Coan Squat Routine ADDED FRIDAY, August 16, 2002 This is the routine my buddy Ed Coan set me up with about

a year ago, it include the Offseason routine and the Meet Cycle. I have gone through each a few times and I have to say its the best squat routine I have ever used and I have made gains on many squat routines!! There are three parts to this, first I will list the Offseason Routine, then the Meet Cycle. In each part I will list the Accessory work to be done. PART I--OFFSEASON ROUTINE There are no percentages to worry about, you pick the weight you think you can hit the EASY SINGLE (not a MAX Single, but too easy as well) with and start backwards going down from Week 10 by 20lbs to get the weight you can use for each week. THE ONLY EQUIPMENT USED IS A BELT AND LATER IN THE CYLE KNEE WRAPS, NO SUITS OR BRIEFS UNLESS YOU HAVE AN UNBEARABLE HIP SORENESS OR OTHER INJURY. OFFSEASON PROGRAM WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ASSISTANCE WORK 1.) High Bar Close Stance Pause Squats (2 sets x 5 reps for first 5 weeks, then 2x3 for last 5) 2.) Adductor Hip Work(I prefer doing this on sled or with low pulley cable machine) WORK SETS(Sets/Reps) 2x8 2x8 2x5 2x5 2x5 2x3 2x3 2x2 1x2 1x1

I cut out pause squats the last 5 weeks and it worked great. MEET CYCLE PROGRAM WEEK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 WORK SETS(Sets/Reps) 1x5 1x5 1x5 1x5 1x3 1x3 1x2 1x2 1x1(Do heavy Walkout with @70lbs more than this single after Squats. Suit Straps Up & Meet Tight Knee Wraps Belt 10 We lco me to t he darks ide. Suit Straps Down & Loose Knee Wraps Belt. hold for 5 sec) MEET WEEK(2x5 Easy Squats @50-60% of Max for Meet) EQUIPMENT TO BE USED Belt.3. Suit Straps Up & Medium Knee Wraps Belt.) Hamstrings (IF NEEDED) 4. I will also note in the last column when to add each piece of gear. Wear loose wraps on your last 2 or 3 warmups for all weeks as well. Suit Straps Down & Loose Knee Wraps Belt.) ABS 5.) Calves PART II-MEET CYCLE Below is the Meet Cycle Routine. Suit Straps Up & Tight Knee Wraps Belt. The assistance stays the same as above table. NOTE: The last week of the Meet Cycle calls for a single. Suit Straps Down & Loose Knee Wraps Belt. Suit Straps Down & Loose Knee Wraps Belt. Suit Straps Down & Loose Knee Wraps Belt. This is NOT a max single. . Suit Straps Up & Meet Tight Knee Wraps Belt.

DEADL IFT P ROGRAM ( Do you r regu l ar warm u ps pri or t o doi n g t h e b el o w) WEEK 1 2 3 4 WORK SETS (75%)x 2 reps (80%)x 2 reps (85%)x 2 reps (90%)x 2 reps SPEED SETS (60%)8 sets x 3 reps (90 sec rest b/w sets) (65%)8 sets x 3 reps (90 sec rest b/w sets) (70%)6 sets x 3 reps (90120 sec rest b/w sets) (75%)5 sets x 3 reps (90- . an d S h ru g s. T h e secon d part i s gon n a be an Excel S preadsh eet wi t h f o rm u l a s th at you n eed t o down l oad an d pl u g in you r num bers t o get t h e wei g h t t o be u sed each week on Deadl i f t s. T h e f i rst 4 week s a re based on worki n g u p t o a h eavy set an d droppi n g t o work sh o rt rest peri od set s con cen t rat i n g on speed an d accel erat i on of m o vem en t . T h ere a re t wo part s t o t h i s.Co a n / Ph i l li p i Dead li ft Rou t i n e ADDED WEDN ES DAY . I h a d at l east an ot h er 20. T h e l a st 6 weeks are u sed t o peak ou t wit h al l vol um e work t aki n g p l a ce o n t h e way down wi t h sh ort rest peri ods. Th i s wi l l prepare you t o l i f t wi t h you r back pre. Th i s wi l l h el p con di t i on your back. S peed Deads.f at i gu ed wh i ch h appen s at t h e m eet. f i rst I wi l l li st t h e Weekl y progressi on of set s/ r ep s an d assi st an ce t o be perf orm ed. P ART I T h e p ercen t ages are t aken f rom t hi s proj ect ed m ax. h ow th ey are don e an d h ow m u ch.30l bs l ef t as wel l !! I am a bel i ever i n t h i s ro u t i n e. Au gu st 7. I h ad t ri ed m an y t h in gs f or m y dead bu t u n t i l m y good f ri en d Ed Coan got m e t o do th i s n ot h ing real l y worked. 2002 I u sed t h i s rou t i n e t h e l ast 10 weeks t o take m y deadl i f t f rom 505 t o 5 4 0 . T h i s jum p st a rt ed m e an d t h en som e!! S i n ce I h ave h ad so m an y requ est abou t i t a n d n o w i t been t est ed i n a m eet I am post i n g f or al l t o see.

