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Task 4

Instructional Planning

Salama Majid Sultan

Practicum 3b
Antoinette Wiseman
December 6, 2018
Task 4 – Instructional Planning

This task asks you to identify the formative and summative assessment strategies used
during a week. As part of this task, you are required to implement a new formative
assessment strategy, provide evidence of implementation and reflect on the impact.

What are the components of a learning outcome/instructional objective?

The construction of tests depends on the bases and rules that should be considered for the test

to be effective and for its purposes. Prior to the preparation of the test, the teacher must renew

the objective of that test and even determine it with extreme accuracy of the outcome.

The objectives of the test are many and varied and may be intended to measure the

achievement of the student after the completion of the study of a specific part of the

curriculum or completion of a unit of study, and measurement of achievement for half the

semester, or the end of the semester.

List the assessment strategies used for English, Math and Science in 1 week.

Formative Summative
Learning Formative Assessment
Assessment Assessment
Outcome Strategy explained
Strategy/strategies Strategy
Mini white board Student work is one of the Portfolio
K2. (Student work) formative assessment (Class Dojo)
Represent the strategy, and it is the
numbers (1-5) strategy based on students
by drawing or when they complete some
using task we give them to
manipulatives. demonstrate what they
learned from the lesson,
and white boars is the
types of students work that
we use it in the classroom.
K2. Doodle it Student work is one of the
Compare and (Student work) formative assessment Mid-term
contrast the strategy, doodle it is the
adventures and type of student work
experiences of students when they draw
characters in what they understand from
stories. the story to demonstrate The flashcards to
their understanding. assess the student.

Checklist of how
we grade the

Thumbs up, side- Self-reporting is Oral Test

K2. ways, and down individual's own report, to
Read common (Self-reporting) demonstrate the
high frequency conceptual structure of the
sight words. student.