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"Nothin bout us
Without us
Is 4 us!"
Forgotten Warrior
By Philipe Poisson (pronounced ‘shoe’). Millhaven On Prisoners’ Justice Day other form of death. What does Inmates who have died (and
Prisoners’ Justice Day! What is Institution was a very tough place (August 10th), every single Inmate matter is that they are no longer remember – some Inmates died
it? Well, for starters, it’s not a Hol- to survive, and not only for the in Canada, whether in Provincial here and that by dying in custody for our rights!), please follow these
iday! It’s a day to mourn the loss Inmates but also for the Correc- or Federal, regardless of gender, they will never be FREE! Their simple instructions: Don’t eat
of our fellow Brothers and Sisters tional Officers. But as most of you is supposed to do a few basic, but families and loved ones and friends for 24 hours. Don’t go to work.
who have died while in custody of already know, there are plenty of extremely important things to will never have peace of mind Don’t go to school. Don’t go to
the Provincial and Federal Gov- other prisons with a ‘prison-from- honour out of respect to those when it comes to that person’s programs. Pray to God, if you
ernments. hell’ label, even now in 2017. Inmates who have passed away death while in custody and know- believe in one, to bless all our
Prisoners’ Justice Day was start- Although Prisoners ‘rights’ and while in custody. It doesn’t matter ing that they could not have done fallen Comrades and their families
ed in 1974 in Millhaven Institution, living conditions have improved whether they died by suicide, by a thing to prevent it. (or, if you can, Meditate!). Think
which at the time also housed the drastically since the 1970’s, we still the hands of Correctional Offi- On Prisoners’ Justice Day, of ways to improve our Provincial
Special Handling Unit or S.H.U. have a long way to go. cers, by a Turf War or by some please, out of respect for all the and Federal prisons!


