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Harvest dec 2018

Where is home? Recently, our middle child, Paton, drew a picture of his home. Well, at least he started to. He
then quickly erased it and proceeded to draw a picture of his “homes”. One in Cambodia, one in California and one in
Idaho. I think that summarizes our feelings this Christmas. Feeling torn between multiple worlds, with lots of mixed
emotions. But in the midst of it all, remembering the One who left his heavenly home, to become a little baby, born to
a poor family who didn’t even have the ability to give him a “proper” resting place for his birth. He lived, suffered and
died, looking to, “the joy that was set before him” (Heb. 12:2). And so, as our family goes through a season of feeling
displaced, our desire is that it would only serve as a reminder that this world is not our ultimate home. We have an-
other city, an everlasting and eternal city with God in heaven and our place is there – and Jesus, right now, is preparing
that place for us. And so our hearts begin to fill with joy, for our satisfaction does
not need to come from having a place to call home here on earth, but rather it is
found in the assured hope of a heavenly home. And therefore we aim to live our Prayer Corner:
life, not for the here and now, but with our eyes fixed on Jesus and the joy we will • Prayer for our family as we continue
to transition to life in the States
experience in his presence in our future home. Our prayer is that you too have this • Pray that the paperwork for the
eternal hope this Christmas. Jesus Storybook Bible will be
processed quickly so we can
We are thankful for each of you as you walk with us in our transi- have the printed books shipped to
tion, and are so thankful for the open door to continue ministering to the Cambo- • Pray for the various Christmas
dian people in the name of our Savior through translation. outreaches that will be going on
throughout Cambodia; that many
would come to Christ as they hear
the Christmas message
Because He lives, • Pray that the Christmas outreach
articles on would be
used by God to draw people to
Ava, Paton and John
Support Status: • Pray that our family would see
improved health

Would you consider giving a special year-

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Each month we rely on the gifts of God’s
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Wish List 2018
Printing Magazine Translation Staff Salaries
Four times a year we print magazine issues, with some of our We currently have two Cambodian staff members who work on our translation
most popular posts from (when funding allows). projects. We would like to hire additional staff in order to help increase our translation
Our desire is that by distributing these resources, Cambodian output. You can be a part of supplying the support needed to see additional Christian
Christians will mature in their faith as they read articles founded resources translated into Khmer to the glory of God.
solidly on God’s Word written by Christian authors such as John Total yearly need: $7,200
Piper, Tim Challies, Andrew Naselli and many more! But we (Account 79048)
need your help! In order to give these out for free we need to Donate Online
raise money to cover the cost of printing. Would you prayerfully
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Total yearly need: $2,300 (to print 4,000 booklets)

(Account 79048) Sponsor Child-at-risk Education
ACTION Cambodia currently sponsors 14 at-risk children to attend a local
Christian school. These children live in an orphanage and most have been
abandoned by their parents. The living
situation is not the best, and we believe
one of the main ways we can love these
children is by providing them with
high-quality Christian education, both
to equip them for life here on earth, as
well as sharing the light of the Gospel
with them. Would you prayerfully
consider being part of these children’s
Current Yearly Need: $9,000
(Account 79030)

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