Bhushan steel is the combination of two companies BHUSHAN STEEL LTD and BHUSHAN ENERGY LTD

Bhushan Steel Ltd formerly known as Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd. is a globally renowned one of the leading prominent player in Steel Industry. Backed by more than two decades, of experience in Steel making, Bhushan Steel is now India s 3rd largest Secondary Steel Producer company with an existing steel production capacity of 2 million tones per annum s (approx.). Given a vibrant Steel industry dynamics in India, we are on a course to become a fully Integrated Steel & Power Company with market leading offerings in value added Steel in Automotive and White Good Segment with the quality been approved by ISO 9002 and QS 9000.

It was the vision of the founder; Brij Bhushan Singal, that the first stake was driven into the soil of Sahibabad (Uttar Pradesh) in 1987. His vision helped BSL overcome several periods of adversity and strive to improve against all odds.

The company is centralized source for wide variety of products such as Annealed, Galvanized, High Tensile Steel Strapping, Corrugated Sheets, Galume Sheets and Coils, Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips , Billets, Sponge Iron and Precision Tubes. manufactured in its various plants. BSL has the

but in the production of a much wider variety of value added steel like Cold Rolled Coil And Sheet. Orissa to manufacture Hot Rolled (HR) coils (which is the key raw material for its existing operations) / billets. The steel plant is being implemented through Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) ± Blast Furnace (BF) ± Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Color Coated Sheet. Corrugated Sheet. 75. district Dhenkanal. Galvanized Coil And Sheet.25. Khopoli Plant The Khopoli plant. with a production of 4. High Tensile Steel Strapping. Cold Rolled Sheet. The steel plant will have the capacity to manufacture 2. The company has three manufacturing units in the state of y Uttar Pradesh (Sahibabad Unit) y Maharashtra (Khopoli unit) y Orissa (Meramandali unit) Sahibabad Plant The Sahibabad plant was commissioned in 1987. so as to guard against future increase in prices / possible shortages of HR coils for its cold rolling facilities. commissioned in 2004 has been playing a remarkable role not only in the growth of exports.0 MTPA of . giving a tremendous volume thrust to the production capacity of Bhushan Steel Ltd. Meramandali Plant BSL is currently implementing a backward integration project to set up an integrated steel plant of 2. Galume Coil & Galume Sheet. Hardened And Tempered Coil. besides being a preferred supplier of automotive grade steel sheets for inner and outer panels to all leading 4-wheeler and 2wheeler manufacturers in the country. Corrugated Sheet. The production capacity of the Khopoli plant is 4.000 MT per annum.000 MT per annum. The plant compromises the products such as Cold Rolled Coil. Galvanized Coil And Sheet. Precision Tubes.distinction of being the only producer In India of the widest width CR Sheet.3 MTPA capacity at Meramandali.

about 18 km from Angul.HR coils and 0. The South Eastern Railway's line connecting Angul and Cuttack railway station and the National Highway NH-42 are passing on the north of the site. coal middling and char) (water steam cycle) essentially entails two main stages. The BEL is setting up 300 MW power plant with the estimated capital outlay of Rs. The location of site for the project is as follows: The BEL Project site is located at Meramandali. the energy stored in coal is converted . 1018 crores. about 42 km from Dhenkanal. In the first stage.3 MTPA of billets and power generation capacity of 110 MW.. about 100 km North West of Cuttack and 125 km from Bhubaneswar. The plant has introduced the new products ± Billets And Sponge Iron. Bhushan Energy Limited (BEL) has been promoted by M/s Bhushan Steel Ltd. with the main focus on power Business. Dhenkanal district of Orissa. which is at a distance of 4 km from the site. The plant is proposed to be connected from Meramandali railway station. The river Brahmani flows from north-west to south-east on the northern side of the site at a distance of about 6 km. Paradip port is located at distances of 180 km. BHUSHAN ENERYGY LTD. Process The process of generation of power from coal (or coal equivalent viz.