Do on e exerci se f i n i sh al l you r set s a n d m ove on t o n ex t ex erci se.4: Work t h rou gh t h e f ol l owi ng exerci ses i n a ci rcu i t f o rm a t.) Stiff Leg Deadlifts 2.) Bent Over Rows 4.6: Y ou wi l l do t h e f ol l owi n g exerci se s f or 3 set s of 5.) Arched Back Good Mornings WEEKS 5.120 sec rest b/w sets) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 AS S IS T ANCE WOR K WEEKS 1. Do th i s 3 t im es f or a t ot al of 3x8 rep s o n each exerci se.) Underhand Grip Lat Pulldowns 5. 1.5%)x 1 rep (100%)x 1 rep MEET DAY (65%)3 sets x 3 reps (120 sec rest b/w sets) (70%)3 sets x 3 reps (120 sec rest b/w sets) (75%)3 sets x 3 reps (120 sec rest b/w sets) (70%)3 sets x 3 reps (120 sec rest b/w sets) (70%)2 sets x 3 reps (Rest as needed) (60%)2 sets x 3 reps (Rest as needed) N/A . ) 1.3 m in u t es bet ween t h e en d of t h e ci rcu i t a n d b eg i n n i n g of t h e ci rcu i t agai n . Do 8 reps an d rest 2.) Underhand Grip Lat Pulldowns 4. ( DO NOT CIRCUIT .) Good Mornings No w h ere i s wh ere i t get s t ri cky.) Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3. Rest i n g 90 secon ds bet ween each exerci se ( DO NOT S UP ER S ET ) .) Bent Over Rows 3.) Power Shrugs 2. In t h e f ol l owi n g t abl e you wi l l see wh a t p ercen t age t o u se on P ower S h ru gs ONL Y . Rest 90. Do set s/ reps as (80%)3 sets x 3 reps (85%)x 2 reps (90%)x 2 reps (95%)x 2 reps (97.120 sec bet ween set s.

8: Now h ere i s wh ere t h e volu m e wi l l drop an d you wi l l st a rt t o d rop t h e num ber of set s you do f or each exerci se on a ssi st a n ce. I h ave a l so sp read t h i s t o ot h ers an d t h ey are so f ar seei n g sim i l ar resu t l s. t h e P u k e f a ct or on a scal e of 1 t o 10 i s a 12!! Be t ou gh . Fol l ow t h e bel ow t a b l e f o r t h e l ast t wo weeks of Cycl e. I h ave don e it wi t h 100% su cess. My t ra i n i n g part n er Cl i n t h as al so seen great progres s f rom t h i s an d I f u l l y ex pect BIG t h i n gs f rom h im i n hi s m eet i n Feb 2003!! Bu t be f o rewa rn ded. h ave f u n an d yo u wi l l reap t h e rewards !! Week 10 NO ASSISTANCE .6. one of t h e t ou gh est I h ave ever t ri ed . Use t h e bel ow t abl e as a guidel i n e f or set s begi n n i n g wi t h week 7.p resc ri b ed i n t abl e above f or weeks 5. WEEK 5: Power Shrugs (60%) of Dead max WEEK 6: Power Shrugs (65%) of Dead max WEEK 7: Power Shrugs (70%) of Dead max WEEK 8: Power Shrugs (75%) of Dead max WEEK 9: Power Shrugs (75%) of Dead max WEEKS 7. t h i s i s a t ou gh rou t i n e. Do on l y t h e assi st an ce l i st ed b el o w !! Week 9 2 sets of Shrugs(75%) 2 sets of St Leg Deads P ART II Do wn l o a d t h e Excel spreadsh eet an d plu g i n you r cu rren t m ax an d d esi red m ax at t h e t op an d i t wi l l au t om at i cal l y cal cu l at e wh at you a re t o d o wei gh t wi se f or each week as det ai l ed i n th e f i rst ch art a b o ve. Week 7--2 sets of each exercise Week 8--2 sets of each exercise WEEK s 9 . CONCL US ION I k n o w t h i s rou t i n e works.10: Now we drop m ost of t h e assi st an ce t o st art t o rest u p f o r m eet by redu ci n g th e vol um e of work don e. Y o u m ay th i n k you r in sh ape but wai t t i l l you st art t h i s.

