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The city’s proposed hous- Graduate student Caitlin Following a victory Tuesday,
ing ordinance is a much- Kawaga created the women’s golfer Lilia Vu
needed measure to allevi- costumes for “Steel Pier,” now has more wins than
ate homelessness, argues a musical set during the any other member of the
Emily Merz. p. 4 Great Depression. p. 5 team in UCLA history. p. 10

Serving the University of California, Los Angeles community since 1919
DA ILY BRUIN Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Daily Bruin @dailybruin @dailybruin

Trump sues California over sanctuary policies

BY SHARON ZHEN g ra nt Worker P rotection prisoners into federal cus-
National and higher educa- Act, took effect in January tody and notifying federal
tion editor and requires employers to immigration agents about
ask for warrants when immi- their release dates. Prison-
President Donald Trump’s gration agents try to access ers would face deportation
administration sued Califor- workers’ information. The if convicted of a variety of
nia on Tuesday over its sanc- act also requires employers crimes, including aggravated
tuary state policies. to alert workers if they are felonies and crimes involv-
The lawsuit, which was being investigated and fines ing drugs or controlled sub-
filed in the federal court in employers who break the law stances.
Sacramento, targets three up to $10,000. T he ad m i n i str at ion i s
California laws that protect AB 103 created a state arguing the laws are uncon-
undocumented immigrants inspection program to review stitutional and said it may
from federal agencies. The reports of abuse in federal also sue other states that
lawsuit names Gov. Jerr y immigration detention cen- have similar laws.
Brown and California Attor- ters.
ney General Xavier Becerra SB 54 prevents law Email Zhen at
as defendants. enforcement officials from or DA I LY B R U I N FILE PHOTO
A B 4 50, or t he I m m i- transferring undocumented tweet @zhen_sharon. The suit was filed in the Sacramento federal court Tuesday and names Gov. Jerry Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as defendants.

Proposed ballot
Gymnast leaps from falls to career-high
to remove state
college tuition
BY ISABELLA GAGO to find a good use for the mon-
Daily Bruin contributor ey, like funding education.”
Garcia added she hopes
A pr op o se d s t at ew ide that if the initiative gets on
ballot initiative would make the ballot and passes, other
public college tuition-free for states will push for similar
California residents. legislation.
The 2018 California Col- “We are seeing our cam-
lege for All Act is collecting paign spreading out to other
signatures to get a proposi- parts of the country,” she said.
tion on the November ballot Dora Costa, chair of the
that would tax individuals UCLA economics department,
with more than $3.5 million said she thinks the initiative
of inherited property to raise does not take into account
about $4 billion to pay tuition the differences in size and
for in-state students. The funding among public uni-
campaign needs to collect at versities in California. Costa
least 800,000 petition signa- added that larger campuses,
tures by April 24 to include such as UCLA and UC Berke-
the initiative on the ballot, ley, may need more funds
according to the campaign’s than smaller campuses like
website. Volunteers at more UC Riverside.
than 40 California campuses, She added taxing inherited
including UCLA, are gather- wealth is an unreliable source
ing signatures. of funding, and could result
Gabriela Garcia, the lead in the University cutting staff
organizing coordinator for and faculty in a low tax year.
the campaign in Los Ange- “One issue with the tax
During part of her floor exercise routine, Gracie Kramer makes the motions of making it rain. The sophomore stumbled last season but has scored a career-high 9.95 on the event this year.
les, said more than 20 com- itself is that it is likely to
munity-based organizations, vary a lot from year to year,
BY WINSTON BRIBACH both events. done a thousand times.’” I can trust that everything is including the University of which isn’t what you want for
Daily Bruin reporter Going second in the rota- Rather than allowing her going to fall into place.” California Students Associa- a tax that supports education”
tion against the Buckeyes, she feelings about the fall affect her After associate coach Chris tion and Teachers 4 Social Costa said. “We need some-
During UCLA gymnastics’ charged full-steam ahead at the next event, Kramer focused on Waller shook her out and told her Justice, are endorsing the thing that’s … more secure to
season-opening meet against vault and was unable to control her offseason floor preparation to be confident, Kramer stepped initiative. account for low years.”
Ohio State, sophomore Gracie her landing. to perform a confident, assured onto the platform and into char- Garcia said she thinks tax- Costa said she thinks the
Kramer had the opportunity to Kramer started the season routine. acter – a patient attempting to ing inherited wealth would UC needs a reliable source
prove her competition struggles where the last one ended – a fall. “I had already drilled such a escape from an asylum. She help reduce income inequal- of funding that will help it
were behind her. “I overthought my vault. great foundation for my passes worked her way through the ity in California. improve its infrastructure
She was in the vault and I don’t need to run full-speed that pressure didn’t change halls, trying to figure things out “Generations are passing and hire talented faculty.
floor exercise lineups for the (like I did),” Kramer said. “I anything,” Kramer said. “I think and finding time to make it rain. on wealth, which creates dis-
first time since February 2017, need to get kind of cocky and preparation is everything for parity,” she said. “So we want BALLOT | Page 3
when she registered a fall on say, ‘Gracie, this is a vault you’ve me. It allows me to have fun. KRAMER | Page 9

Westwood addresses homelessness in Village

BY JOHN TUDHOPE Thursday to discuss ways to struct a walk-in access center sure H, which voters passed
Daily Bruin contributor improve resources currently for homeless individuals that in 2016 to provide services for
available to Westwood’s home- provides laundry, mailing and homeless individuals, as well
Westwood community lead- less population. Council mem- medical services, said council as by grants from the United
ers are attempting to address bers and nonprofit leaders said president Lisa Chapman. States Department of Housing
homelessness loca l ly a m id they th i n k the com mu n it y Chapman said the neighbor- and Urban Development.
countywide efforts to allevi- should provide housing and hood council would need to Donovan Wilkes, an outreach
ate Los Angeles’ homelessness material assistance to home- work with an organization that specialist for Block by Block, an
crisis. less individuals. has experience creating access organization that provides ser-
The Westwood Neighbor- The W W NC is hopi n g to facilities. She added the walk-in vices for Westwood Village, said DA I LY B R U I N F I L E P H OTO

hood Council’s Homelessness work with local nonprofits to center would likely be funded A statewide campaign is working to pass an intiative that would make the University of
Task Force held a meeti ng request the City Council con- by Los Angeles County Mea- HOMELESS | Page 3 California and other California public universities free to residents.

Tutor Wanted Help Wanted Tutor Wanted

Experienced Tutor Wanted. PART-TIME ADMINISTRATOR for small branch Tutor needed for a 6th grader, must help with

For 12 year old. Days negotiable. After 3pm. U.K. science-oriented charitable foundation. homework & tests on all subjects. Need M-F

In Palisades or can meet you somewhere. WestwoodVillage, flexy time. Must have perfect, evenings. Call or text 424.777.5350

Please call 310-309-0959 clear English, office experience., 310-208-6606
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USAC allocates surplus funding to student groups following delays

BY MELISSA MORRIS opportunity to present their requests
Daily Bruin contributor at hearings with USAC members and
staff reviewing the applications.
The undergraduate student govern- “Considering that this situation’s
ment allocated its remaining $100,000 an anomaly, I’m glad with the way the
in surplus funds to student organiza- overall process went,” he said. “We
tions last week. allocated in the fairest way possible
The Undergraduate Students Asso- and I think it’ll have a positive impact
ciation Council approved 61 fund- for student (organizations).”
ing applications at its Feb. 27 coun- Several student groups that applied
cil meeting. The funding, which was for the funds said they think the funds
delayed one week because the council will benefit their organization’s opera-
did not meet quorum during its Feb. tions.
20 meeting, comes from a university Christian Hurley, external vice pres-
accounting error that failed to allocate ident of Bruin Racing, an organization
hundreds of thousands of dollars in that designs, builds and races off-road
student fees to USAC. vehicles, said the group will use the
The funding allocations ranged additional funding to acquire equip-
from $48.18 to $7,154.61 per group. ment and conduct design research.
Because the council distributed “It also gives us the potential to start
funding two weeks after applications researching more complicated designs
closed Feb. 13, it voted to allow Stu- that have previously been unattainable
dent Government Accounting to depart due to budget constraints,” he said.
from the usual procedure and allocate Kenton Sakurai, a Bruin Dine coor-
funding to student groups for events dinator, said the extra funds will be
they had already held. SGA manages used to provide supplies for future
funding related to USAC, according to events, including trays, plates and
its website. hand-washing stations.
Roy Champawat, Associated Stu- AXEL LOPEZ/ DA I LY BRUIN Bruin Dine, an initiative that aims
dents UCLA’s Student Union director, The Undergraduate Students Association Council approved to allocate its remaining $100,000 surplus funds to 61 student organizations last week. to serve food-insecure students and
said SGA generally does not retroac- reduce food waste on campus, has had
tively fund events, but made an excep- access,” he said. “We try to be a sup- Yaj, who helped create the evalua- to this percentage, but we only had four upcoming events approved after
tion to its policy because the delay portive guide in helping student groups tion system, said student organizations the $100,000,” Yaj said. “So we pro- postponing its events in February due
was caused by the council, not student to use the money properly, rather than that applied were scored on a scale portionally allocated the money (by to health code concerns.
groups. an enforcer.” of one to 10 for the different criteria, the percentages), but unfortunately, “The fact of the matter is we all
Champawat said SGA has ear- USAC members and staff evaluated and the totals were then converted not everyone can get everything they planned to not have (the surplus
marked funds for each student group and scored funding applications based into percentages. He said the council requested.” funds), so it’s mostly a positive,” Saku-
that they will distribute when each on criteria including the organization’s used the percentages to determine how Pratik Malshe, the Finance Commit- rai said. “(We’re) glad that it’s available
group informs the office of how it financial plan, competence in program much of the requested funding each tee chair, said he thinks the allocation at all.”
would like to spend its allocation. planning and expected student turn- group would receive. process was conducted in a fair and
“The money is ... just sitting there out for the event, said Johnnie Yaj, “I n a perfect world, we wou ld neutral way because all student orga- Email Morris at
waiting for the student group to ask for USAC budget director. give everyone (funding) according nizations that applied were given an

