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a little, some biraz New in Forums
Should ,means and others difficulties
very, much, many çok ulak: ... ... ya da ... olsalarda, herkesin yemek ... ...
... y...
enough yeterli as low as
Henry: Bence ´as low as´ = kadar az In your exam
any, no, none hiç as ...
Ona göre
few az si++: Literally: x´e göre = as it looks to x, how it l
too much, too many çok fazla Turkish to English
harp00n: Derya has a wifi ... i´m using it for e-m
too fazla 5 kilo fazlam var...
Abla: Thank you for your answers, AlphaF, gokuyu
more daha fazla, daha çok ikicihan.
less daha az lyrics translation please
nifrtity: I will search for this lyrics more but I didn
it please help me ...
a few birkaç (tane)
turkish to english please
sam1: ...
Turkish to English
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bir gundu ama hava sog...
USD 5.00
sahip (olmak)?
Why donate? Abla: sahip is an Arabic loanword which means ...
as any noun. As...
Please help me translate T-E
rubyraven7: Thanks Tunci! I really appreciate you
albanian_girl91, aLma_BoSNa, clarividencia, Heaven, jamilatti, Jarmi, koki_koky, MaryamDahche, Please let me know if I...
mcrita, nildeshoney, noha naim, nomorebasta, Noura, omlujain, robinas, slouma, thorayajasim and seni annen mi giydirdi?
Abla: ... by the way, do you have the Turkish loanw
tristerecuerdos liked this lesson in Swedish?
colloquial in future tense
tunci: Colloquial in Present ... Tense ; [Note: this fo
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yalkun20 Jan 13 + -

ben yeni ogranci. tesekkurler bu kadar guzal darslere Report

memma Dec 23 + -
very nıce Report
Add thumbnails like this to your site
turkey1994 6/11/2011 + - Most commented
Güzel Ama Çok Zör lol So diffcult Report
(+1) Profile of Prashantsharma
RQ70 4/6/2011 + -
Can anyone provide correct sample sentences? It´s still hard to only have Report Profile of tunci
a list of the words... I need to see how they´re used. (+3)

Heaven 9/20/2010 + - Profile of CHiZZY

Çok Güzel Report

Anjelina 9/13/2010 + - Profile of BooBoo

tesekur ederim cok guzel ders Report

Profile of Faily
albanian_girl91 9/10/2010 + -
sa!ol! Report
(+2) Ay"e

Story by erdinc
Elva 9/6/2010 + -
Cok, cok, cok tesekkurler! Report Alphabet
(+1) Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
omlujain 8/2/2010 + - Lesson 4: Names of nations
çok iyi bir ders Report countries
çok te"ekkür ederim (+1) Turkish lesson by metehan
Level: beginner
aLma_BoSNa 7/25/2010 + -
Antalya - Kaleici
çok iyi...te"ekkürler Report
(+1) Picture by slavica

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Noun states

Turkish lesson by admin

Level: beginner

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