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This proposal highlights the specific sectors of property management services that are mostly
required for the different spectrum of buildings. With this document we affirm our competence
with respect to expertise if awarded any contract.

Our baseline for operating is teamwork, specifically providing facilities, financial, brokerage,
marketing, property and asset management services to support the property owner in meeting
their investment objectives which we believe to be as follows:

» Ensuring that the building is maintained at the highest standard to sustain zero
vacancy rates.
» To place greater emphasis on preventing depreciation of the clients’ property value
whiles maximizing the property’s potential through the application of special
property management techniques, procedures, systems and skills.
» Maximize income to derive the best economic benefits from the building.
» Ensuring value for money in procuring third party services with best practice in the
delivery of our duties.
» Ensuring that occupational Health & Fire Safety of tenants are complied with.

We are in perfect position to provide sound commercial advice in running any property
taking into account our experience in the real estate industry and the specialist knowledge
within our company.

This proposal outlines our property management methodology which provides into detail
how we hope to achieve the client’s objectives stated above.

After inspection of the property, we shall present a deeper assessment and analysis as well as
strategies to put in place in achieving our goals highlighted above which definitely
synchronizes with the desires of the client.

A financial proposal which incorporates a schedule of our proposed management fees for
undertaking the assignment is not eminent in this proposal. We are however ready to present
and discuss the financial implications of our services if interest is shown by the client.

R.E.S.C comprises of a team of seasoned Ghanaian real estate professionals with wide ranging
experience in the industry.

R.E.S.C was formed to bring an innovation in the Real Estate Industry in Africa especially in the
field of Construction with Contemporary Architectural concepts, Property and
Facilities Management. This is to meet the swift increment in investment in residential and
commercial property development especiallyin High Rise Office buildings, Luxury Residential
Buildings, Hostel facilities and Retail shops in Ghana notforgetting the lack of adequate
professional property management firms to render high standard property services for them.

We dwell on the principle that the client is the “Center of our world”. We have thus built our
business around our clients’ needs which ensures our ability to provide a very customer focused
approach by way of setting up specific teams to proactively deal with day to day work and
responding to emergencies.

We have the structure, staffing and systems in place to commence work immediately if awarded a

We work in close partnership with our clients and their tenants/occupiers to ensure that we deliver
value for money. Monitoring and analyzing our performance to continually improve the service we
deliver to our clients is a daily responsibility for us because we believe in growth and the
possibility of performance close to perfection.

We provide a “hands on” approach to all aspects of our operations.

To become the leading real estate service provider in Ghana.

To bring innovation in the Real Estate Industry in Ghana as well as setting the
benchmark for Propertyand Facilities Management practices according to high level
international standards while maximizing profits and benefits exceeding our client


» Innovation
When all think alike, then no one is thinking. At R.E.S.C, we strive to be different from the
“crowd” hence putting in daily efforts to come up with strategies and concepts that will
serve our purposes better unlike the indoctrinated and orthodoxic approaches adopted by
our contemporaries.

» Customer focused
We dwell on the principle that the client is the “Center of our world”. We have thus built
our business around our clients’ needs which ensures our ability to provide a very
customer focused and oriented service through the allocation of adequate teams to meet
each specific customer’s needs.

» Synergy
R.E.S.C believes in coordination of specialized firms in achieving goals and targets rather
than a “jack of all trades” concept. We therefore believe that by forming strategic
partnerships we are able to provide a higher quality of services to our clients.

» Trust and Transparency

We at R.E.S.C believe trust is earned when action meets words; hence we maximize the
expectations of our clients only with truth and by being transparent in backing our
promises with actions.

» Efficiency
We believe in achieving our goals and targets with the least effort and over a short period
of time via strategic approaches

» Communication
We refer to our clients as colleagues because we involve them in every decision
making and hence they are never blindsided.

R.E.S.C’s system of management complies with high standards promoted in firms affiliated with
honorable institutions like CBRE, JLL, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD (3 top commercial real
estate companies in the world). These standards are upheld by putting in place the necessary
structures for the effective management of the common areas/elements and facilities at the

Our cardinal objective is to ensure that the development maintains its commercial appeal, asset
value and does not run into physical and functional obsolescence.

Our operational system is simple and straight forward. Each tenant pays a service charge to cover
management and maintenance of the communal areas and common services such as Janitorial
Services, Lighting to common areas, Maintenance and Operation of the Generator Set, Lifts,
Security, Landscape Maintenance, Gym and Swimming Pool Maintenance (if available),
Communal Water Bill, Management Fee e.t.c.

R.E.S.C would use best practices and benchmarks to procure third party services i.e. Specialist
contractors, engage on-site staff in connection with the maintenance of the properties
synchronizing –with the management duties as assigned by the client.

