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THOMAS L GIGLIO. 40 BEDFORD PLACE YARDLEY PA 19067 August 25, 2018 Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Governor Tom Wolf Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of the Governor 601 Commonwealth Avenue 508 Main Capital Buillding Suite 3500 Harrisburg, PA 17120 P.O. Box 62525 Harrisburg, PA 17120-0910 Re: Mancuso v. Giglio Custody Case Dear Board Members and Governor Wolf: My heart goes out to Judge Trauger for having to sit through hours of “toxic and bitter parental communications and confit” during the court proceedings involving my daughter and the biological father of Kayden Mancuso. it must have been very painful for him to endure... and then have to review all the psychological and custody reports, all the evidence to then make an “educated” decision that would be in the best interests of the child, Unfortunately, his decision to allow unsupervised visitation rights to the father ultimately led to the brutal murder of Kayden. With the father’s substantiated history of violence, why:was he allowed any Contact with Kayden before he was court certified to not bea threat?! 'F1 may, allow me to provide a more compelling example of pain... Let me tell you my story. On the morning of Monday August 6”, Brian Sherlock, Kayden’s Stepfather, and I drove down to the father’s home in Manyunk PA. We parked in front and knocked on the door. The father's pit bull, Beyonce, was enclosed in the alleyway adjacent to the building. The dog knows me and was not a threat as we unlatched the gate and walked up the side of the building to the back door which led to the kitchen. Turning the handle, | felt relief that we would not have to break into the home. The police who hhad arrived at the home the night before (90 minutes after they were summoned) indicated the home could not be entered without a warrant) Brian and | walked through the kitchen and into the dining room / living room. The room was quiet with only the Fios Screen Saver displayed on the TV. Ahead of Brian, walked directly to the stairway leading to the bedrooms on the second flor. As! went up the stairs | called out to the father, “seff.. anyone here?” At the top of the stairs faced the first bedroom door, which was closed and stuck; a belt was protruding from the top. | could not budge it At that instant, ! heard Brian cry out from downstairs that he had found Kayden,