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The American Dream

By Nayely Moran

United States, the land of opportunity, where the American dream is attainable
Little do they know that after traveling miles and miles for a better life
They will be turned away at the door, truth is this is a land of opportunity for SOME
And obtaining the American dream is not for EVERYONE

Immigrants and citizens alike want a better future for their families
Because decisions made by their governments or lack of are causing tragedies
They flee their countries for better opportunities
While conservatives are worried about everything but unity

Coming to America is their only option for safety and a prosperous future
Whether they are traveling through land or through sea
They are the hardest working people and they just want to be free
After all isn’t this the land where the people have rights, freedom and are equal
Then why is it so hard to believe immigrants want that too but all that conservatives see is that
they are illegal

Even with strict, unjust laws many immigrants still make it through
And show off their many qualities that would surprise you
38% of the second generation obtains a bachelor’s degree or higher1
While by the third generation percentages go up and a master’s degree can be aquired1

Immigrants are not only earning an education they could of never received in their countries
They are owning homes at a faster rate than citizens to say it bluntly2
51% of immigrants who were the head of their household owned a home2
And in terms of scarcity fewer than 1 in 5 live in poverty2
Immigrants aren’t shy when it comes to owning property
Even with language barriers and unjust laws
They do everything they can for their cause

Immigrants are in the working class they understand the challenges

But they are hard working people and are very talented

The American Dream comes with obstacles

Not every day is like the fourth of July where we celebrate freedom and eat popsicles
Immigrants migrate from countries all around the world
To most commonly live in California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey or Illinois with only the
clothes they have on as their wardrobe3

They are working jobs that Americans do not want, like long hours in agriculture, construction
and landscaping just to sustain their family
Conservatives should see these efforts and give them amnesty
They are good people and do not come to this county to leach off of resources as conservatives
might believe
Rather citizenship, freedom and a prosperous future is what they are trying to achieve

Non-threating, law abiding immigrants should be given a path to citizenship

Their lives will change forever and do a complete flip!
Besides the U.S. is already benefiting from the same people they reject4
Every year when the tax season approaches those ITIM numbers come into effect4
For those who do not qualify for a social security number
An ITIM number is issued to keep track of everyone else because the IRS always wants to
But paying taxes and being a good citizen is not enough
The government is stealing more than half of their tax returns while immigrants are still the ones
with handcuffs4
Liberals can see their financial contribution, and how they are being treated as citizens when it
comes to the government receiving money
But when its time to give back immigrants are the ones that end up in a position that is so

They have been contributing financially for years and have even increased the GDP by an
estimated 2 trillion 3
Their boost in U.S productivity has been brilliant!3
Immigrants who are constantly being criminalized are in fact benefiting the country
Conservatives should take note and not judge them so abruptly

Conservatives might argue that the immigration system should be harsher because they are
This includes Mexicans who even our very own president has called “Rapist”5
If only you could see who they really are and what they represent
This could lead to peace and a new life segment
At the end of the day they are people just like you and me
Except you’re already free
And aren’t being forced to flee

They are genuine people with dreams and culture that has forever molded this country to be so
With all they are giving and contributing, all we have done with them is gone in reverse
Travel bands and separation of their families is not what they deserve6
The unity of family should be preserved
We are a nation built on immigration
But families are being separated by Trump’s administration
He feeds us fear
That one day our family won’t be here
With this on their minds they are just trying to keep their sanity
Because they’re supposedly the problem with humanity

But think again because they are the root of prosperity for this country
And are a benefit to the nation monthly
With all their contribution culturally, socially and economically we need to appreciate their
Because without them we wouldn’t have this much development
Now is the time to learn how we can all live side by side
In a world where immigrants are always being denied.

United States, the land of opportunity, where the American dream is attainable
truth is this is a land of opportunity for SOME
And obtaining the American dream is sadly not for EVERYONE
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