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I Your hours of work will change from day to day

A message tothe public



What does it mean to you the customer?
I You are 25% overpaid, even though that’s still £80 a week below the national average wage

Would you like to be told:
... but postal workers are.
I Less reliable service and later deliveries I 2,500 more Post Office closures I That when you come into work each day instead of knowing what you’ll be doing – you may be told to do an entirely different job I Reductions in weekday post box collections and no Sunday collections. I You are 40% under-efficient, even though mail deliveries have grown I Your current pension scheme will close, reducing your existing benefits and increasing your retirement age from 60 to 65

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Changes already made have resulted in an inferior service – daily deliveries moving from two per day to one per day. Royal Mail management now want to remove the current first delivery and impose later deliveries to domestic households that will see your mail being delivered as late as 4pm to 5pm daily. These cuts will be felt more severely in rural communities where you will no longer be able to respond to a letter on

oyal Mail senior management are insistent on driving through major change across all postal services. This change will have a direct and negative impact on CWU members’ lives, pensions, terms and conditions and ultimately the loyal service they provide to you, the customer, unless an agreement can be reached. Postal workers are being asked to accept changes without any guarantee of recompense or job security from an intimidating employer. The impact of these changes will see massive cuts in services, resulting in the loss of around 40,000 postal jobs.


PLEASE ime take the t aflet is le to read th to your ak and spe stal local po worker...

A message tothe public
Your local Crown Post Offices and SubPost Offices have seen in excess of 3,000 closures over the past 5 years. There has also been a recent Government announcement that a further 2,500 will close over the next 18 months. These massive cuts mean customers will have to travel even greater distances to make use of postal services. This will be particularly felt in rural areas where the local Post Offices have closed at a detrimental effect on rural communities. the same day due to further reductions in daily post box collections and the complete removal of all Sunday collections.

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Visit our website Royal Mail Dispute 07 and download our petition for your friends and family to sign up Write to Allan Leighton & Adam Crozier at 148 Old Street, London EC1V 9HQ and let them know you’re supporting your local postmen and postwomen Write to your local MP and ask them to support their local postal workers

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