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3 // from inside
feel – a kiss upon my cheek. Like there’s no ifs, ands or buts The pouring rain while Back to the Pen I go
Whence We're Free Mike Tomasik You can argue and cuss Each thought resonating With my only pals Curly, Larry & Moe
The day is coming But they’ll throw you in cuffs In my brain drove They may not let me out this time
"Essence" Me insane. When
Yes I know… If you raise your voice up In Seg I sit with nothin’ left writin’ this
When our captors The essence of a person can be the Saying this is unjust I hit rock bottom Rhyme
Will let us go. most important feature and quality They’ll tell you to hush I was in shock Kevin Kohl
We’ll live our lives radiating outward. In a constant search Or your time will be rough That’s when the
To the best you see… for a harmonious union with another. It They huff and they puff Lord came into Untitled
Filled with cheer begins as a feeling from within. During a Trying to act really tough My heart and now On any given day in prizon
And awesome glee. stillness in the body, and the quieting of Say you’re causing a fuss I have a new start. Everything can happen to everyone
Sun-filled heavens the mind. This feeling gradually grows Then come on in a rush Larry Dillabough You see it’s a cold world in these wallz
Will shine it’s Light. into a soft song. It’s delicate vibrations In seg you get stuffed Tick-Tock With even colder hearts.
Everything we do, awaken the soul from a deep slumber, In a hole you get stuck Ones that have been broken or bruised
We’ll do with God’s might. and every melodic note escapes, to be Ya, 10 on 1 they be tough Tick-tock, tick-tock Or the deeper more darker souls
We’ll spread His work heard and to be felt. The essence yearns But we all know what’s up Awaiting the hands on the clock That have been lost to the G Code
And his love abound. for companionship, to be wanted by We all know what’s what Waiting for them to turn the locks I myself have been lost
With joyful hearts an equally compatible being, a desire We’ve all learned to adjust You try to turn your thoughts Now I am found wanting
And mind so sound. to exist as a single, love-filled entity. Knowing there’s no justice From the four walls and a cot My freedom, wanting a life
All the peace that one A person’s essence also possesses an ‘Cause the system’s unjust Back to balling on the block And most of all to be done
Could imagine. ability to express itself through physical So real justice comes from us Recall how you were calling shots With this prizon life
It’ll be ours… subtleties, attempting to portray its true Anthony George And the type of life it brought Grizzly Bear
In heart felt passion desires. The moment a person’s essence All the ice you bought
feels the marriage of energy with Untitled The price that it cost Concrete Code
So remember for as long
As need be another, the physical subtleties are set in People come, people go, time crawls on The sacrifice, and loss Just another love gone cold
The thing you want most… motion. Sometimes pupils dilate, instan- Why did I do that crime… To me it was Once, or twice you lost To the concrete code
Whence we’re Free taneously sensing an attraction, the cor- Part of God’s plan to shape and mold But you tossed the dice a lot Another soul lost, to hellz fires
Brian G. Kerr ners of the mouth turn up anticipating me into Muscled in on the spot Another demon born on earth
a smile. Both the heartbeat and breath A better man. My heart, once bitter and Tussled and fought
(Oh but) The Errors quicken at the smallest touch on the cold You hustled to the top
Feed the anger, feed the rage
Feel the power, feel the pain
Corrections isn’t a service skin. The invisible essence flows without Has slowly turned warm, truly some- Hustling on the block When you’re at your breaking point
They don’t make mistakes impediment, welcoming the embrace of thing to behold. Chop-chop-chop Know you will fall from Grace
Oh it’s definitely rehab the other, and become partners on the Here in the dark I see a light, this I Trying to sweeten the pot Don’t let the love go cold
But NO Not rehabilitates eternal dance floor. To resist the essence know While defeating the cops Don’t break the Concrete Code
Correct me if I’m wrong goes against the primal nature of its Is a worthy fight… I may not be a You were beating the odds Grizzly Bear
Oh but I’m Not purpose. A person’s essence needs to be shining Now it’s tick-tock, tick-tock
No this theory’s correct shared, needs to be nurtured, and needs Star but at least I’m no longer drunk Awaiting the hands on the clock
Now rehabilitate the thought to be allowed to flourish. The essence sitting at some bar. Awaiting another shot Untitled
Undertrained minions has been around since the dawn of time, Larry-James Waiting for them to turn the locks Far away across Canada,
Pretending they have powers its existence undying, the essence from Waiting to be let out of a box
within, listen to it, and trust it. Through Fragile Things You’re awaiting a lot
In my prizon yard,
Only power they possess Caught up in the prizon hustle.
Is counting wasted hours the essence, life is worth living. Eyes look ‘round behind me Patiently waiting out the sentence you’ve That’s been in my veins since young
They’re paid too much Mike Tomasik Robin’s egg falling gently caught How to say goodbye to the lifestyle
They whine even more Pauses and Spins, slowly round Anthony George
Dream But it’s the only way, home to my child.
They hold the key Waiting for eyes to blink Unititled My little girl, misses her real father
To the revolving door I dream of you as my friend, A reflection in the glass Only way out is to stay Real
We do Not respect I dream of you as my girl, All mankind looks back, I pause I always thought love would To stay strong and resist the hustle.
The disrespected meted I dream of you at night, Seeing my egg shell skin Come with flashing lights I choose to give up my lifestyle
We’d fix Ourselves As beautiful as a pearl. Waiting for time to crack And a trumpet’s blair To come home to my family
But they don’t let it When I wake up in the morning, Shards fall slowly to ground But much as a serenade No more hustle, no more games
For if We gave up There’s a big smile on my face, Broken images spinning sharply Or a breath or springtime air Play time is over
The Crime We’d rob Because I had a dream, Seven more years of luck Your love has entered Grizzly Bear
The great pretenders Of you at my place. So long ago, time is fragile My heart
Of their worthless job But now that dream is over, Earth from space is a marble And ever so gently Ball and Chain
As time goes on And you can even ask a sleuth, Balance with care on a pin Whispers there This is a trip, a trap
Corrections do fail That I love you as a friend, Spinning ‘round before me I'm only allowed the tops of tall trees in I must’ve slipped, they’ve stacked
And the cry for help And that’s the absolute truth! Filled with fragile things the far distance. No grass, no shrubs, no The odds against me
Is to No avail Moe Sleiman Wake from this dream and see greenery, only concrete. Steel and hard Now I’m walkin in these halls, so empty
Forever… Futures scattered ‘cross the floor plaster as I only get hard time, one day
Life at a time!
My voice echoes off these walls of
Larry Cardinal Trying not to step on them memory
Being in jail is lonely at night. You know, they break so easy Wayne Yates
A Gentle Breeze It’s waiting for letters that no one will Kris Olson
No visits have called
Untitled No letters they’ve sent me
The next time you feel a gentle breeze write
It’s depending on people you thought You're Always on my Mind I don’t know whether
My only wish is to call
caress your cheek, know that it began as Home… Alone in this cell
A whisper of your name escaping from were your friends Sitting in my cell thinking of you is all Laws be right They’ve gone and left me
my lips. When they fail to come through again That I’ll tell, I feel like someone or Or whether laws I’m suspicious of, and vicious to all
The sound of my voice drifting through and again. Something has released my curse that Be wrong A family, a wife, a wonderful life
the air, dancing on the silky green It’s sitting around with nothing to do, Has me living a life alone, It’s you All I know is he who be in jail It’s all so tempting
Surfaces of leaves, bouncing from tree Trying to figure out just who is who That has found me, forever she wants The wall be strong All so fake, all so pretending
to tree, being swept away with Mother It’s finding out that hearts are made of Me, I pray she never dumps me. And that each day Feelings of love, replaced with hate,
Nature’s current. Stone and realizing you’re all alone. It didn’t take much for me to decide Is like a year and pain
