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DOVER §S POD December 7, 2018 Dear Dover Community, ‘This week, we were confronted with a serious issue involving racism and discrimination at Dover High School. This is @ complex issue with no fast or easy answers, and the District is working hard to make sure that this matter is addressed efficiently and thoroughly. However, finding meaningful resolution in an issue of this magnitude requires both patience and persistence, and true healing will happen one step at a time. For the long-term, the District and our schools must acknowledge and develop a deeper understanding of the bias and prejudices that unconsciously filter into our decisions, choices, and instruction. Only with understanding can we create an inclusive and safe environment for all students. Next week, | will meet with Rogers Johnson, Executive Director of the Seacoast NAACP, School Community Engagement coaches Michele Holt-Shannon and Mo Nunez, as well as other ‘community members to evaluate and select the best resources to assist the community work towards resolution and unity. This week, the District and Dover High School administration focused on the short-term needs of our students Administrators are simultaneously engaged in investigating the incident, communicating with the school community and the media, and addressing the emotional impact that the incident has had on parents, students, and the community. During the past week at Dover High School, support groups have been made available for students and staff to discuss initial reactions, opinions, and ideas. These groups will continue to be available. The investigation will continue into next week and may extend beyond that if necessary. While the District strives to provide the community with as much information as possible regarding this incident, please understand that this matter involves students and staff to whom the District owes confidentiality, and the District must honor that obligation. (On January 9, 2019, the District will host a community forum to discuss the incident and how we can move forward. We are scheduling the forum in January to allow for planning and identification of the appropriate facilitators to guide the conversation. Based on the outcome of the January 9” conversation, other action items will be identified to continue the dialogue and identify potential resolutions that will guide the healing and the coming together of all people. believe the District and the community will come out of the other side of this incident stronger and better prepared to serve all students and their families. It wll require time, In a recent reading, | found this quotation by Diane Tavenner: We seek authentic collaboration with all those who are committed to valuing each and every child, seeing them as individual human beings worthy of all the love, compassion, and dignity we give our own children, Respectfully, Tee R. Harbron, Ed.D. Superintendent