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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Reading

Grade Level Fourth Grade

Learning Objective
4.5 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional
texts, narrative nonfiction texts, and poetry. a) Explain the author’s
purpose. b) Describe how the choice of language, setting, characters,
and information contributes to the author’s purpose. c) Identify the
main idea. d) Summarize supporting details. e) Identify the problem
Content Knowledge

and solution. f) Describe the relationship between text and previously

read materials. g) Identify sensory words. h) Draw conclusions/make
inferences about text. i) Make, confirm, or revise predictions. j)
Identify cause and effect relationships. k) Use reading strategies
throughout the reading process to monitor comprehension. l) Read
with fluency and accuracy.

The activity will get the students to think about what the main idea of
the book is and the details that support their thought. In the SOL the
students will be learning about how to identify the main idea of a
story. One they know what a main idea is they will be . The activity is
to create a breaking news headline about what the main idea of the
book is and give one supporting idea about how they came up with
that. The web 2.0 tool I am using is
It allows you to enter the text in labeled boxes and put an image up to
show your information in a fun and interesting way.
Technology The technology that will be used for this lesson is a website called:
You are able to create a breaking news headline for free.
Directions for Use 1) Open up the internet
2) Enter the website address:
3) Where it says “News Channel” type the title of the book the
class is currently reading
4) Where it says “Headline” type what you believe the main idea
to be
5) Where it says “Description” type what you believe to be a
supporting detail of the main idea
6) Where it says “Date” type the date you are completing the
7) Where it says ”Place” type where the story took place
8) Go to the top of your computer screen and open a new tab.
9) In the new search bar go to
10) Under the big word GOOGLE, type the title of the book
11) Find an image that you like about the book and left click on it
12) Hit the save as button and save it to your desk top.
13) Close out of the tab with google
14) Where it says “Upload a image” click the choose file button
and on the left side of the screen that pops up hit desktop and
find the image you saved from google and click it. Hit open
15) That screen should close and take you back to your news
broadcast with the image
16) You can drag the picture to the place you want
17) After you are done click download image and your news
broadcast is complete
Link to the example
product TwR95aWIpCnf8gw4XLQ/edit

Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).