Your name soaring high above the It’s waiting for visits that never take That she is the one I forever want by A year whose days are long Evil thoughts of someone I love so
clouds, competing and fighting against place, My side, with arms open wide my love Wayne Yates much
the From so-called friends who’ve forgotten For her I’ll never hide. As these words
your face. Lady H Thought of so much, I hate the pain
Onslaught of sounds. blend, Salt on the wounds, I take the grain
Sounds of love, sounds of hatred, It’s wondering why time seems to Jesus Christ will always be my best No sleep 4 dayz Insults my name, I take it in vain
sounds of joy and sounds of sorrow. Move so slow and every dream you friend. Up runnin all damn nite, haven’t eaten Will this ease, or halt?
Millions of sounds travelling in an Have, has no place to go. I wear my heart on my sleeve for Got blood runnin down the arm Who is to fault?
infinite number of directions. Therefore, I will do my time with my everyone Come on lady H Doesn’t matter so much, it’s all in the
I only care about one. head To see, but it’s yours for keeps, to the You won’t want me walkin free same
The one that triumphs over all odds and Held high and keep my integrity and End of time you’ll always be on my Now would you? Cuz I wasn’t calling to blame
travels safely to you. pride mind… You-n-me, we got lotz of hate left eh! But I guess this is gone as quick as it
The breeze caresses your cheek and you Until the day I die. Can’t go wastin it by slippin off into the came
stop to smile. The day will come when I am free, then Jay Bevan spirit Poof… The truth, imprisoned with a
You know in that moment, this brief It will be my turn to forget those who World now can we, gotta lotta pain yet ball, and chain
kiss was sent by me and was only meant Forgot me. Salvaged and Freed to taste Matt Hermes aka Uncle Mac
For you. By Rob Johnson Each day passes Forgotten Warrior
Excitement fills your body, with your Slow like dripping Submit Work to 'From Inside'
No Justice There & Gone
next several steps feeling like you are Molasses… I’m done There are so many emotional, intel-
Walking on clouds. They say trust us With kicking asses. It was luv at first sniff lectual, psychological, and therapeutic
It wells up inside, a feeling, a thought. They’ll give us justice Some tough lessons Like an MC with a golden riff benefits to writing poetry. Just try
Your lips part with the softest sound There’s just us I’ve learned some Playin’ football & datin’ cheerleaders jotting down whatever words come
escaping. ‘Cause the system’s unjust Strong bridges I’ve Runnin’ from the cops and their Crown to you on paper and see what comes
You look upwards in the sky and say Built up just enough Burned. I have a Vic speeders out. You might surprise yourself. And
one word…..My name. To keep people in cuffs Reputation I have earned Got caught picked up a pen bitt then submit your masterpiece to us for
It begins the long journey back through It’s hard to tell what’s, what Not a lot of good Sorry babe, Holy Shit printing in a future issue of Cell Count!
the web of sounds, until one day, I feel When they’re telling you stuff But not all bad. I’ve I’m losing too much I gotta quit 526 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON,
A gentle breeze and know that it’s you I That don’t agree with your gut Walked for hours in I can’t stop it gimme another fit M5A 1R3
4 // news on the block
Imagining on August 10th
By Larry Cardinal
Imagine living in a country where food
is used as a punishment tool, and water
tell you to kill yourself, to starve you,
and beat you, torture you, freeze you,
suffocate you, spray you – more or less
Why are we inside?
By Nick Paccione
too – and bedding and clothing if to break the laws, and so how do you Perusing through past issues of Cell activity. Most people don’t realize, is deemed an acceptable and even a
you’re freezing cold at night, or fresh air learn exactly to become law abiding, Count, I happened upon the words however, that, directly or indirectly, the means to excuse our actions or to dare
in the summer. Imagine being jumped when the so-called teachers don’t of Carol, Executive Director of a public loses far more money and incurs minimize the terrible harm and suffer-
– over and over, being sprayed and shot abide the law themselves. Imagine a book-club program for prisoners. “All far greater harm and even death as a ing many of us have caused – that truly
at, being tortured, groped aggressively, system designed to fail, where your these guys are in prison…because of result of the very common occurrence explains why we prisoners are inside.
taunted, and constantly ridiculed, bad- wellbeing and sanity are the sacrifices how they were raised,” Carol remarks, of corporate crimes – such as fraud, Of course poverty and a shitty upbring-
gered and threatened. Being slander- made to appease a government and it’s adding that the book club teaches overcharging, financial manipulation, ing contribute largely to street crime,
ized, discriminated against, and starved. vote-driven politicians. Imagine only prisoners to get the “community value faulty design products and equipment, and of course we prisoners need all the
Imagine being told to kill yourself. Not one of those politicians took the time that they need.” Carol is quite evidently environmental pollution and violations help and healing and “Carols” that we
being able to shower, having to wear to realize that public servants are mak- a compassionate humanist who sees of health and safety laws – than as can get, but until there is a fundamental
handcuffs behind your back to leave ing Canada worse by torturing, berating, prisoners not as inherently evil but as result of being robbed or physically change in the way society is structured
your cell. Hearing nurses joke about you starving, ridiculing, spraying, belittling products of their environment and attacked by a street criminal. to oppress, control, and discriminate
with the abusers. Imagine the abusers and threatening the ones they were sup- capable of positive change if provided Yet, in the public’s collective mind, against the very scapegoats that it has
are getting paid top dollar to do the posed to make better. That would be a with the resources and opportunities “crime” equals “street crime” and the helped to create in the first place – the
opposite of what they’re getting paid great day. If you can imagine all of the that they lack growing up. We prison- common image of the criminal is that poor, people of colour, the alienat-
to do. Imagine this is all happening abuse mentioned, you can picture Can- ers need more well-meaning folk like of the lower-class individual, not of ed, the ghettoized, the addicted, the
in Canada. Imagine Canada was so ada’s prisons, I imagine. Why is all the Carol. However, I think it’s important the corporate executive. This common scary, the abnormal, the despised, the
blind, they couldn’t see the crime rate fuss always about overseas. Why not to examine Carol’s reasoning as to why image would surely change if prisons psychologically bruised and battered,
was getting worse and not better. And worry about your own backyard, that’s prisoners are locked up. were to fill up with the most pervasive the “unfit” or “damaged” mothers
Correctional Services was not correct- where all these psychos are living and Carol, I think it’s safe to assume, and pernicious of criminal offenders – and daughters – then the likelihood of
ing, only punishing – no rehabilitation, I’m not just talking about the guards. subscribes to the theory held by our so- the corporate criminal. having a criminal “label” and of being
no incentive, no changing for the better. Oh, one more thing, imagine if they ac- cially progressive “allies” that see crime But that won’t happen, for here’s the locked up in a “corrections” system
Imagine on August 10th, it was easy to tually did their job… and followed their as stemming largely from poverty and basic truth: behind the myth of equality that not only fails to correct but which
go a day without food, because you objectives and requirements. Imagine other forms of impoverishment. And before the law stands the entrenched actively makes it extremely difficult for
just went five days without the week they didn’t think they were above the when it comes to lower-class or “street” relations of power and privilege as em- correction to occur, will continue to
before. Imagine trying to comprehend law, above reproach.. One day.. One day crime, they’re right. But what about bodied in the racist, classist, patriarchal increase as one’s social status decreases,
why they were getting paid so much to soon… I imagine. corporate crime? What about corporate state and its corporate benefactors. It and crime will remain associated with

