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Name of Student Teacher Suad Taleb. School Sama American Private School.

Lesson Plan
Name: Suad Taleb- H00283472

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on in order to grow professionally?)

1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal).

Through my last observation, I did in semester six. I found one of the teaching to work for the next
lesson is practice speaking before I start teaching to children in the classroom and correct my
language in speaking.

2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)

The strategies I used to practice my goal. First, I will write the steps what I will do in the class in
details in the sheet. Second, I will make a practice speaking in my home and before start the lesson to
avoid and achieve this goal when I teaching children in the classroom.

3. Describe how you can tell if you’re achieving your goal (Evidence)

The evidence I can see if I achieve my goal when I reserved the MCT and MST evaluation feedback
after the lesson.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC/MOE code and words):

By the end of the lesson the children will be able:
KG 2-G English (Phonics
letter U). - Identify the letter U and the sound.
- Write the letter U.
- Print and trace their hand inside the letter U.
- K2. Talk about likes using simple
- K1. Name familiar people.
- K2. Participate in short conversations
while reading with the teacher and peers,
making simple comments
Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check before
the students use? Be specific) class?)

In Circle area: - Check and make sure that all the resource is
Computer YouTube song (Song about letter U) - Provide extra a sample of activities.
Pen. / White board. / Pictures that start with letter - Provide extra pens for activity.
U. Provided the real recourse that starts with letter - Check the computer is working and the levelof
h. Such as (Umbrella, under, up, uncle, sound it good.
uniform).Eraser. / Magnetic to stick picture on the
board. Key vocabulary

In Centres: Umbrella, under, up, uncle, uniform.

- Envelopes.-Box include (Pictures that start

with letter U).-Small white boards.-Pens or
marker.-Erasers. - Small different colouring-
Glitter- Pencil.

For Assessment:

Using Checklist.

Introduction (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

-I will welcome the students in the class by says, Good morning, how are you? And Introduce myself.

-Let’s started the day in the name of Allah.

- Let's listen to the video about letter U and sing a song together.

Then, I say to them we will revise our sound of the week, who can remember our new sound.
Time: 15 min

- After that, I tell them to give me words start with letter U. When the children answer, I will show them the
pictures that begin with letter U.- Say to them the step of how to write the letter h. (Top down, up round and

done).- Then we will write the U on the mat or air together. And say what it is the song of U.
After that, I say now will go to the centres and I explain to them what they will do in each center by
showing them the models. While the children work in will move around them and see what they

Active Engagement (group working with the teacher)

Name of the activity: Recognize the word that start with letter U.

What does the teacher do?-

I will require from each group member to sit nicely and listen to me.

- I will say for each child of the group member to open the envelope.

- Then, they find different pictures in the envelope and sort the word that start with letter U individual and
say it

- Through the sorting they need to try write it in the white paper by using the pencil.

What do the children do?-

They will listen to me and sit nicely.

- Open the envelope.

- Matching pictures with sound.

- Say the words they have through matching pictures activity.

- Answer my question through say and explain what they do.

(Focuses Group) I will sit with this group, observe children through doing the activity to see if they
understand the concept by asking them some question, and evaluate them by using Checklist.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

Time: 15 min

Name of activity: Writing word that start with the letter or drawing think that start with letter U.

In Reading area.

What does the teacher do?

- I will provide the materials in this canter.
- I give them an opportunity to drawing any think that start with letter U or tries to write the
letter h in right ways.

What do the children do?-

They are using the resources in the reading center, and start drawing or writing anything
that begins with letter h.- While they are doing the activity, they will say the name of it

Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

Name of the activity: Make and use the materials that start with letter U.

What does the teacher do?

- I will provide the resources to children on the table. (Umbrella, some animals that
life under the water).
- I will say to them, you can be using the resource and present it as what you do in the sea
and in the summer.

What do the children do?

- See the materials in the canter.
- Using the resource and present it.

Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

Design and Construction Center.

- I will provide the A3 paper and the different sized and colored of blocks.
- The children will be using A3 paper and block to make the letter U.

Asking question.
3 min

What does the teacher do?



- I will call students to sing a song clean up.

- Cell children to come to the circle area.

- Sit on the mat and listen to game (we respond, say the letter and give one word that start with this

What do the children do?-

Sing a song clean-up and return everything in the right place.

- Came and sat in the circle area.

- Play the we respond games, listen to my question, answer and describe by saying what's this
letter and give one word that start with this letter.


I will assessment children work by using the formative assessment plan which makes a checklist and writing notes
while children doing the activity. In addition, recode children work by taking a photo of their work.