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Mia Halle Prise Bab Gee Mike Dape 1939 N. E. Loop 410, Suite 300 San Antonio, TX 78217 Office: 210.822.4428 Pax: 210.822.8720 San Antonio Police Officers’ Association December 6, 2018 Honorable Ren Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antoni P.O. Box 839966, San Antonio, TX 78283 ules (Final Order No. 2018- Dear Mayor Nirenberg ‘The San Antenio Police Officers Association (“SAPOA”) strongly disagrees with recent changes to the Fite Fighters’ and Police Officers’ Civil Service ‘Commission Rules (Final Order No, 2018-28), adopted by the Fire Fighters’ and Police Offices’ Civil Service Commission (“Commission”) on November 13, 2018. We request that you direst the Commission to reconsider their actions and repeal Final Order No. 201828 'SAPOA believes that repealing the amendments approved by the Commission is ‘warranted due to te fact that (1) there was no compelling policy justifieation for them, and they were therefore, unnecessary, and (2) they have the effect of lowering the employment (hting) standards for prospective San Antonio Police Officers and a such, put the safety of eurent police officers and the public at risk, ‘The changes approved had no compelling policy justfiation, such as aiding in recruitment efforts in filling cadet classes, or any other policy objective. This is ‘evidenced by the fact that City Manager Sheryl Sculey has, for many years under the employment standards in place before the November amendments, adamantly and consistertly maintained that she has had no problems with recruitment and filling Cadet lasses, Parthermore, Final Ordet No, 2018-28 lowers the employment standards for prospective San Antonio Police Officers by removing key hiring restrictions in the areas of “ise of Illicit Substances” and “Criminal Activity.” In a year where the Bexar County Shersf?'s Department has suffered through twenty-four (24) arrests of members of their department for various criminal activities and are now realizing thatthey have to increase ther hiring standards, Final Order No. 2018 28 increases the likelihood thatthe San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) wil face similar challenges in the near future Below are just some ofthe changes to the Civil Service Commission Rules, which SAPOA believes do damage to the integrity of the force and may lower the caliber ofthe SAPD applicant pool ‘+ 13 (@ Admission to using hallucinogenic drugs including, but not limited to LSD, STP, or Psiloeybin, ie; “Dropping (Acid) is no longer a permanent laqualific if committd by applicants nineteen (19) years or younger; ‘+ 14 (9 — Removes mandatory number of years that an applicant must wa admission to class A and B misdemeanors; 14 ()— Admission of a FELONY prior to age 20 is no longer a disquaifier; 14 G)~ Admission to DELIVERY (sale) of Controlled Substance prior to 20, ‘years oldis no longer a disqualifier and ‘+ 14 @)~Admission o certain levels of FAMILY VIOLENCE is no longer @ permancatdisqualifier. ier Unfortunately these are just a few of the latest changes that lower the bar for entry into Sax Antonio’s most important guarantor ofthe public safety. As noted, ‘we have seer evidence from neighboring law enforcement agencies that lowered ‘thee standards and paid dearly for their shor sightedness. We do not want to see the City of San Antonio go down that road. For the foregoing reasons, SAPOA respectflly requests that you direct the Commission to revisit the amendments adopted last month, and for the sake ofthe integrity ofthe force and the safety ofthe general pubic, repeal Final Order ‘Number 2018-28, ‘Thank you for your consideration ofthis request. I believe this is an important issue forthe Police Officers represent and the Citizens you serve. I Took forward to your prompt reply. Sincerely, ie Michael F Helle President (CC: Members ofthe San Antonio City Council, City Manager Sheryl Sculley 1990 1. LOOP 410, SUITE 300+ SAN ANTONIO, TX 78017 + OFFICE: 210.802 4428 FAX: 210.822.0720