Growing No one
criminals? How do they fit within this
perspective? The short answer is that
they don’t.
is this, the inequality before the law and
the attendant substantial bias that exists
in its content and in its reinforcement,
poverty or a lack of community values
and will continue to be disconnected
from the greed, exploitation, and power

old in
Corporate crime, like its lower-class not our upbringing or a lack of com- of the corporate state and its cronies.
counterpart, involves theft and harmful munity values, that explains why prison

is above

prison Tide Turning on Use of Solitary

the law
By Victor Bruzzone who are new mothers or in need of finement. In 2015 the Canadian Civil
The tide seems to be turning when health care3”. Echoing the UN decla- Rights Association (CCLA) submitted
By Kurt Schmidt it comes to solitary confinement in ration, Sapers also recommended that a Charter of Rights challenge against
I have been in for over 24 years. It has Canada. Since we last reported, there segregation not be used for more than the federal use of segregation. In late
been too long. I have lost all my family. have been continuing developments. As 15 consecutive days, and no more than June of this year, the federal govern-
My mother was still alive before my By Terrance Naistus mentioned in our last story, the United 60 total days per one-year period. ment responded by arguing that legal
sentence, and so much time has passed I am a ‘Long-Term Supervision Order’ Nations Committee Against Torture As noted in Sapers’ report, one of proceedings should be delayed until
that she’s passed away. All of my aunts, (LTSD) designate, and there’s some has stated that when solitary confine- the main reasons segregation has been Bill C-56 passes to avoid debating “an
uncles and distant relatives have passed very serious concerns regarding section ment (called ‘administrative segregation’ so widely used in prisons and jails is the existing statutory scheme that’s likely to
away too. I was 49 when I came to pris- 135.1 of the Corrections and Condi- by Canadian corrections) is used for lack of sufficient resources, including be replaced by a very different one7”.
on and now I am 72. I am an old man tional Release Act (CCRA). The LTSD more than 15 consecutive days, it is overcrowding and lack of mental health The courts disagreed arguing that “the
in my last few years of life. I’ve never legislation isn’t entirely inconsistent torture1. tools. Addressing this lack of resourc- amendments in the bill do not address
had any major charges or disciplinary with the Canadian Charter of Rights Back in November of 2016, amidst es is expected to require a significant the concerns raised in the lawsuit and
action in prison. For 24 years, I have and Freedoms. However, in my case, fallout related to the extended segre- financial investment. In a move that therefore rejected the government’s
always had a job and worked every day my rights under s.7, s.9, s.10, s.11, s.12, gation of Adam Capay, former federal surprised even Sapers, the Government request”8. Issues not addressed by the
tirelessly. I received good reports from s.15(1), s.24(1)(2), s.35(1) of the Charter prison ombudsman Howard Sapers of Ontario responded to the report new law include mental health and
my workplace manager at the kitchen. were so unceremoniously trampled on was appointed independent advisor with funding “to replace the Thunder overcrowding issues.
I have finished all my programs. I have and violated. Thus, exposing certain to Ontario’s prison system and was Bay Jail, where Mr. Capay was held, and As developments continue, the tide
done everything I possibly can and yet I elements within section 135.1 of the tasked with reviewing Ontario’s use of Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre”4. certainly appears to be turning in the
am still unable to cascade to a minimum CCRA’s legal framework, which are evi- segregation. In March 2017 his report Since Sapers’ report, the federal right direction, and we hope this is the
institution. I feel I have done too much dently, inconsistent with the ‘Charter’. was released and his findings were government met with provincial leaders beginning of the end of segregation in
unnecessary time. It’s very emotional My LTSD was suspended, and an significant. Sapers’ noted that many to discuss drafting new national guide- Canadian prisons.
for me knowing everyone I knew on apprehension arrest warrant was issued
Responses to our
measures designed to reduce the use lines for the use of segregation. The
the inside has died. I have lost my entire for an alleged LTSD breach. The un- of segregation had failed, with rates of discussion comes amidst the internal
family. The unnecessary length to keep founded allegations had no supporting
me in prison is taking a toll on my phys-
ical and mental health. I have learned
evidence to charge or convict me of
segregation in Ontario steadily rising
over the past few years.
reviews of solitary confinement practic-
es in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, story on Solitary
any criminal wrong-doing, and without According to Sapers’ report, and British Colombia5. In June of this Since our last story people have
my lesson and gained much knowledge Criminal Code charges or conviction, increased use of segregation can be year Bill C-56 was tabled in House of been writing in and generously sharing
and skills from my programs. I am my A4D report states, I have clearly attributed to “inadequate legislation, Commons that proposes to make the their experiences with segregation.
so old that I can hardly take care of breached. A minimum mandatory poorly crafted policies, lack of staff re- 15-day limit on solitary confinement We were surprised by the size of the
myself, my health is failing. And for the sentence of 90 days was wrongfully sources, insufficient training, crumbling federal law6. response and on the following page are
life of me, I am not a threat to anyone imposed on me. “No one’s above the physical infrastructure or simply a lack In related news, the federal govern- some of the letters we have received
else, let alone my own efforts to care law!” Case law: Roncarelli v. Duplessis, of space, the result is the same: segre- ment is currently facing constitutional from our readers.
for myself. I really hope to be able to [1959] S.C.R. 121, is the basis of my gation has become the multi-purpose challenges on the legality solitary con- We encourage you to keep writing
get out of prison and live my last days case. default to respond to diverse correc- about your experiences, because the
out in the community and have a little Section 135.1 of the CCRA is in dire 3 Rushowy, K. (2017, May 4). Restrict use more the general public come to know
tional challenges2”. of solitary confinement for mentally ill
more freedom. I greatly regret and need of reform/amendment, and as Among over 60 recommendations, about how prisoners are being treated,
am remorseful for my offence, and I such, the status quo enables systematic prisoners, independent reviewer says. The the bigger the public outcry, and the
Sapers argued, “Segregation should Toronto Star.
believe I can do more good for society attach/systematic discrimination to be banned for mentally ill or suicidal more the tide seems to be turning.
outside of prison than continue to be undermine the ‘Rule of Law’. Case law: prisoners, pregnant inmates or those 4 White, P. (2017a, May 4). Ontario vows Keep up the courageous sharing!
incarcerated. I work every day at the Re Section 94(2) of the Motor Vehicle to act on solitary confinement limits in
kitchen; I finished all my programs, I Act of B.C. [1985] 2 SCR 486, supports 1 United Nations News Service. (2011, new report. The Globe and Mail. 7 Woo, A. (2017, June 23). Government
have completed my correctional plan; I the legal argument, Section 135.1 of October 18). Solitary confinement 5 White, P. (2017b, June 6). Amid pressure, seeks to adjourn solitary-confinement law-
am very remorseful and I don’t want to the CCRA is in violation of 8 individual should be banned in most cases, UN officials draft national solitary confinement suit until Bill C-56 is finalized. The Globe
reoffend; I don’t see any reason to keep sections of the ‘Charter’, which is in expert says. strategy. The Globe and Mail. and Mail.
me in prison any longer. Keeping me in breach of the principles of fundamen- 2 White, P. (2017a, May 4). Ontario vows 6 Hampshire, G. (2017, June 28). Solitary 8 Katawazi, M. (2017, July 6). Ottawa fails
prison doesn’t help me or society. tal justice, and as such, violations of s.7. to act on solitary confinement limits in confinement under scrutiny as Ottawa in bid to delay Ontario solitary confine-
new report. The Globe and Mail. moves to limit use of controversial practice. ment lawsuit. The Globe and Mail.
5 // news on the block
Segregation and humbling counseling. A miscom- wanted me, so I fought on and finally The “Trou” Reality of Segrega- up to $1500 since October 2014. The
municated call with the Ombudsman after 9 months in seg, and getting legal tion: Confessions of a hope- worst part is, I found out just 15 days
By Rob Johnson landed me on Suicide Watch. I was counsel, I got a transfer. less, long-term segregated, before my day parole hearing, that
I am currently being housed in taken out of “singles” and put in their When I got to the new joint my case psychologically distressed and I have a diagnosis of a personality
[institution name removed to protect 3 celled dungeon area. With the gothic management team wanted to meet with suicidal inmate
identity of writer and to ensure disorder, cluster B, and I have never
architecture that was popular a century me, that’s when I learned that I have By Jonathan Lévesque-Gervais been approached to assess this. I was
publication is allowed in to subscrib- ago, these cells are tomb-like as well. spent over a thousand days in seg in
ers here] segregation. It is at this (French Canadian from Quebec) denied parole. I will appeal and fight for
They had arched ceilings like Strat- total, because of all the bullshit fights,
time the worst it has ever been. Your etc. Now here in 2017, the govern- It is not because there is some snow on my freedom because I really deserve it.
ford, but at least my 2 centimeter thick
rights are constantly being violated. security mattress was off the floor in a ment is saying anything over 15 days is the furnace that the fire is extinguished I need to keep fighting so that I don’t
If you’re lucky, you will get yard or metal frame and I could flush my own torture? LOL. inside, right? This is the TROU reality suffer the same fate as my buddy, Guy
showers twice a week. Due to lack toilet. Since I was Niagara Detentions I realize most of the thousand plus days that is about to leave some taxpayers in Langlois, who committed suicide on
of staff. There are also no programs Centre’s problem, I was shipped back to is my fault, my behavior most of the Canada shaken. April 23, 2017. He was in his cell up in
available. They are housing three to a Thorold. My hometown bucket, Home time was bad. But now almost 20 years I must first mention that I have been a range on unit 3 segegration in Renous
cell on a regular basis. Inmates sleep- Sweet Home. Thankfully, I had a pal later, I like to spend my time in my cell, segregated since June 19th, 2016 under when he died. Anyway let’s get straight
ing and eating by the toilets. Inmates running a dorm and I got to live the even though I am almost minimum sec, section 31(3)(a) because I had threat- to the point and explain how CSC fails
with mental health issues are placed dorm life for four months. And now I leave my cell door open so people can
together in cells, where they end up ened harm to someone in order to be to ensure public, staff and inmate safety
I am back on administrative seg and I come by and shoot the shit and stuff. placed in seg out of fear for my own in what is supposedly the most secure
yelling, banging, and screaming 24/7. have to ask a guard to flush my toilet. But I like my solitary life!! And no one
There are poorly maintained safety 31(3)(c). But, I officially spent and restrictive area of any jail. The hole
They had to pepper spray me, again, to understands why?! LMFAO 765 days since October 2014, moved
phones with hardly no access to (Le Trou).
get me to come to seg. I swear I have During my stints in seg I took to work-
call loved ones as you can only call to/transferred 6 times to 6 different I have been in segregation for the past
PTSD from all the seg time. When I ing out, sleeping and writing people.
collect to land line phones. There is was in the dorm, I asked repeatedly to No matter what happened, I always institutions and changed cells over 12 months because I am too scared to
very little to no cleaning products. be transferred to St. Lawrence Valley. think positive, and I won’t bullshit you, 40 times. I have also been in nearly integrate in any maximum institution.
Food, toilet brushes and plungers are I have a brain injury from a football Prozac helped a lot too. So if any of 15 incidents, placed in seg about 12 But, I officially spent 765+ days in soli-
put through the same hatch. There accident, a vein broke in my head. So I you finds yourselves in seg I would like times, accumulated approximately 60 tary confinement since October 2014.
are random searches sometimes twice suffer from migraines and depression. to tell you: keep your chin up! disciplinary charges and got fined for More letters about seg cont'd on page 7
weekly and they are very destructive I also have word retrieval difficulties

