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Chronological Bible Reading: Galatians 4-6 Chronological Bible Reading: Philippians 1-4 Chronological Bible Reading: Philemon; Colossians 1-4
Monday, December 10 Tuesday, December 11 Wednesday, December 12
John 9:25 One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see. John 15:2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch 1 Tim. 4:15 Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting
that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. may appear to all.
Miraculous Master:
I will never move the world if I let the world keep moving me! My Holy Father: Blessed God and Gracious Father:
influence on _________ will be increased if I free my witness for Christ from Help me! I need to be careful to abide in Christ when I am being cut Thank you for this promise! If I give my whole mind and concentration to
political or social axes to grind. What grace did for me can establish the faith of back, weeded, trimmed of wasteful growth (or pruned). You will remove every your worship, your word, and your work, then I will have success everyone can see.
someone else if I say, One thing I know, whereas I was blind, now I see. thing diseased, unproductive, or otherwise unwanted. But if I am not focused on Whether or not I am promoted, I will be progressive.
Then, even those who hate the changes around me will not be able to help abiding in you, I will not recognize the process of your providence. I repent of my hasty reading of your word. It is only by deep meditation that
noticing the changes in me. They know I was blind, but now I see. They know I The drawback of a vine is its inherent lack of structural strength. I will only I profit from your precepts—not by doing a large amount in a sloppy way, but by
was wicked, but now I am a worshiper. They know I mocked God, but now I fear trust you to direct my growth and give me that strength if I abide in you. giving my best thoughts to everything I put my hand to do.
him. That is the best answer to all skeptics! It seems like since I became a Christian I’ve had nothing but trouble. The Prov. 14:23 In all labour there is profit:
“We should be doing much better if, instead of writing books of argument, Devil tempts me, people disrespect me, my family will not listen to me, and my job But not in fuss and hurry without true spiritual energy. Not in striving,
and entering into debates, we each keep on in our [lane], endeavoring to convert takes advantage of me. So what! The power of prayer to process my pain lets me straining and struggling without true spirituality. When I divide myself between
souls, imploring the Spirit of God to come down on us and make us spiritual bring those cares to Christ and acknowledge the pruning process. Keep me God and Mammon, or self and Christ, I cannot develop and grow. Help me give
fathers and mothers in Israel.” —C.H. Spurgeon abiding, even when it seems like the knife is snipping everything away. myself wholly to holy things! I do not want to be a “day trader” in heavenly
Oh, that ________ could see Christ like I do since you gave me sight! Make Job 13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own business, going bankrupt in my soul. I want dividends on my spiritual stock, and
me see a new beauty in Jesus. Make me see a new loveliness in the gospel. Make ways before him. profit from my eternal investments.
me see an excellence in God my Father. If I have new eyes, I should not use them I will endure and even endorse my trials. I will never dream of giving up my Do I minister for you in some aspect at Harvest? Let me minister
to find a new place to hide. I want to come out as boldly before others as this man faith. I will not rebel because of anything I have to suffer. To whom shall I go whole-heartedly and not spin-out on secondary stuff. What have I to do with
did! You implanted grace in my heart, so give me courage to testify. but the Vinedresser? My weakness is your strength perfected for your purpose. empty entertainment or opinions, and wasting time?
Praise the Lord, I can see clearly now; the sin is gone! Sin that was once my Help me! I need to keep clinging after pruning is done. Help me abide after Help every Christian in our fellowship make ministry with Jesus their real
joy is now my shame. I come to church in a different spirit. My attitude toward cleansing in the same place I was before the cutting (John 15:3-4). I can watch the occupation, their life’s work, their one pursuit. Let’s be all-in with Jesus so we can
trials has changed. I have “watched my temper” to curb my temper. My nature is work of the Spirit in me. Let me not respond to the Devil’s temptation to boast, go all-out for Jesus! I want to profit in holiness and progress in grace, so both the
different. You re-engineered my personality according to the input of information “now I am somebody and do not need any more pruning.” church and the world can feel my impact. Give me the same forceful influence over
from your Word! You transformed my attitude, conforming me to Christ’s image. Only if I abide am I any better than the wasted wood that is burned. My hope others the Lord Jesus had in his life, because that is true spiritual leadership! Do
Now make me into a stronger witness. Amen. lies in you Lord, at my best times as well as my worst. Amen. this for his sake I ask. Amen.