Water main breaks on Landfair

Daily Bruin contributor

The intersection of Land-

fair Avenue and Strathmore
Drive has been blocked off
following a water main leak
in the area.
The Los Angeles Depart-
ment of Water and Power
received a report of the leak
Tuesday at noon, said LAD-
WP spokesperson Sylvia Bel-
tran. At the time of her com-
ment, a crew was en route
to the scene. Water flooded
SERVICES HOURS OF OPERATION along Landfair Avenue across
the intersection with Strath-
Primary & Specialty Care
Lab Services/ Radiology Monday-Thursday 8am-5:00pm MACKENZIE POSSEE/ DA I LY
Email Bharanidaran at B R U I N S E N I O R STA F F

Acupuncture/ Massage Friday 9am-4:30pm rbharanidaran@dailybruin. A water main break that occured on Landfair Avenue and Strathmore Drive flooded the
Nutritionist Services Saturday 9am-12:00pm* com. area Tuesday around noon and led to the closure of the intersection.
Women’s Health *Walk-ins only. See website for Saturday schedule.
Physical Therapy Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Nurse Consult Line Friday 9am-4:30pm
Self Collect Testing
ASAP Walk-In Clinic The Ashe Center is closed all university holidays.

When The Ashe Center is closed, all registered UCLA

NEW! Immune Requirement Clinic students can connect to the After Hours Nurse Line for
advice from a registered nurse by calling our main line.


U See LA Optometry (Ackerman Union, B-Level)
Bruin Health Pharmacy (Ackerman Union, A-Level)


The Ashe Center offers FREE APPOINTMENT
FLU SHOTS throughout
November to all students, with ONLINE:
or without UCSHIP. Visit our BY PHONE: (310) 825-4073, option 1, 1
website Event Calendar to see IN-PERSON: 1st Floor Scheduling Station
our Pop-up Flu Fair schedule. No
appointment required, all you STAY CONNECTED
need is your BruinCard. FOLLOW:

All registered UCLA students can access services at The Ashe Center.
Visit the Ashe website Fees and Eligibility page for pricing details.
All charges are billed directly to students’ BruinBill accounts.
DAILY BRUIN The only 5-days-per-week
student paper in the UC | Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | News | DAILY BRUIN 3
HOMELESS lecturer at the UCLA Luskin
School of Public Affairs.
“You need to find sites,
expand to Westwood.
The Shower of Hope cur-
rently provides hygiene ser-
from page 1 neighborhoods that w ill vices three times a week in
accept these projects,” she Highland Park, South Pasa-
he thinks it is important to said. dena and Huntington Park.
have a walk-in access center “Now that we have a little Mazzotta said the organi-
in Westwood because the bit of money to work with, zation hopes to provide its
closest service centers are the challenge really is that services to Westwood resi-
located in Santa Monica. nobody wants the hous- dents on a weekly basis, but
“For the west LA area, ing to be built in their own has yet to finalize a location.
pa r ticu la rly West wood, neighborhood.” “The idea is to start … as
there are not a lot of access Chapman said she thinks soon as we can find a part-
centers like that,” Wilkes Westwood does not have nership for a location, and
said. “It would be a great space for any additional as soon as we get support
start … for people in such a housing projects. from the (neighborhood)
vast area.” “I would love that. … I council,” he said.
However, com mu n it y don’t know where it would Block by Block provides
leaders and experts said be,” she said. “We are in homeless individuals with
they think it is unlikely such a dense area and I food and hygiene products,
Westwood will build hous- just can’t even imagine any in addition to sanitation
ing to address homeless- property around here that services for Westwood Vil-
ness. would be doing this.” lage, Wilkes said.
For example, city Mea- Some organizations are Wi l kes sa id Block by
sure HHH, which passed a l ready tak i n g steps to Block also provides home-
in 2016, will help build and address homelessness in less individuals with paper-
repu r pose bu i ld i n gs to Westwood. work to help them obtain
house homeless individu- Damián Mazzotta, free government identifi-
als, but funding from the founder and chairman of cation cards. ID cards are
program will likely not go The Shower of Hope, which essential for homeless indi-
to projects in Westwood br i n gs por table shower viduals to access govern-
because of its high rent, low trailers into communities ment resources, he added.
available space and lack of to provide hygiene services DA I LY B R U I N F I L E P H OTO

support for new housing to homeless individuals, Email Tudhope at Westwood Village, along with other areas in Los Angeles, is working to utilize funds from measures H and HHH to improve the lives of the city’s homeless
projects, said Joan Ling, a said the nonprofit hopes to population. In the meantime, the Westwood Neighborhood Council’s Homelessness Task Force is considering more local approaches.

from page 1
“We do need to shore up the
UCs not just in terms of acces-
sibility to in-state students, but
Posters & Banners
to be able … to make the UC
prestigious,” she said.
Shane White, chair of the
UC Academic Senate, said he
is skeptical the initiative will WHO YOU ARE Identification of Novel Plama Biomarkers for
Heart Failure Using Cardiac Transcriptome Data
pass if it gets on the ballot, A few facts about this year’s 3,850 entering UCLA GRADUATE STUDENTS
A. Huertas-Vazquez, M. Seldin, P. Gupta, J. Hsiao, G. Stolin, AJ. Lusis, J. Wang.

and added he thinks the state Department of Cardiology, David Geffen School of Medicine. University of California, Los Angeles.
Santa Monica NICU’s


June 14th
Gender Citizenship Ethnicity (domestic students)
should provide more funding

Magnet Journey: June 2014 – June 2015

Data Overlay and biomarker prioritization Investigation of RGS1 as a potential novel
Introduction biomarker for Heart Failure

for higher education from its

69% ● Heart Failure (HF) is a common and To evaluate whether some of the differentially

NICU Timeline: June 2014 – June 2015

heterogeneous condition characterized by a
expressed cardiac transcripts were also
45% 55% large number of pathological abnormalities. Iso induced HF HF population differentially expressed at the plasma protein SAN FERNANDO VALLEY

Women Men 321 DE genes 426 DE genes

level, we performed Western blot using equal

existing revenue sources.


CENTER Guest House

● HF occurs in over 6 million people, and it is



53 DE
amounts of plasma samples to compare the SAN FRANCISCO


projected that at least 8 million of Americans will


differences in plasma protein abundances in

University Franklin D. Murphy BLDG
LGALS3 Elementary
Charles E. Young
Research Library
Sculpture Garden

have HF by 2030. TIMP1

C57BL/6J mice under control or ISO treatment
Lu Valle



HALL LAW Founder’s


for 3 weeks.

“It is not that legislators


controlled CENTER SCHOOL


● The discovery of novel biomarkers for diagnosis environment Highly Sunset Canyon
Recreation Center
Flag Dickson


and risk assessment remains a priority.




