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Art by Jeremy Hall

Tribute to a friend oners, activists, humanitarians, similar high-profile offenses, and work and determination and ers, working on one project or
another. As the chatter in the
By Greg McMaster we have all lost a precious voice as a result experienced the ab- truly served as an inspiration to a
If you knew Peter like I knew that reminded us we are all one solute worst the broken criminal litany of community-based orga- room would pick up and person-
Peter. I struggled for months on of a kind - human kind. Fortu- justice and correctional system nizations. Peter Collins was our al debates would stir, Peter and
how to write a proper tribute nately for us, Peter’s work, life has to offer. Although Peter and bright light in the darkness, our I would just look at each other.
and meaningful memorial for and inspiration lives on through I did not traverse the darkness lighthouse on top of the hill to Without saying a word, we would
Peter Collins, a man I considered his amazing art work and literary together, we understood we show us the way through many know exactly what the other
to be a friend, confidant, and prose. More importantly, Peter were kindred spirits for having storms. My memories of Peter was thinking. He already knew
inspiration. It took me a while to Collins lives on through his fami- survived quite similar journeys. are many, but some of the more the end game and what needed
get my head around the fact that ly and multitude of friends, Peter Yet, Peter did much more than vivid are those where no words to be done to get us there. The
I will never see Peter again, ex- strove so hard to become. Peter survive. He literally flourished by were spoken. Peter and I would only question his eyes would ask
change letters with him, or work and I truly did walk a mile in the giving a voice to the voiceless. be sitting in a room of 20 or me was, “are you going to wrap
on a variety of projects together. other man’s shoes. We were By standing as an example of more people, mixtures of citizen this up so we can get to the next
Whether we are citizens, pris- both very young, convicted of what could be done with hard volunteers and fellow prison- point, or am I?”
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3 // from inside
Zakaria Amara When the Mounties initiated the heavenly skies You are my addiction so harmful Make every expression that I face
60’s scoop, it wasn’t considered Why God why, Oh why and so true. a frown,
I remember a time kidnapping because they were I cry; I cry I cry I cry I cry Countless nights I ask for us to be Give me the lost that longs to be
When I was in the SHU, I would cops Just imagine how they would for the innocent 15 lives that died, thru found.
wake up some mornings and using feel-- on that horrific tragic long bus ride Even after all these years,
my imagination, I would act out the Nurture our needs with gifts all
If we abducted their children and lost dads, lost kids, lost moms and You still haunt me, around.
scenes in this poem beat them and raped them and wives I scream to you for help,
I remember a time not long ago You can kick me, punch me, push
forced our spirituality on them I cry; I cry, you cry, we all cry I scream to you to stop this, me, kill me then watch me live on
When I once sailed all alone They’re incapable of putting them- This poem is for them, for you and
When despair was an endless Why am I so confused? in those that love me,
selves in our shoes for I Why are you so hard to drop? Demean me and place all else
ocean Rest in beautiful peace to all those
And the land of hope was but a Cuz they got entitlement issues What did I do so wrong? above me,
dream Their infected views left us too who died Alas, it really was my fault. Force me to face all that disgusts
When I would awake at the break bruised to blossom... and thanks to the Lord for those Now I close my eyes. me
of dawn The stereotypes surround- who survived begging for sleep to come. Give me the worst of the worst and
And the highest mast I would ing Indigenous people are just as support pours out to the ones Yet still I pray. leave nothing else for me,
slowly climb reflections of the Settler’s true still alive that I shall never wake! When I plead and scream, “fulfill
To look for as far as my eyes could self... They brought over the bad An ocean of tears fill a pool from my needs”!!! Ignore me,
see medicine with the intention to ruin all who cried Family Take my wealth, then strip me
Hoping for an end to my misery our health-- Melancholy seems to be, Canada’s Everyday We as a people suffer, down to my very last token
My sight would return with nothing and to exclude us from the true new vibe either as ourselves or as another, Brand me with every harsh word
at all meaning of wealth... Our connec- so everybody; let us all cry, 2gether remember this as you look at a
My heart would ache and my head to be spoken, Drown me in my
tion to Gitchi Manitou as we strive to make it through, the brother despair and laugh as I am gasping
would fall thunderous rainy wether for it matters not if we have differ-
But in my sadness I would hear a and choking.
Original Savages, Part 3 as I will cry as you will all cry, until ent mothers Then leave me with God just pray-
voice Yo, Shut the fuck up!! things get better the tears shed because of our
Telling me that despair was but a ing and hoping and through Him I
I got the eagle feather in my as my heart cries to you now, death and our foolishness shall not be broken.
choice through this sad sad letter.
hand, it’s my turn to speak I’m from causes more than just triggers for
You’re not alone for God is your
Saskatchewan where racism is at its our brains and veins Cam Martin
And every hardship must one day peak Me-tamorphasis the way others looked at me with It's out there
end I pace in my prison cell day dream- These days go by disdain Natural World Peoples
The Boy Inside ing about justice I think about Colten but still so many days to go, makes me question How do we We all live together on our Mother
As children, some of us helplessly and judicial corruptness and truthfully so, truly love one another Earth
watched, as our fathers or stepfa- What happened wasn’t right cuz I feel like tying a noose around my therefore the differences between Hear her cry the pangz of our birth
thers savagely beat we got no rights Gerald Stanley got throat. those on road and those in Prison Even though we are down its not
our mothers. acquitted by all 12 whites I’ve lost my heart, that spark. is simple my friend those inside 4 long
As children, some of us were How the fuck can that be with a along with all of my hope, have a clearer Vision
abused in horrendous ways. Give thanks 4 life, listen 2 her song
shot to the head? Cops laugh when So I strive to figure out Clean out your heart n earz
As children, some of us could do
nothing to save a loved one from they find another Indian dead... exactly how to cope. The Truth Wipe away all the tears
dying or being murdered. When the Settlers invaded Turtle The seconds turn to minutes The way the world works, And fight on
As grown ups, we’ve been carrying Island they rapidly took over the the minutes turn into hours, everyday I wake up still feeling We might feel all alone but the
the guilt for all of this ever since. land and excessively hunted down For these days I am imprisoned cursed, Creatorz within
I wrote this poem to let you know the four legged... I’ve lost all my power. both my heart and soul are bro- The glue is love between every cell
that it was never your fault. The Now it seems like we have be- So alone and so depressed ken,
time has come for you to lay down Life was meant 2 be celebrated not
come the buffalo-- only here to just cower and I wonder why I hurt. caged in livin hell
your burdens and begin to heal.
He whipped his soul They’re aiming at us like we’re One day I shall be free Every moment passes with Tor- All I know is freedom will be mine
His entire life game, fingers itching to shoot to open up like a beautiful flower. ment Nothin comes without a high cost
For what was not his fault Colten’s blood on the dashboard is To unveil and to show Now I am seated in a place where I Our wings our children our souls
And now the scars of all the physical proof all this wisdom that I know, can’t piss without consent, all lost
wounds were there-for all to see We’re sitting ducks in a pond just and in all your hearts Sunny skies now filled with dark- It is all recoverable consider it a
I saw the boy I saw the whip waiting to get shot In a spot where I will surely grow. ness,
I saw through all the pain bump
the blood can’t clot, BANG! To people young, to people old, All of this makes a sad man heart- We are very important in the Big
I told the man He was the boy secrets kept and secrets shown,
They said Colten was a thug but I less. Plan
And he was not to blame I give you my everything, my all
doubt that shit All those that loved me ask why? Caged men disrespect the darkest
The man’s tears fell He dropped my beautiful and loving soul.
I killed a white man, apparently I can only look up with tears and I heart of man
the whip And hugged the little boy But my heart must stay froze
a Good Samaritan They make the cry, because of the darkness that is Try 2 find peace and carry it with
His burden fell For all to see and for all to know,
white look right and the red look the cycle of addiction is what made you
His wounds were healed And now I walk fast but listen slow,
wrong me a man that can’t love, Give thanx 4 life the path 2 wisdom
he tasted joy and until my old heart beats so
On our own land they make us feel These are more than words, it is When we’re feeling blue
like we don’t belong... very low. the truth!
Nolan R. Turcotte Hate can never conquer you
The twisted existence of equality in for now I must sadly go! Luv is the most powerful living
Original Savages, Part 2 the Constitution Act Is a delusional ~FREE AS A BUTTERFLY~ Tim Rogers thing in the Universe
Abuse booze, hate life fact Death can’t break it
Mutilate, with steak knives The forced covenant between Faith Memories Luv will get us thru this
Prescription pills, to ease the pain cultures has been cracked! The Free will I looked up into the sky today
Our memories, keep us chained odds have been stacked against us Kill or be Killed As I knelt and clasped my hands
Reality is a nightmare, dreamcatch- These Settler’s pretentious ways Are we, over the hill to pray A vision of your face did
appear ets O
ers no longer catch bad dreams Our are relentless I are we, over our heads nTwe
Sacred pipe, was replaced, with the Even though the “hang fire” defence is our, life a mess A sight that I will hold to my heart Priso
crack pipe, we became fiends! Suicide was proven flawed He beat the because people don’t believe in most dear
became a way out, it relieved us of charge cuz he doesn’t sweat inside of jesus My mind is racing to and fro
our suffering a lodge He doesn’t apply the grease they believe in diseases My thoughts to you I wish they’d go
lives shattered to pieces The turmoil that is going on
An idea developed by Jeff Craig

