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| raced back down the stairs and looking toward the front door, saw Kayden’s body stretched across the entryway in front of the door. She was lying on her stomach, her legs spread, in the clothes she apparently had been wearing when she was dropped off on Saturday. Her head was enclosed in a plastic grocery bag with an IPhone charger cord wrapped around her neck. ! touched her bare legs (she ‘was wearing shorts) and felt the cold stiff condition... touched her lifeless back... ! saw the pool of dried blood beneath and surrounding her, hardened to the point that I could actually break it with my finger... the splatter of blood stains on the wall next to her head... the heavy barbell only a few inches away. And resting on her back was a hand-printed sheet of white paper, a “note” from the father. Written on both sides, it was difficult to decipher. The last two paragraphs seem to suggest that this was all the fault of the family, that we “got what we deserved”. ‘Meanwhile, Brian was on the phone with 911 insisting that the police come immediately; | told him to make sure they came with detectives. Then | heard the sirens and went to the front door and saw the firetruck rounding the corner. Soon thereafter we were inundated with police and other emergency personnel, As Brian sat next to the building in a state of shock and grief, | managed to give my name, address and phone number to atleast three different officers. And so went the morning... | would do anything to take Judge Trauger through a firsthand experience of me finding my. Granddaughter that Monday morning... brutally destroyed by her biological father... Perhaps knowing at least second hand what a truly painful experience it was, it may help him to temper his judgement and attitude... and allow him to be the Judge he professes to be. This horrible end to the life of 7 year old Kayden could have been avoided if only Judge Trauger had done the right thing for her... and not allowed the father contact with her until he was court certified healthy. | trust you will bear this in mind as you decide what is truly teachable for parents, the media, and the public. églio Kayden’s Maternal Grandfather