possible only with 1. Md. Ashikuzzaman an (2018), Library Consortia:
dedicated telephone line and must also be Meaning, Definition, and Growth, Available at
supplemented by fax facility.
2. Parveen, N. (nd). Perception and use of library
 Human Ware:
consortia among scientists
scienti in Agricultural
Library personnel need to be trained in using latest
Institutes of Uttar Pradesh.
gadgets with which relevant information is stored,
analyzed and disseminated to potential users. 3. Bansode, Sadanand Y (2018). Library Consortia
Training must also be given to library staff to in India: issues and Prospects, Available at:
create databases of library documents.
Library Consortium: Issues a_in_India_LIBRARY_CONSORTIA_IN_INDIA
 Identification of resources is the major issue in _ISSUES_AND_PROSPECTS/links/54d50d190cf
library consortium. 2970e4e642556/Library-Consortia
 Lack of technological infrastructure. LIBRARY-CONSORTIA--IN-INDIA-ISSUES-
 Pricing issues. AND-PROSPECTS.pdf?origin=publication_detail
 Issues related to the access. The problem of access 4. Singh, Kunwar & Bhaskar Rao, V. (2018), An
rights, direct access from publishers and through Overview of the Library Consortia in India,
nodal agency by mounting the database on them. Available at: https://www. researchgate. Net
 Licensing and copyright issues. /profile/Kunwar_Singh19/publication/265434784_
 Archival issues- at the end of year the publishers An_Overview_of_the_Library_Consortia_in_Indi
should supply access to that issue permanently or a/links/58450c1208aeda696819187c/An
supply a copy of that issue in CD or other form. Overview-of-the-Library-Consortia
Consortia-in India. pdf?
 Lack of training for users and staff. Library origin=publication detail
Consortia required special skills
kills in handling EE-
 Lack of coordination. Library Consortia are
lacking for co-ordination
ordination of present activities and
preparation of new ones.

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