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Nelci, Agnes Susanti Da. 2018. Application of Problem Based Learning Model (PBM) in Improving Critical
Thinking Ability of Class X Students of Maumere 2 High School in Impulse and Momentum Material
2017/2018 Academic Year. Thesis, Physics Education Study Program, Teacher Training and Education
Faculty, Nusa Nipa University. Advisor: (I) Agustina Elizabeth, M.Pd. and (II) Paulina Nelce Mole, S.Pd.,

Key words: critical thinking skills and problem-based learning.

This study aims to determine the improvement of critical thinking skills of class X IPA 4 students at
Maumere 2 High School by applying a problem-based learning model (PBM) to Impulse and momentum
material. This research was tested in class X of IPA 4 Maumere 2 High School on July 23 to August 2,
2018. Data collection used the documentation method, data on critical thinking skills in the form of
description test questions totaling 20 items, interviews and observations. The approach used in this
study is a quantitative approach and a qualitative approach. The results of the study show; 1) Learning
devices used are valid and reliable categories; 2) The ability of students to think critically on material
impulses and momentum has increased; 3) The implementation of learning using a problem-based
learning model is included in the criteria very well. It was concluded that the application of a problem-
based learning model (PBM) in improving students' critical thinking skills on impulse material and
momentum was said to be successful.