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Case: 1:18-m)-00719-SKB Doc #1 Filed: 11/90/18 Page: 1 of 1 PAGEID #: 1 109 e009) Cri Cop UNITED STATES DiSTRICT COURT forthe 7 ‘Souter District of Obio United States of America cone $518MJ-719 Kenneth Bemace Pius Hones Eo (CRIMINAL COMPLAINT 1 the complaint inthis case, state that the following strut thebestof my knowledge and belie, (On or boat the date(s) of _ 2009.20 in th county of. Honiton ___iathe Southey —_ Disc or ‘one he defendant) viol: (Code Section Offense Description 1BUSC.§ 2423) Engaging in iit Snusl Conductin FraignPlasos “This criminal complintis based oo these cts ‘Seo aficovit © Continued on the atachod sheet. ly ree ‘Prd nome on le paw: [30 )18 armas nie rage City and state: Cincnnat, OH Hon Stephenie K. Bowman, US. Magite Judge ‘idee dae Case: 1:18-m)-00719-SK8 Doc #: 1-2 Filed: 11/90/18 Page: 1 of 8 PAGEID #16 AFFIDAVIT IN SURPORT OF CRIMINAL COMPLAINT J, Kimberly Wallace, being duly sworn, depose and state the following: INTRODUCTION 1, Kimberly Wallace, am a Special Agent (SA) with Immigration and Customs Enforeemest, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and have been so employed since 2010. Lam currently assigned tothe HSI Kesident Agent in Charge Cincinnati, Unio ‘office. In connection with my offical duties, I investigate violations of federal criminal ‘aws, including offenses pertaining to United States citizens engaging in lic sexual concict in foreign places (in violation of 18 U.S.C. §2423(€). ‘As pat ofthe investigation, Ihave reviewed documentation and reports provided by and