● Genome-wide expression profiling is a strategy



don’t know how to raise taxes.


for the identification of new potential biomarkers


Venn Diagram show the overlap of





for diagnosis and prediction of disease severity.


differencially expressed genes in mice and

Degree Objective



White/Caucasian: 1486
Training PAULEY

Center HALL


● We hypothesize
Asian/American: 810 that by using cardiac SOUTHERN SCIENCE
Professional Masters


It is more that higher education

Orthopedic Biomedical
Research Sciences
SPAULDING Research Bldg

transcriptome, and plasma biomarkers from

Bradley FIELD

Age Range
Hall BLDG Plant Growth

Hispanic/Latino or Spanish Origin: 440 Center

Validation of top candidates

E Gonda



mice and humans, we can identify novel





African American/Black: 150


Public Health

biomarkers for HF and improve its risk





Comparison of plasma protein abundance between Brain Research

22 Median Age
GEFFEN Resources

American prediction.
Indian/Alaskan Native: 53

biomarker LGALS3 (galectin-3) and a novel L CHILD


control and ISO treated C57BL/6 mice by Western MATTE TAL


has become a lower priority for




Semel Marion
Institute Davies

plasma protein RGS1 (regulator of G-protein

Jules Stein Center

Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders: 18 Blotting. LGALS3 is a known plasma biomarker

Eye Institute



that is up-regulated in HF. RGS1 is a novel


signaling 1), based on its cardiac transcript’s



Doris Stein
Choice of multiple ethnicities was permitted.
Eye Research

candidate plasma protein potentially implicated in


2 students declines to state. significant correlation with cardiac remodeling

Methods and Results trait LVIDd under ISO treatment in mice but
sday, June 14th is World Blood Donor Day! Please join us


legislators,” he said.

without previous known association with HF

810 2067 848 125

(Lgals3: cor = 0.29, p = 0.006; Rgs1: cor = 0.32,

Cardiac Transcripts Identification in Mice and Humans We observed differences in plasma protein
d millions worldwide to save lives by donating blood!

Students in joint degree programs are counted twice.

p = 0.002).



expression between control and ISO treated



W h ite said the in itiative


mice for LGALS3 and RGS1.



’ll be having a fun ice cream social with delicious ice cream
expression analysis

Number of People in each Graduate Program / Major September 2015 (DE): DE analysis Although RGS1 has no known direct implication


for mice and humans in HF, RGS1 encodes a member of the regulator
sandwiches and ice cream Drumsticks! All donors, who
Science &

Aerospace Engineering ........................32 Dance ........................................................3 Gender Studies .......................................4 MPH Health Professionals ..................10 Technology

cardiac transcriptome

ignores the high tuition out-of-

African American Studies .....................6 Dentistry ............................................... 88 Geochemistry ..........................................5 Music .......................................................29 of G-protein signaling family, which is known to Mon
ica Palm


was performed using


mediate signal transduction essential for the Sant

Tower L

donate that day will receive movie ticket(s) or blood time.

African Studies ........................................4 Design | Media Arts .............................12 Geography................................................6 Musicology ...............................................6 SANTA MONICA
Capital MEM

American Indian St. ................................9 East Asian Studies...................................6 Geology ....................................................5 Neuroscience ........................................14 the statistical regulation of cardiovascular function. Our PIER

package LIMMA

Anthropology ..........................................9 Economics ..............................................23 Geophysics & Space Phy .......................7 Nr East Lang & Cult...............................7 preliminary findings showed the promise and WILSHIRE

Plus a $5 Gift Card to Subway!

KINROSS Lindbrook

implemented in R.

state students pay and does not

feasibility of novel biomarker discovery using the

Archaeology .............................................5 Economics - MAE .................................46 Germanic Languages ..............................3 Nursing .................................................193 Transit

Architecture ..........................................54 Education ............................................. 255 Health Policy & Management .............16 Oral Biology ..........................................21 Heart Failure-HMDP cardiac transcriptome data.
Architecture - M.Arch.II .....................68 Educational Leadership Pgm...............29 Hispanic Lang and Lit ...........................13 Philosophy ................................................7 Cardiac transcript of Galectin-3 was induced upon LO
Art ..........................................................15 Elect. Engineering ...............................196 History ....................................................15 Physics .....................................................29 systemic ISO treatment of HMDP mice for 3 weeks.
Art History ..............................................5 Engineering - M.S. .................................41 Human Genetics .....................................6 Physics & Biology in Medcn ................10 Illumina microarray analysis shows that Galectin 3
Conclusions and Future
provide support for them.
Asian American St. .................................9 English .....................................................14 Indo-European St. ..................................2 Physiological Sci.......................................9 demonstrated significant induction upon treatment.
Asian Lang & Cult ...................................8
Astronomy ...............................................7
Engr-Aerospace (Online) .................... 11
Engr-Comp Ntwkng (Online) ..............9
Information Studies ................................8
Islamic Studies .........................................1
Political Science .....................................19
• Our preliminary data shows the power of Administration Mission Statement
Westwood Village
Administration Vision Statement
Ackerman Student Med Plaza
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sci ............... 11 Engr-Elecrt Mtrls (Online) ....................1 Italian .........................................................2 Public Health....................................... 106 using cardiac transcriptome data in mice and
Donor Center Union Donor Center In between the 200 and 300
“I want a diverse and vibrant
Administration supports the teaching, research, and public service Administration will be a leader among administrative and service
Biochem, Molec & Struc Bio ..............12 Engr-Electrical (Online) .......................13 Latin American St. ..................................3 Public Policy ...........................................61 humans for the discovery of novel plasma mission of UCLA by delivering to its customers quality services, organizations in higher education, recognized for innovative,
products, and programs, which meet or exceed their expectations. high-quality, cost-effective products and services.
Bioengineering .......................................34
Bioinformatics .........................................8
Engr-Int Circuits (Online) .....................5
Engr-Mechanical (Online) ...................15
Lib and Info Sci ......................................54
Linguistics .................................................8
Slavic, E Euro,& Eursn L&C ..................2
Social Welfare Mouse Diversity 117
Isoproterenol (ISO)
biomarkers for heart failure.
1045 Gayley Avenue, 2nd Floor 308 Westwood Plaza, A-Level Med Plaza Buildings
Panel (HMDP) of 100+
Biology ....................................................25 Engr-Mtrls Sci (Online)..........................4 Management - MBA ...........................362 Sociology ................................................ 17 treatment induces
sequenced and • We observed a significant enrichment for
Mon. - Fri. 7:30am to 1:30pm
student body,” he said. “When Mon. - Fri. 7:00am to 5:30pm Mon. - Thr. 11:00am to 4:00pm
Biomathematics.......................................4 Engr-SP & Comm (Online) ...................6 Management - MS/PHD ......................14 Special Education ....................................3 systemic cardiac injury
genotyped inbred strains known HF biomarkers suggesting that the
Biostatistics ............................................21 Engr-Strctr Mtrls (Online) ....................1 Management - Mstr Fncl En ...............87 Statistics ..................................................30 Customer Service Designed and developed by
HMDP resource is a powerful tool for the
Chemical Engineering ..........................31 Environ Sci and Eng ................................6 Mathematics ...........................................34 Statistics - MAS .....................................24 VALUES PYRAMID
Sat. 7:00am – 11:45am
ClearBlue Custom Solutions

discovery of novel plasma biomarkers.


Tampa, FL
Chemistry...............................................85 Environmental Health Sci .....................9 Matl. Sci. and Eng. .................................66 Theater ...................................................19 Social
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we get diversity in all of its

Chicana & Chicano Studies ..................6 Epidemiology ......................................... 11 Mechanical Engineering ..................... 113 Theater & Performance St ...................2 Responsibility in collaboration with

Civil Engineering ................................. 111 Ethnomusicology.....................................5 Molec & Medl Pharmacology .............10 Urban & Regional Planning .................70
• Because the HMDP mice were raised in a UCLA Administration/RTD

Classics......................................................6 Executive MBA ......................................77 Molec, Cell, & Int Physio..................... 11 Urban Planning ........................................3 controlled environment and given a uniform Acknowledgement
Diversity Communication Safety & Wellness
cardiac injury, we were able to generate data & Recognition
Clinical Research.....................................6 Executive MPH ......................................20 Molecular Biology .................................22 Medicine - data not available at time of publication

How many lives will save?

Community Health Sciences ................7 Film & TV ............................................. 111 Molecular Toxicology ............................1 177 HF cases 136 controls that were much less confounded by other

forms, we enrich the Univer-

Cardiac transcript of Galectin-3 was positively Results Continuous Talent Respect
Comparative Lit. .....................................4 French & Francophone St .....................3 correlated with left ventricular internal dimension
factors compared to studies in humans. Improvement Development
Computer Science ..............................141
Culture & Performance .........................5
Fully Empl MBA ...................................337
GEMBA for Asia Pacific ......................36
Graduate Education atCardiac transcriptome data from human HF cases
and non-HF controls
during diastole in at week 3 of systemic ISO
treatment in the HMDP mice. • The validation of identified proteins in human Accountability
samples is under investigation.

sity.” ROUND 5
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could release the state from its

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The Healing Power of Sound


This two-day conference will provide experiential LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

workshops and didactic lectures on the health effects • Participants will learn about the use of sound healing
of sound and music therapy. and music therapy for treatment and prevention of
ALL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS WELCOME mental and physical disorders.
$50 per day or $100 for 2 days • Participants will learn about brain and health effects of
50% discount for trainees/paraprofessionals sound healing and music therapy.
UCLA SEMEL INSTITUTE • Participants will experience different techniques of
C-Floor Auditorium (C8-183) sound healing and music therapy.