A DAILY PATTERN FOR PRAYER & BIBLE READING Chronological Bible Reading: Ephesians 5-6; Titus 1-3 Chronological Bible Reading: 1 Timothy 1-6
Chronological Bible Reading: Ephesians 1-4 Friday, December 14 Saturday, December 15
Thursday, December 13
Psa. 10:12 Arise, O LORD; O God, lift up thine hand: forget not the humble. † Psa. 103:11 For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward
Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be them that fear him.
upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, LORD God and Heavenly Father:
Your presence is our joy, but any inkling of your absence is distracting Merciful Father:
SAFE in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast, beyond measure. Help us remember you are near today, just like the refiner is never Everything alive tastes your sparing mercy, but those who hear the gospel
There by His love o’ershaded, sweetly my soul shall rest. far from the oven’s mouth when his gold is in the fire. Let us see the Son of God, and receive it taste your inviting mercy. I live by your saving mercy, am preserved
Hark! ’tis the voice of angels, borne in a song to me. walking up and down in the midst of the flames with us. by your upholding mercy, am cheered by your comforting mercy, and will enter
Over the fields of glory, over the jasper sea. The wicked have proud boastings and perverted blessings. Proud hearts heaven by your infinite and everlasting mercy. Amazing grace shall always be my
breed arrogant looks, stiff necks, and unbending knees. Save us from that Lord! song of praise! Since I know I live on it, I need to glorify it more.
Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe from corroding care, Because you are not blind to sin, much less forgetful of it. Give us a sense of your Do not let me harbor grudges and resentment or lack of forgiveness,
Safe from the world’s temptations, sin cannot harm me there. presence today so we can be soul-conscious not to wound others, but to witness. because your grace will not have that. Even in the hour of my most bitter
Free from the blight of sorrow, free from my doubts and fears; Yet, what unbelief is mingled with our strongest confidence. Fearlessly we injustice, I never suffered like I deserve to! You did not determine my lot by what
Only a few more trials, only a few more tears! ask you to arise and lift your hand, yet timidly we beg you to forget not the humble. I had coming to me, but by undeserved lovingkindness. You looked beyond my
Psa. 10:17 LORD, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their fault and saw my need. Truly, your mercy to me cannot be measured.
Jesus, my heart’s dear Refuge, Jesus has died for me; heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear: † Psa. 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our
Firm on the Rock of Ages, ever my trust shall be. Show your power and reveal your righteousness in all our circumstances right transgressions from us.
Here let me wait with patience, wait till the night is over; now. There is no hiding from your sight, nor flight from your justice. Befriend the What a load to move! And yet you removed it so far, its distance rises to the
Wait till I see the morning break on the golden shore. oppressed today. Preserve us in time of need so we can rejoice in your goodness. infinite horizon.
You have prepared our hearts; we resign our selves to your judgment, our mind My sin is removed by a miracle of love. The scent, the trace, the very memory
Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast to your enlightenment, and our will to your sovereign plan, according to your is taken away over time. That being the case, there should be no shade of fear about
There by His love o’ershaded, sweetly my soul shall rest. Eternal Purpose for us. You will order all things for the best and not disappoint. it ever returning. Satan himself could not retrieve it. Jesus was my scapegoat twenty
We are sure to come out well if we carry our complaint to you, O King. centuries ago, and now my sins cannot be found. Nobody but you, Jesus!
—Fanny Crosby, 1868 Rights are vindicated and wrongs redressed at your throne. Your government Only the Lord alone could remove sin at all, and you have removed all my
never neglects the interests of the needy, and never tolerates oppression by the sin. You did it in a Godlike way, taking them all away. Now give me strength equal
š mighty. You remember the poor in pity, and note the greed of those who are
mighty. Great God, we leave ourselves in your hand. Amen.
to this day to love you, to bless you, to serve you and glorify you in it. For so I ask
by Jesus’ merit, to his credit, and in his Spirit. Amen.