Bishops hid behind religion, and of a bear to heal

denied they were touching That’s He doesn’t wave a braid of sweet- for absolutely no reasons I ask your help to make them gone
fucking, disgusting, reconciliation grass over every meal so the world turns into heathens Human minds are meant to be
means nothing How the fuck could he not even get without knowin’ the true meanin’s content Yet mine seems totally Cell Count contributor Jeff Craig
The Government, of Canada, is My faith in God I keep believin’ over spent came up with "Prison Tweets." A
Manslaughter for killing? Now we got "tweet" is a super short quote,
fronting... to continue to fear for us and our Because I just know the feelin’s Too many memories going on
shoutout, piece of wisdom, thought,
You can’t apologize, for genocide children and I’m scared of all the Demons I ask your help to make them gone update, or anything you can come
To the ones who are now dead inside Cuz the judicial system shows that and until God pops the bubble I’m The atrocities, the sights, the up with! Mail us or call with a tweet,
Your sincerity is a joke,--We’re hun- the whites can murder Indigenous dreamin numbing pain, Would drive a nor- and you might see it in an upcoming
gry homeless injail and broke Without the consequences of living as I’m a keep on believin’ in my feel- mal man insane issue. Let's see what you got!
You blame us, but you’re guilty, for federal prisoners ings So please dear Father hear my plea
Take all these memories away from Forgotten Warrior Tweets
every crime you created a law for Thank you God for the help in
Tylor Beggs me.
Because of you I couldn’t learn Cree, seeing the true meanings. NDN History lessons
it died with my great grandpa Now I I cry…You cry…We all cry S. Halliday aka G #1: History beginz 4 us w murder
David Cioffi
got to learn things, late in life Dedicated to every person affect- and enslavement
When I should’ve got taught shit, ed from the bus that crashed…I’m Addiction I Shall Not be Broken - not w discovery -
back then sorry to you all… Every moment without you is more Speak words towards me of hatred #2: the conquest has not yet end-
I can’t relate to the Survivors, but I I scream to the skies “Bronco Pride painful, and disdain, Curse my existence ed, and neither has resistance 2
can empathize with what happened – Bronco Pride”, I remember the first time in that and resent my name, that conquest
Torture, pain, oppression, abuse The heavens have now opened, for motel, Find all of my flaws and commence #3: the great spirit... Creator, gave
Betrayal, hopelessness, The con- new angels to arrive. I still can’t believe how fast I grew to complain, us this land, but the white people
sideration of a noose! Excuse after Tears flow like a river from my to love you, Kill my shine and show me the seem 2 want 2 drive us from it...
excuse... eyes. You just never loved me back. shadows of my shame. #4: in brief, the white man forced
The justifications of injustice Yeah, my prisoner eyes! Now I need you, Give me the weight of the world to the Mohawk 2 become their bitter
need to stop All rise; let all our prayers reach the Otherwise it is me you attack hold me down, enemiez
Racism should factor in sen- katchewan entered into a contract because of an inability to confirm will be listed as an aggravating factor
Nearly half of Canada’s incar- with a company called Synergy for a their identity. in sentencing considerations, which
cerated youth are Indigenous, tencing of Black offenders, can lead to judges imposing tougher
judge rules service known as Telmate. “In many of the decisions re-
according to Statistics Canada Prisoners often pay to make phone viewed, the assumption seemed to sentences in domestic violence cases,
By Kelly Geraldine Malone, The Cana- By Betsy Powell, Toronto Star calls and when they do, 90 per be that any risk was enough risk. and which will increase the maximum
dian Press Systemic racism and discrimination cent of the money charged goes to As long as there was a chance that sentencing available for someone
Data released by Statistics Can- should be taken into account when Telmate. the person might not appear, that who is a repeat domestic abuser.
African Canadians are sentenced, Telecom has made more than $1 justified detention. As long as there It will also require judges to take
ada shows Aboriginal youth made
a Toronto judge said Monday, in million each year the contract has was a chance that the person would special consideration when eval-
up 46 per cent of admissions to uating bail requests and release
correctional services in 2016-17 while order to address the issue of their been in place, with yearly commis- commit another theft, that justified
over-representation in the criminal sions averaging around $1.3 million. continued detention,” concluded the provisions for Indigenous accused
making up only eight per cent of the and accused individuals from other
youth population. justice system. The province takes 10 per cent of the audit, conducted by Katherine Laird,
But Superior Court Justice Shaun money from those calls and deposits an adjudicator and mediator with the vulnerable populations.
“It’s not actually surprising to me to It will abolish the practice of using
hear those numbers,” said Michael Nakatsuru declined to apply the it to a trust account for inmates. Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario, a
approach used in sentencing Indig- That fund has made less than $1 group of eight tribunals that includes peremptory challenges without cause
Redhead Champagne. to arbitrarily reject potential jurors
“As a member of the Indigenous enous people to the sentencing of million since the arrangement with the Human Rights Tribunal of On-
Telcom started, earning an average during jury selection.
community, with First Nation, Métis African Canadians such as Jamaal tario, Social Benefits Tribunal and Peremptory challenges were raised
and Inuit people around me, I see Jackson, who is Black. of $140,511.36 in any given year. the Criminal Injuries Compensation as a significant concern following the
the overrepresentation of Indigenous “I find little value in comparing the Last year saw $121,316.23 divid- Board. acquittal last month of Saskatchewan
people going into the justice system,” situation of Indigenous persons to ed among the five adult custody “At times, it seemed like the (immi- farmer Gerald Stanley in the shooting
he said. African Canadians. There are simi- facilities, where it was managed gration tribunal) had its own ‘danger- death of Colten Boushie, a young
Champagne founded Aboriginal larities but there are also significant under provincial regulations — with, ous offender designation,’ (allowing Cree man, by an all-white jury.
Youth Opportunities in Winnipeg’s differences,” Nakatsuru wrote. according to officials, input from local them to be held indefinitely) without
North End neighbourhood in 2010 to As well, the sentencing of Indigenous inmate committees. any of the safeguards of that process Memorial garden at former
support Indigenous youth. Working people is unique and their special The regulations allow the money to in the criminal justice system,” said women’s prison takes root
with kids in the inner city area, he recognition is enshrined in the Crimi- be used for programming and activi- the report. By Kristy Nease, CBC News 
has seen how “Indigenous people nal Code, he noted. ties; but generally, Justice officials say The independent audit, commis- Fran Chaisson, who helped found
often get the short end of the stick.” Jackson, 33, pleaded guilty last year it goes towards equipment, supplies sioned by the refugee board and the P4W Memorial Collective after
“I see Indigenous and non-Indige- to possession of a loaded gun and for leisure time activities, as well as released Friday, reviewed 312 de- two stints at the prison, believes it’s
nous people literally doing the exact breaching a court order prohibiting subscriptions to newspapers and TV. tention hearings for 18 immigration important to remember the women
same crime and not experiencing the him from having such weapons. He After six inmates escaped from detainees whose files were closed who died there. (Lisa Kannakko)
same amount of jail time, probation, has a long and serious criminal re- the Regina Provincial Correctional between April 2016 and August 2017. Former inmates of the shuttered
et cetera,” he said. cord and has spent most of his adult Centre (RPCC) in 2008, the province The detainees involved had all been Prison For Women in Kingston, Ont.,
Incarceration of youth generally life behind bars. commissioned a study that said tele- held for at least 100 days. are pushing for a memorial garden
across Canada has declined slightly At his sentencing hearing last phone-monitoring equipment should Normally, each immigration detain- at the site, where a developer is
each year since 2012. But the Statis- month, defence lawyers Emily Lam be installed. ee is eligible for a detention hearing planning to construct a new mixed-
tics Canada data from 10 reporting and Faisal Mirza asked Nakatsuru to Starting Monday, the cost of local 48 hours after their arrest, followed use building.
provinces and territories also showed adopt a new way of sentencing Black calls in Saskatchewan jails is going by a seven-day and 30-day review if The former inmates say the garden
the proportion of Indigenous youth offenders, similar to the way courts up. Rather than costing $1.35 for an immigration division adjudicator is important to honour the checkered
in custody has steadily increased. consider the history of Indigenous 20 minutes, it will cost $2.50 for 20 rules the detention should continue. history of the prison and the women
In 2006-07, the proportion was 21 people. minutes. Among the issues identified by the who took their own lives there while
per cent. But 10 years later, Indige- In Canada, judges can request In an effort to rebalance commis- audit: it operated from the mid-1930s to
nous boys made up 47 per cent of “Gladue” reports for Indigenous of- sions from jail calls, the province will Inconsistencies being referred to 2000. Seven women died over a two-
correctional admissions and Indige- fenders, which encourage sentencing also now be allowing every inmate a and recycled at each review and year period from December 1988
nous girls accounted for 60 per cent. to be sensitive to the disadvantages free daily call. eventually becoming part of the to February 1991, and six of them
In the provinces, the numbers of and systemic racism they face and to Long-distance call costs are decreas- accepted history for the detained were Indigenous.
Indigenous youth in custody were consider alternatives to jail. ing from $7.50 for 20 minutes to person. A task force was appointed in 1989
Jackson’s lawyers provided the judge $2.50 for 20 minutes. The audit recommended increased to look into the prison’s operations
highest in Saskatchewan (92 per cent
with studies on anti-Black racism, oversight of immigration detention — it was then the only federal cor-
for boys; 98 per cent for girls) and
and an Impact of Race and Cultural Audit of immigration de- cases, that border enforcement rectional facility for women — and
Manitoba (81 per cent for boys; 82
Assessment (IRCA) report written by tention review system reveals officials be questioned “vigorously” in in 1990 a report was released calling
per cent for girls).
Halifax social worker and sociologist culture that favours incarcer- cases of delays, that all current long- for sweeping changes and more
Howard Sapers, an independent
Robert Wright. The IRCA included in- ation term detention files be immediately facilities. In 1996, one year after a
adviser to the government of Ontario strip search video from P4W, as the
on corrections reform, said the in- terviews with Jackson and his family By Nicholas Keung, Toronto Star  reviewed, and that hearing protocols
about his childhood in Cole Harbour, and policies on bonds and terms of prison became known, was made
creasing numbers, carries through to The first-ever audit into the way public, an inquiry by Madam Justice
adulthood — particularly for girls. N.S., and his experiences with racism Canada reviews immigration de- release be updated.
Louise Arbour again called for sub-
and economic disadvantage. It also tention cases reveals a system that
According to Statistics Canada, In-
included historical context about the Liberals table massive piece of stantive change.
digenous men accounted for 28 per unfairly keeps people behind bars for legislation to overhaul the Four years later, the last of P4W’s
racism experienced by Black people months on end due to ill-informed
cent of admissions in 2016-17, while
living in Nova Scotia. Canadian justice system prisoners were transferred to new fa-
Indigenous women accounted for adjudicators and a culture that cilities.
43 per cent. At the same time, they In his 35-page decision, Nakatsuru favours incarceration. By Amanda Connolly, Global News Ann Hansen, 64, was incarcerat-
represented about five per cent of said the report painted a “fuller pic- The damning findings, including The federal Liberals have tabled a ed at the prison for participating
the Canadian adult population.  ture” of Jackson’s slide into criminal- decision-making based on inaccurate massive piece of legislation that will in bombings in the 1980s while a
“We are getting so dangerously ity, and agreed “the time has come” information, unchallenged faith in aim to overhaul the Canadian justice member of The Squamish Five, also
close to half of all adult women in where he as a sentencing judge border enforcement officials and system. known as Direct Action, a group of
custody being Indigenous,” he said in “must take judicial notice of slavery, inadequate legal representation for At more than 300 pages, the new activists who believed non-violent
a phone interview from his Ottawa policies and practices of segregation, detainees, have shocked even the legislation proposes a number of resistance was ineffective.
office. intergenerational trauma and racism, most seasoned critics and rights major changes that Justice Minister Hansen was sentenced to life and
“There is little way to escape the both overt and systemic, as they advocates. Jody Wilson-Raybould says fit with served seven years at Kingston’s
conclusion that there are some relate to African Canadians.” “Non-citizens have a right to liberty the goal of making the system more P4W. She was released in the early
systemic biases built into the system But while Nakatsuru said that and to be protected from cruel and fair and more just, both for victims of 1990s and has kept in touch with
that are contributing to this overrep- alternatives to incarceration — such unusual treatment, but as this report crimes and those from communities other former inmates, including Fran
resentation.” as community healing — would be shows, this right is routinely flouted that are over-represented in jails and Chaisson.
Policy decisions, such as mandatory appropriate in some situations, this under immigration legislation,” said prisons. Together they helped found the
minimum sentences, have had a dis- case required a prison sentence. Janet Dench of the Canadian Council “Every single person in Canada has P4W Memorial Collective in 2015,
proportionate impact on Indigenous He turned down the Crown’s for Refugees. the right to a fair and timely trial,” and alongside others petitioned the
communities, he said. request for a sentence of 7.5 to nine Last year, 3,557 people were held Wilson-Raybould said during a press prison site’s former owner, Queen’s
But there is also movement in the years, and the defence argument for in immigration detention in Canada. conference announcing the changes. University, to build a small memorial
other direction, said Sapers, pointing four years. Instead, he imposed a Eighty-eight per cent of detainees “Every victim has the right to be garden in front of the prison. An
to bail reform, restorative justice six-year sentence, adding it was not a were released within 90 days. But in heard and see justice done.” open letter and petition by the collec-
“race-based discount.” After credit for 80 cases, people were held for more Changes in the bill focus on several tive calls for a memorial garden on
efforts and culturally appropriate
pre-trial custody, Jackson will serve than a year behind bars. areas of reforms: reducing potential a plot of land in front of the former
initiatives. administration building.
He said the justice system cannot another two years and 257 days in A Star investigation last year found discrimination during jury selection,
prison. A proposal is still being worked out,
stand alone in curbing the trend an immigration detention system reducing when preliminary inquires
“We think it’s a watershed moment but could include a couple of bench-
of incarcerating Indigenous youth. that indefinitely warehouses non- can be used, requiring judges to use es, a small monument created by an
Tackling poverty, unemployment or in the sentencing of African-Canadian citizens, away from public scrutiny particular attention in cases involving
offenders,” Mirza said outside the Indigenous person, and the names of
underemployment, poor housing, and in conditions intended for a vulnerable populations, and cracking the women who died at the prison,
addictions and mental illness would court. criminal population, with hundreds down on domestic violence. Hansen said.
make a large difference, he said. “There’s a number of segments of unwanted immigrants left to Among those, it will place a reverse Hansen said they’re not opposed
Change is needed immediately, of the ruling that have moved the languish behind bars. Ebrahim Toure, onus for bail on individuals charged to the commercialization of the
Champagne agreed, because there is needle forward, in particular the 46, a failed refugee claimant who has with violence against an intimate valuable parcel of land in downtown
currently a cycle of institutionalizing acknowledgement of the systemic been detained for five years pending partner who have previously been Kingston, saying it would be a “monu-
Indigenous children. legacy of discrimination against Afri- deportation to Gambia, is currently convicted of such. mental struggle to prevent that from
It starts with children being taken can Canadians.” the longest serving immigration What that means is that individuals happening.” But they’re hoping the
into care where they are assigned Private firm making millions detainee. with a previous conviction of violence prison’s heritage will be maintained
a worker, curfews and strict rules, off of Sask. jail calls The audit into the fairness of against their spouse, common law and its history “will not be completely
he said. When they become older, long-term detention reviews at the partner or dating partner will be re- erased.”
they graduate to the criminal justice By D.C. Fraser, Regina Leader-Post Immigration and Refugee Board quired to prove “why their detention ​ The collective is planning a healing
system. A Texas-based company has made found that last year, 13 per cent of in custody is not justified.” circle at the prison site on Aug. 10.
“When I see this kind of stuff I nearly $9 million off of phone calls all detainees were held because they Currently, the onus is on Crown
get frustrated with all the rhetoric from Saskatchewan jails, while the were deemed a danger to the public, prosecutors to convince the court a Your opinion matters
around reconciliation,” Champagne province has received less than $1 while 77 per cent were detained request by an accused for bail is not We want to read your thoughts on/
said. million off of those calls. because officials feared they were justified. responses to these news articles!
In 2010, the government of Sas- a flight risk. The rest were detained As well, intimate partner violence Write to us and let us know!
Broken Pots & the Selfishness of Kindness-a PJD Message
By Nick Paccione We can begin immediately with change, assert and defend your
rights, expose abuses of power,
Standing for the Fallen
As I was wondering what to write those closest to us-i.e., with our don’t work, pray and
about for this issue of Cell Count, families and other intimates as well work to right wrongs, and so on,
give thanks to the
my mind inexplicably drifted back as with those literally “closest” to but do all these things while re-
specting the dignity of others and men and women who
to a Christmas card I had sent us, meaning fellow cons and staff. suffered or lost their
to my brother, the front cover of Now, hear me out. I’ve got close without in any way undermining
their humanity-in other words, lives for our comfort.
which included an image of broken to 30 years inside, including the Out of respect, love,
pots. Thinking of those broken last 20 straight, most of which have while treating others as you your-
self would want to be treated. and thanks we stand
pots, it dawned on me that like been spent in a “max” setting, so I
those pots, we’re all “broken” in definitely know how tough the day- Of course, being kind isn’t always and unite as one and
our own way. Unlike pots, how- to-day grind can be and how easy easy, especially towards those give thanks to the
ever, broken people tend to hurt, and often justifiable it may seem to you’d rather strangle or those ones before us.
and hurt people tend to hurt other hate on others, especially staff. you’ve learned you are “supposed” As I finally come
people, and those others tend to But it is precisely because I have to hate. Hell, I still struggle with months away from
hurt still others-and on and on it lived the experience for so long this myself-big time. finishing a 14-year
goes until everybody is hurting that I know only too well how easy But being kind towards others By Mark Zammit stretch, I find PJD
everybody else. it is to succumb to attitudes and does get easier and begin to feel Finally! A reason to speak my more important to me than real,
With Prisoners Justice Day (PJD) behaviours that are cold, mean, more natural with practice, and it mind about Prisoners Justice Day worldwide holidays such as Christ-
at hand, and with PJD being a day violent, and downright inhumane does make you feel better about (PJD), something I hold very close mas. I have more friends, more like
that in a sense commemorates the for those who are caged in, and yourself. And the better you feel to my heart. family, inside than I do on Road.
hurt and suffering of prisoners, I even for those who merely work about yourself, the kinder you’re August 10th, for a 24 hour peri- With almost 21 years of federal
figured it was as good a time as in, places that are themselves apt to be. Kindness, then, comes od, when every Con across Canada incarceration under my belt, I
any to take a closer look at the cold, mean, violent, and downright with its own positive feedback is to show respect and give thanks have lost maybe a dozen or so of
fact of hurt and suffering, and at inhumane. I mean, be honest, how loop. to the ones who got us what we my said family inside, behind the
how the selfishness of kindness many times have you yourselves Being kind and respectful to- have (rights and privileges) today. wall, and PJD allows me to stand
can help. Yes, you read right-the seen ·a new staff individual begin wards others also doesn’t guaran- Unfortunately, I noticed that the with my brothers and sisters and
selfishness of kindness. with a friendly smile and the best tee kindness and respect in return, remember the deceased.
new school ways of our prisons
You see, if we examine the fact of intentions only to quickly wind but it does significantly increase As much as Prisoners Justice Day
the chances of getting these in re- have slowly but surely desecrated
of hurt and suffering through the up as just another tired and em- what PJD stands for. I have heard means to me, it is also a day that
broken pots metaphor and look bittered member of the opposite turn, so what have you got to lose? angers me, simply because of the
Plus, I myself am amazingly dis- inmates speak such nonsense as
at how as broken beings we go camp. Prisons do that, they have a “they aren’t my brothers” and “I lack of respect, class and solidarity
on endlessly perpetuating and way of eroding our humanity and covering in my own day-to-day like
didn’t ask for their help”. As an from the new school.
spreading hurt and suffering, it bringing out the worst in all of us. how even just a bit of things like
kindness, patience, and respect are old-school con I find that a sad and If, for one day, we cannot show
only makes “selfish” sense for us Hence the desperate need for a touch of class and thanks for
to not want to add to all this hurt kindness, the ripple effects of even incomparably more effective than sick State of Affairs. Brothers and
anger and hostility in improving sisters? Those remarks belittle and the cons that gave us all we have
and suffering in even the slightest just a bit of which could spread far
interpersonal relations, in resolv- removes the solidarity that the behind the wall, then maybe the
degree, seeing how the orbiting and wide and vibrate into all of our
hearts. ing conflict, in dealing with delicate word “convict” stands for. ungrateful should not be privy to
ripple effects that would automat-
ically result from any suffering Let me be clear, however, that and difficult situations, and in just Once a month, for 20 minutes, our privileges.
that we ourselves created would when I speak of being kind towards getting shit done. supervised by your P.O. in their Regardless, if I am in my cage or
eventually return in some form others, I am in no way advocating So, on this Prisoners Justice Day office... that is how phone calls on Road, I practice PJD Behavior.
or another to bite us in the ass, for a meek or passive attitude or and moving forward, be smart and used to be. Oh my God, how did I will always stand for the fallen
thereby increasing our own hurt an acceptance of the status quo, be “selfish” by being kind. And, the phonebugs survive? LOL... and anyone that knows me on the
and suffering. with all of its ills and injustices. please, be careful with any pots, in- Pen packs, TVs and cable, PFVs? outside, knows that I value and I
On a very practical level, then, Hell, no! I myself am an outspoken cluding your own; they may seem All that shit was fought for and fast, etc, on August 10th, no matter
and, yes, on a very selfish level too, and committed advocate for the solid, but they do break. Peace and gotten for us by past cons. Strikes, where I am.
it seems as if the smartest thing we kind of serious and boat-rocking love. work stoppage, sit-downs, lawyers, To the men and women who
can all do for ourselves is to be as societal transformation needed P.S. If you haven’t already, you may unfortunately, riots! have passed behind the wall, to the
kind as we can towards others and if we’re ever to turn prisons into want to check out Jesse Belanger’s arti- Some cons paid with their lives, men and women who gave their
to do whatever we can to alleviate anachronistic relics and ultimately cle “The Keys to Freedom” in the Winter blood, fighting for prisoners rights,
2018 issue of Cell Count. If you don’t or turned a deuce into a life bit,
suffering, since the less that other leave them where they belong-in have this issue, you can contact PASAN and now we reap the rewards. Au- thank you - you are loved, you are
people hurt and suffer, the less the dustbowls of history. By all to request a copy of the article. It may gust 10th is a day of remembrance missed, remembered and without
likely will it be that they will in turn means, then, speak your mind, very well change your life, and possibly and respect. We fast (don’t eat), a doubt, respected.
hurt and make suffer us. fight for justice and positive even set you free.