Register today 310-825-1333 or visit

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Housing | LA needs to incentivize high-density developments


here are more
individuals in
Los Angeles than UCLA
graduate and undergraduate students
combined. 11,000 more.
In the last six years, the number
of homeless individuals in LA has
increased 75 percent, from 32,000 to
55,000, according to the Los Angeles
Times. 41,000 of those individuals are
completely unsheltered, living in cars
or on the streets.
Discussions of affordable housing
in LA are not new. The city passed
propositions last year and the year
before to provide the city with billions
of dollars to build affordable housing
units. But with current site review
laws, more housing for homeless
individuals is a pipe dream.
Since 2008, 55 percent of perma-
nent housing projects have 49 units
or fewer. And that’s no coincidence.
LA city planning laws mandate that
development projects with 50 or more
units must undergo a site plan review
by the City Council, incentivizing
developers to build fewer, larger
and more expensive units. A site
plan review is a lengthy process in
which the city planning commission
determines whether or not to approve
a proposal based on its drawings and
details for development.
The current site plan review policy
has kept developers from building
high-density projects that could
house homeless or low-income indi-
viduals. Developers just don’t have LEXI SANCHEZ/ DA I LY BRUIN

the interest in developing this kind of

housing, especially if they have to go review’s failures. Few apartment Measure HHH, passed in 2016, that it comes from neighborhood councils Beverly, a member of Westwood
through the lengthy site plan review complexes in Westwood even come is using to construct and incentivize and residents. Residents of Santa Neighborhood Council. But the
process. close to the 50-unit threshold. developers to construct housing units Monica and Westwood have fought Westside, especially Venice, still has a
There’s a solution to the arbitrary “Developers could be building 50 to for homeless individuals. In effect, the tooth-and-nail to prevent the city sizable homeless population that isn’t
bureaucracy of these zoning laws. 120 units, but they don’t want to deal proposed ordinance would speed up from building homeless shelters or served when residents are fighting
The Permanent Supportive Housing with the review process, so they only the process of developing affordable providing services that would assist against development of high-density
Ordinance, which the LA City Council build 49 luxurious units,” said Michael housing while the city is working out homeless individuals, Skiles said. housing in those areas.
is considering, would increase the Skiles, Graduate Students Association how to distribute the funds it has Similarly, in Venice, groups like The proposed ordinance resolves
minimum number of units for a hous- president. “One hundred twenty units received from past city measures. Venice Vision argue the proposal the site plan review process that has
ing project to automatically trigger that could be affordable are turned And the city urgently needs more would remove local autonomy over killed countless projects that would
a lengthy site plan review from 50 to into 49-unit luxurious apartments affordable housing units if it wants to development and concentrate home- have otherwise helped homeless and
120 units, if the development meets that students can’t afford.” solve its homelessness crisis. less populations in certain neighbor- low-income individuals. Homelessness
certain criteria. This ordinance The Permanent Supportive Hous- “People don’t want to think about hoods, according to the Los Angeles has plagued Los Angeles for years on
would incentivize developers to maxi- ing Ordinance would increase the homelessness as a zoning problem,” Times. end, and the city needs to get creative
mize the number of units they build availability of housing in places like said Heidi Liu, law clerk for Public But concerns about high concen- in how it handles the issue. That
in addition to mandating that half of Westwood by allowing developers Counsel, a public interest, pro bono tration of homeless and low-income means getting rid of the bureaucracy
the units be designated for homeless to bypass site plan reviews when law firm. “But at the end of the day ... individuals in “quaint” Westside surrounding the construction of
individuals and pricing all units at building high-density apartment what keeps the housing from being neighborhoods aren’t legitimate. For much-needed housing, not propagat-
city-defined affordable levels. complexes. This comes at a time built is discriminatory laws.” years, these areas have passed the ing it.
You don’t have to look far to see when Los Angeles has more than a Some of the greatest pushback burden of housing the homeless to
examples of the current site plan billion dollars in bond money from against the proposed ordinance other parts of the city, said Angus Email Merz at

Nurses | UC’s proposed plans put burden on healthcare employees

BY ANI UC’s proposal to change nurses’
GASPARYAN schedules and be able to
require them to work overtime

ou would doesn’t take their personal
expect lives and busy schedules into
the nation’s account. A lot of nurses work
top-tier hospitals to not just three 12-hour shifts a week,
be invested in maintaining which is an already physically
quality patient care, but also straining amount, Ewald said.
in cultivating a healthy work And this rejection of the
environment. The University UC’s contract proposal is valid.
of California’s treatment of its Mandating nurses manage
nurses suggests otherwise. their retirement at their own
The UC and the California expense, and forcing them to
Nurses Association, which work extra shifts instead of
represents registered nurses hiring additional employees
at UC medical centers, have may save the UC money. But
been in negotiations for a new doing so could also overwork
contract since May. In the past nurses and discourage them
nine months, since the previ- from staying with UC hospitals.
ous contract expired in July, Of course, the UC’s reten-
CNA has been negotiating for, tion rate of nurses is 90 to
among other things, retirement 95 percent, which is higher
security and better working than at many other California
hours. hospitals, and the University
The UC’s proposed retire- receives approximately 16
ment plan would allow new applicants on average for each
nurses to choose between the nurse vacancy. However, this
traditional pension plan and misses the point: The UC has
a 401(k)-style plan – one that a nursing shortage, and is
requires employees, rather still finding ways to cut costs
than the UC, to invest their despite that.
income to fund their retire- Chuu said her department
ment. Current UC nurses has several unfilled nursing
would see no changes to their positions.
pension. The UC has also “I told the doctors I don’t
proposed giving itself the abil- care about the applicants, I just
ity to change nurses’ schedules need one to fill our department
without two weeks’ notice and – just one experienced nurse,”
make them work overtime to JENNA NICOLE SMITH/ DA I LY BRUIN
she said.
make up for its nursing short- Moreover, the high retention
The University of California is in negotiations with the California Nurses Association over working conditions and benefits for nurses. To put it bluntly, the UC’s proposed plans get it wrong.
age, according to Fong Chuu, rate of nurses at UC hospitals is
a nurse who has worked at largely because of the current
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical To maintain UC hospitals’ on the plan provider – in this nurses. Center, Santa Monica, for 17 benefits the UC offers, some
Center for 34 years and is the nurse retention rates and case, the UC – and provides a She added the new retire- years and represents Santa of which the union fought
Westwood representative for ensure patient safety, the UC guaranteed monthly retirement ment plan would allow nurses Monica’s section of the bargain- for during their last round of
CNA’s contract bargaining must meet the CNA’s demands income. early retirement at age 55, ing team, said the new retire- contract negotiations with the
team. for retirement and better The UC’s proposed retire- instead of at age 50. It’s not ment plan is risky and that the UC. Taking them away discour-
The CNA’s bargaining team, working hours. Maintaining ment plan would threaten uncommon for nurses to retire current pension plan helps ages nurses from staying.
however, wants to maintain the top-tier patient care requires these benefits, however, by in their 50s because the job is maintain nurse retention. World-class patient care
current pension plan for new treating nurses in a top-tier shifting the burden from the very physically demanding – “There is a two-tier plan doesn’t just mean treating
nurses and allow nurses to be manner. Slyly changing retire- University to nurses to fund Chuu said she knows of several that they want to offer to patients with the latest and
able to control their own sched- ment benefits and overworking and manage their retirement nurses who are facing back new nurses. We don’t think greatest in medical technology
ules. The association argues nurses isn’t the way to do that. plans. This could decrease the problems from their taxing that’s safe because it’s a risky and practice. It also means
the pension plan encourages The current retirement plan retention rate of nurses at UC jobs. Tacking on an extra five 401(k),” Ewald said, “For us, providing a world-class
nurses to work at UC hospitals follows a traditional pension hospitals. years for retirement isn’t just the pension really does help environment for nurses and
longer because they are fund and requires the UC Chuu said she is concerned bad for nurses: It can also put attract nurses that are willing hospital staff to work in.
provided with secure futures, contribute to nurses’ future the UC won’t accurately pres- patients at risk. to stay with the UC system for a
and that overworking nurses benefits. The risk of invest- ent information about the new Valerie Ewald, who has long time.” Email Gasparyan at
presents a risk to patient safety. ment of pensions is placed retirement plan to incoming been a nurse at UCLA Medical Ewald added she thinks the
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Grad student threads