In historic 1st, transgender inmate

with your personal belongings. You and I have difficulty making decisions
can’t flush your toilet which are not at times. And now I am in solitary
stickered and regulated according to confinement again. I have at least 14 or

wins transfer to women's prison

biohazard laws. There are no regular 15 months in seg so far and counting.
bedding changes. My lawyer says I won’t be sentenced
Mental health prisoners are not until the end of the year. I wish they
given proper meds. It’s hard to get ra- would have sent me for treatment, so
zors. Fire alarms are being set off by By Kathleen Harris, originally pub- “Our staff will receive training, re-
I wouldn’t have been pepper sprayed lished by CBC News sources and updates to policies so they
inmates regularly at all hours. I sup- twice. What’s crazy is I’m looking
port the class action lawsuit against Canada’s federal prison service has are properly informed and prepared to
forward to going back to the Federal approved the first transfer of a implement changes resulting from this
Ontario for failure to properly staff system, but from what I’m hearing,
its correctional institutions which transgender inmate to an institution legislation,” she said. “With the updated
they’re making the same choices, and based on gender identity rather than policies we expect that, unless there are
has caused and continue to cause with deadlier results. The system needs
physical and psychological damage to physical anatomy, CBC News has irresolvable health or safety concerns,
to change but it doesn’t. It just hires a learned. an offender may be placed in a peniten-
inmates across the province. hundred new guards who are trained
These are some of the many issues Fallon Aubee, who has been serving tiary that matches their gender identity.”
by the old, burnt out guards. And a life sentence at B.C.’s Mission Treated like ‘junkyard dog’
we face at this [institution]. the status quo is maintained. And the Institution, told CBC her request to Aubee was convicted of first-degree
correction machine keeps moving, move to a women’s prison has been murder in 2003 in a street-gang contract

concrete blossoms
In Seg in NDC spitting out hurt, addicted people, no approved, and that she will be trans- killing case.
better than when they were arrested. ferred to Fraser Valley Institution for When first in brought into custody
By Kevin Kohl They should change their name. They’re Women on Tuesday. at the federal prison in Prince Al-
Since my arrest on September 15th, not corrections, they’re not correcting Aubee called it a “profound deci- A column for self-identified bert, Sask., Aubee said she was held
2015 I have spent the majority of anything. And their new uniforms make sion,” but said the journey to this day women, genderqueer and non-bi- in segregation for six months after
those 21 months in Solitary Confine-
ment. After spending over 9 months
them look like the Gestapo. It’s not has been an emotional roller-coaster. nary folks. advising officials she was transgender,
1940, but you wouldn’t know it from She says the move will allow her to in conditions that made her feel like a
straight in solitary, they transferred me where I’m sitting. focus more on her future and less on in January, just one day after Trudeau “junkyard dog.”
to Stratford jail. I wondered why all the problems of living as a woman in promised to promote equality for all Since then, it has been an uphill battle
the care and concern for my mental About Seg a men’s institution. But she concedes transgender Canadians, including those for single-cell privacy and other basics
health? And then I read about Adam the path ahead will bring its own behind bars. like women’s clothing and toiletries.
Capay. Unfortunately, I was put in seg Anonymous challenges. He was asked about it at a town hall Fallon Aubee
in Stratford. That was the worst. Their In October of 1999, I was charged with “I think it’s going to be a huge meeting in Kingston, Ont., and made Aubee is the first federal transgender
seg cells are like being locked in a 100 1st degree murder. I was sent to the adjustment going to the prison for the off-the-cuff pledge to address what inmate to be transferred to a prison
year old tomb. They’re extremely small: seg unit in the bucket for the first week women, not just for me but for the advocates see as a human rights issue. based on gender identity rather than
7 by 3 feet with an arched entrance I was there. I spent 3.5 years in and women who are there as well because Correctional Service Canada changed genitalia. (Submitted photo)
and a ceiling that gives it that crypt out of seg for fighting, among other I am pre-op so there’s a stigma course and said it would consider She said she faced discrimination by
effect. Also there are not beds, blankets things. I was finally convicted of 2nd that’s attached to ‘there’s a guy living transfers and other accommodations on other inmates and staff who were not
nor mattresses. You’re forced to sleep degree murder in 2002. I was on heavy here,’” she said in a telephone inter- a case-by-case basis, replacing the strict, properly trained on the needs of trans-
on a security mattress that’s a couple duty medication and when I got to the view with CBC News. “I want to be long-standing rule that based placement gender people.
centimeters thick on the cold concrete pen, the doctor played around with my able to defuse that with my character, on genitalia rather than gender identity Aubee carved out a niche working as a
floor. To add insult to injury, there are medication so I became buggy! my attitude, my generosity, so they and considered transfers only after sex prisoners’ legal rights advocate, helping
no sinks or toilets in the cell. You have I got into a fight and was transferred. say, ‘Wait a minute, she’s just one of reassignment surgery. on parole bids and fighting for better
to bang on the door or wait for one of I didn’t want to be at this new place, the girls.’” Human rights policy review quality prison food. The role afforded
their clock rounds before you’re let out so I stayed in seg, refusing to go to Aubee said it feels “incredibly huge” CSC also launched a broader review her some protection from peers, be-
briefly to go to the washroom. Heaven pop. It took 9 months of bullshit from to be a trailblazer, and wants to help of all its transgender policies to ensure cause she provided a valued service.
forbid you anger one of them, then guards provoking me til I got sent to other trans inmates who hope to go they comply with new laws to pro- Canadians support transgender rights
they’ll make you wait until they feel like a treatment centre, because they said down the same path. tect the human rights of transgender Last year, Ontario became the first
it. I had to bash my head off the cell my mental health was suffering. Then “Despite all the stigma, the discrim- Canadians. jurisdiction in Canada to allow inmates
door until I drew blood before they’d I stayed at the treatment centre 2 years ination, the harassment, the abuse, Spokesperson Lori Halfper said that to serve their sentences in institutions
ship me to Brantford. Where some before I was sent back to the same the sexual abuse, I believe it was a consultations are ongoing to update based on self-identified gender, and to
of their seg cells are called “singles”. place. I went to seg again for another 9 worthwhile journey because I can policy to ensure offenders and staff be referred to by their chosen names
They’re right out in the corridor so you months, because I refused to go to pop. stand tall and proud today and say, members are treated according to and preferred pronouns.
get a lot of people walking by. Not as Finally, I got a transfer to Edmonton. I’m a woman and I’m going to be their “self-identified gender or gender At the time the provincial government
good as TV, but at least it’s something. I did great there. Only 2 fights. I got recognized as a woman and I’m expression, regardless of their physical called it “the most progressive policy on
And Brantford, like Stratford, has great my medium sec and got to attend my going to live in a woman’s prison,” anatomy or the gender noted on their the treatment of trans inmates in North
food. But Brantford has better “jug father’s funeral. For 3 years I did well in she said. identification documents.” America.”
up” snacks. I’m talking like butter tarts a low medium sec inst, until I got into a A new accommodation policy was It’s not known how many offenders are
every Wednesday, ice cream on Fridays, fight with an officer. I was put back into prompted by Prime Minister Justin Halfper said decisions around timing of placed in Ontario jails based on gender
peanut butter and jam on Saturdays. seg. After 4 months I was transferred Trudeau earlier this year. the transfer, cell assignment and inter- identity.
Brantford also has a terrific Native to a high medium sec prison and after Canada’s prison service abruptly actions with other inmates will be made British Columbia was the second prov-
Institution Liaison Officer named Kelly getting into a fight, I was put back in reversed course and adopted an in- to ensure they are appropriate and safe ince to permit placement according to
Curly. Every Wednesday, he is faithfully seg. This time I wanted a transfer so terim policy for transgender inmates for the transferred inmate. gender identity.
out in the rec yard offering smudging I put in for one. No one in Canada
6 // art

