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Regulations – R-2008

Seventh Semester

B.E. Aeronautical Engineering


Maximum Marks:
Time: 3 Hours 100

Mark allotment pattern:

Aim/ Experimental Calculations Results Viva Total

Procedure Set up
30 20 20 20 10 100

1. Perform an experiment to the jack up an aircraft.

i. Compare aircraft hydraulic system with pneumatic system.
ii. State jacking of an aircraft. (100 Marks)

2. Carry out a test for an aircraft jacking.

i. List the equipments used for aircraft jacking.
ii. Explain the different type of hydraulic jacks with neat sketch. (100 Marks)

3. Conduct an experiment for leveling of an aircraft.

i. Mention the types of leveling methods used in the aircraft industry.
ii. Enumerate the documents and tools needed for leveling procedure? (100 Marks)

4. Perform the leveling operation on the aircraft by using suitable tools.

i. State about grid plate method of leveling.
ii. Write about leveling of small and light aircrafts. (100 Marks)
5. Conduct an experiment to determine the weighing and CG location of an aircraft.
i. Define is center of gravity of an airplane.
ii. Define terms ‘Caution ‘and ‘Warning’ used in the aircraft industry. (100 Marks)

6. Carry out stepwise experiment to locate the CG of an aircraft.

i. List out the precautions while carrying CG.
ii. Aircraft flies with one wing low, mention the probable cause and remedy. (100 Marks)

7. Perform a test to evaluate the aileron and elevator deflection angle of an aircraft.
i. Explain the differential aileron movement.
ii. Tabulate the purpose and location of mechanical control system components. (100 Marks)

8. Perform the test for checking aileron and elevator deflection angle of an aircraft.
i. Name the tools and test equipments used for leveling.
ii. Point out the fuel system components. (100 Marks)

9. Carry out filter element clogging by flow test.

i. Name primary and secondary control surfaces of an aircraft.
ii. Define clogging. (100 Marks)

10. Perform the pressure test to assess hydraulic leakage (internal and external).
i. Name the pneumatic system components.
ii. State the demerits of leakage. (100 Marks)

11. Elaborate about precautions taken while handling various aircraft system and components.
i. Categorize the planes on the basis of wings.
ii. Define semi monocoque structure.

12. Carryout the functional test to adjust the operating pressure of hydraulic system.
i. Explain about straight edge spirit level method of leveling.
ii. Write the occasion and procedure for pressure test on fuel system. (100 Marks)

13. Illustrate about various systems used and type of servicing carryout in the aircraft industry.
i. Name the pneumatic system components.
ii. Define dihedral angle of an airplane. (100 Marks)
14. Perform a test to check the verticality of fin of an aircraft.
i. Mention the function of vertical fin.
ii. Define pitch of a propeller. (100 Marks)

15. Conduct an experiment to stabilize the vertical fin of an aircraft.

i. Mention the function of plumb bob.
ii. Write about datum plate leveling. (100 Marks)

16. Carry out an experiment for checking the symmetry of an aircraft.

i. Differentiate between controllable tab differs and fixed trim tab.
ii. Mention the significance of rigging. (100 Marks)

17. Perform the symmetry check on an aircraft.

i. Name the types of hydraulic fluids.
ii. Explain about size of filter element. (100 Marks)

18. Perform the torque load test on aircraft wheel brake units.
i. Define snag.
ii. Write the function of booster pump. (100 Marks)

19. Conduct a test to bleed the aircraft hydraulic system.

i. State the probable cause and remedy if the hydraulic system fails to hold the pressure.
ii. List out different types of under carriage arrangements. (100 Marks)

20. Perform an investigation on trouble shooting of an aircraft.

i. Mention about engine alignment.
ii. Define ANM. (100 Marks)