nuance into costumes
BY ELI COUNTRYMAN designer is to ... find a way with- ment, she said.
Daily Bruin contributor out words to show aspects of The show features a scene
the character,” she said. in which Kelly goes for a swim
Caitlin Kagawa created an “Steel Pier” tells the story in his underwear, adding to
outfit specifically designed to of a woman named Rita Racine Kagawa’s challenge of creat-
be soaked with water onstage. who participates in Atlantic ing clothing that combined
The outfit is part of UCLA City dance marathons during functionality with historical
School of Theater, Film and the Great Depression. At one accu racy. Perfor mers hold
Television’s mainstage produc- marathon, she pairs up with pitchers of water to simulate
tion of the musical “Steel Pier.” Bill Kelly, a man who inspires the appearance of Kelly emerg-
The show, which opens Friday her to escape the exploitative ing from a pool. The actor who
at the Freud Playhouse, takes contests that use the dancers plays Kelly inevitably gets his
place in 1933 during the Great for profit. underwear wet in the process.
Depression and tells the story Because most of the musical Kagawa said it is important
of lower-class citizens com- is set at a dance marathon, the to make the underwear look
peting in a dance marathon, a outfits must allow for mobil- period-accurate while keep-
type of broadcast dance com- ity, Kagawa said. She selected ing the actor covered. She also
petition. Kagawa, a graduate durable dresses and shoes had to make a second pair of
student in design for theater that allow free movement for identical undergarments so the
and entertainment media and actors in all scenes of the show, actor could change into a dry
the costume designer for “Steel including a short tap number. pair after the scene and remain
Pier,” said she worked with the Men’s pants had to be flexible properly attired, she said.
director and actors in order to enough for kicks and splits dur- Kagawa’s costu mes a lso
craft period-specific costumes ing dance numbers. Kagawa reflect the show’s social con- LIZ KETCHAM/ DA I LY BRUIN

that would display the socio- also focused on creating clothes text. Jeremy Mann, the direc- Graduate student Patrick Boyd wrote, directed and acted in the film “You, Me, & Him, & Him, & Him,” which focuses on an open relation-
economic statuses of the char- that would allow for flexible tor of “Steel Pier” and director ship among five men in Los Angeles. He said the film aims to convey self-acceptance and communication in gay relationships.
acters and the bleak themes of arm movements, despite the of singing for the Ray Bolger

Film portrays LGBTQ

the play. fact that actual dresses in the
“ My go a l a s a co s t u me 1930s often inhibited move- KAGAWA | Page 6

relationships realistically
BY NINA YOUNG cosm of gay life. ... That’s also who plays Peter, one of Will’s
Daily Bruin contributor where the open relationship four partners, said he appre-
comes in, because I want all ciated the film’s attempts to
Patrick Boyd opens his film types of gay men to be rep- subvert media stereotypes of
with a quote from Aristotle: resented in this,” Boyd said. gay men, such as the image
“Love is composed of a single “In the gay community, open of the physically fit gay man.
soul inhabiting two bodies.” relationships seem to be popu- Boyd sa id he a lso avoided
Boyd’s story divides a single lar, but I’m not sure that many framing his film in stereotypi-
soul among five people. people are super happy i n cal LGBTQ contexts, such as
Boyd, a graduate student them.” the gay club scene of West Hol-
in directing, explores an open Boyd said the five partners lywood, instead placing the
relationship between five gay are tight-knit, but still closed group’s interactions in ordi-
men in his upcoming film, “You off from one another emo- nary settings, such as a Los
& Me, & Him, & Him, & Him.” tionally. They communicate Angeles diner.
He plays Will, who struggles through playful arguments “I think (Boyd) is really
to find his place within the and humorous banter, but fail looking to bring in diversity
relationship and contemplates to truly listen to one another into what queer culture is,”
whether to stay with the four until the end of the film. Platt said. “The cast is a group
men he loves or to leave them. “They start to open up and of people who have different
Boyd drew on his own expe- that is what makes them come ethnicities, different bodies
riences nav igating the gay alive to each other,” Boyd said. that we’re not always used to
community and observations “They are seeing each other seeing gay men have.”
of open relationships to write for more than just what they Platt also said the film’s
and direct the film, which he appear to be.” costuming reflects the differ-
said is meant to demonstrate Boyd wrote the film’s roles ent personalities of the five
the importance of self-accep- for actors he knew, letting their partners, which helps make
tance and communication in actual personalities organical- each character distinct. For
CHENGCHENG ZHANG/ DA I LY BRUIN gay relationships, especially ly create a dynamic on-screen example, Peter’s bright teal
Graduate student Caitlin Kagawa designed costumes for the School of Theater, Film and Television’s production of “Steel Pier.” Kagawa open relationships. group, he said. Charles Platt,
crafted period-specific costumes to display the socio-economic conditions of the characters in 1933 during the Great Depression. “I want it to be like a micro- a fourth-year theater student BOYD | Page 6


Games can use nostalgia to synthesize new and old innovatively

BY EVAN riff that opened the course’s a problem. Long-term game
CHARFAUROS soundtrack on the Wii, franchises are the biggest
bringing me back to the transgressors in the eyes
Games have world I raced through in of nostalgia’s critics as new
always been a middle school. games in decades-old series
huge part of the Nostalgia is a common often ride the coattails of
entertainment industry, factor in modern game previous entries. Recent
but what makes them enter- design – if a new game is an commercials for franchises
taining? Game makers imitation, sequel or remake like “Pokemon” and “Call of
expend significant effort of an older game, it’s bound Duty” have even explicitly
making design decisions to be popular among players referenced their intended
people often don’t think who enjoyed its predecessor. nostalgic appeal by depicting
about when they’re playing Gaming journalists have young adults rediscovering
each game. Each week, called the focus on nostalgia the modern versions of their
columnist Evan Charfauros detrimental to the gaming childhood pastimes. Howev-
will examine the pros and industry as a whole, arguing er, bringing back classic ele-
cons of different game a reliance on the past will ments of games doesn’t have
mechanics as seen in the eventually fail to interest the to be stale; some franchises
modern gaming industry. younger generation that is succeed in celebrating both
growing up playing mobile the old and the new.

othing matches the games. But nostalgia in “Super Mario Odyssey”
rush I first felt while games shouldn’t be demon- takes the iconic hero out
revving past the start- ized – by bridging old and of the Mushroom Kingdom
ing line in “Mario Kart 8 new, nostalgia can actually to explore the globe for the
Deluxe” for Nintendo Switch. be a great way to advance first time. It does away with
The gorgeously rendered industry innovation. series mainstays like Boos
high-definition version of Admittedly, subpar and Bob-ombs for completely
Moo Moo Meadows begins sequels that seem like little
with the same jaunty string more than cash grabs can be GAMER’S | Page 6 RACHEL BAI/ DA I LY BRUIN
6 DAILY BRUIN | A&E | Wednesday, March 7, 2018 |