Struggle and sacrifice difficult it might be to go a whole your fast. Others refuse to let the for those who have suffered be-
24 hours without eating, but then food carts enter the range. I’ve hind these walls and razor wire.
when the day came l shook off the seen convicts drink liquids, such Therefore, I sacrifice all food and
hunger pains with pride. I have as water, milk and coffee and/or beverages and refuse to work to
always been the kind of person eat canteen items while justifying show my solidarity to all of you and
to ride for a righteous cause, plus it with how it isn’t prepared by those who are no longer with us.
I counteracted the hunger pains CSC. I’ve even met a couple people On PJD I remember my good friend
with logic. I reminded myself that who pop sleepers and spend their Edward Dundas who passed away
I have gone without food many entire day drooling on their pillow. in 2013 at Kent Institution due to
times in my life. Growing up in the I am not going to tell others how to malpractice by the institutional
streets and always ending up on spend their day, but I will express physician. He was a shy, polite,
the run constantly left my stomach my opinion on how I believe it harmless young man who smiled
growling. There were times I had should be spent. and shook my hand every time we
to break into the food bank after In 2012, while I was incarcerated saw each other. I am proud to say
it closed up just so I could get my in Kent Institution, I came to a con- that I had the honour of participat-
hands on some food. I was able clusion on how I am going to hold ing in sweat lodge ceremonies and
to survive when I had no food or it down for the justice of prisoners. pipe ceremonies with him under
shelter, so I can obviously make it When the day comes, I wake up at the teachings of Mervin and Mary.
through a single day with zero food breakfast so I can politely tell the I also find it ironic how the man I
intake. guards to fuck off. I spend the day accidentally killed in 2006 was born
I got through my first PJD, but in my cell, proudly refusing to con- on August 10, 1978. Whenever
thinking back on it now I didn’t form to modern day slavery, while I PJD presents itself I never forget
even know why we convicts eat nothing and drink nothing. Lat- to remember him, and I always
stood together in solidarity on er in the evening when recreation dedicate part of my fasting to him,
Photo by Nicoledit on Unsplash August 10. As the years went by, I is offered I go down and socialize although he wasn’t a prisoner.
By Nolan R. Turcotte searched for the knowledge that with my closest friends in the Today, I am more spiritual than I
I began my life sentence at the ewan Penitentiary on August 10, has attached itself to the history of institution. When it is time to go have ever been so on the morning
age of 16 in the Paul Dojack Youth 2009. I was housed in Unit 6 Max, PJD. Now, I am sitting in the same back up to the ranges I head on up of PJD I will light my sweetgrass,
Centre, which is located in Regi- which was known as Gangland, prison where it all began. and kick it on the range until lock make a prayer for all of us, our
na, Saskatchewan. I have been and I was on B Block with my I ended up developing my own up, while shaking my head at the loved ones and lost ones and beat
incarcerated for the past 12 years crew, who I no longer affiliate with style of representing on PJD after ones who are complaining about my drum while reciting the Flag
and done time in Saskatchewan by choice, and our “allies”. They I completed my third Day of pris- “starving”. After lock up I patiently Song. The song is meant to be
Penitentiary, Edmonton Institution, showed me how I was supposed to oner’s justice. Like I said before, wait for the moment I can break sung for our ancestors and the
the Special Handling Unit, Kent In- conduct myself on PJD, which was, I have been all over the country my fast and when I do I always warriors. You are all considered
stitution and Millhaven Institution. as you already know, no eating or and I’ve seen my fellow convicts break my fast a couple minutes warriors in my eyes, as long as you
I remember the very first time I working. do their PJD in all sorts of ways. after midnight, with canteen, just stand up for what is right and ride
participated in Prisoner’s Justice The days leading up to August Some of you take the trays, but in case the time is slightly off. for what is righteous.
Day. I was 18 years old in Saskatch- 10 had me thinking about how hold them until midnight to break I consider PJD a time to sacrifice Mitakuye oyasin, Nolan R. Turcotte