Property & Facilities Brokerage Services Real Estate Consultancy & Property Valuation
Management (marketing, leasing & sales) Project management


1. Property & Facilities management

» We shall attend to the control, management, maintenance and repair of common

areas and facilities.
» Ensure the continuous supply of all services to (i.e. water, electricity, refuse and
sewerage, security services, cleaning and general maintenance, etc.).
» Inspect flats or office spaces regularly and submit periodic reports on them.
» Employ, coordinate, effectively and efficiently supervise onsite employees assigned
to the development.
» Draw up detailed maintenance plans (periodic & routine maintenance) including
anticipated action programmes and cost schedules

Administrative duties
R.E.S.C shall:
» Keep records of service charge invoices and receipts and submit income and expenditure
accounts quarterly.
» Service Charge Collection.
» Render periodic operations and activities report to the Client.
» Send periodic statements to residents indicating fees due.
» Prepare and deliver to The Client each financial year, budgets for the development for
the ensuing year. The budget once approved by the client shall set performance standards
for the forecast period.
» Maintain full records in connection with administration of the property which shall be
available at all reasonable times for inspection by the Client or its appointed Agents and
annually audited by the Client’s Auditors.
» Effect payments of expenditure in the normal operations of the Manager.
» Attend periodic management meetings called by the Client.
» We further help our client determine what to set aside as sinking fund to cover future
capital expenditure on Plant and Machinery i.e. Lifts, Water, Pumps, Generators, etc.

Tenant Administration & Management
Under this function, R.E.S.C will seek to undertake the following:
» Ensure lease covenant compliance by tenants and act as liaison in respect of complaints
» Continuously review leases to ensure that covenants are fully compliant and relevant
» Trigger rent review and lease renewal notices, facilitate termination of leases and manage
lease breaches.
» Ensure tenant compliance with consents required for assignments of leases, sublets,
license for alterations etc.

Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Measures

R.E.S.C would ensure the health & safety of all occupiers and visitors through:

» Development and implementation of safety directives/regulations.

» Conducting periodic fire safety drills to create awareness and educate the occupants on
health & safety issues.
» Well demarcated and lighted emergency exits as well as assembly points and any other
tools and systems needed during emergencies.
» Security procedures and concepts to ascertain and avoid terrorist attacks, flooding,
pollution and any other situation that shall have a monopoly on the safety and health of
the tenants.
» Any area of non-conformance would be addressed promptly to ensure that there are no
accidents which might result in loss of lives or legal charges against the client.

2. Brokerage Services (Marketing, Leasing & Sales)

RESC employs all avenues to prevent voids in client properties. These include all available
mediums that create an efficient marketing concept for our client. RESC has access to a
pool of independent property brokers who are coordinated to assist in meeting our targets,
whether sale or rental. Our brokerage dynamics are as follows:

» Assist in formulating an overall leasing strategy which addresses, amongst others,

marketing the property, advice on tenant, tenant size requirements, determine rental
value i.e. rate per square meter etc.
» Provide an estimate of the operational cost per sqm to be recovered from tenants;
» Continuously review the overall leasing strategy and update rentals and tenant

» Assist in formulating a marketing strategy and budget to target prospective tenants,
including communication strategies;
» Assess initial interest from tenants, compile comprehensive summary of potentials tenants
» Source suitable tenants which meet the requirements of the leasing strategy;
» Ongoing monitoring of the budget against offers received from prospective tenants;
» Conduct the relevant due diligence including but not limited to creditworthiness checks;
» Scrutinize the Lease documentation prepared by the Attorneys and advise of material risks;
» Ensure the Offer to Lease is submitted within the guidelines of the overall leasing strategy
and rental budget;
» If the Principle accepts the offer to Lease, ensure that all formalities pertaining to
concluding of Agreement to Lease are completed;
» Compile and maintain a lease tracking register that incorporates the approved leasing
strategy and updates;
» Attend regular leasing meetings with the Principle to report back on team activities,
leasing related issues, and to present Offers to Lease for approval.

3. Property Valuation

RESC renders consultancy services in terms of property valuations for all clients who seek to
ascertain accurate values of their assets on the property market. Our valuations are according
to international valuation standards regulated by prestigious institutions like Royal Institute
of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as well as the Ghana Institute of Surveyors (GhIS).

We provide clients with detailed valuation reports that are upheld by any national or
international institution, financial institutions and law courts. Our services aids clients to
make informed decisions on choice of land use plans as well as selling and rental values that
ensures their property stays highly attractive on the market in terms of pricing for both sale
and rental.

4. Real Estate Consultancy & Project management

R.E.S.C renders consultancy services for investors and clients who seek to achieve and reach
the maximum potential and best land use of their properties. Our experience in the real
estate industry as well as exposure to the property market puts us in the perfect position to
forecast the level of success of any property investment.

We are able to realize the potential of any landed property based on certain guidelines like
location, property market trends, comparable developmental concepts etc, and hence advice
our clients on the most beneficial developmental concept or land use plan to implement.