Thank you to the folks inside Bath Institution for this powerful piece Artist: Jeremy Hall Artist: Jeremy Hall

Artist: Jack Bender Artist: Jeremy Hall Omar Munoz Gomez Artist: Mustapha El-Kaaki

Artist: Brian Kerr Artist: Brian Kerr Artist: John Siscoe Artist: Larry Dillabough Artist: Jack Bender Artist: Larry Dillabough
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Artist: Mustapha El-Kaaki Artist: Mustapha El-Kaaki Artist: Mustapha El-Kaaki Artist: Mustapha El-Kaaki art printed in it.
7 // health and harm reduction
Why are prisons unfit to address mental illness inside? More letters about segregation
cont'd from page 5
Anonymous Contributing Writer Possible Value Score By a Humbled Servant of that darkness and into the light, in my
Prison is a rough and hostile place, especially for those
No psychological concerns 0.5 new life as a servant of the Lord God!
affected by mental illness. There are many stigmas and When I think back on my life of prison My friends and homies will all wonder
hostilities among other inmates towards those who have Psychological concerns noted 1.5 and CAS and to jail and provincial custody, about this new-found faith, but my true
mental illness. They are especially hard on those who al- As seen in this field there is a score difference of 1.0 I remember every “hole” or seg trip. The friends know I’ve always prayed or read
ready suffer from past trauma and hardship in their lives. points between those inmates with ‘psychological concerns first day is always the worst. I deal with the Bible, only now I wish to share it with
The limited resources available to inmates is also difficult noted’ and those without. If you read the definition of what I did to get in seg or what I didn’t do others. I have segregation to thank for that.
for those affected by mental illness. Furthermore, it is what is ‘psychological concerns noted’ the explanation is: correctly to avoid seg, and the depression Once in segregation in most jails you can
especially important and essential that people suffering a. Are considered to be “contributing” or “other” factors. and thoughts of hate, anger and rage for only have one kind of book. The Book of
from mental illness have supports that comprise of com- Or b. Are indicated in a professional assessment or through that first five minutes of segregation. It is God and it comes in many forms, such as
munity and family rather than incarceration (eg a sense treatment. Essentially, if an inmate were pre-diagnosed with pure torture to be in a cell with nothing and the Quran, Bible or Torah. But we have the
of compassion and warmth, acceptance and belonging, a mental illness prior to incarceration or unfortunately ‘been in most provincial prisons, they leave you right to a religious book. The key to me
social and family companionship and bonds, which are treated for’ by a professional or had been assessed through no clothes except for a pair of boxers. I getting through several of my many segre-
often seriously lacking in a prison setting). The bottom an assessment. Their score would be bumped higher by have had many different reactions to being gation stays has been the Bible and in a few
line is – those affected by mental illness very much want 1.0 points. In a system where every ‘point’ and ‘half-point’ placed in solitary and the most common cases, I asked for the Quran. These books
to cascade down the prison system just as much as any counts. It’s a big difference rather discrimination against one is to bang, scream, rap and let out all helped bring up my spirits and become
regular inmates do, if not even more so. Yet they seem those are who affected by mental illness (a difference of the anger and rage inside. There is also closer to God. Most of all to those who
to face discriminatory practice and procedures right allowing you to continue to cascade down the system, or bar times when seg became a home away from read this: it does not matter your colour,
down to this very cascading process. you from it) and ‘regular inmates’. the stress of the cell block and gave me creed nor faith, once you realize or come to
The Security Reclassification Scale is used to determine It’s no wonder many inmates wouldn’t bother using the time to think of what’s to come in my life, a point in your life and need help, ask the
which level of prison – max, medium or minimum, an mental health services in prison. One even told me, “Don’t or where I’m going. More recently, I have Creator, God, Ja, Allah, Jesus or any other
inmate qualifies for and be placed at. This scale is a scor- you ever talk to those people at psychology, I wouldn’t spent the last 4.5 months in segregation to type of higher power for help and they will
ing process built in such a way that every single ‘point’ touch them with a 4-foot pole. I would rather be tied to get my high school GED and I passed the be there for you in your time of need.
(and ‘half-point’) counts in determining who should go horses and dragged through mud than to talk to one of test to get my diploma. I have also started Segregation can be a downfall or awaken-
where! A total score of 16.5 points or less classify you them!” doing Bible studies, and have given my life ing and release from prison stress. But all
to a minimum. A total score ranging from 16.5 – 26.5 In Canada, one cannot be discriminated against because to God and accepted Jesus as my lord and that said, segregation can be a dark place.
classifies you to a max. There are 15 ‘fields’ that can be of mental illness. So why have this unfair and discrimi- savior. I’ve found a new peace within my No one should have to be in segregation
assigned points to and adds up to the total score. The 2 natory ‘field’ against inmates who are affected by mental life and I am learning things about myself. EVER.
‘fields’ that raises concern are ‘Detention Referral’ and illness when it matters the most to them – in their cascading Which brings me to my last days of
‘psychological concerns.’ process? Many inmates suffer from illnesses such as schizo- segregation, with the thoughts of who will Dead men tell no tales
phrenia, mood disorders, borderline personality disorders, be on the range when I get there, or what Anonymous
Possible Value Score post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or more commonly, will happen to me? Will I have to defend (Dead men tell no tales) for example if
depression and anxiety, etc. Many of those cannot simply be myself ? Will the new prison accept me? cameras are recording certainly credible
Not Referred 0.5 ‘cured’ but are rather lifelong. Is the penal system encourag- Will my faith guide me? Will I stay out of to watch. Business between staff and
Anticipated Referral 2.0 ing, indicating and enforcing that people with and affected trouble? How will I get by? You see, in the inmates in units for staff safety and also
Referred for Detention Review 2.0 by mental illness should cascade and reintegrated into the past I would worry about what it would be inmates safety. Those cameras document
community and be instead in jail? like once I’m out of seg, now I am curious how great staff and inmate work together
Detained 2.0 I would like to remain anonymous but I can share with to see how faith will guide me. in provincial custody. Serving a sentence
Life or Indeterminate Sentence 2.0 you that my circumstances are very unfortunate because I When I was younger and placed in segre- it’s important that physical emotions kept
am a ‘lifer’ with PTSD. I was brutally physically and sexually gation, I would hate it and want out so bad, in order. In translation, physical contact
As seen this field is mainly used for inmates that have abused as a child and eventually I got so fed up and afraid now I’m thankful for my segregation time is ignored in custody. The evidence is in
further offences on top of their current one being of revictimization and the many threats made on my life because it has helped me solve some inner the DNA between staff and inmate. This
