It is also the world's No.1 in ocean freight and contract logistics, DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight, COMPANY OVERVIEW  DHL's international network links almost 220 countries and territories worldwide,  Around 285,000 employees are dedicated to providingfast and reliable services that exceed customer’sexpectations in 120,000 destinations in all continents.

DHL’s mission • Making the most of scale and experience– and passion –

MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS is to be the first choice worldwide.

Deutsche Post World Net consolidated all of its express and logistics activities into one single brand. DHL CORPARATE STRATEGIES  DHL’s strategies have six interconnected components: • • • • • • to intensify customer focus to deliver consistent service excellence to extend capabilities (creating local strength and driving practical innovation) to attract. develop and retain talent to relentlessly drive efficiency to be proactive in social DEUTSCHE POST WORLD NET AND DHL CONSOLİDATİON At the end of 2002. Customer’s of DHL Express are includes this sectors:  Automative  Engineering/Manufacturing  Healthcare  Chemical  Technology  Retail  Consumer Good . In 2003.DHL’s vision for the future is nothing less than to transform the logistics industry – and to deliver beyond customer’s expectations. The DHL brand was further strengthened by Deutsche Post World Net's acquisition of Exel in December2005 MICRO ENVIRONMENT CUSTOMERS In Industry base. DHL. DHL was 100%owned by Deutsche Post World Net.

E – business 9.0 2. High Price 2. 08 Rating (1-4) Weighted Score 1. Deutsche Post is investing € 420 million in mail business 10. eServices and technology 5. Creativity and innovations are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of DHL Weaknesses 1. 09 . Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Post adjust structure of Postbank contract 7. 07 . Globalism 3.Mistakes in the Market-Share Estimate 3.IFE MATRIX for DHL Strengths 1. Weak Visibility 4.Kept the same strategies for years 6. The president and the vice president have significant experiences and skills of management 8. Strong Brand Image 2.08 . good reputation 4.Loyalty problems on customer behavior Total Weig ht . 08 .28 .Well known.

 Weak Visibility: It has weak visibility in the community compared with its potential. .COMPANY STRENGTHS  Strong Brand Image: In 1997. COMPANY WEAKNESSES  High Prices: DHL’s prices are above their competitors. DHL has also developed their own quality system that matches their customer’s standards. Products can be tracked.  Not Well-known in USA as UPS and FedEx.  MISTAKES IN MARKET SHARE ESTIMATE: The biggest weakness is DHL’s marketshare estimate. They operate in more than 220 countries. It is difficult to estimate even when the market is stagnant and contains few competitors. depending on the current order situation and volume of traffic.  Corporate symbiosis: DHL has developed its own organizational structure to serve the global market. They can also achieve global economies of scale. and all market-share estimates should be viewed with circumspection. DHL became the global express transportation company to obtain simultaneous system-wide ISO 9001 certification in international quality standards. and thus realize tremendous revenues. DHL also has excellent eServices that provide access to systems that ensure customers have control and visibility of their supply chains at all times.  Smart-Truck Project: It is the program which allows DHL to deliver faster.” This approach encompasses the empowerment of the DHL personnel at a local level. They provide services that appeal to most of the world.  Globalism: DHL operates on a global scale. which recalculates the routes. queried and ordered online.  eServices and Technology: DHL uses and continues to search for new technology. at the same time recognizing the interdependence of the parts of DHL as a corporate whole. The data are transmitted directly to the dynamic route planning system. They spend nearly 10% of total revenues. They have such a large market in which to operate. which it has called “corporate symbiosis. This can be a weakness if their customers do not perceive a difference between DHL and its competitors’ services. for information technology.

com/doc/21174998/DHL-presentationSYNERGY .scribd.http://www.

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