Our clients are not left to struggle after our advisory services. We offer project management
services to support clients implement the advised concepts.

This assistance involves:

» Preparation of financial analysis and forecasts

» Drafting business modules for investors
» Sourcing for investors all over the world
» Providing innovative real estate concepts
» Providing top class architectural designs
» Liaising with blue chip building contractors as well as other construction service providers
such as international renewable energy and sewerage engineering companies, elevator
companies, etc.

We provide continuous support for our clients from the real estate project conception,
throughout construction, final project implementation stage, property management after
project completion. In effect we are your partners for life, always at your service to
increase your assets and wealth.

R.E.S.C has a youthful and energetic team, and the requisite staff levels with Property management,
Project management and Finance backgrounds for its operations. The team breeds with strong
international exposure in terms of education and job experience and has over a combined
10 years experience in the above described areas of business.

We are proud to say that our commitment to work and the value we bring has made us assets to
many companies in Europe and Africa. The Key Professional Staff of the company are as listed
below with their respective qualifications and relevant experience.


Kwasi is a joint overseer of the overall Management of Commercial, Retail, Corporate and
Residential Properties, where his responsibilities include introducing management concepts and
preparing strategic reports for Management and Clients. Kwasi is a Co-founder and has over 4 years
of experience in the property industry. He is an incorporate member of the Chartered Institute of
Builders and holds a certificate in Land Economy.

Prior to joining R.E.S.C he worked with HB Consult e.K in Germany managing the German African
Project which involved high priority projects on Renewable energy, Water and Sewage, Industrial,
Mining and Construction Machinery for Clients in Africa. These projects have facilitated his
coordination with firms like MAN Truck & Bus, Germany, Amman Elba, Liebherr, Kleeman
and evenfinancial institutions like HELABA Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen. Organising the first
HELABA business excellence awards in Ghana in 2015 is one of his many achievements.

He also worked with Broll Ghana Limited in Ghana managing high end properties and corporate
clients. Among these are the World Trade Centre Building, Premier Tower, Heritage Tower and Trust
Tower where he served as the property manager as well as handled the tenant lease administration.
Kwasi further handled the day to day management and decision making for Greysilver Company
Limited as the Managing Director as well as a partner for, the first ever Ghanaian
freebies website.

Kwasi has Cyclone Properties Limited (CPL) as part of his portfolio where he functioned as a
director and the head of property management and brokerage.

Kwasi speaks fluent English, German, Twi and a level A1 French and enjoys swimming, basketball
and karaoke.


As the Co-founder Kwabena is a realtor, property and facility manager and jointly responsible for the
overall management of the R.E.S.C portfolio ranging from Commercial, Retail, Corporate and
Residential Properties. His responsibilities include commercial and residential brokerage, property
management, facility management and real estate consultancy.

Kwabena has over 4 years of experience in the real estate and property industry and studied
International Real Estate and Facility Management at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in The
Netherlands. Furthermore, he worked with the Goldman Sachs owned facility services company
ISS International located in the Netherlands as an assistant to the facility manager which involved
managing of facility management portfolios for high profile clients such as Delta Lloyd Insurances.

Prior to joining R.E.S.C he was the director of Ultratech Solutions Ghana Limited a company providing
real estate services such as market research, property management, brokerage and facilities

He also worked at Broll Ghana Limited in Ghana as a commercial real estate broker and sometimes in
the capacity of a research officer. At Broll he worked on various projects such as the brokerage of
World Trade Center, Ridge Tower, Heritage Towers, Stanbic Heights, One Airport Square, Marina Mall.
With regards to research/feasibility projects Kwabena worked as a key researcher in the compilation
and analysis of data. Kwabena also brings different set of skills to the company, coming from a
customer service background having worked for multinationals as a customer care representative.

Kwabena speaks fluent English, Dutch and Twi and enjoys football, swimming and tourism.

4 R.E.S.C PORTFOLIO 14 Apartements

An overview of some of the properties under R.E.S.C’s portfolio.

ARIASVILLE (Airport Residential) BROWN WEDGE (Cantonments)

8 Houses 7 Houses / 2 Apartments

Brokerage Services Property & Facilities Brokerage Services Property & Facilities
(marketing, leasing & sales) Management (marketing, leasing & sales) Management

CHERUB (Roman Ridge) CASA MASSONI (Cantonments)

7 Houses 6 Houses

Brokerage Services Property & Facilities Real Estate Consultancy & Property & Facilities
(marketing, leasing & sales) Management project manament Management

East Airport Enclave MELMOS (Airport Residential)

12 Apartements 14 Apartements / 8 Houses

Real Estate Consultancy & Brokerage Services Brokerage Services

project manament (marketing, leasing & sales) (marketing, leasing & sales)


10 Houses

Brokerage Services
(marketing, leasing & sales)