The water steam cycle essentially contains coal fired steam generator. learning and working in a clean. which is generated in the boilers. steam is reheated in the steam generator and fed to the Intermediate Pressure (IP) turbine. After leaving the HP turbine.into heat energy in the coal-fired boilers. safe and healthy environment. thereby generating electricity. boiler feed pump. condensate extraction pump. with the auxiliaries and common utility services like plant water system. In the LP turbine steam coming directly from the IP turbine expands to condenser pressure and is condensed in the condenser. ash handling plant. coal handling system.´ . The feed-water pumps discharge feed water from the feed-water tank via the HP heaters to the steam generator. Closed cycle water system is used for cooling of the condenser. The superheated steam produced in the steam generator is supplied to the steam turbine. steam turbine with condenser. is passed through turbines (conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy) which in turn is coupled to generators (conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy). coal handling system. The main sections of the utility system are the coal handling system. ash handling system. circulating and auxiliary cooling water pumps and the generator transformer with bus duct. low-pressure (LP) heaters and high-pressure (HP) heaters and the connecting pipelines. In the second stage. The condensate collected in the condenser hot well is discharged by the condensate pumps and supplied via the LP condensate heaters into the feed-water tank. feed-water tank. which drives three-phase AC generator. The main sections of the power generating unit include boiler along with milling system and electrostatic precipitator. the high-pressure steam. turbine generator unit. plant electrical system and workshop. and switchyard for power evacuation. Company¶s Vision y About Culture: -³To make it a place where all the people can thrive living. The power station has been designed with two power generating units of 1000 MW each. switchyard and the plant water system.

³We should always be the pioneers with our products ± out front leading the market.³Sell good merchandise at reasonable price. Bhushan Steel¶s endeavor is to attain the highest level of Customer Satisfaction.e.³See the good in people and try to develop those qualities´ i.y About Values:-To corporate values as ³the rules or guidelines by which a corporation exhorts its members to behave consistently with its order. security and growth.Director Whole Time Director Nominee Director Director Director .´ y About Products: .´ BOARD OF DIRECTORS Name Brij Bhushan Singal Nittin Johari P K Aggarwal Mohan Lal V K Mehrotra Designation Chairman / Chair Person Whole Time Director Whole Time Director Director Director Neeraj Singal Rahul Sen Gupta Sunita Sharma B B Tandon M V Suryanarayana Vice Chairman & Mng. treat our customer like we would treat our friends and the business will take care of itself.´ y About People: . y About Customers: . preparation and grooming of the next generation of the young thinkers.

Japan. y BSL has a good debt-servicing track record. y Profit making and dividend paying company since inception. y BSL has emerged as the country¶s largest and the only CR Steel Plant with an independent line for manufacturing Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets up to a width of 1700mm. On completion. y Focused on niche high value added segment of automobile and white goods & is today a leader in these segments. as well as Galvanized Steel Coils and Sheets up to width of 1350mm. . y First to set up a high Tech Plant in 1996 to cater to auto mobile and white good sector. y Bhushan Steel has transformed to 3rd largest producer of Cold Rolled Steel with an installed capacity of one million tons and sales of more than USD 1 Billion. the Plant will be one of the largest integrated Hot Rolled Steel and Power complexes of the nation. y Invested in latest technology/equipment without compromising over cost.ACHIEVEMENTS Most brilliant milestone in BSL s journey of excellence is setting up of Steel and Power Plant in Orissa. in technical tie up with Sumitomo Metals. Recently started the country¶s largest Colour Coated line and first to manufacture the Galume (zinc and aluminium coated sheets / coils) in Khopoli Plant.



however. which is primarily required by the plant and equipment. pharmaceutical and chemical industries. According to an estimate crude steel output at the biggest Indian steelmaker is roughly 144 tonnes per worker per year. y y Bhushan Steel production in India is also hampered by power shortages. whereas in Western Europe the figure is around 600 tonnes. Problems of of Bhushan Steel y Although the company has modernised its steelmaking considerably. nearly 6% of its crude steel is still produced using the outdated open-hearth process.PROBLEM OF THE ORGANISATION y There is a proper criteria to tackle the problem and then to solve the corporate issues. y Labour productivity in India is still very low. Insufficient freight capacity and transport infrastructure impediments too hamper the growth of Bhushan Steel y y Unremunerative Prices Endemic Deficiencies . y Bhushan Steel has to do a lot of catching in the production of stainless steel.