Being real and remembered and a community that has my back to the another for PK’s, etc... It’s sad, it’s sick, and
By Mark Zammit end, and so many solid friends and a name it’s got to stop before we lose our identity.
Just finished watching The Tragically Hip’s made of gold simply because I keep my A man’s word used to mean something,
final show. Absolute final show cause Gord word, and do the right thing. So, to Dave, the respect was rampant, not just a word, and
Downie was awaiting death. The Last Song mail Thief that stole my mail, read my mail gay, straight, black, white or other, we had
of the show was Killer, even if you don’t like and sent it all through Collins Bay. Thanks! each other’s back... Ahhh the old school,
The Hip, that last song would bring a tear. Because your side door thieving antics and when Prisoners Justice Day was honoured

concrete blossoms
he walked corner to corner, side to side of childhood rumor mill behavior, gave me a and executed, no questions asked.
that stage, just screaming into the mic, tears voice, a name, and a reason to live. No matter what dear friends, no matter
in his eyes, blowing kisses to his fans. Later I have never been happier or had as many the snide gay jokes and shit talk behind my
on, after his passing, we find out that those
screams, were because he forgot the words
friends as I do now, in my life. I have already
made changes in the LGBTQ2S community
back. I got you, all day long, “I got you.” You
are my family, I give you my word. I’m in on a
A column for self-identified wom-
but he sure as hell didn’t forget where he in CSC, with new precedents and such. And good beef, I ain’t no snitch, my word is bond en, genderqueer and non-binary
was, or his fans. Gord Downie? Went out a all because a confused, cowardly man tried and I am loyal, and until I die I will remain as folks.
class act, on his own terms, caring just as to ruin my reputation and name. such, “old school”, with my family, “Bunny,
much for his fans, as he did his own health...
That’s fucking class.
It’s 5:32pm. On June 30th 2018, and why I
The above-written thoughts, words or
rant if you will, are dedicated to all of which
suffer from a bully or bullies. “You Are Not
Mo Mo, Coops, Cadai, Princess,” and all else
who don’t have nicknames... LOL...
We are a Dying Breed, but we are loyal.
Fast for the Fallen
By Dawna Brown
felt like mentioning that Gord Downie mo- Alone, our community is massive, and we It’s 6:32pm. On June 30th 2018, I have been Hi, my name is Dawna. I am two-spirited.
ment, is because that is how I wish to go out. have your back.” With the permission from writing for an hour. I have real issues with inmates not going
When it’s my turn to leave this planet, I want PASAN, contact them and ask how to reach I started this blurb, as just that, a blurb 24 hours without food, for the sake of
to go out with style, with class, and I want to me, I’d love to help. about going out like Gord Downie, with class, convicts dying for us to get the things we
leave my Mark. My second Community is my brothers and leaving my mark. have now. We are losing everything now
I am no rockstar, although I do consider my- sisters locked up. My prison Community, my I will leave my mark, in my communities. cause people are told “we cannot allow this
self as a somewhat accomplished poet. But I family for the most part. The people that love me will remember me, or that”. When I asked inmates around the
am a voice for my community, two commu- I ain’t no shot caller, gangster or plug. But the ones that hate me as well. I will go out medium prison I’m in they say “we can’t”,
nities actually. I got you all when it comes to fighting the with class. Listening to Slipknot, The Doors or not allowed! What the hell is going on
First, I am part of the LGBTQ2S community, man. This new school bullshit has got to pr Jimi Hendrix, I haven’t decided, but I will with people being their selves and fighting
a gay man that was outed in Collins Bay Pen- stop. It used to be us against them, we were leave my mark. With the changes I make in for our own rights legally (Grievances) Pris-
itentiary. If you don’t know what it’s like to all one, we ran our joints and ranges. There my LGBTQ2S community or via my prison oners Justice Day is our day to fast for our
be the only out gay men in Gladiator school, was respect, consideration and we had each family, changes for the better, changes to fallen. Believe in yourself and you will learn
let me tell you, it sucks. But for one thing, other’s back. And used to be a well-oiled remember. a lot from other convicts that have put in
motherfuker, did it give me strength, and machine, life inside. We used to Stand United, but we’ve lost a lot of time and also fight on a daily basis
now I am an openly gay men, and advocate/ Now it’s against us and “they” sit and watch our way. Remember my name, because I will for us and the new school convicts. Prison
activist with a partner I love more than life, and laugh as we rip each other off, jump one reunite with what we used to be... ONE! has become a disappointment to the old

We make
school convicts, and the youngsters make

What does
it even worse. Mark, my partner and I, have

been working for the cause because every-
where we turn around something else is

Prisoners Justice By Michael G Brown

I am being held captive via forcible confine-
being taken and no-one wants to lose their
privileges or transfers. You can be political
and not have to use threats or violence to
day mean to me? ment at a Canadian federal institution. I am
a family man, a father of two and married
to an ex-sex worker. I have firmly believed
make a point and stand up for us, and the
“new school”. The list of privileges is long
By Philipe Poisson such as: mail, visits, trailer visits, socials,
that no matter one’s origins, people can be canteen, purchasing, Hobbycraft, weight
To me, PJD is very important. I do not good, kind and capable of change for the
eat on PJD, or work, do programming, do pit, gym sports, Library, DVD players and
better. I have been proven horribly wrong movies, televisions, stereos, gardening,
schooling, watch TV, exercise, Play Games, on different occasions but I am still opti-
Etc jewelry, personal clothing, walkmans, video
mistic. I have seen people asked to partake games, and I could keep going on even
To do anything but relax, pray/meditate, in falsehoods and not only refuse but went
read, or write a letter, is the equivalent of beyond the evil of indifference to do the more, but I’m sure you get my point! In my
going to the bathroom on someone’s grave. right thing at their own expense. My wife conclusion I think we should honor, re-
PJD started around 1973 to commemorate quit stripping and escorting when she found spect and try and learn a thing or two from
and honor all those inmates who passed out that she was pregnant and we met not those cons, that fought for our rights and
away fighting for our rights. PJD was started long after that. She gave me a second son, not belittle or disrespect them for this day
by inmates in millhaven institution. who may not be blood, but he is as much is to celebrate their accomplishments, and
Over the years, PJD has grown to Encom- part of my heart as my biological. I watch my to support each other so people will not
pass all of those inmates who have passed wife with support, encouragement and some have to die again for our rights. Thank you
away in prison. Whether their death be by guidance, further her education, learn to for reading this, and the best to all convicts
the hands of a guard, another inmate, or by drive, start her own businesses and grow as worldwide, sincerely yours, Dawna Brown.
their own hand; if they passed away while a good person deep inside. Now, while I am
inside, then they are mourned under the on the inside, I can see some good quality respect from peers or react to these menial
date of August 10th! in many fellow inmates, some here for petty slights with unnecessary brutality. The
I am serving my second Federal sentence, crimes, some innocent, and some with just prison system overall is a corporate machine
and, if I was to compare the number of a simple mistake. While there are many in designed to turn one time offenders, men
inmates that I’ve come across in my last Fed- here that deserve to be or worse, there are and women, and those that make a simple
eral sentence against the number so far this too many good ones lost in this system. Sad- mistake into repeat offenders which will
time; the number has more than doubled as ly, I have witnessed many change from calm, justify the broken legal system of the courts,
to how many inmates have not heard of PJD, mild mannered men to angry and violent the prison system and validate unjustifiable
let alone how many know anything about it. men. First, though I accept my short term and overly gross salaries of those “running”
Now, I commemorate and honor PJD every stay in the federal system and choose to it. I have seen Beauty here…where men of
make the most of it, I am faced with prison different ethnicities and backgrounds play
year on August 10th by following the general
sub culture. I must respect these rules above sports together, share jokes and witty banter
idea of meditating, fasting, and praying for a the institutional rules but I do not agree with
personal reason: my best friend Jack Froese, back and forth and help each other out. That
many. A sentence can be extended or one is the beauty of the human race. Too many
Jr. Committed suicide in 2013 in provincial can be “maxed out” over an “expected” re- families are left broken with unforeseeable
custody in British Columbia. Jack suffered action to a stolen can of pop. How does one consequences upon children left wondering.
from depression, among other things, and explain to their kids that their daddy has to Too many good men get hurt or hurt them-
was denied his medication. stay an extra 2 years for shanking someone selves because of a biased and corrupt legal
There are still a lot of things we need to over canteen items? On the outside one system and a harsh prison system. Before
work on in order to make prisons all across would laugh at the $7.86 loss while giving we can reform prisoners, we must reform
Canada, a safer place. For us inmates and this person a verbal scare. I spend my time our systems with the input from community
guards alike. However, by honoring PJD on trying to diffuse these situations, helping out and inmates. We need to put justice into
August 10th, we once again bring awareness other inmates with disabilities, less food or the courts and develop a screening process
to our ongoing struggles for our rights and with information. I plan on learning, helping, for the employees from CSC workers to
for justice for those who fight no more. We gaining new skills and hopefully helping judges and attorneys and especially, police
fight for them. others have a smooth “rehabilitation”. But, and crown attorneys. We need a random,
On a side note: if you have a medical con- from what I have observed, we are degrad- versatile system to over-see the processes
dition such as diabetes that preclude you ed, poverty stricken, stripped of dignity and and overlook the decisions made that affect
from fasting, we who celebrate PJD under- pushed by loneliness, fear, bad guards and more than the accused. I do not see inmates
stand. However, we ask you to eat only what the unwritten rules to become frustrated, or prisoners. I see men accused and I am
is necessary (ie no candy, chips, pop, etc)! angry, aggressive, intolerant of petty slights devoted to helping whoever I can. I urge you
Photo by Richard Felix on Unsplash
Thank you! and left with few options besides losing to consider the same. We make change.

Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul

diaries and saints. The prayers of a Truth can help expose them.
sincere heart can echo beyond the 8. The Torch of Meaning: There comes a
limits of the Universe itself. Unfor- point in many people’s lives when they real-
tunately, many people are unable ize that what makes life rich and meaningful
to have this spiritual connection is being strongly connected to everyone
because “God” is simply a projec- from their Maker to their neighbor. The
tion of their own Egos. Being vainly Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) summed
self-righteous and following our it all up when he said: “The Lord our God,
self-serving desires at the expense the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with
of doing what is right, is a sign of all your heart and with all your soul and with
this disease. all your mind and with all your strength. And
In the Quran, God is described as love your neighbour as you love yourself.
'ever subtle', therefore as you em- There is no commandment greater than
bark on building this relationship, these”
do not expect a grand vision or a 9. The Torch of Myth: The most important
thundering voice, but rather learn story is the story we tell ourselves about
the subtle art of reading between ourselves. Our lives came to a grounding
the lines. Rabi’a, the 8th century halt because our story could no longer sail
female mystic said: us forward. Yet we fearfully cling on to it, like
O God, passengers refusing to jump off a sinking
Whenever I listen to the voice ship. The truth is that there is nothing to
of anything you have made The fear. We may still hold on to parts of our sto-
rustling of the trees, ry that continue to be valuable. We can still
The trickling of water, The cries honour the story that we wrote as children
of birds, for despite its dysfunctional elements, it was
The flickering of shadow, The the best story we could tell in order to sur-
roar of the wind, The song of the vive. However, now that we are beginning a
thunder, I hear it saying: new phase in our journey, we have to realize
God is One! that only the adult storyteller within us is fit
Nothing can be compared with to be the narrator.
God! 10. The Torch of Patience and Flow: The
4. The Torch of Truth: We enter Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
the void as imposters but only our said: “Victory is intertwined with patience,
true selves can emerge. For many relief is intertwined with hardship, and with
of us, our true selves are buried every difficulty there is ease”.
alive beneath a mountain of lies If hope and divine love are what moves us
and broken promises. They are forward, then patience and flow are what
suffocating, gasping for the air of saves us from sliding backwards when faced
truth, trying to dig their way out with obstacles, setbacks, and provocations.
Illustration by Brennan Guige from beneath the dirt of deceit. To be patient is to hold ourselves back
They wail, weep, and call out to from acting out of frustration and instead
By Zakaria Amara connected to life’s possibilities, not despite no avail. Every time an opening is made choosing to remain calm until the storm
It’s been called the Void, the Abyss, the of, but because of the experience. The void revealing the rays of truth, a lie snuffs it passes. Flow on the other hand stems from
Cave, the Womb, the Dark Night of the Soul. is, after all, perhaps the most effective place out. Therefore, no more lies, manipulations, the realization that our control over what
Those who never experienced it can never of reordering of one’s cognitive processes broken promises, unfulfilled commitments, happens to us is an illusion, and therefore
fathom its reality, while most of those who to take place, for that is where one is least two-faced deceit and false claims of love. like a river, we gracefully flow over and
are in its depths have no idea where they invested in the structure that once circum- around obstacles instead of allowing them
Be truthful with your Maker, with yourself,
are. I was once trapped there for many scribed meaning in one’s life.” to hold us back. Those who do not flow with
years, but now I am slowly emerging. Oh! In the beginning, this place was so dark and with everyone else. Only then will
the river of destiny are always stuck in the
how dark it’s been!... I wrote this message that I could not even see myself. We all you find yourself, and only then will you
stagnant waters of frustration, anger, and
because someone that I deeply care about intuitively know that in the midst of darkness be able to see the path ahead with crystal resentment. They are like a hissing cat that
has just descended into its depths. I hope only light can save us, and so I began search- clarity. Only then will you be able to distin- is being dragged, while its nails are dug deep
that she and others like her, will find it and ing within my soul for torches to set alight. guish right from wrong. When we lie, it is into the ever-moving carpet of life.
use it to make their way out. I often stop After years of searching, I found ten torches our own spiritual vision that we damage. Flow, Flow, Flow...
to look back towards the centre, towards a whose collective light could pierce through Emerson once wrote, “Any attempt to Through every hardship and delight Flow,
massive whirling cloud of menacing dark- even the darkest core of the void. These make a good impression or a favourable ap- Flow, Flow...
ness, hoping to see a sign of her. torches exist within you as well; all you have pearance will instantly vitiate (spoil) the ef- Through the darkness and the light Flow,
The void is not an evil place; it is a univer- to do is find them. fect. But speak the truth, and all things alive Flow, Flow...
sal human experience. It sometimes mani- 1. The Torch of Surrender: The void is like or brute are vouchers, and the very roots of Like a Monarch in its flight Flow, Flow,
fests itself physically in the form of a prison, a physician who is attempting to save our the grass underground there do seem to stir Flow...
a cave, a belly of a whale or a serious injury lives. Our unwillingness to cooperate with and move to bear witness” Like a river in the night
or illness. At other times it manifests itself him could lead to death or serious harm. We 5. The Torch of Hope: This is the central What I have just described is the enriching
socially in the form of an unhappy relation- have to peacefully surrender to the process torch. Its light is the most illuminating when and noble inner work that you will need to
ship, loss of a loved one, broken dreams, rather than try to fight it or escape it. there is absolutely no hint of light anywhere embark on. If it seems overwhelming, then
or the feeling of permanent entrapment 2. The Torch of Painful Embrace: We else. You must never give up the hope that remember that ”a journey of a thousand
beneath the rubble of bad life choices. How- naturally guard against physical and emo- beyond the seemingly infinite ocean of hard- miles always begins with one step”. You are
ever, in all cases, the void is a psychological tional pain. Yet emotional pain is somehow ship the land of relief awaits. fully capable of completing this journey. Why
and spiritual struggle; an inner state that regarded as Taboo; we are often ashamed I remain hopeful, else would you be called on to undertake it
forces us to transform our inner selves or be of displaying it because we’ve been taught Even when I see no reason to be at this moment in your life?
forever condemned to languish in its depths. to see it as a sign of failure and personal The walls are high as heaven The doors are Whether you realize it or not, you are a
In it, all the lies we lived are exposed, the weakness. Since pain is unavoidable in life, sealed shut Darkness envelopes me in layers hero in the making. Joseph Campbell taught
games we played no longer function, and this attitude only makes it worse by add- Yet the Sapling of Hope is in my right, and I us that every hero that ever came before
the stories we told ourselves are challenged. ing layers of guilt, shame and frustration. dare to plant it us, whether they were a noble Prophet or a
The void’s main tool to achieve all of this is Ironically, pain is actually a well-meaning, Knowing the world might end tonight mythical adventurer, had to go through the
simple: pain in the form of a near constant misunderstood friend that we must embrace 6. The Torch of Humility: Humility means phases of Separation, Initiation, and Return.
depressive state that ebbs and flows. At its if we ever hope to heal. Pain is sometimes a having a modest view of our own impor- In Separation, they were physically or psy-
peak, your head feels like it is weighed down warner that is standing at the frontlines of tance. Our Ego is the Dragon that keeps chologically separated from their people. In
by a heavy invisible hand; as if you are being a looming disaster, yelling at the top of her us locked up in the prison of our self-cen- Initiation, they were internally transformed
forced to look deep down within your soul. voice, hoping that we would heed the alarm teredness. An indication of our progress in by the knowledge, wisdom, and special pow-
Despite how horrendous all of this seems, and make a course change in our lives. At lighting this torch is how often we place the ers they gained. Finally, in Return, they went
this experience is actually an opportunity of other times, pain is simply inviting us to needs of others over our own needs. back to their people and shared with them
a lifetime. Carol Orsborn eloquently writes: heal from old open wounds that are buried 7. The Torch of Integrity: In the void, you the gifts they were granted.
‘’However you refer to it, one experiences beneath the sands of time. will be tested by many situations that will pit O Night of my soul, ever so dark Into your
it as the period that comes between what 3. The Torch of Divine Friendship: The your personal desires directly against what is darkest corners I shall embark
was and what’s next. Within its darkness, it darkness of the void is overwhelming. We right. Every time you make the right choice, Swimming through the deepest oceans of
has no boundaries and no landmarks. When simply cannot face it by ourselves. The you will move forward, while every time you tears
you are inside it, it feels that there will be no only being who can give us company in its choose wrongly, you will violently be tossed Withstanding the howling winds of my
end. Fortunately, there are many “survivors” loneliness is our Maker. Most of us don’t many miles backwards. Hidden motives and fears
who have journeyed through the void and realize that we are worthy enough to speak self-serving actions are the vipers that lurk in Seeking what every noble soul has sought
emerged more vital, more integrated, more to him directly without the need for interme- the darkness of the void. The fourth Torch of A treasure that is neither sold or bought
caused but I have learned through Now where does that bring us in say is the motivator behind ones

it works for me and I have made
Restorative Justice that I must try this part of my Restorative Justice need for forgiveness? It would such incredible strides toward
“ the extent possible. Repair article? Well let’s see...the word I seem to me as a layperson, that the man I know I should be and
the harms I have caused.” Which is wanted to talk about today was the the greatest motivator might be that is enough for me, right now.

