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I. Berilah tanda silang (X) pada a, b, c, atau d pada jawaban yang paling benar!

Waiter : “Hello, Good morning, may I helpyou?
Costumer : “Good morning. Yes I want to order somefood.”
Waiter : “What do you want to order sir?”
Costumer : “I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken.”
Waiter : “Wait a minute sir.”
Costumer : “Sure.”

1. The conversation above take place in the ….

a. Hospital c. Market
b. Restaurant d. Zoo

2. He … somecookies in his pocket.

a. has c. is
b. have d. are

3. A : Whatdoyouhave?
B : I … cabbage
a. has c. is
b. have d. are

4. Ari has sevenmarbles, Rudi has threemarbles. They have … marbles.

a. eleven c. ten
b. nine d. twelve

5. Mothercooks in the…
a. Bathroom c. Bedroom
b. Kitchen d. Garage
6. “Cook” means.…
a. Makan c. Memasak
b. Minum d. Membaca

7. I’amvegetable. My colourisorange. I’amverygoodforyoureyes. I am a ….

a. Pumpkin c. Eggplant
b. Chily d. Carrot

8. Thisvegetableis hot. “Don’teattoomuch!” youwillget a stomachache

a. Pumpkin c. Eggplant
b. Chily d. Carrot

9. Need-popeye-andolive-spinach
a. Popeyeneedspinachand Olive
b. And Olive Popeyeneedspinach
c. Popeyeand Olive needspinach
d. SpinachneedPopeyeand Olive

10. In thisplaceyoucaneatanddrinkwithyourfriends
a. Restroom c. Canteen
b. Library d. School

11. Mother … a cup of teaeverymorning

a. Drink c. Eat
b. Drinks d. Eats

12. Thisis a traditionalfoodfrom Lampung

a. Rujak c. Empek-empek
b. Rendang d. Seruit

13. X : Whatwouldyouliketoeat?
Y : I wouldlike a plateof ….
a. Juice c. Friedrice
b. Water d. Ice cream

14. There are fruitsandvegetables in the ….

a. Fruitjuice c. Fruit salad
b. Fruity d. Fruitstall

15. …. Contentsof vitamin C

a. Pineapple c. Avocado
b. Orange d. Apple

16. A …works in therestaurant

a. Fisherman c. Teacher
b. Waiters d. Seller

17. There … sixmangoesonthetable

a. Are c. Have
b. Is d. Has

18. Fruitsand…are goodforourhealth

a. Salad c. Vegetables
b. Rendang d. Apple

19. Makan in Englishis ….

a. Eat c. Cook
b. Drink d. Read

20. I am… I wanttobuysomefoodatthecanteen

a. Eat c. Cook
b. Drink d. Hungry
21. I alwayshavemy…beforeschool
a. Lunch c. Dinner
b. Breakfast d. Eat

22. Father…a newspaper in thelivingroom

a. Drink c. Read
b. Drinks d. Reads

23. Azzam : Whatdoyouliketo….?

Syauqi : A glassofmilkplease
a. Drink c. Read
b. Drinks d. Reads

24. Itis a fruit. Itissour (asam). It`sleaflikes a sword (pedang). Itis a .…

a. Pineapple c. Mango
b. Durian d. Banana

25. Itis a food. Itisfrom Padang.

a. Rendang c. Burger
b. Meatball d. Petis

26. The rightsentencebellowis ….

a. The spinachisgreen
b. The carrotisred
c. The cornisgreen
d. The garlicisred

27. Satayiskindof .…
a. Drink c. Vegetable
b. Food d. Fruit
28. Peoplecan order somefood in the .…
a. Canteen c. Yard
b. Stall d. Mosque

29. Thisfoodcontentsmanyvegetables
a. Rujak c. Seruit
b. Salad d. Rendang

30. Is burgerkindoffood?
a. Yes, they are c. Yes, itis
b. No, itis not d. No, itis

31. Whatdoyouneedtomake a soup?

a. Potato c. Pineapple
b. Orange d. Chilly

32. Itisgoodforourskin (kulit) becauseitcontentsVitamine E

a. Pineapple c. Avocado
b. Orange d. Apple

33. Indonesian peoplealways … mineral wateraftermeal

a. Cook c. Eat
b. Drink d. Read

34. My sisitereatsfriedriceeverymorning. “Friedrice” means ….

a. Nasi goreng c. Nasi uduk
b. Ayam goreng d. Nasi
35. My sister … likemilk
a. Do c. Does
b. Don’t d. Doesn’t

II. Isilah titik-titik dibawah ini dengan jawaban yang benar!

36. He … coffeeeverymorning.
37. My friendand I … dinner in restauranteveryday.
38. My mother … deliciousfood in thekitcheneveryday.
39. Onionmeans …
40. There … manyapplesontheplate.
41. The rightlettertocompletethisword are …. P U _ _ K _ N —–> (Labu)
42. CarrotcontentsVitamine ….
43. Itiskindoffood. Itismadefrommeat. Itisfromjava. Itis ….
44. In thefruitstall, wecanbuy ….
45. Traditionalfoodfrom Padang is .…

III. Jawablah pertanyaan di bawah ini dengan jawaban yang benar!

46. Whatisyourfavoritefood?
47. Whatisyoufavoritedrink?
48. Whatdoyouneedtomake Rujak?
49. Ayah makan nasi goreng setiap pagi. Write in English!
50. Mention 5 kindsofdrinks!