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Thursday, November 1 (Day #1)

8:00- Check In Desk Open

9:00- Welcome Messages from Judith Carpenter (Events Coordinator),
9:30 Mark Asteris (Local Host Committee) and Mallori DeSalle (Program Planning Committee)
9:30- Motivational Interviewing: A Metamorphosis
10:30 William “Bill” Miller
10:30- Coffee Break
11:00 (Foyer/Regal)
Madewood Royal Conti Teche Belle Grove/Oak Ballroom Evangeline
11:00- Short Share: Georgi N. Vasilev, Denna Vandersloot Mary T Hodorowicz Emma Braconier, Tyrel Starks
12:00 Alan Lyme Heather M. Lynch, and Bryan Hartzler Teaching and Fredrik Eliasson Motivational
MI as The Judith Carpenter Providing technical Assessing IMPLEMENTATION Interviewing with
Foundation for and Kiril M. assistance to a regional Motivational DECK Couples: Using
SBIRT Bozgunov workforce to Interviewing Skill as a Concrete and Couples
Short Share: Use of Social Talk in support Development with Practical Tool to Aid Interdependence
Jennifer Wyatt, MI with Adolescents implementation of Students in an the Theory to
Margaret Soukup Motivational Academic Setting Implementation of MI Understand and
Reflecting your way Interviewing Enhance Dyadic
through “I don’t Motivation for
know”: A training Change
exercise for
challenging clinical

12:00- Lunch:
1:30 (Rooms available for reservation during this time)
Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)
1:30-3:00 Annie Fahy Heather Flynn Michael D. Clark and Ali Hall, Joost Allan Zuckoff and Continued Session:
Finding the Honey in Marsha Benz, Hiro Todd Roberts Beets Tom Barth Motivational
MI Practice: creating Harai, James All Things Corrections (*Rik Bes) The Engaging Process: Interviewing with
observed practice Anderson, Kate Speck, Metaphors be Two Perspectives Couples
Shawn Smith, Greg
feedback with you; 'Playing
Sumpter, Sue Eck
opportunities Maahs, Lesa Abney,
golf in a pitch-
including making John Gilbert, Doug dark night'
and using tapes Smith
within the context of MINT Trainer
an MI training Certification: Help
session shape the quality
and spirit of the
3:00-3:45 Poster Session/Coding Open House (including Coffee)
3:45-5:15 MINT Annual General Meeting, Led by the Board of Directors (Everyone is invited!)
Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)

Session Key
Fit at the Forum
Poster Session
Application and Adaptations of MI
Training and Supervision
Cultural Considerations
Presentation of Research
More than MI
** Names in Italics Virtual Presenter or
Workshop Supporter
Friday, November 2 (Day #2)

8:00- Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)

8:30- Announcements and introduction of guest speaker (Ballroom)
9:00- Ancient Wisdom for Transcending Belief in the Other: Jojopahmaria Nsoroma (Ballroom)
10:00- Coffee Break
Madewood Royal Conti Teche Belle Grove/Oak Ballroom Evangeline
10:30- Tipene Pickett Inga Karton Debra Collins and Carolyn Lemsky Stephen Andrews Matt Orr
12:00 Nau te raurau, naku Cheryl Martin, Margo Kristin Dempsey and The Magic of (*Stan Steindl)
te raurau ka ora ai Bristow, Jennifer Luther Elicit-Provide-Elicit Tim Godden Debriefing Being With versus Doing
te Iwi - From your The shared space of MI (Ask-Offer-Ask) A Gift MI with cognitive To: The Art & Science of
basket, from my and mentoring That Keeps on Giving difficulties: Empathy, Compassion, &
basket the practical strategies Connection
wellbeing of the
people continue

