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Lesson Plan Template

Student-Teacher: mawada Mohammed

Date: 31 October

Grade Level: grade 2/B

Subject: English


(G2. Identify familiar words in a stream of speech which carries key information about a person, thing, number, time,
place or action.

(G2. Write legibly progressing from left to right; space letters, words and sentences appropriately.

(G2. Independently writes simple sentences of four or more words using word banks or cards.

Learning Outcome:
Primary Lesson Plan Template
1- Repeat words following a model.

2- Identify and say the short e sound.

3-Write a simple sentence using rhyming words with the short e sound.

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and the Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
students use? Be specific) class?)

- Pen, egg, hen, bed, jet. Prepare handmade flashcards: gentlemen, tent, and teddy.

- Handmade flashcards: gentlemen, tent, teddy. Key vocabulary

-Card, pencils, crayons, glue. -pen, egg, hen, tent, bed, teddy, jet.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration for whole class)

Time: 10 minutes

1. Write the following words on the board: can, man, pan, pen, ten, hen, bug, rug, sun. Then, read them out and
Whole Group

have learners repeat.

2. Point to a word with a short e sound and ask learners to put (), Then point to a word that doesn’t have a short
e sound and ask learners put (×).

3. Explain to student what is e sounds.

Activity 1(order sentences ):

Listening: To listen to sentences and identify the word e sound.

1. Give learners the sentence the words cut it in pieces.

2. Teacher reads loudly the sentence, students have to listen and organize them.
3. Ask learners to order sentences have these words (pen, egg, hen, tent, bed, teddy, jet), read the sentence in
4. In a PowerPoint slide show the teacher will present the organized sentences.
5. The teacher and the students will repeat together.

Differentiation activities (Support):

Read the sentences for the learner ( Mansoor -special needs student ).

Differentiation activities (Stretch):

Activity2: ( e sound story)

Speaking: To act out a story with the short e sound.


1. Tell learners to be attention to the story telling.

2. Ask learners to predict what happens in the story.

3. Tell them to listen and count the words that they hear with the short e sound.

4. Show the PowerPoint again and point to each picture in turn. Mime to make the meaning clear to learners.

5. Then ask student to read and repeat the story with teacher again. Ask: How many words are there with the
short e sound?

Differentiation activities (Support):

Differentiation activities (Stretch):

Activity3: (writing)

1. Ask learners to choose one word e sound and write it down in notebook.
2. Draw picture and color it.


Activity3: (writing)

3. Ask learners to choose one word e sound and write it down in notebook.
4. Draw picture and color it.
Time: 5 minutes
Whole Group

Instructions :

- Ask student to clean up and set in the carpet.

- Give good student and who is finished the task reward (sticker).
- Let them know what they have next period.

Assessment (formative) :

Ask student to give me word or full sentences with e sounds.

Who is can tell me what happened in the story?

Who can give me a sentence with e sounds?

Give student homework from book