Justice something I work at every day. But

in the context of that meeting I was
able to answer her questions and
word forgiveness and I think this
might be the right time to mention
forgiveness is not something you
guilt and or shame. Or rather, the
allaying of said guilt or shame.
There will be a time for a discus-
Besides, what could the negative
be if the work that I do every day
helps those around me, who ask
By Michael Hector at the end of the day before we can ever ask for. It needs to be, for sion on the word shame but today for it (and even some who don’t),
Hello once again Fellow Sentient went our separate ways, she told lack of a better word, organic in its we will just have to acknowledge and I get to continue to grow as
Beings, me that she was nowhere near presence. But you need to know its correlation to ones need or a contributing member of my
I would like to start this (part forgiving me, but she was glad or understand it will never be a desire to be forgiven. Guilt and community as well as becoming a
three) of my Restorative Justice that she came. For me at that time guarantee, nor should it be. But shame can be extremely debilitat- more well-rounded human being.
article with some personal infor- and today, for that matter, I am most importantly you should never ing and yet can also be a genuine Hmmm, I can’t think of one either.
mation to perhaps give more if still more than satisfied with the (as the offender or perpetrator) source of drive even a source of In closing, I want to reiterate that
not better context to what we are outcome of that meeting. I want ask for forgiveness. fuel helping one move forward. I am only voicing my opinion, but I
going to be talking about today. to add one more thing that has Why do I say you can’t ask for By no means do I subscribe to don’t see a bad side to anyone con-
It has been almost five years come from that meeting. We have forgiveness? In asking for forgive- any process that would promote sidering for a moment what might
since I had the privilege to sit with exchanged correspondence a few ness, you are putting responsibility guilt or the act of shaming some- be their motivation in hoping for
the mother of one of the men that times since then, and I have been on the victim, an added weight of one for their actions or transgres- forgiveness. That alone may be
I killed. One of, if not the hardest fortunate in that she has been re- potential obligation. This is some- sions. Forgiveness is a word that all you need to see your way past
thing I have ever done. But having ceptive to my being able to let her thing that will inevitably cause holds so very much for so vary what you need and what might
said that, I can also say with confi- know that I continue to work on harm and or pain to someone who many people and it is a bit of a be of a benefit to you and your
dence and pride, one of the most myself and work diligently in the you should be trying with all you quandary to me as to what the victim(s). As I have said it (the guilt)
rewarding things I have ever done. Restorative Justice Field. owe to lessen not greaten their actual drive or purpose is if not to has been for me, a great motivator
I went into that meeting after However, what is the most pain. simply let someone off the hook. to move forward and gives me a
a few opportunities of shared powerful thing to come from this The act of forgiveness will hap- I have been asked on more than clear understanding as to why I
correspondence and to say I was process is the compassion this pen when it is supposed to hap- one occasion through my involve- move forward.
terrified would be an understate- woman has shown me. It makes pen, if it happens at all. Remember ment with Restorative Justice if I should again stress in the stron-
ment. My intentions going into the my heart swell and causes a lump the goal in Restorative Justice is I want or need to be forgiven or gest terms that this is my opinion
meeting were to offer any answers to form in my throat as I try to put ...”to repair to the extent possible.” if I have forgiven myself, for that and my opinion alone. Although I
I might have and in doing so these words down. On more than Nothing can be repaired complete- matter. But I have to say for me it am hoping, I will find people of like
hopefully give her some (no matter one occasion, she has asked me ly. And no matter how much we try is not something I hope for and I mind as they read this or at the
how small) closure. I was told by how things are with my daugh- to repair something we will most honestly don’t know what I would very least, help to give some un-
the mediator that it would not be ters... and to think she could ask always be left with a scar. do with it, if someone said they derstanding to their own thought
a hostile setting or environment, me about my daughters when I Forgiveness, a word that carries forgave me. I can’t even see a time process. Again, this is a rather
but I have to admit I was willing was the one who took her son with it such tremendous power, where I would not feel guilt for complicated issue and can run
and even somewhat hopeful for away from her, leaves me feeling yet it can also leave you feeling the what I have done, and I honestly deeper than one thinks at just a
just that. I went into that meeting overwhelmed with the amount of effects of an exceedingly burden- don’t feel there should be a time glance. This is not an issue that can
knowing in my heart of hearts compassion she shows me in just ing weight. Can you see or feel the for me to be guiltless. I have tried be deciphered with just a cursory
that I deserved whatever came that one act. And that alone drives juxtaposition of the word as you to explain my position on this par- attempt, or single thought.
my way. What happened in that me to hopefully one day be that read it? So often when I talk about ticular subject, but I am not sure I would like to thank all who
room was something I am, to this inspiring to others. I am sorry the Restorative Justice I enjoy mention- I can make someone understand read this for their indulgence and
day, amazed and so tremendously words I use don’t do justice to the ing how so many of the principals my position on this. I can say with welcome any future possibility at
grateful for. I was able to tell her I emotion I feel when I talk about I talk about are simple by design certainty, confidence and convic- some kind if Restorative Justice
was sorry for having taken her son this, but I hope you can see or feel yet not that easy to preform...this tion that the guilt I feel is some- Forum that may be offered in the
away from her and all the pain I just a little of how powerful this is maybe the only one that defies thing that carries me forward. It future of Cell Count as a Q&A type
caused her and her entire family. entire process has been for me. that conundrum, yet for some is is not something that weighs me proposition.
I knew then as I know now that Mostly I hope every day, to one day the main reason they seek out this down or holds me back. This is So just for now... Be safe and be
there is no possible way I could be even a fraction of the person material. my opinion and not necessarily a well.
ever take away all the pain I have she has been to me. If I were to ask, what would you position meant for everyone, but --