served. Yet a ‘life’ sentence would result in a score of by my abuser, that I committed my offence against him. issues and gave me the space to obtain my does not accommodate treatment entirely.
2.0 which is 1.5 points higher than most of the ‘regular So now I am hit with a double whammy by the Security high school diploma. It has also brought me Entirely enormous betrayal, this is physical
inmates’ would have at a score of 0.5. According to Classification Scale (SRS). With the cascading process for closer to God. For a place that brought me and mental abuse if not motives for sexual
CSC’s own study – lifers are the group that is least likely lifers and those with mental illness so discriminatory, it’s no to dark places in my mind and life, the way assault. Not offensive. Jeopardizes citizens
to reoffend according to reports. So why discriminato- wonder that many lifers and especially those with mental ill- I ended up using this time brought me out in a workforce. STU facility of treatment.
rily adding 1.5 points higher than most other ‘regular’ ness are still stuck CATIE’s web site–your access to hepatitis C information–now on newsprint! 5
inmates and making it harder for ‘lifers’ to cascade to a in prison long
‘minimum’? after their parole
The field ‘Psychological Concerns’ date – some by COMPARING HEP C AND HIV
more than several
decades. Hep C HIV
Welcoming Les Harper "Trou" reality (cont'd from 5) Transmission Through contact with infected blood. Through contact with infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids, rectal
(cont'd from page 2) fluids or breast milk.
how easy it is for Indigenous I will address some of the issues at
culture to disappear when it is not one of the institutions, where I’ve ex- How most people get it in Canada Using drug-use equipment already used by someone else, Unprotected sex. Using drug-use equipment already used by
encouraged and taught. His touch- perienced the most traumatization to particularly equipment for injection drug use. someone else, particularly equipment for injection drug use.
stone to this time in his life is his date. A typical day in seg at this place
fine arts practice, that he has used is: cell fight, people shitbomb each Testing Antibody test looks for exposure. RNA test looks for infection. Positive antibody test shows infection.
throughout his counseling and other, break their window and other
community build work to foster a
broad understand and connection inmate’s window to shitbomb, set fires Treatment goal Treatment is available and may clear the virus from the body. Treatment is available to keep the virus under control. You can be
with Indigenous Peoples living the in the middle of the night, pop their infected with a type of HIV that does not respond to treatment. This
challenges of being in a city envi- sprinklers, block their toilets to flood is called a drug-resistant strain of HIV.
ronment, and share their stories to the unit. Trust me, this is real hell over
the world at large. here. We are treated inhumanely, the How long it takes to treat Hep C treatment takes six months to a year depending on the strain Once it is started, HIV treatment is life-long.
Les has been a strong advocate warden is different from month to of Hep C that you have.
for awareness and education of month, they play musical chairs in the
HIV in Aboriginal communities How long it survives outside the Hep C can survive for at least four days outside the body. HIV dies within minutes in open air outside the body.
for over 20 years. His program, administration offices, deny me my le- body
Healing Together, intends to bridge gal rights, and I am targeted for being Risk of re-infection
HIV health and wellness with French Canadian. I have been in the There is no immunity to Hep C. You can be re-infected even if you You have HIV for life but can sometimes be infected with more than
traditional teachings, medicines so-called hot cell for suicide observa- already cleared the virus. one strain.
and ritual.  He has seen that the tion more than 5 times since October Vaccine There is currently no vaccine available for Hep C. There is currently no vaccine available for HIV.
barriers of isolation, devaluation, 2016. My friend Guy was held in seg
and marginalization have created for around 120 days before he had
the current HIV crisis faced in committed suicide. I told the psychol- Number of people living with the Canada: 250,000 infections Canada: 65,000 infections
Indigenous communities through ogist that my friend was suicidal and infection (estimates)
Turtle Island. Often missing from Worldwide: 170 million infections Worldwide: 33 million infections
the HIV response is an approach they never did anything about it. I just
rooted in standing for the great- found out about my mental health
ness and self-determination of diagnosis 15 days before my parole HEP
and canCkeep
healthy for a very stream.
you are at Sexual
risk for thetransmission
other, as both harm About 13,000 Canadians who have both infections
higher. It also moremakescompli-
Indigenous People. Bringing the hearing, and nobody wants to help CO-INFECTION
long time. If you have HIV, talk to of enter
can Hep the C isbody
rare the
butsamethe way. before Hep C symptoms
also have HIV. develop.
You may Thebe cated.
about Because
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both all of the
medicine wheel to the lives of me. All they want is to ship me to If youorhave
a doctor either worker
healthcare HIV orto HIV risk and
Hep Cif are youbothhaveblood- only way toand
co-infected know is by itgetting
not know because suggestions for reducing
more complicated. Becauseharmof this,
prisoners and ex-prisoners, Healing another max and in another seg. This find Hepout C,more
you about
are atHIV
risk treatment.
for the HIV.diseases,
borne Taking care which to means
not usethat an HIV
both testcan
viruses andsilently
the rightcauseHep harm and promoting general health
all of the suggestions for reducing
Together aims to bring balance to letter is not complete and exhaustive. CATIE’s other, as both
enter the materials
they contaminated
can be transmitted whenwith blood Cbefore
tests.symptoms develop. The only are even more important for peo-
the physical, emotional, mental body the same way. blood will help you stay safe. wayBeing
to knowco-infected
is by gettingwith anHIVHIV harm
ple whoandhave
promoting general health
both infections.
and spiritual dimensions of its I hope I win my fight for freedom so also has more information on HIV carrying the virus gets into your are even more important for people
and HIV and Hep C are both About 13,000 Sexual Canadians test and the right
transmission and Hep C is a serious situa- Hep C tests. Do you have questions about
participants. Through this explora- that I can get the help I need for my HIV treatment.
bloodborne diseases, which
who have Hep C also have tion because it means that the whoorhave
this are both infections.or infected
tion, Les believes that Indigenous mental health, instead of continue of Hep C is rare but the risk increases Being co-infected with HIV
meansCthat ANDthey HIVcan be trans- ifHIV. YouHIV.mayTaking
be co-infected
care to not chances
people living with the virus will to languish in segregation, because I
you have and HepofC developing
is a seriousliver dis- with either HCV or HIV? Call
come to a place of whole person don’t want to suffer the same fate as mitted when blood carrying the use andmaterials
not know it because both
contaminated with ease are higher.
because it meansItthat alsothe makes
chances PASAN 1-866-224-9978 or CAT-
and full spectrum health.   Guy. Love y’all. Peace. virus
If you gets
haveinto your
either HIVblood-
or Hep C, viruses
blood willcan
you staycausesafe. decisions
of developing aboutliver treatmentdiseaseforare IE 1-800-263-1638.
8 // resources & about pasan
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H2L 3T81-877-847-3636, 514-495-0990 lect) 1G5 613-549-7540 (Collect) T5G 0B1 1-877-388-5742 (613) 238-2422