y y Low Labour Productivity High Cost of Basic Inputs and Services COMPETETION INFOREMATION Bhushan Power and Steel has completed a 3. The first phase of this project is likely to be over before the closing of the current financial year. the plant will almost double the present capacity of the company. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Sri Lanka and Malaysia are the major markets of export for the company. cater mostly to the public health department of the states. Haryana.2 million tons of capacity will be completed. Punjab.2 lakh tons per annum. precision tubes both ERW and CEW as well as black pipes. Tube Products of India. Tata. the company captures nearly 12 to 15 percent of the market. Countries like Nigeria. These plants will be both tube plants as well as service centres for the auto industry. Bhushan serves the public health department of UP. This will help the company to control the price of their products due to the controlled input prices. there are plans to set up new plants in Ludhiana. Manesar and Hosur. work for 1. automotive industry. The company faces competition from some strong contenders including Jindal. Tamil Nadu. With the completion of this stage. With a production capacity of 1. Ultimately. Land has already been acquired land for the projects. TISCO. Nepal.5-million-ton backward integration plant in Jashugara district of Orissa. Atlas Tubes and Surya Roshini. which will be set up at an investment of Rs 200 crore. The unit is being set up at an investment of Rs 1000 crore. According to a senior official of the company. Bhushan's product mix. . furniture making and even infrastructure. comprising galvanized iron pipes (GI pipes). The company generally exports its GI pipes and Precision tubes.

Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors. Transformers. There manufactured size range from 10mm NB to 100 mm NB with strip thickness of 1. This problem crops up mostly in the automotive sector where there is a middleman between the principal buyer and the principal producer. Germany.80 mm and 5. among others. In the automotive sectors. a senior official of the company said.70 mm to 114 mm while CEW tubes are ranging from 9 mm to 110 mm. Railway Electrification. Suzuki. Honda. Automobiles and Bicycles. Super heaters. Bhushan Power and Steel supplies to major players like Bajaj Auto.40 mm Precision tubes both ERW and CEW are widely used for Power and Industrial boilers. These players provide huge competition to the organised players of the market. The major constraint of the company is the existence of the unorganised players. which caters to domestic. He said that the company has to face pricing constraints even as it does not get proper price for its products from the market.BSNL is also included in the client list of the company as the company produces GI pipes which are used for laying cables. Japan. Black pipe is used for . Maruti. Even the Chandigarh plant of the company manufactures black pipes. Thus the company has to source its technology from the US. Italy and China. The Kolkata plant. especially for its plants in north India. Furniture and General Engineering Applications. agriculture and industrial sectors. Product Bundle The company manufactures GI Pipes at its Derabassi plant in Punjab. The technology for the manufacturing of their products is not available in India. Precision Tubes and black pipes are made at their Kolkata plant. The company generally sources its raw materials from SAIL and ESSAR. The ERW tubes are of outer diameter ranging from 12.motorcycle and scooter division. PWC according to a senior official of the company is not actually a big threat. This is generally due to the vendors who buy the products from them. which are many in number. due to the presence of port uses raw materials which are usually imported from Australia.

fabrication of structure. gas.transportation of air. Varnished pipes are used for general engineering industries. automobiles. Catching each others neck is there main motive but apart from that they are making an important contribution in building our nation¶s strength. ANALYSIS . cycles and general furniture industries. Both the company are sharing this common interest from the last 2 decades. S.W. The basic competion that the company is facing with the SAIL (STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA).O.T.

low labour wage rate. availability of iron ore. protectionism in the west 3.T. Analysis is a technique used for identifying an organization s strength s and weakness and examining the opportunities and threats which the organization is facing. low labour productivity THREATS 1. The S.W. unremunerative prices 2. Export Market Penetration 1. Other Sectors 3. weakness. china becoming net exporter 2. High Cost of Basic Inputs and Services 4. dumping by competitors STRENGHTS y y y y availability of iron ore low labour wage rate abundance of manpower mature production base . STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES 1.O. Unexplored Rural Market 2.W. Analysis is a technique for understanding strengths.T. opportunities and threats of an organization. mature production base OPPORTUNITIES 1. Endemic Deficiencies 3.O. abundance of manpower 4. 2.S. 3.

WEAKNESS y y y y Unremunerative Prices Endemic Deficiencies Low Labour Productivity High Cost of Basic Inputs and Services Opportunities y y y Unexplored Rural Market Other Sectors Export Market Penetration THREATS y y y china becoming net exporter protectionism in the west dumping by competitors .

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