One drop is all you need

The back of Nolan R. Turcotte's head

many memories I have of native blood. If
By Nolan Turcotte guys being ignorant to me in the it’s in you,
My name is Nolan Turcotte and streets, foster care and juvie, but you’re na-
my spirit name is Stands with the the funny thing is that when they tive.” After
Wolves. I am from Flying Dust First actually got to know me they end- coming
Nation, Kopahawakenum Band. ed up liking me and becoming my back from
I was born in Regina, Saskatche- friends. The fucked up thing about the fair I
wan and grew up around a lot of the racism I endured is that the felt like I
racism. Due to me being Indig- natives would hate on real “white had to tell
enous, but having my mother’s boys” and the half-breeds who look my wife,
skin colour, I was constantly being white by using the history card. Angela,
targeted by the whites and natives. They could never disclose any real who is
I had a lot of Indigenous friends, facts and all they could utter was Ojibwe,
but when it came to the people some shit about 400 years ago. But about
who didn’t know me I immediately then again they were just young what this
fell victim to the racial slurs. The kids who were unfortunately lost lady said
natives would call me “white boy” and uneducated. I agree that to me.
so I always felt obligated to explain what the Indigenous people went My wife
to them that I was a “half-breed”. through from the moment contact agreed
Then because of my mannerisms with the Settlers was made was with her
the whites would question me on horrific, but we can’t blame every and told
why I act like an Indian. Again, I felt white person for what happened me that
obligated to explain to them that I to us. Their ancestors are the ones I should
was a “half-breed”. In all honesty, who are guilty of genocide, along just
with no disrespect to my wonder- with today’s government and their identify as
ful mother, I have always gravitat- supporters, but my mother had a Plains
ed towards the Indigenous culture nothing to do with killing, raping Cree man.
and hated the fact that I have the and oppressing our People. This all short she said that one drop is all a choice to identify in any which
blood of a settler mixing with the I remember last year I went to made sense to me, but what solid- you need. way you please and nobody has
warrior blood in my veins. I grew the John Howard pre-release fair ified everything was sometime late I encourage anybody who has the right to tell you who you are
up loathing the colour of my skin and I was talking with an Indig- last year I got a pass to go to the Indigenous ancestry to embrace or what you are. You don’t need
and at times the pain I held inside enous woman and she snapped Aboriginal Room for a Circle. The their culture and practice their a fucking Status card and red
from being a victim of racism when I called myself Metis. She majority of the Indigenous popu- traditions, which is our original way skin to prove you’re a real nee-
caused me to cry when I was alone. told me to never call myself Metis lation was down there and a very of life. Now, I am not saying that if chi. Every time we go down to
One thing I can say for sure is because as long as I have Indige- kind, sweet Elder named Dawn you are Metis you should convert Health Care for blood work they
that I have always been the kind nous blood that makes me First Song was there to give us teach- to calling yourself First Nations, be- are getting all the proof they
of person to stand up for myself Nations. It reminded me of when I ings for the day. The teaching she cause if you are a proud Metis man need. I’m so neechi my blood
whether it was verbally or physi- was 13 years old at my drug deal- ended up giving was about blood or woman then I encourage you to cells wear feathers in their hair,
cally, so there were a lot of times ers house. He told me, “It doesn’t quantum within us Indigenous jig and fiddle until the day you die. for fuck sakes! Mitakuye oyasin,
where I had to fight. There are matter how much native is in your people. To make a long teaching What I am saying is that you have Nolan R. Turcotte
9 // art
Artto bya friend
Gerry Saulnier
By Greg McMaster Throughout this inconceivable
If you knew Peter like I knew Peter. I on how to write a proper tribute and meaningful memorial for Peter Collins, a man I considered to be a friend, con- journey known as a life sentence,
fidant, and inspiration. It took me a while to get my head around the fact that I will never see Peter again, exchange letters with him, or work on a variety it has been my privilege to have
of projects together. Whether we are citizens, prisoners, activists, humanitarians, we have all lost a precious voice that reminded us we are all one of a worn many hats throughout in-
kind - human kind. Fortunately for us, Peter’s work, life and inspiration lives on through his amazing art work and literary prose. More importantly, Peter volvement with Inmate Commit-
Collins lives on through his family and multitude of friends, Peter strove so hard to become. Peter and I truly did walk a mile in the other man’s shoes. We tees, John Howard Societies, the
were both very young, convicted of similar high-profile offenses, and as a result experienced the absolute worst the broken criminal justice and correctional Exceptional Peoples’ Olympiad,
system has to offer. Although Peter and I did not traverse the darkness together, we understood we were kindred spirits for having survived quite similar Lifeline Inreach, PASAN, on and
Yet, Peter did much more than survive. He literally flourished by giving a voice to the voiceless. By standing as an example of what could be done with hard Tribute to a friend
work and determination and truly served as an inspiration to a litany of community-based organizations. Peter Collins was our bright light in the darkness, cont'd from cover page
our lighthouse on top of the hill to show us the way through many storms. My memories of Peter are many, but some of the more vivid are those where no on. But without the backbone
words were spoken. Peter and I would be sitting in a room of 20 or more people, mixtures of citizen volunteers and fellow prisoners, working on one project of unrelenting support of men
or another. As the chatter in the room would pick up and personal debates would stir, Peter and I would just look at each other. Without saying a word, we like Peter Collins, these various
would know exactly what the other was thinking. He already knew the end game and what needed to be done to get us there. The only question his eyes positions were nothing more
would ask me was, “are you going to wrap this up so we can get to the next point, or am I?”
Throughout this inconceivable journey known as a life sentence, it has been my privilege to have worn many hats throughout involvement with Inmate Com-
than meaningless titles. Pedes-
mittees, John Howard Societies, the Exceptional Peoples’ Olympiad, Lifeline Inreach, PASAN, on and on. But without the backbone of unrelenting support of tals for windbags who get noth-
men like Peter Collins, these various positions were nothing more than meaningless titles. Pedestals for windbags who get nothing done. Often Peter would ing done. Often Peter would
be the first person I and many others would turn to. No matter how much he had on his plate, no matter what personal dilemma had befallen him, Peter’s be the first person I and many
response was always the same, “what do you need me to do?” others would turn to. No matter
Three Days before Peter passed away, I stood in the chapel at Beavercreek Medium Institution and did my best to educate 80 men on what Prisoners’ Justice how much he had on his plate,
Day was all about - what it really meant, why we fast and pay homage to all those lives that passed before us. On August 10th, 2015, my best was to read no matter what personal dilem-
aloud what Peter Collins had written about Prisoners’ Justice Day from an older publication sponsored by the Prisoners’ Justice Day Committee in Vancou-
ver, British Columbia. Even as Peter Collins lay in bed, calling out to his last battle with this material world, he served as an inspiration to me and everyone ma had befallen him, Peter’s
present. And yes, I let every man in that chapel know who Peter Collins is, that he was passing soon, what he means to me, and what he should mean to response was always the same,
them. There were a few men present who knew Peter personally. The tears in my eyes brought tears in their eyes and we held our heads high and shed “what do you need me to do?”
those tears high in pride. A couple weeks later as words of Peter’s passing filtered through the prison system, different groups of young men approached Three Days before Peter
me on the walking track to share their condolences that my friend had passed. I didn’t know any of these young men by name, but they had been present at passed away, I stood in the
the chapel at the Prisoner’s Justice Day service, which brings me to my closing point. I am a firm believer in an old saying that goes something like this - we chapel at Beavercreek Medium
actually die twice. Our first death is when we physically pass on from this world as we know it. Our second death, and final death, comes when the last per-
son speaks our name. That’s right people, by sharing our memories and appreciation of Peter Collins, we are keeping Peter’s spirit alive and his inspirations.
Institution and did my best to
I assure you that Peter’s name will be spoken as long as I am alive. educate 80 men on what Pris-
Rest in peace, my friend. I will see you when I get there. No doubt we will have much to discuss. oners’ Justice Day was all about
- what it really meant, why we
fast and pay homage to all
those lives that passed before
us. On August 10th, 2015, my
best was to read aloud what
Peter Collins had written about
Prisoners’ Justice Day from an
older publication sponsored by
the Prisoners’ Justice Day Com-
mittee in Vancouver, British
Columbia. Even as Peter Collins
lay in bed, calling out to his last
battle with this material world,
he served as an inspiration
Art by J. Martineau to me and everyone present.
And yes, I let every man in that
chapel know who Peter Collins
is, that he was passing soon,
what he means to me, and
what he should mean to them.
There were a few men present
who knew Peter personally.
The tears in my eyes brought
tears in their eyes and we held
our heads high and shed those
tears high in pride. A couple
weeks later as words of Peter’s
passing filtered through the
prison system, different groups
of young men approached me
on the walking track to share
their condolences that my
friend had passed. I didn’t know
any of these young men by
name, but they had been pres-
ent at the chapel at the Prison-
er’s Justice Day service, which
brings me to my closing point.
I am a firm believer in an old
saying that goes something like
this - we actually die twice. Our
first death is when we physical-
ly pass on from this world as we
know it. Our second death, and
final death, comes when the
last person speaks our name.
That’s right people, by sharing
our memories and appreciation
of Peter Collins, we are keep-
ing Peter’s spirit alive and his
inspirations. I assure you that
Peter’s name will be spoken as
long as I am alive.

Rest in peace, my friend. I

will see you when I get there.
No doubt we will have much to
10 // art


By Nick Paccione
"The minority of the op-
ulent must be protected
from the majority."
-Former President James

Remembrance Day
for our caged comrades,
our brothers & sisters
who have fallen,
are falling,
will fall,
who die by
a thousand little cuts
every day;
that do not
look right,
act right,
that do not fit,
that do not command
or political capital,
that are
kept out of sight
and out of mind;
of hurt & suffering
that then hurt others
and are hurt for it
and hurt ever more
and ever more others;
convenient constructs
that can be expanded at
that can be
pointed at,
so that the wider cul-
can be absolved
and entire systems
remain free
to protect & perpetuate
power & privilege
at all costs.
we pause,
but the war goes on,
and so must the fight.
11 // health and harm reduction

