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SWGA Revised Armor

Armor Modification Slots, Repair penalty

Light 0
Medium 4, -4
Heavy 6, -8
The slots include Armor and Armor Weapons mods below. The suits are fitted with a
power packs or cells which may be vulnerable to ion damage unless shield modified. It
is assumed they are recharged or replaced between adventures.

Helmet 4, diff as per armor.
Helmets with electronics have a power cell or can be hooked up to a power pack or
other source of power if used with an unpowered armor.

These modifications do not require wiring or other integrations with the suit therefore
they do not take uip a suit slot. They are accessories.

Basic Package, 3000 creds.Uses three slots on the helmet.
• Sensor Package, Low-Light Vision, Hands free commlnk.
• One hour installation (Int/Repair, penalty as per armor the helmet is a part of.)

• Breath Mask: Protect fully agains toxins (chem and biological) and provides
breathable atmosphere for one hour. Filter and atmostphere cannister must be
replaced after one hour. Includes two artificial air-supply hoses for backpack
survival systems. 350cr, 25cr per refill.
• Broadband Antenna: Intercept/Decode transmissions (Int/Repair at -4) and boost
helmet com by x10. 1500cr
• Comlink: 50k range., 200cr
• Comlink, Long Range : 200k range. 500cr
• Electrobinoculars: View out to 10k, magnification, radiation detection, Night
Vision, basic info. 1000cr
• Infrared vision: see in dark up to 90'. 1500cr
• Low-Light Vision: Halves darkness penalties. 800cr
• Macrobinoculars: View out to 1k. Basic info. 600cr
• Oxygen Supply, small helmet canister, 20 minutes. 200cr
• Polarized Lenses: Prevent flashblinding. 200cr
• Range Finder: Reduce range penalties by 1/2. 500cr
• Sensor Package: +2 Wis/Perception checks. 2000cr
• Slave Circuit, Helmet: Unlike the larger hand-held remote units a Helmet circuit
does not allow its user to control the slaved ship. The helmet slave circuit, when
activated, powers up the slaved ship and guides its auto-pilot to the helmet
circuit's location. 5000cr

• Aquatic: Can filter oxygen from water, sealed and pressurized for deep ocean,
contains fins and micromotors to assist allowing a swim speed equal to normal
land speed, +8 to Str roll for a swim check, 500cr.
• Armorplast: Replaces durasteel plates, reduce armor weight by 50 percent. 900cr
• Climb Claws: Retractable in arms and legs. 1d4 damage, +8 to Str for climbing.
• Diagnostics: Monitors systems and wearer. +4 bonus on Repair and any medical
rolls. 500cr
• Electronic lock scrambler/descrambler: +8 to Computer checks to jam or open
electronic locks. 1000cr
• Enviornmental Systems: Allows user to ignore extreme heat or cold with heating
and cooling systems. Must buy seperately. 600cr
• Jet Pack: Move 300' per round. A fuel cell holds 20 rounds of fuel. It can be used
for short bursts or sustained flight. If it runs out of fuel mid-flight the user falls on
his initiative the next round. A flame projecting weapon can be hooked to the fuel
cell. For every burst of fire from the flame weapon subtract a half round of fuel. If
a user is down to a half round of fuel he may move up to 150' and try to get
somewhere safe before he falls the next round. 300cr, 100cr for fuel cell
• Jump Servos: Repulsorlift aid for longer jumping. +8 to Str for Jumps x2 jump
distance 100cr
• Rad Shielding: +10 to Saves vs radiation. 400cr
• Vac Seal: Seals the suit and helmet and adds a simple life support system pack
with enough life support for 10 hours in the void and other hostile environs. 5000,

Armor Weapons
• Blades, pop-out: 1d6, 500cr
• Blade Launcher: 1d4, 4m, 6 shot, Multi. 1000cr, 50cr per blade.
• Dart Launcher: 1d2 plus poison or toxin, 10m, 1 shot. 1500cr, 150 cr per dart.
• Flame Projector: 3d4, 10m, burns 3 rounds, Save for 1/2 dmg. 3 shot tank or
hook to tank/Rocket pack. 800cr.
• Rocket Darts (Knee): 2d6 explosive/1d4+ poison/toxin, unarmed attack at -2 or
fired manually 2m range increment. 500cr.
• Whip Cord: 1d2+grapple, 6m range, target rolls a Str -4 or grappled. 750cr.
• Wrist Laser: 2d10, 6m, 5 shot, 1500cr.
• Wrist Grapple: 15m retractable wire with magnetic grapple, can only hold weigh
of one being. 150cr
• Wrist Rocket: 3d6, 10m, Radius 2m, Save for half. 1000cr, 100cr per rocket.

• Boot Spikes, 1d4 melee damage. 250cr
• Data Pad: Bracer integrated. 1000cr
• Kama, Adds +2 bonus to Saves vs shrapnel explosive devices. 200cr
• Mag-lamp: attaches to helmet, give light out to 30', 10cr
• Pauldroon, Allows a Save to negate extra crit hit damage. 300cr
• Visual Wrist Com: 75k range, holo visual, basic datapad. 1500cr

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