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Greeting & Self Introduction

Hello.. Good morning friends. How are you today? I will to introduce my self..
My full name is Feronitha Thoro Pratama. I don’t have nickname. Just call me Fero. F-E-R-
O. I was born in Tegal on 24th June 1996. I am only have one younger brother, 12 years old.
His name is Bachtiar Dwi Rizkiantoro. My brother is student. He is at a junior high school in
Tegal. I come from Tegal and I live at Slamet Riyadi Street no 48 Tegal. I am a student. I
study at STIKES BHAMADA SLAWI and my major is nursing. I am now in the third
semester. My parents are still alive. My father is a teacher at primary school. My blood type
is A. I am 153 cm tall and my weight is 40 kg. I speak Indonesian, Javanese and and little
Okay friends, that all about me. Thank you for your attention.

2. Dialogue on Assessing a patient

Riskiana Lutfiatun as a patient.

Feronitha Thoro Pratama as a nurse.

Nurse fero : “hello good afternoon , I am nurse fero, what your name ?
Riski : “ my name is Riski “
Nurse fero :”Ms,Riski can you tell me full your full name ?”
Riski :”my full name is Riskiana Lutfiatun “
Nurse fero :”where do you comefrom ?”
Riski :”i come from Pemalang “
Nurse fero :”where do yo live ?”
Riski :”i live at cut nyak dien street no.16 slawi .”
Nurse fero :”do you have a phone number ?”
Riski :”085713736700”
Nurse fero :”what do you do ?’
Riski :”i am a teacher “
Nurse Fero :”what position do you have ?”
Riski :”i am chair person“
Nurse fero :”what religin are you Ms.Riski?”
Riski :”I am muslim”
Nurse fero :”What do you think is the matter with you ?”
Riski :”i felt dizzy and weak “
Nurse Fero :”Have you ever had any serious ilness in the past ?”
Riski :”No, i dont have”
Nurse fero :”have you ever been hospital before ?”
Riski :”yes ,i was hospitalized one years ago “
Nurse fero :”is there anything else you’d like to tell me ?”
Riski :” in addition to dizziness and weakness I also difficult to sleep”
Nurse fero :”Excuse me, I check blood pressure used to be"

Nurse fero : “M.Riski after I check blood pressure is high , 150 / 90.laterI will give a drug
to lower blood pressure “

Riski :”yes, is there food should I consume besides drugs to lower blood pressure?”
Nurse fero :” ms,riski should consume fruits and vegetables such as bananas and noni,
and for a while these mothers do not consume the mutton that can trigger
blood high. what already understand ?”
Riski : “yes , thanks above information”
Nurse fero :”This medicine , in drinking regularly I hope a speedy recovery.”
Riski : “yes thanks.”

3. Departement and wards in hospital: Asking and giving

Our group of sixth will present somerooms in the hospital HARAPAN ANDA TEGAL

(One day there was a family who wanted to see his family are being
treated. Family confused do Not Know The Room.)

Putri : Excuse me, can I help you?

Rike : I want to visit my grandson who entered this morning.
Putri : Where his room?
Rike : I do not know sir ..
Putri : Take the first turn on the left,until you find information rooms.
thereyou can ask where your grandson rooms.

(Arriving at information room)

Ferro : Excuse me, can you tell me my grandson rooms? His named Lilo who entered
this morning.
Sani :I check first, wait a minute. where his come from?
Ferro : His from kalisapu village.
Sani : Your grandson at bugenville VIP room,
Ferro : Can you tell me where is this?
Sani : Take the firsth turn on the right,and then go straightuntill you find T-junction,
turn left andgo straight aheadthere are the bougenvilleVIP room at childrens ward near
nursing room.
ferro : Thanks mis,
(whenshe go there. Thepatients mother wanted to pray and ask the
Ella : Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the mosque?
Siska : Take the first you can be straight then turn right at the last Tjunction and exit, at
the corner you can see the gateway, next to go straight. mosque near a parking area.
Ella : Thank you misss....

4. Story Continue

I am wake up in the morning it’s five a.m. and than the early morning prayer, later I am take
a bath it’s half past four. After I am breakfast it’s half past five and than I am packing go to
hospital it’s half past six. Until at hospital it’s seven a.m. than absent and prepare for
handover. Then I do Vital sign in patient who become my ressponsibility at 08.00 o’clock
and next back to the nurses station to assessment it’s nine o’clock than I take give drug
administration it’s half past nine. Then iI went back to the nurses station to do nursing it’s ten
o’clock than I do NGT patient in ICU room it’s eleven o’clock. It’s twelve o’clock I am back
and give drug to patient and it’s one p.m. prepare to handover and it’s two p.m I am go home

5. Telling time, date, and doctor’s schedule by phone

NURSE : Adhe Irawan

PATIENT : Hi, Is this Nurse Station?

NURSE : Yes, Who’s speaking please?
PATIENT : i’am Fero, your patient Anggrek 1. Can you come here Please?
NURSE : Sure, Wait a minute.
Yes, Fero what’s wrong with you? Do you have a problem?
PATIENT : My leg painfull?
NURSE : Your leg painfull?
PATIENT : Yes, Sir.
NURSE : Tell me the location you feel pain?
PATIENT : Here, in my right leg.
NURSE : Okay, wait a minute, I will to take a cream pain relief.
PATIENT : Yupz okay
NURSE : Excuse me fero. I will to dab cream pain relief to your leg.
PATIENT : Sure. Carefully
NURSE : Do you have any problem?
PATIENT : No sir, thank you very much

6. Pain Assesment
Nurse : Wulan Suci.

Patient : Feronitha Thoro P.

Nurse : Good morning Mr. what do you do when you sick? Whether taking the drug?

Patient : I just lie down and take medication to reduce pain.

Nurse : Part of the body where you feel pain?

Patient : Head, waist, arm, and foot.

Nurse : Can you explain about the pain?

Patient : I feel sick in the head, waist, arm, and foot because something has been
happening to me.
Nurse : What is that?

Patient : I experienced motorcycle accident.

Nurse : How the pain you feel?

Patient : The pain was unbearable

Nurse : Since when you feel pain?

Patient : Since I experienced motorcycle accident.

Nurse : How you experience pain in the head, waist, arm, and foot?

Patient : At the head feels like a sharp, sickening in the waist, dull in the arm, and on
the foot which caused dreadful and unbearable.
Nurse : How your pain after one hour taking the drug?

Patient : No changes, nurse.

Nurse : How your pain after three hour taking the drug?

Patient : The pain is reduced.

Nurse : Part of the body that is feeling the most pain?

Patient : On the foot, nurse.

Nurse : Then, part of the body that is feeling not too pain?

Patient : Waist.

Nurse : Pain like what is felt in the head, waist, arm, and foot? Whether occasional,
frequent, or constant?
Patient : Pain in the head and waist felt sometimes, pain in the arm constant, and pain
in the foot felt at any time.

Nurse : What do you do if the pain relapse?

Patient : I just take medicine.

Nurse : What time is it peak pain that is felt in the head, waist, arm, and foot?

Patient : The head and waist pain is felt at night around 10 p.m while the hands and
foot pain is felt at morning around 5 a.m.
Nurse : Whether there are other body parts that feel pain?

Patient : Nothing, nurse.

Nurse : Most felt sick time, day or night?

Patient : Hmm, in the morning.

Nurse : What do you do besides taking medicine when sick?

Patient : I just lie down and massage the pain body parts.

Nurse : What precautions so you don’t feel sick?

Patient : I reduced movement on the affected part.

Nurse : Whether you want the pain you feel recovered?

Patient : Yes I want to recover in order to return activity