KAGAWA somewhat famous under the

stage name “Lindy’s Lovebird,”
and her character is expect-
even if they are onstage for a
minute or one scene, the audi-
ence won’t wonder who they
BOYD son, who plays another of the
partners, Sammy.
Iverson said each charac-
from page 5 ed to exude an elegant and were,” said Kagawa. “It’s no ter reflects on his identity in from page 5
from page 5
mature persona. mystery.” the context of the polyam-
Musical Theater Program at Talley said Kagawa’s cos- Costu m i n g a lso helped orous relationship. Sammy’s new species of characters,
UCLA, said he and Kagawa tuming bolsters her charac- Mann convey the thematic rompers inf luenced Platt’s con nections to the other ranging from the ghostly hat
had regular meetings to dis- ter’s semifamous status: At messages of “Steel Pier,” he per for m a nce of a you n g, characters and his role in the creatures of the Cap Kingdom
cuss modeling the musical’s one point, Racine’s husband said. At one point, a few wom- extroverted character seek- group forces him to truly con- to the cute neon talking forks
characters on real-life, period- tells her to change from a play- en wear visible underwear ing attention from the four front his discomfort about his of the Luncheon Kingdom. I
specific stars like Ginger Rog- ful light-blue polka-dot dress beneath transparent wedding other partners through his own sexuality. promise it’s not as weird as it
ers, a singer and actress who into a sleek, dark-blue one. She dresses in a dance marathon outspoken mannerisms. As “So often you see other gay sounds.
inspired “Steel Pier’s” rendi- said the change reflects her event. Talley said the exposing Peter is unable to articulate stories in the media where it’s The game redefines the
tion of Racine. competitors’ expectations that choice of costuming illustrates his need for love, he instead just two people that pair up Mario formula by packing
Mann said actual contes- she look as high-class as her the objectification women points out his partners’ inse- and then ... have a wonderful each kingdom with dozens of
tants in 1930s radio-broadcast stage identity. often experienced in the early curities and creates tension adventure with some hard- power moons that can only be
marathons were often part of “Her second dress is more 1900s. in the group. His inability ships along the way,” Iverson found with thorough explora-
the lower classes and attempt- expensive-looking,” said Tal- “(The wedding dresses) to communicate strains the said. “It’s really interesting tion and puzzle-solving, a level
ed to earn money through con- ley. “For the couples on stage show a darker side to the show relationship, Platt said. to see that from a group per- of detail none of the previous
tests. Performers would use who see her as ‘Lindy’s Love- because it’s vulnerable for all “I think having the five spective.” games have.
whatever cheap materials they bird,’ she looks more like a star the women to be in these out- characters in the relation- Boyd said though the film Even as “Odyssey” sets a
had at their disposal to try to or celebrity.” fits,” Talley said. “It shows off ship makes the flaws of each explores open relationships precedent for future Mario
make costumes that looked Kagawa said it is typical for the misogynistic view during person overly apparent,” Platt in the gay community, it is games, it pays tribute to its
like the higher-class clothing women’s costumes to express that time.” said. “It’s very obvious that also intended to illustrate the history. The game reintro-
seen in Hollywood films. To their characters’ personalities Kagawa said the outfits and the lack of communication is importance of communica- duces Pauline, the original
replicate this practice, Kaga- and statuses in dress-inten- clothing of the performance hurting each person in a very tion in relationships more damsel in distress from the
wa used inexpensive materials sive shows, and she wanted help convey the realities of the specific way.” generally. arcade version of “Donkey
like wool for her own costumes to outfit male characters in period that the show depicts. Fed up with the group’s “I th i nk open ness is so Kong,” Mario’s first game ever.
in “Steel Pier.” similarly expressive clothing. “I think for a story like ‘Steel miscommunication and feel- sexy and being who you are Pauline is now the mayor of
“(Kagawa) has done a good She designed the seemingly Pier,’ the world is framed by a ing alienated, Will pursues is great,” Boyd said. “There’s New Donk City, an urban area
job of stratifying the world … Hollywood-style clothing with set, but the story is told in the an external sexual affair. not really a message about where Mario climbs skyscrap-
where these people are socio- more commonplace and cheap costumes,” said Kagawa. “A The group’s jealousy causes open relationships, whether ers and jumps between steel
logically and economically,” wide-leg pants and woolen story of people in a time where a fight to break out among all they’re good or bad. … I want beams suspended by cranes
Mann said. “That’s told really clothing to bring out the men’s things are destitute and bleak, five partners inside a kara- anyone to watch it and really over a cloudy abyss. I just
well in the costumes.” attempts to appear wealthier but we get a chance to see who oke bar. Saturated in vivid question how open they are about flipped when I noticed
The designs helped some than they actually were. they are come to life.” lighting and trapped within with themselves,” he said. the pink steel beams I was
actors portray their social sta- “(The outfits are) a sub- the claustrophobic room, the climbing on were the same
tuses as well, said fourth-year liminal nod to who they really Email Countryman at scene heightens tensions and Email Young at design as the ones Mario tra-
theater student Shelby Talley, are and allowing who they are examines each character’s or versed in the 8-bit, Donkey
who plays Racine. Racine is inside to come out, so that or tweet @EliCountryman. insecurities, said Derik Iver- tweet @ninayoung888. Kong original.
The New Donk City portion
of the game wraps up with a
citywide festival during which
players navigate a redesigned
2-D Donkey Kong level amid
fireworks, shimmering con-
fetti and a live performance
of “Odyssey’s” jazzy theme
song from Pauline herself. The
various deviances from the
tried-and-true Mario formula
might have hurt the game in
longtime players’ eyes, if not
for the multitude of moments
that embrace Mario’s storied
In other words, nostalgia
complements innovation. The
2017 hit “Cuphead” also draws
more explicitly on nostalgia by
reusing the visual style of old
1930s cartoons.
Players control the titular
character or his partner in
crime, Mugman, who each
look like a cross between old-
school Mickey Mouse and,
well, drinkware. While the
gameplay is stellar, the biggest
draw of the game is the seam-
less animation and aesthet-
ics that make it look like the
player is actually controlling
a cartoon character in a 2-D
world. As someone who grew
up watching old “rubber hose
animation” cartoons, being
able to place myself in that
world is an incredible feeling.
But perhaps the best recent
example of nostalgia comple-
menting innovation can be
seen in the 2015 indie hit
“Undertale.” The game draws
players in with its charming
retro graphics and format,
which assumes players are
experienced with role-playing
gaming. The presentation
of what seems to be a clas-
sic RPG allows the game to
subvert player expectations,
building off what players
assume they know about the
game based on games they’ve
known and loved in the past.
While players kill enemies
on sight in most games,
“Undertale” allows players
to talk to or even flirt with
their opponents. Fighting
isn’t always the best option,
which seems obvious to an
outsider, but isn’t intuitive
to a gamer used to killing
everything they see with no
consequences. There are con-
sequences in “Undertale” – if
you kill a character, the game
will remember and other char-
acters may remind you of your
transgression. The game sub-
verts several other assump-
tions as well, such as the idea
that you can shut off a game
without saving to retry a task
you failed.
Without memories of other
games to draw from, new
gamers don’t get the same
thought-provoking experience
out of “Undertale’s” story and
gameplay that experienced
gamers do. The title takes
RPG nostalgia and turns it on
its head to create a visually
dated game that’s years ahead
of many of its HD counter-
While too much reliance on
what came before can lead to
dull and uninspired games,
many of the best releases take
our fond memories and turn
them into something bold and
new. One day we’ll look back
on today’s games with the
same wistfulness that we do
with those of our childhood,
but new releases will allow
them to live on in ways we can
only guess at.

Email Charfauros at
CLASSIFIEDS Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | DAILY BRUIN 7

Campus Happenings
. Apartments for Rent
. Apartments for Rent

Beverly Hills dermatology office 11640 Kiowa Ave, L.A.CA 90045 Grand opening Brentwood most
seeking part-time office help. spectacular apartments:
Scribe experience a plus. UCLA Amenities: control access, pool, Two bedroom two half bathroom.
elevator, onsite parking, onsite Three bedroom two and half bathroom.
Students only please. Send resume
laundry,A/C, close to brent wood Four bedroom two and a half
bathroom. Short walk to Brentwood
village, restaurant, school, ten
One bedroom+onebathroom
minutes to Ucla and mountain St Mary.
Sperm/Egg Donors
Mgr ph#310-826-4889 Amenities: pool, health club &spa
1236 Amherst AVE , L.A, CA control access, patio, custom
kitchen , hard wood floor , washer &
dryer in units. Parking, steps to
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parking , onsite laundry, close to
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One bedroom +one bathroom
Mgrph#323-879-9611 3"%*0$0.
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825-2221 206-3060
8 DAILY BRUIN | Sports | Wednesday, March 7, 2018 |

M. VBALL Kobrine said.

UCLA has been working on
out-of-system attacking in prac- Experienced members to propel UCLA rowing
from page 10 tice to provide the Bruins with
some leverage to face Pepper-
Sophomore middle blocker dine.
Daenan Gyimah said that the “Getting by the rhythm when
Bruins need to work on hitting we are planning to attack and
out of system. putting the ball at the net when
“We had a lot of errors that we are setting is the main thing
should have been continues,” we are working on,” Kobrine
Gyimah said. “If we could just do said.
that we will prolong the rallies The Bruins will add senior
and not have an automatic loss opposite Christian Hessenauer
of point.” back to the roster as he did not
Redshirt freshman opposite play against the Waves on Feb.
Sam Kobrine said the Bruins 23.
didn’t understand the ways in Hessenauer leads the Bruins
which the Waves were setting with averages of 3.4 kills per set
the ball. and 4.21 points per set.
“They set and contact the ball UCLA will face Pepperdine
a little higher than most teams, back home in Pauley Pavilion for
which made it difficult for us to the rematch Wednesday.
block ... (and) recognize when “Being in our home gym will
their big servers are on the line bring it all together,” Gyimah
so we can take advantage of said.
whatever play we have, and not DA I LY B R U I N F I L E P H OTO