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Mark 1:35 And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and Bereavement ¨ PROMPT PETITIONS ¨ KICKSTAR T DE VOTION
departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. Donna Tuescher – wife, Richard Tuescher; mother, David Vaughn
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GIVE GOD THE FIRST PAR T OF EVERY DAY. The first commitment is
to a daily quiet time with God. Our weekly Prayer Diary provides a template for daily Trinity Parish – Granddaughter, Bryant & Margo Newsome INSTRUCTIONS:
Bill Pyle – father, Christi Brockmeyer
Baptists tend to ridicule liturgical churches that use "prepared prayers" because
2) TITHE—WORK Pray for Members, Family & Friends they lack spontaneity. But for many Baptists, their prayers are so predictable they are
Erica Stogsdill - daughter in law, Gene & Brenda Stogsdill no more spontaneous than written-out prayers. The result is we end up praying the
1 Cor 16:2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God Ken & Lori Applegate - health issues same things over and over.
hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. Leona M Brown - mother, Luther & Sharon Brown
Nathaniel Armstrong - husband, Sallie Armstrong This daily Prayer Diary will prompt you on a wide range of prayer requests you
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GIVE GOD THE FIRST DIME OF E VERY DOLLAR—no questions We have included a daily Bible reading schedule. This plan will take you through the
Gene Roberts – brother, Verla Baker
asked. Ten percent is a miniscule amount in our affluent society, but it must come Bible chronologically in a year.
Lela Thomas – sister, Dorothy Williams Doug Leslie
off the top in order to show that God is our priority. We want the blessing of the
William Jeffries – father, Paula Stewart Dorothy Williams
firstfruits (first devotion, first dime and first day) to flow out to the rest of our Do not read ahead and do not try to catch up. Use each day as it comes. Then
Travis Horge – friend, Gene & Brenda Stogsdill Larry Franklin
resources. you can know that on any given day, dozens of other people are lifting their hearts in
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the same mind to God. Pray what is written, but use what is prayed as a springboard
Juanita Candillo – mother, Anita Nebel
3) TEAM—WORD for your own relationship with God. You learn to pray by praying.
Wilma Jones – mother, Bryant Newsome
Conner Barlett and the Barlett Family —Alan
Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;
but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
Soft Touch (Cancer Treatment)
Linda Brown -sister, Ronnie Starks
GIVE GOD THE FIRST DAY OF E VERY WEE K. You should fellowship Secret prayer is the secret of prayer, the soul of prayer, the seal of prayer, the
Pat Mullinex -mother, Jeff Mullinex
with a group of believers around the word of God every Sunday in our church. strength of prayer. If you do not pray alone you do not pray at all. Our Lord Jesus
Alfred Boyd -family, Chelsa Bright
Christ would go nowhere till He had prayed. He would attempt nothing till He had
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§ Keeping Christ at the center (your core relationship of worship to God) Tameka Bedell - friend of Starks family “Oh,” says one, “I live in the spirit of prayer, and therefore I do not need times
§ Keeping the body of Christ a priority (your congregational relationship of Carole Jones - mother, James Jones and seasons for prayer.” And do you think that Christ did not live in the spirit of
walking with us) Sara Zwahlen - friend of Kay Brockmeyer prayer? Yet He had to have his special time and place to pray. Do not fall under the
§ Basing beliefs and actions on the mind of Christ (your church relationship in Camille Trapasso - stage 4 liver cancer injurious notion that because your spirit cries to God in prayer all day long, therefore
the Word) Brittany Nieves - niece, Jim & Lin Tonty there must not be some season for more immediately coming into God’s presence. If
Martha Gaskin - niece, Dave Hill you imagine this, I am afraid that it will prove a snare to your feet. The Lord Jesus
Henry Thrower – brother, Nicole Thrower Christ, who knew better than you do that the main thing is the spirit of prayer rather
Donna Schlaikjer – co-worker, Teresa Burton than the act of prayer, yet Himself retired into desert places to maintain the act and
Elijah Irangi – father, Carol Irangi exercise of prayer. Be spiritual. Be baptized into the spirit of prayer. But do not be
Melissa McGhee – niece, Liz Clary deceived by the enemy, who can steal a spirit away while we dream that we only
Laura Peterson spiritualize it. We had better preserve the very bones of prayer—the posture, the
Aileen McMahan time, place—rather than let it all ooze away into an impalpable mental condition.
Conner Bartlett God keep us prayerful. He will do so if He makes us like His dear Son.

Active Duty Military Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834-92

Mark Johnson Rich Gitschlag Paige Grantham Davaile Durham

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