PASAN is a community-based HIV Service organization Outreach & Education
that strives to provide community development, educa- Eveline Allen Sena Hussain
tion and support to prisoners and ex-prisoners in Ontario Prison Education Programs:  Editor-in-chief
PASAN conducts HIV prevention education programs in
Regional Prison In-Reach Coordinator
ON HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV) and other harm reduction
many adult and youth institutions in the southern Ontario Eveline has worked at PASAN for 17 years, providing Janet Rowe
issues. PASAN formed in 1991 as a grassroots response
region.  This program includes a Peer Educators Group, prisoners in Toronto with harm reduction education, Cell Count Supervisor
to HIV in the Canadian prison system. Today, PASAN
whereby ex-prisoners living with HIV are educators for HIV & HCV prevention, transmission and treatment
is the only community-based organization in Canada Victor Bruzzone
current prisoners.   information. If you are incarcerated at the Toronto Writer
exclusively providing HIV and HCV prevention, education
PASAN conducts free training for those working with South Detention Centre (TSDC) or the Toronto East
and support services to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their
prison-affected and drug using populations.  Training Detention Centre (TEDC) and would like a harm Nick Paccione
topics include: reduction program on your unit or a private one on Writer
Support Services ▪ HIV & Prison one educational please call 1-866-224-9978 Ext. Rob Johnson
▪ Harm Reduction 238
Individual Support Services: Writer
▪ The Impact of Segregation Zachary Grant
▪ Individual support & counselling ▪ Stigma & Discrimination Les Harper
▪ case management
Federal Hep C Program Coordinator
▪ pre-release and post-release planning
Systemic Advocacy Seth Clarke
▪ referrals  Since our beginnings in 1991, PASAN has always
​Federal Community Development Coordinator Kevin Kohl
▪ advocacy for medical services  maintained a focus on systemic issues of HIV/AIDS and Trevor Gray Writer
▪ housing supports prisons.   Some has been involved in many systemic Community Programs Coordinator
Larry Cardinal
▪ phone support through collect calling  advocacy efforts including: Les Harper Writer
▪ emergency financial assistance (limited budget for fees ▪ Prison Needle Syringe Project (2014/15) Aboriginal Program Coordinator
related to identification and prison release.  Application ▪ Advocacy against the use of segregation Sena Hussain Jonathan Lévesque-Gervais
requirements exist) ▪ Presentation to the Canadian Human Rights Commis- Communications and Resource Development Coordi- Writer
sion (2001) nator
Community Support Services:
▪ Advocacy for male-to-female transsexual/transgendered Sena is the new editor of Cell Count, and looks Kurt Schmidt
PASAN also provides support AIDS Service Organizations
prisoners and HIV (1999) forward to getting the newspaper out to you more Writer
▪ Presentation to the Presidential Advisory Council on regularly again!
and community groups across Ontario.  This includes:  Terrance Naistus
HIV/AIDS in Washington DC (1998)
▪ resources & educational materials Lindsay Jennings Writer
▪ Presentation to the Parliamentary Subcommittee on
▪ training Provincial HepC Program Coordinator
AIDS (1996)
▪ assistance to set up prison outreach and support ▪ HIV/AIDS in Youth Custody Settings: A Comprehensive
Caludia Medina Poetry & Art: Brian G. Kerr, Larry Cardinal,
projects Strategy (1996)
Women’s Community Program Coordinator Mike Tomasik, Moe Sleiman, Rob Johnson, An-
thony George, Larry-James, Kris Olsen, Jay Bev-
▪ strategies to develop referral “hubs” for HIV positive ▪ Organization of the first National Workshop on HIV/ Janet Rowe an, Larry Dillabough, Wayne Yates, Forgotten
prisoners AIDS in Prison (1995).  Executive Director Warrior, Kevin Kohl, Grizzly Bear, Matt Hermes,
▪ networking for the development of a continuum of care ▪ HIV/AIDS in Prison Systems: A Comprehensive Strate- Cherisa Shivcharran Jeremy Hall, Jack Bender, Oscar Munoz Gomez,
for prisoners transferred between regions  gy (1992) Provincial Community Development Coordinator Mustapha El-Kaaki, & John Siscoe.