(force) anything and (keep) the Email Sered at The UCLA rowing team got off to a hot start this weekend by earning first- and second-place finishes. It hopes to keep up and improve on that momentum for the rest of the season.
ball in play to not make errors,”
BY CORAL SMITH “I think a lot of what we’re advantage when you have taught her about the impor-
Daily Bruin contributor tr y i n g to focus on is just more upperclassmen, and this tance of a strong connection
empowerment, and letting is the first time in years that in the team.
The Bruins will rely on the all the girls with experience we’ve had that.” “For me, I think just the
experience of their older row- use that experience,” Fuller Along with a core of eight trust in the boat is what can
ers this season. Kearney said. “I guess the big- returning seniors, the Bruins make or break it,” Budgett
UCLA rowing opened its gest thing that I’ve done is I let will benefit from contributions said. “Just having that trust
season in the weekend with both of the boats decide what from experienced juniors, and having that connection
Why wait a month? a meet against Stanford and their race strategy is. They such a s v a r sit y one por t between the people in the
Same day exams available at Village Eyes Optometry San Diego State, coming away know how fast they have to Saskia Budgett and varsity boat can just make so much
We accept UCLA student, faculty, and staff with two wins and one sec- be, they know what the goals one starboard Kyra Edwards, speed, and I think our squad
vision care plans ond-place finish. are for speed, but how they’re both of whom rowed for Great is just building that day by
The second varsity eight going to get there really comes Britain’s national team last day.”
• Great Selection of Eyewear boat was able to beat out from within.” summer in the 2017 World Last season, the Bruins
• Contact Lens Specialists Stanford by over two seconds, Fuller Kearney said that Rowing Under 23 Champion- finished sixth in the Pac-12
• Dry Eye Clinic winning the race with a time having an older team this year ships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and championships and missed
of 7:06.10 to the Cardinal’s will benefit this work ethic, helped the team win a gold out on one of 22 spots for the
DR. JON D. VOGEL (UCLA GRAD) 7:08.56. Because Stanford fin- because the experience will medal. NCA A cha mpion sh ips. I n
DR. LORIN E. VOGEL (UCLA GRAD) ished last season ranked No. 6 help the team make racing “It was a great experience, order for this season’s team to
DR. BAHAREH GOLBAHAR (UCLA GRAD) in the nation, the victory was decisions under pressure. since we’ve both been row- improve on last year’s finish,
DR. ANNIE HU-DUVAL an indicator of encouraging “ I n r ow i n g , it’s r e a l l y ing for the national team for a Budgett said that it will have
prospects for the Bruins this unique that once they launch few years,” Edwards said. “It’s to expand on the success of
1059 GAYLEY AVENUE (ACROSS FROM WHOLE FOODS) season. we don’t get to coach them,” just really cool to go to a world this opening meet.
310-208-3011 WWW.VILLAGEEYES.COM The Bruins will be relying Fuller Kearney said. “They stage and have so much talent “It’s definitely something
on the experience of an older have to know when it’s going everywhere, and be able to that we can build on, and we
team in 2018, said coach Amy well, they have to know how race the best people in the have a lot more coming, I’d
Fuller Kearney. She has been to problem-solve, they have world.” say,” Budgett said.

letting the team make more to know how to make changes Budgett said that compet-
racing decisions, giving it that are going to make them ing at this high level helped Email Smith at
more responsibilities. go faster. I think that’s an her ga i n ex per ience, a nd

was fantastic, he’s just like and that he would let things The Bruins only had one
FOOTBALL a natural out there so it was
cool to see him.”
unfold over the course of the
new recruit in attendance
Tuesday, wide receiver Kyle
Check out Prime for arts, culture from page 10 With players already shift-
ing positions, Kelly was asked
“Spring will play out,” Kelly
said. “We’ll get a chance to
Phillips. Kelly said he expects
two or three more recruits
and lifestyle content teammates with how well he
appeared to be handling the
whether or not he would con-
tinue to test out more play-
take a look at some different
spots, but again, we haven’t
to join practice after spring
transition. ers in different spots. How- seen them do anything except “Hopefully it is a perma- ever, he remained firm on the … lifting and running with Email Smith at
nent sw itch,” Ja mes said. notion that he was not famil- the strength and conditioning or
“How (Tagaloa) looked today iar enough with his roster coaches and their staff.” tweet @RyanSmithDB.

Classifieds Display
825-2221 206-3060 | Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | Sports | DAILY BRUIN 9
KRAMER the fact that I wasn’t a national
champion, or that I wasn’t an
Olympic champion,” Kramer
from page 1 said. “I looked at it as pressure
to be more like them, that I
She nai led her tu mbl i n g wasn’t enough.”
passes and executed the moves For the first few meets of
choreographed by her former her freshman season, Kram-
teammate and current under- er walked a mental tightrope.
graduate assistant coach Hallie When she fell twice in a single
Mossett. meet, a crisis of confidence
The judges rewarded her ensued.
with a 9.900. For the remainder of the sea-
Si nce the open i ng meet, son, she struggled to be consis-
Kramer has claimed a perma- tent and was shuttled in and out
nent spot in the floor lineup. All of the lineup. A fall on the vault
but one score has been above during the Pac-12 champion-
9.850, including a career-best ships harmed UCLA’s chances
9.950 against Oregon State. at claim ing the conference
“I did not (expect that). I crown.
knew she had it in her,” said Lee had befriended Kramer
coach Valorie Kondos Field. “I when they roomed together
didn’t expect her to be that con- during road trips. A seasoned
sistent. She’s been extremely veteran of the team, Lee dis-
consistent this year.” cussed her struggles during
Kondos Field’s statement her first years at UCLA with the
points to how far Kramer has freshman.
come in a year. Her success and “I think that helped her a
status as an important contribu- lot to hear that the upperclass-
tor in the Bruins’ lineup was far men also struggled,” Lee said.
from an inevitable next step in “Fresh man year, you th ink
her career. you’re the only one with prob-
She wasn’t supposed to be at lems. In reality, everyone goes
UCLA in the first place. Up until through that.”
her last week of high school, The low point of Kramer’s
Kramer was in line for a full- fresh ma n odyssey ca me at
ride to Arizona State. nationals.
Then, the Sun Devils fired On the day of the 2017 NCAA
t hei r coach a nd sa id t hey semifinals, Kramer prepared to
wouldn’t announce the replace- compete in the vault. She was
ment until the end of the sum- penciled into the UCLA lineup.
mer. Kramer, unable to sit and Then, at the last minute, AUBREY YEO/ DA I LY BRUIN

wait, decommitted. Kondos Field stepped in. She Gracie Kramer transforms into a patient trying to escape from an asylum in her floor exercise routine. The sophomore has consistently performed high-scoring floor exercise routines.
She came to UCLA as a walk- replaced Kramer with then-
on, never having gone through senior Angi Cipra. disappointment. They flew out seriously. She started eating team, says it has been highly an outsider who couldn’t mea-
the recruitment process. Her The next day, when the Bru- there to see me.” better. She learned to handle rewarding to see Kramer make sure up to her accomplished
new teammates included Olym- ins competed in the Super Six Forced to sit in the stands the college environment and the such huge strides. teammates.
pic gold medalists Kyla Ross and for the national title, Kramer and watch her team fight for a distractions that come with it. “Being an upperclassman, it’s “I think, last year, she didn’t
Madison Kocian, and Peng-Peng handed her credential to then- national title, Kramer decided Kondos F ield sa id she so nice when you have a team believe she belonged here,”
Lee, who would have been in junior Rechelle Dennis. While to do everything in her power believes Kramer’s offseason member who struggled and see Kondos Field said. “I think now
the 2012 games had it not been Dennis joined the team on the to never be in the same position growth is a natural part of the them mature and take owner- she knows she belongs here.”
for a serious knee injury. competition floor, Kramer sat again. process for freshmen. ship of who they are,” Lee said. Should the Bruins continue
Kramer found herself unable in the stands with her parents. “I totally switched my mind- “I think freshmen grow up “I think, now, she’s not afraid to to score in the mid-to-high 197
to measure up to their dis- She was reduced to a spectator. set,” Kramer said. “It was a about five years during their be herself inside the gym.” range and qualify for the Super
tinguished, elite gymnastics “That was really hard as an blessing in disguise. It made me first year,” Kondos Field said. K r a mer i s now a f i r m ly Six, don’t expect her to be sit-
careers and medals earned at athlete and as an individual to realize I never want to be in that “College is a totally different entrenched member of the ting in the stands.
the highest international level. confront the issue,” Kramer position ever again.” planet for them and they have team. She is no longer the walk-
So she piled pressure on her- said. “I was completely taken Her mission began in the to figure it out.” on who didn’t go through the Email Bribach at
self to rise to their level. away from my team. Also, my spring quarter following the Lee, a close friend and the recruiting process, nor is she or
“I put so much emphasis on parents – I felt like I was such a season. She took the workouts most senior member on the the gymnast who saw herself as tweet @WinBribach.

from page 10
from page 10
a lot of good pars when I hit
the greens and I made all of ing the momentum of his first
the short putts that I’ve been two Tuesday starts in which he
missing.” held his opponents to a total of
The Bruins also shot their six hits, three walks and 1 run
lowest overall score since through 10 2/3 innings.
October when they shot 20 “Gosh, he’s been good,” Sav-
under par at the Nanea Pac-12 age said. “He just commanded
Preview. it. He’s a different guy right now.
“The course seemed really He’s grown up a little bit, and he
scoreable and not that diffi- appears to have taken the next
cult,” Forsyth said. “Just a lot step. We’re 3-0 on Tuesday’s and
of good golf, and when you that’s a big deal.”
have that feeling as a player Garcia allowed Loyola Mary-
that feels like they can score mount’s only run in the third
out here then good things can inning – a line drive double to
really happen.” right field that eventually was
For the second-straight batted home by a single. UCLA’s
tournament, the Bruins were bullpen pitched three shut-
without freshman Patty Tav- out innings with just two hits
atanakit, which allowed other allowed.
players to step up. Senior Erin UCLA will head to Dodger
Choi tied for 20th, her only Stadium for a weekend slate fea-
top-20 finish of the season. turing No. 8 Texas Christian,
“I think that this was a No. 15 Vanderbilt and USC.
really good opportunity for
(Choi) to get into the lineup Email Kearns at
and play and she did really or
well,” Forsyth said. “This has HABEBA MOSTAFA/ DA I LY BRUIN
tweet @_jackkearns.
been a great opportunity for Sophomore Will McInerny caught six innings of two-hit baseball from sophomore pitcher Ryan Garcia on Tuesday night. McInerny also contributed on the offensive end.
other girls to get some playing
and competitive experience,
and I think it’s really paying
off, particularly for (Choi).”
The top-ran ked Br u i ns
now have three weeks off
competition before return-
ing March 26 to The Farms
Golf Club in Rancho Santa Fe,

