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Clarissa Valenzuela

SCED 3311

Prof. Ruby Lynch Arroyo

24 October 2018

Chemistry PAP 11:01 am-11:47 am (Ms. Bryant)

As I seek for the next classes being taught in Del Valle High School I decide to observe Ms.

Bryant once more but with her Chemistry PAP class. I wanted to see how does a teacher switch

gears completely from class to class and how a teacher can go on about their day.

As soon as her Forensics class was over she went straight outside to start greeting her next class.

Her class would say hi to her and would go straight to their seats. Which stayed the same with

the 3 seats on a zig zag position. The moment the tardy bell rang she started her class with no

doubt or hesitation. Ms. Bryant asked her students to take out their notebooks because they were

going to practice a very easy concept this day since they had just taken their nine weeks exam the

previous day.

I was sitting towards the back of the class in the lab benches and I was able to see that those

students where engaged and knew they were expected to be able to react quickly, answer

questions and be ready to work which is quite difficult to get from a class but this was instilled in

them since they are PAP.

Chemistry is a subject that is difficult to understand and is extremely complex with many rules,

numbers, series, codes, and math. For a student to grasp it immediately it is quite impressive.

This is what Ms. Bryant has achieved in her Chemistry PAP course. They were engaged and
ready to learn from the moment they walked in. They knew they had to finish their work and

they knew that they were going to learn something new. They were happy impressed and

relieved when they learned a new way to do electron configurations.

She started her class by asking them to write down an electron configuration from a specific

element they had to research. While they did this, she edited her TEKS. They were in “kid

friendly” format and they showed a “I WILL” “WE WILL” concept. This concept is proven by

YISD to work since it interacts and pertains to the teacher and to the class including teacher. As

she finished writing down her TEKS she then transferred on to asking a specific student for the

answer for the electron configuration. I noticed this was helpful since she was not waiting or

expecting someone to volunteer to give the answer. After every electron configuration she would

ask them to rehearse she would go back to her desk and do something else whether it was taking

attendance or look at papers. I think this was again because her power zone was limited since her

desk where quite close to each other. At some point the students where overwhelmed with

writing such long electron configurations that at that point she showed them how to take

advantage of their noble gases and be able to shorten their answer. They were so exited to learn

this new objective and to be able to implement and it created a new sense of learning and

although they were doing the same thing being able to do it easier made a new lesson for them

and new understanding. Ms. Bryant gave them a quite lengthy and difficult element to work

through and after she was ready to get an answer the students where divided about the answer

and not sure if the student that was asked to give answer was correct which she then asked the

class to turn to a big magnetic periodic table on the wall with magnetic elements where they

could go over the answer. It happened that the student was correct, and she praised him for

having the right answer and for being able to stick to his answer. She then gave them an
assignment to do where they were to write their electron configurations on a sheet of paper in

both valence electrons in a diagram and point out the element’s information. She had written 7

elements on the board and they did this assignment till the end of the class. While students

worked through this assignment Ms. Bryant would call the students up one by one to give them

their score on their nine weeks overall and their exam, I noticed that the students where always

working, and never did she have to raise her voice or ask them to do their work. They kept

working and helping each other with no chaos at hand. It may come with them being trained

already and aware that they are PAP and their work is a lot more difficult and they are being

taught more than the other classes.

As I realized that this was their only assignment due for the day it made me realize that the 5 E’s

model was not being implanted in the classroom. Ms. Bryant’s power zone was small and hardly

moved until the end of the class where she saw that most students were done and the ones that

weren’t needed more help from her. She would never give them the answers, but she would ask

them to work it out in front of her then she would go through the process with them until they got

the correct answer and they were able to turn in their paper.

Students started turning in their work 15 minutes before the class ended and the rest of the class

was free time. This experience made me realize that there will be many times that teaching may

be overwhelming and that sometimes things don’t go as planned because there are grades due

such as the nine weeks reports and the students as teachers never want to stop learning but after a

long vigorous studying for an exam both can be overwhelmed. Students where never causing

raucous even if they were done with their work they were well behaved and enjoyed actually

being in class and having a day where they could have a bit of a break since it is rare when it

happens. There was no closure to the class and the lesson plans as I know were not implemented.
It makes me want to come back to this class and see how a normal class works where there are

no distractions such as grades. I know from fellow classmates that recommended Ms. Bryant as

someone to observe that she is a great teacher that is able to create a sense of learning in

chemistry which is hard to do and the students have fun learning as well.

Soon I want to go back to Ms. Bryant’s class to see a new lesson plan and I am sure she

incorporates and creates great lessons since the ideas I saw in both classes I saw of hers where