REDolutionary the picnic table when it’s pouring
rain, hailing, or snowing in the
hand, lead over his already dead
body and kissed him on the lips
HIV poz person we’ll sit in their cell,
and smoke weed or bogie that was
winter? Besides, it is our tradition and whispered: “I love you”. Within suitcase in another cons ass. so at
By Nolan R. Turcotte to smudge a room after entering 8 hours my Uncle Jerry had died. the risk of sounding like an asshole
“I am opening my heart to speak and before leaving to get rid of After witnessing my touch and kiss I say this, “if you are willing to, or
to yours to receive my all the negative energy, as well of my uncle’s bare skin, the nurses do smoke something that is hidden
words.” - Como as smudging our food to bless it. went ballistic, ordering me to in another person’s buttocks, but
My name is Nolan Royce Tur- Those things cannot happen if we wash my hands, face and lips with your concern lies with sharing a
By Mark Zammit
cotte, but my spirit name is Stands are restricted to smudging outside. alcohol swabs. In 1987 when the shower with an HIV poz person,
Hey all, another quarterly rant by
with the Wolves, which was given CSC = Common Sense Cancelled. I general population was petrified then you are truly a selfish, unedu-
yours truly. Just sitting here in my
to me by my wife’s healer, Grey have filed a lengthy Final Grievance of the HIV virus, as afraid of it as I cated, hypocritical idiot.”
cell, listening to “Audioslave” won-
Cloud. I was born in Regina, Sas- against the Warden of Millhaven was, I was still very angry and dis- HIV is a blood to blood transmit-
dering what to write about. And
katchewan and I am Plains Cree and it is currently being reviewed gusted at the behaviour of medical table disease and if the person is
then, out of the blue, without even
from Flying Dust First Nation, Kop- by National Headquarters. A staff. 31 years later, at age 47 and undetectable then that person is
asking, the uneducated, ignorant
ahawakenum Band. I come from a response is projected for July 24, HIV-negative, with all the literature, also untransmittable. You can-
and arrogant new school wannabe
bloodline of chiefs and revolution- 2018. The funny thing is, just the available proven knowledge, the not catch HIV or AIDS from tears,
tough guys gave me a topic. So
aries. My great-great-great-great other day the Deputy Warden was behaviour, bullying, should talking saliva, sweat... Kissing, hugging or
hold on to your bad selves, we are
grandfather was a Sioux war chief doing her rounds and she came and uneducated stereotyping dis- touching.
going to talk about HIV/ AIDS.
named Tamaha (Standing Moose) by the program room. I asked her gusts me even more so than ever. Sharing a shower, toilet, cloth-
now to those running the rumour
and he was from Little Crow’s about the PFV situation and she There is no reason at all in this day ing or eating utensils are 100%
mill and airing everyone else’s per-
Village, Minnesota. I am also a told me that everything has been and age that anyone should be safe. Can you catch cancer or a
sonal business, don’t get excited, I
relative of the great Metis leader sorted out. I asked her if I could get belittled or picked on by someone heart condition from sharing a
am HIV negative. Sorry to ruin your
Louis Riel. His mother Julie Riel was that in writing because they tried uneducated about this disease, joint shower or toilet? No! Abso-
shit talk.
the sister of my great-great-great- to get me to withdraw my griev- you are only uneducated because lutely not! This is pretty much the
Having said that, HIV/AIDS is no
great grandmother Marie Rose ance once before by promising me you choose to be. same, so to all the hypocrites,
laughing matter, but it also is no
Antoinette lagimodiere. that the issue would be fixed in My name is Mark Thomas Zam- the know-it-alls and the wannabe
longer the death sentence it used
I am a proud Indigenous man May. Obviously, I didn’t touch their mit, I was born on December 15th, tough guys. The day may one day
to be. Unfortunately, the stigma
and I refuse to allow the govern- pen to sign their fake ass treaty 1970 and I’m an openly gay male come when it is you or a loved one
and Horror Story surrounding HIV
ment to oppress us by violating because I knew exactly what would who has had two HIV poz partners, who get sick. Would you like to be
have had little change, and believe
our rights. I have been incarcerat- happen if I did. They must think I’m and once again, I am HIV negative. treated as an outcast or have your
it or not, the words, insults, names
ed for the past 12 years and I am just a stupid fucking Indian? Now I can go into discussion about loved one bullied because of their
and behaviour towards some HIV
currently being mentally, emo- Well, “Err cha not even, boy. Scope viral loads and so on, but that HIV status? We both know that the
poz people hurt more than the
tionally and spiritually tortured in this out, neechi!” won’t help those who don’t wish answer is no! So get off of your
disease itself, and I for one find
Millhaven Residential School. I am CCRA Section 75: An inmate is en- to learn, so let me put it this way, high horse, you are no better or
that extremely sad.
Chief of the Native Brotherhood titled to reasonable opportunities “U=U”, “Undetectable=Untransmit- worse than a positive person, use
In 1987 or so, my Uncle Jerry
and I’ll tell you right now that these to freely and openly participate in, table”. your brain and heart... Not your
withered away painfully and
settlers hate me for standing up and express, religion or spirituality, If your partner is HIV-positive and mouth or your hate.
passed away from complications
for what we are entitled to. This subject to such reasonable limits their viral loads and blood cells Please note a correction from our
due to full-blown AIDS. The day
institution has nothing productive as are prescribed for protecting and such, are at the proper levels previous issue. The article entitled
that Uncle Jerry died, I was sum-
for us Indigenous men to do. We the security of the penitentiary or Etc, then they will show undetect- ‘Taking care of yourself when you’re
moned by him to his hospital room
sit in our cells and wait for the the safety of persons. able, which means in turn, they’re LGBTQ2S and in prison’ was also
(for reasons that are only mine written by Mark Zammit. We did not
movement to ceremonies to be CCRR Section 100 (1): Every untransmittable.
and his business) to say goodbye. print his name with that article in
cancelled and on top of that, when inmate shall be entitled to express Now I am not a medical profes-
In order to hold his hand, the staff error. Apologies to Mark for this mis-
we smudge in our cells we are the inmate’s religion or spiritual- sional and I am not a scientist. but
nurses made me mask and glove take and thank you for all that you
always victims of verbal abuse. The ity in accordance with section 75 I can read and I can listen and ask have contributed to Cell Count thus
up because even they were uned-
officers accuse us of covering up of the Act to the extent that the questions and like I already said, far. We appreciate you a lot.
ucated on the disease back then.
the scent of contraband or they expression of the inmate’s religion I’ve had two positive Partners,
When it came time for me to leave,
automatically assume that what or spirituality does not so like me or not, I am educat-
I removed my gloves and gown,
they are smelling is marijuana. This (a) jeopardize the security of the ed on the topic and know of
tore my mask off and held his frail
leads to them executing punitive penitentiary or the safety of any what I speak.
searches where they tend to disre- person; or Nothing pisses me off more
spect our sacred bundles, like they resents the circle of our very being.
(b) involve contraband. That circle represents the children, than seeing an HIV-positive
don’t know that they are obligated CCRR Section 101: The Service inmate/convict who is forced
to get an elder or Aboriginal liaison adolescents, adults and elders.
shall ensure that, where practica- If we all stand together and fight to not use or to use certain
Officer to open it for them. ble, the necessities that are not showers, toilets were eating
Just recently at our Spring for our rights we will become an
contraband and that are reason- unbreakable force to be reckoned stations etc, because some
Change of Seasons ceremony ably required by an inmate for uneducated hypocrite wants
I was given the greatest news I with.
the inmate’s religion or spirituality Have you heard the teaching to play tough guy. Usually that
have heard all year. Finally, after are made available to the inmate, same want to be tough guy
6 months of proposals, stand offs, about the hummingbird? Well...
including One day there was a great forest who tries to segregate and
and meetings with Management, (a) interfaith chaplaincy services; fire that was spreading through
we Indigenous men are now per-
mitted to keep our sacred drums,
(b) facilities for the expression of
the religion or spirituality;
our land. All the animals in the for- Provincial funding for hepatitis C drugs a
along with the sticks, as well as
smudge shells in our cells. They no
(c) a special diet as required by
est were scared and started to run
away. As they were running away game changer, health professionals say
the inmate’s religious or spiritual from the fire there was a little CBC News He’s a hepatologist and the medical
longer have to be kept locked away tenets; and The Ontario government says it will
hummingbird who flew to a nearby director of the liver transplant pro-
in storage where the bad medicine (d) the necessities related to spe- cover the cost of medication for all gram at the London Health Sciences
of these prejudice/racist settlers lake and scooped up some water hepatitis C patients, regardless of the Centre.
cial religious or spiritual rites of the in his beak. He flew over to where
can harm them. inmate. severity of the disease, a move that’s “This is probably — hopefully —
Another issue that I have been the fire was and dropped the water being touted as a game-changing the final piece of the puzzle,” says
They are also violating Commis- onto the fire. The animals saw him decision by health professionals in Marotta.
battling Management with is their sioner’s Directive 060, paragraphs
decision to not permit Indigenous do this and they all yelled at him, the field. He notes that for decades, available
11 and 12, but due to it being a lit- “What do you think you’re doing? Prior to the changes made to the hepatitis C treatments were long,
men to bring their bundles into the tle lengthy and me wanting to save Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program
That’s not going to do anything!” complex and had low success rates.
PFV house. I used to be allowed to room for this issue of Cell Count I on Feb. 28, only patients in the late He says that’s now changed.
bring my bundle into the house so The hummingbird said to them, stages of liver disease could be ap- “In the last several years, we’ve been
will leave it up to you to research it “I’m doing what I can.”
my wife and I can smudge our- yourself. No disrespect. proved for the expensive treatments. able to access some products which
selves and our surroundings, but The teaching of this story is, no Vulnerable patients like pregnant are in pill form, very short duration,
I will not tolerate the mistreat- matter who you are you can always mothers could also be covered. meaning three months of one pill
after a dog handler complained I ment of our people, so I am con-
received a notice from the Cx2 in do something to help. “Due to significant costs ($45,000 once per day, almost no side-effects,
stantly searching for a flaw in the The situation our people are to $100,000 per patient), hepatitis almost 100 per cent cure rates,”
charge of V and C stating that the settler’s design so I can rise up for C drugs were previously restrict- explains Marotta.
Warden has imposed a new policy. in today is like a great forest fire ed,” stated Ministry of Health and
the weakened and silenced. I don’t Canada’s federal government has
Indigenous men can no longer and I feel like that hummingbird. Long-Term Care spokesperson David also stated its belief in the treatments,
understand how they can judge us At least when I die I can proudly
bring their bundle into the PFV for what we do, when they were Jensen in an email. having committed to rid the country
house due to it being a fire hazard! say I played my part in trying to Jensen said the changes were of hepatitis C by 2030.
the ones who brought over the make things better for our people. spurred by the newfound availability Dominica Anderson believes that’s
What has to happen, according to bad medicine from Europe and
the new policy, is that if we want I can only encourage you to do of minimally invasive drugs with very an ambitious goal. She’s an outreach
entrenched it into our way of life? the same. I am not trying to incite high cure rates. nurse with Reseau ACCESS Network in
to bring our bundles to the PFV Who we “are” today isn’t who we “The new medicines for hepatitis C Sudbury. Still, Anderson says she was
we have to keep it locked in the violence, so please don’t get my have the potential to be curative,
were supposed to be, but now we relieved and pleased about the Ontar-
Correctional Manager’s office and message twisted. I am promoting avoiding the complications associated io’s government’s recent changes.
are forced to adapt to what has protests and paperwork.
whenever we wish to use it we happened. Although, our current
with chronic hepatitis C infection,” Part of the problem, Marotta adds,
have to call them and request it. With that said, I will end this said Jensen. is that many of the estimated 250,000
condition is extremely unfortunate with a quote from the Cherokees. There are currently eight drugs ap- people who have contracted the dis-
But, get this...We are not allowed we still have the capacity to stand “Though we are powerful and proved to treat hepatitis C under the ease don’t know they have it.
to smudge inside the house. up for ourselves. We have that province’s drug benefits program.
strong, and we know how to fight, Note: this is not yet fully accessible
We can only smudge outside at warrior blood flowing through our Dr. Paul Marotta believes the changes inside provincial prisons, but we are
the picnic table. Do they really we do not wish to fight.” A-ho! mark a critical turning point for treat- advocating for that to change. We want
veins and it is what makes our Mitakuye oyasin, SWTW
expect us to smudge outside at hearts beat like the drum that rep- ment of the disease. this to happen inside too.
12 // resources & about pasan
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PASAN is a community-based HIV Service organization Outreach & Education
that strives to provide community development, educa-
tion and support to prisoners and ex-prisoners in Ontario Prison Education Programs: 
PASAN conducts HIV prevention education programs in Sena Hussain
ON HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV) and other harm reduction Chaman Agarwal
many adult and youth institutions in the southern Ontario Lead Editor
issues. PASAN formed in 1991 as a grassroots response
region.  This program includes a Peer Educators Group,
Office Coordinator Janet Rowe
to HIV in the Canadian prison system. Today, PASAN Cell Count Supervisor
is the only community-based organization in Canada
whereby ex-prisoners living with HIV are educators for Eveline Allen Brendan Arnott
exclusively providing HIV and HCV prevention, education
current prisoners.   Regional Prison In-Reach Coordinator Cell Count Volunteer
PASAN conducts free training for those working with Zakaria Amara
and support services to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their
prison-affected and drug using populations.  Training Nikki Browne Writer
topics include: Women's Program Coordinator Gregory J. McMaster
Support Services ▪ HIV & Prison
Seth Clarke Writer
▪ Harm Reduction
Individual Support Services: ​Federal Community Development Coordinator (on Nick Paccione
▪ The Impact of Segregation Writer
▪ Individual support & counselling ▪ Stigma & Discrimination
leave) Philipe Poisson
▪ case management Zachary Grant Writer
Systemic Advocacy Michael Hector
▪ pre-release and post-release planning Federal Community Development Coordinator Writer
▪ referrals  Since our beginnings in 1991, PASAN has always
▪ advocacy for medical services  maintained a focus on systemic issues of HIV/AIDS and Trevor Gray Mark Zammit
Community Programs Coordinator Writer
▪ housing supports prisons.   Some has been involved in many systemic Forgotten Warrior
▪ phone support through collect calling  advocacy efforts including: Sena Hussain Writer
▪ Prison Needle Syringe Project (2014/15) Dawna Brown
▪ emergency financial assistance (limited budget for fees Communications & Resource Dev Coordinator
related to identification and prison release.  Application ▪ Advocacy against the use of segregation Writer
requirements exist) ▪ Presentation to the Canadian Human Rights Commis- Lindsay Jennings Nolan R. Turcotte
sion (2001) Provincial HepC Program Coordinator
▪ Advocacy for male-to-female transsexual/transgendered Michael G. Brown
Community Support Services:
prisoners and HIV (1999)
Claudia Medina Writer
PASAN also provides support AIDS Service Organizations
▪ Presentation to the Presidential Advisory Council on Program Manager
and community groups across Ontario.  This includes:  Poetry: Zakaria Amara, Nolan R. Turcotte, Ty-
▪ resources & educational materials
HIV/AIDS in Washington DC (1998) Janet Rowe lor Beggs, David Cioffi, Tim Rogers, S. Halliday
▪ Presentation to the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Executive Director aka G and Cam Martin
▪ training
AIDS (1996) Art: Jeremy Hall, Gerry Saulnier, J. Martineau,
▪ assistance to set up prison outreach and support ▪ HIV/AIDS in Youth Custody Settings: A Comprehensive Cherisa Shivcharran Sonny Cook and Brennan Guige
projects Strategy (1996) Provincial Community Development Coordinator
▪ strategies to develop referral “hubs” for HIV positive ▪ Organization of the first National Workshop on HIV/ Let us know if we mistakenly forgot
prisoners Aanya Wood someone!
AIDS in Prison (1995). 
▪ networking for the development of a continuum of care ▪ HIV/AIDS in Prison Systems: A Comprehensive Strate-
Federal Community Development Coordinator
for prisoners transferred between regions  gy (1992)