12:00- Lunch
1:30 (Rooms available for reservation during this time)
MINT PLUS: Mentorship-Matching Event (Ballroom)
Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)
1:30-2:30 Michael Flaum Ali Hall Sylvie Naar, Salome Brian Serna Allan Zuckoff, David Sebastian Kaplan, Kristin
Using MI principles (*Susan Butterworth) Nicole Cockern , Tyrel Using the Empty Rosengren and Dempsey, Clive Tobutt,
in working with Motivational TyrelStarks Chair to Resolve Stephanie Wahab Heather Lynch, Debra
patients with Interviewing Extending the Reach Ambivalence MI and Persuasion: Collins, Tõnu Jürjen, Alan
schizophrenia and Competency of Motivational Opposites or Siebel, Shawn Smith,
related psychotic Assessment (MICA): Interviewing in Overlapping Forms of Jonathan Lee, Richard
disorders. Validity, Reliability, & Adolescent HIV Influence? Rutschman
Effectiveness in Building Prevention and Care: Growing MI in Educational
Clinician Proficiency in MI Tailoring Delivery and Settings: Sharing and
Training Strategizing
Madewood Royal Conti Teche Belle Grove/Oak Ballroom Evangeline
2:45-3:45 Kate Speck and Kylie McKenzie Jennifer Hettema Sky Kershner Continued Session Continued Session
Denna Vandersloot We ask questions that Stephanie Cockrell, Video Clip Gumbo! MI and Persuasion: Growing MI in Educational
Addressing don’t need answering: Stephanie Jackson, Opposites or Settings
substance use Training ideas for asking Annemarie Madaras, Overlapping Forms of
within HIV/AIDS more helpful questions Christina Phillips, Influence?
service settings: An Lauren Rowell, Brad
effective brief Samuel, Mayra Perez,
intervention and an Candace Christopher
effective Applying Qualitative
implementation Research Techniques to
strategy Develop and Enhance
Intervention Protocols

3.45-4:15 Coffee Break

4:15-5:15 Mieke Zinn and Mikael Karlsson and Otto Hiroaki Harai Short Share: Chris Wagner Cara Wagner,
Rosalind Corbett Meijer Empathic Exposure; Mia Croyle, MI: Core Elements, Ty Crocker and
Members of MINT The focus process: goals How can an intensive Melody Cole, Emerging Chad Dilworth
DWG and target behaviors exposure therapy Rachel Galanis, Possibilities, Implementation of MI
(Sub-)cultural session turn to be Jenny Rodefeld, Misperceptions and with fidelity
reverence empathic? Laura Saunders,
Heresies? Take 3.
Kim Schoen,
Shawn Smith
Big Dreams and
Humble Schemes:
Collaborating to
Promote Good MI
Practice Locally

Short Share:
Lisa Murata and
Jaime Jones
MI Spirit
Seeing is Believing:
Using Biofeedback
in Training
Saturday, November 3 (Day #3)

8:30- Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)

9:00-9:15 Announcements before Plenary
9:15- Coding Culture and Controversy
10:45 Contributors: Denise Ernst, Casey Jackson, Claire Lane, John Gilbert, Clive Tobutt, Sue EckMaahs, Judith Carpenter, Michaeal Madson, Ali Hsll, Susan Butterworth
10:45- Coffee Break
11:15 (Foyer/Regal)
Madewood Royal Conti Teche Belle Grove/Oak Alley Ballroom Evangeline
11:15- Dan DeSena and Matt Doug Smith, Rachel Green Paul Warren and David Rosengren Pernille Erichsen, Greg
12:45 Orr Heloísa Garcia Claro Sharing the Pearls: Amy Shanahan and Michael Clark Sumpter, Jillian
MI-IPE: Integrating and Corey Campbell Sharing wisdom Intentionality: Stretching MI to Its Gonzales, Fredrik
Inter-professional You have a strong desire garnered through The Overlooked KEY Limits - Boundary Eliasson
Education and to model the MI Spirit in training to Effective MI Crossings and Itchy
Collaboration into MI your training (inflection Practice Discussions Part 1
Training tailing down) A Trainer’s Perspective MI in Leadership and
Organizations (MILO) –
theory, research, ethics
and discussions
12:45- Lunch
2:00 (Rooms available for reservation during this time)
Wellness Activity “Fit at the Forum” (see separate agenda)
2:00-3:00 Kate Watson Shawn Smith, Steven P. Wells Kiril Mihaylov Melanie Richards Pernille Erichsen, Greg
The Trainer as Advocate Ernie Marshall and Ray Constructing Bozgunov, Georgi N. and Sumpter, Jillian
Gingerich Simulations for Vasilev, Yoshiki Aoki, Allan Zuckoff Gonzales, Fredrik
Self-Awareness and the Motivational Robert Kender You're Gonna Need Eliasson
Spirit of MI Interviewing Training Use of Self-Disclosure a Coach for That:
and Consultation: A in Motivational A Particular Part 2
Child Welfare Pilot Interviewing Conversation About MI in Leadership and
How to Teach Organizations (MILO) –
Supervisors of skills practice and how
Practitioners of a to train leaders in MILO
Behavior Change
Intervention to
Coach MI

3:05-3:35 Closing Session

Speaker: Mallori DeSalle, Mats Hogmark, Fredrik Eliasson
3.35-4:00 Coffee and Farewell