Email Weinstock at

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Sports Wednesday, March 7, 2018

UCLA baseball upsets Loyola Marymount 12-1

BY JACK KEARNS Baseball RBIs. He made his mark defen-
Daily Bruin contributor sively as well, making an acro-
LOYOLA MARYMOUNY 1 batic catch as he slammed into
UCLA got on base 21 times No. 11 UCLA 12 the right-field wall in the fourth.
despite zero combined hits from Jack Stronach made his first
its two leading hitters. innings. start of the year as designated
“We’re getting a lot of con- After four innings, UCLA hitter, replacing the usual start-
tribution from a lot different had forced 101 pitches out of er junior Jake Pries. The sopho-
areas,” said coach John Savage. Loyola Marymount’s pitching more finished the night 2-for-4
“That’s a sign of a good team. staff, good for an average of 4.39 with three RBIs and 2 runs.
Stretching that lineup as long pitches per batter. Junior center fielder Dan-
as you can.” “(Our patience) has improved iel Amaral saw six at-bats and
Sophomore first baseman a lot from last year,” Toglia said. punched in two RBIs, while
Michael Toglia and sophomore “We’ve definitely made a bigger junior third baseman Jake Hira-
second baseman Chase Strumpf jump in this year’s approach in bayashi hit 3-for-4 with two
both went 0-for-4 on the day, staying on pitches and being doubles and 3 runs.
but the No. 11 Bruins (10-2) disciplined at the same time.” “Five doubles on a night
were able to defeat the Loyola Outfielder sophomore Jeremy game here is pretty impressive,”
Marymount Lions (3-10) 12-1 Ydens earned UCLA’s 4th run by Savage said. ‘We’re just getting a
on Tuesday night at the Jackie singling, advancing to second lot of guys contributing. Amaral
Robinson Stadium. on a wild pitch, stealing third had a pretty good night, Ydens,
Loyola Marymount started and scoring on a sacrifice fly Hirabayashi. It’s good to see.”
southpaw Holden Christian, from Strumpf. Righty Ryan Garcia started
who pitched 2 2/3 innings with “We’ve really tried to be dis- on the mou nd for the Br u-
67 pitches – 4.79 pitches per bat- ciplined with our strike zone,” ins. The sophomore threw a
ter faced. Ydens said. “We’ve worked on career-high nine strikeouts
The Bruin bats were able that a lot this year and this past over six frames in his third
to tally six runs with a .643 fall to really swing at strikes and start for UCLA, dropping his
slu g g i n g percent a ge a f ter take balls and be patient at our ERA to .145. He allowed two
three innings, giving them a at-bats.” hits, one walk and 1 run, rid- HABEBA MOSTAFA/ DA I LY BRUIN

comfortable 5-run lead that Ydens finished the night Sophomore right fielder Jeremy Ydens and UCLA baseball blew out LMU at Jackie Robinson Stadium on Tuesday night. Ydens finished
would remain for the next 3 2/3 3-for-5 with 2 runs and two BASEBALL | Page 9 1-for-3 at the plate and drove home 2 runs on a single in the seventh inning to add to a decisive lead for the Bruins.

Kelly brings tempo, tests position changes Bruins look to

defeat Waves in
second matchup
BY KATIE SERED Men’s volleyball
Daily Bruin contributor
No. 7 Pepperdine
UCLA men’s volleyball will Wednesday, 6 p.m.
be granted a much desired Pauley Pavilion
rematch against Pepperdine UCLA live stream
after falling to the Waves –
the lowest-ranked team the ball and transition?” Speraw
Bruins have lost to – previ- said. “That has been our area
ously this season. of focus for a while – I have
The last time No. 5 UCLA seen some improvement in
(15-5,4-2 MPSF) played No. that regard, but I think the
7 Pepperdine (10-4, 4-2) was big challenge is this team’s
just 13 days ago when the serve.”
Bruins were swept by the Pepperdine has averaged
Waves in a three-set match. 1.9 aces per set, while UCLA
The Bruins fell just short of averages 1.8. The Waves, how-
taking each set by a margin of ever, barely edge out the Bru-
5 points or lower – UCLA lost ins in average serving errors
21-25, 23-25, and 20-25. per set at 0.9 compared to the
Coach John Speraw said Bruins at 0.8.
that there are elements of the UCLA had a difficult time
offense that need improve- prolonging rallies, and was
ment in facing a quality serv- unable to commit to earning
ing team like Pepperdine. enough points to secure a set
“How is our offense when victory against Pepperdine.
you’re passing a ball 10 to 15
feet? How do we attack that M. VBALL | Page 8


Redshirt junior safety Adarius Pickett and the rest of UCLA football returned to the field for their first spring practice of the year Tuesday morning, this time with Chip Kelly as head coach.

BY RYAN SMITH strength or a weakness because ius Pickett said he was aware of “I want to be a versatile play-
Assistant Sports editor we haven’t had a chance to deal Kelly’s style coming in but was er that can play all positions,
with them.” still taken aback. whatever it is,” James said. “I
The Chip Kelly era is offi- Despite having little infor- “They said it was going to be played some left guard last
cially underway in Westwood. mation on his players’ abili- fast, but it’s one thing between spring, and the spring before
UCLA football took the field ties on the field, Kelly wasted you hearing it and you actually that I played left tackle, so it’s
Tuesday morning for its first no time putting the Bruins doing it,” Pickett said. not anything new to me, (it’s)
spring practice of the year. Kel- through the first phases of his Another topic of discussion just another position on the
ly, who was hired as head coach famous up-tempo offense. Tuesday was position changes. field.”
in November, said he is entering At Oregon, Kelly’s fast-paced Redshirt sophomore Andre Potentially joining James
spring with zero expectations spread offense brought the James, who is expected to make on the offensive line next sea-
and just wants to see what he Ducks into the upper echelon of the move from right tackle over son will be former defensive
has to work with. college football. They went 46-7 to left tackle in 2018, said he is lineman Boss Tagaloa. The
“I have no idea what this in his tenure as head coach and excited about the switch and sophomore took snaps at the
team’s all about, so that’s what even reached the BCS National has set out to prove his versa- center position and impressed ISABELLE ROY/ DA I LY B R U I N S E N I O R STA F F

the whole spring will be about,” Championship Game in 2011. tility on the offensive line this No. 5 UCLA was swept by No. 7 Pepperdine when the teams faced off just two weeks
Kelly said. “I couldn’t tell you a Redshirt junior safety Adar- spring. FOOTBALL | Page 8 ago. The Bruins hit only .203 compared to the Waves’ hitting percentage of .455.

Women’s golf finishes first, Lilia Vu claims eighth individual win

BY HENRY WEINSTOCK record for lowest tournament the club that she likes.”
Daily Bruin contributor score, finishing at 14-under- Vu said her work ethic and
par. ability to keep an open mind
Lilia Vu is now the win- “I’m pretty proud,” Vu said. are what make her so effective
ningest Bruin golfer in pro- “I didn’t expect to break the on the course.
gram history. other record for lowest tour- “I think it’s just a lot of hard
A week a f ter t y i n g the nament total, so it’s pretty work and being able to be
wins record at the Bruin Wave cool.” open to new things and always
Invitational, the junior won C o a c h C a r r i e Fo r s y t h learning new things,” Vu said.
the eighth tournament of her attributed Vu’s great success “It’s being open-minded and
career at the Wildcat Invita- to both her understanding of taking what you can get.”
tional. the game as well as her natural Sophomore Ma r iel Ga l-
However, Vu was not the skill. diano finished second overall,
only winner. “I think she’s really got a finishing the tournament at
No. 1 UCLA women’s golf really good understanding 11-under-par. She had her best
was able to escape Arizona of course management as it performance in round three,
with a victory Tuesday, hold- relates to her game and her tying for the lowest score in
ing its place as the top team strengths and weaknesses,” the round with a 67.
in the country. The Bruins Forsyth said. “She is not at all “I eliminated a lot of the
shot an 847 as a team and fin- afraid of not hitting a driver mistakes that I made (Mon-
UCLA ATHLETICS ished 17 under par, beating off the tee, and just hits the day),” Galdiano said. “I saved
Top-ranked UCLA women’s golf took home another victory. This time the win came at the Wildcat Invitational on Tuesday. Junior Lilia Vu also the Wildcats by nine strokes. right club for her to put her-
recorded her eighth career individual victory, putting up a record at the invite and making her the winningest golfer in program history. Vu also tied the course self in the right position with W. GOLF | Page 9