2 work sets (60 pounds less). Most depend on reading. truth is truth and no one has the market cornered when it comes to the truth. Points to ponder: Coan is a big believer in heavy. after warmup. Week 13 . On the other hand. CRG]. Week 9-10 . not direct knowledge. studying. by definition [well. Narrow grip. Here are his cycling repetition guidelines: Week 1-2 . Preacher curls 2 sets 10-12 reps. 2 sets 8-10 reps. he would then perform 2x5x440 with 440 in the narrow grip bench press and finish with 2x5x410 in the 45 degree incline bench pres. This is called cycling and is designed to peak strength. here's a repost of an excerpt from an article in Powerlifting USA reviewing Ed Coan's Bench Press Video. Not very many when you think about it. Each week he adds 15 . So much that he trains them on a separate day from his bench. Ed cycles on all his exercises. 2 work sets.10 rep sets. Thursday: Press-behind-the-neck. reflected knowledge. Front lateral raise. 2 sets 10-12 reps. no warmup. chest workout.. Coan performs a total of 6 work sets. Cycling. 3 sets 8-10 reps.. after warmup..1 rep set. Week 3-4 .The point is: most writers deal in abstract thinking. The writer describes Ed's periodized training scheme and gives a detailed example. Week 5-8 . ". Incline.. And a great powerlifter is not necessarily a great trainer.3 rep sets. Ed does a couple of quick sets with a weight about 60 percent of his max (340x10) with his feet on a bench. Saturday: Light bench.. and wants to improve to 300.. Week 11-12 .1 rep set. Side lateral raise. no warmup. On the contrary. Tricep pushdowns. Week 14 ..5 rep sets. 2 work sets (50 pounds less). Points to ponder: This is a lightweight. A few sets of light flyes and he is ready for triceps. He feels that his competition style benches serve as sufficient warmup for his narrow grips which in turn allow him to incline without any warmup.8 rep sets. specific shoulder training. muscle flushing. 2 sets 10-12 reps. Training the Bench: Ed's approach to upper body strength looks like this: y y y Wednesday: bench press. Light dumbbell flyes. no warmup. researching to develop their concepts. no warmup..2 rep sets.Ed Coan's Bench Press Routine Posted to misc.. 2 work by Chuck Grissom By request. 2 work sets 10-12 reps. just scale the prescribed weights according to your current max. There is an old football adage: a great player does not necessarily make a great coach. Dips 1 set 8-10 reps. 2 sets 8-10 reps. Points to ponder: In so far as poundage: if Coan performs 2x5 with 500 in the conventional bench press. The lifter in the example has a 1 rep max of 270 pounds. Most have never squatted 600. not quite. much less a 1000. Remember those two work sets Ed does on all his major exercises? This is the weekly rep strategy for those work sets. after warmup. If you want to try the bench cycle for yourself. All told. let's not ignore the training and philosophy that has produced the great champions in favor of the clever writers who dazzle us with catchy phrases and reflected knowledge. This is not to say that their viewpoints or theories are worthless. Bent over lateral raise. is concentrating on different repetition ranges at different times over the course of the training cycle.

" "Ed Coan designs a cycle for you: We asked Coan to apply his cycle logic to a hypothetical 270 pound bencher who wanted to break the 300 pound barrier: "We can do it. Small jumps. adds up to big increases. He squatted . 15 pounds represents a paltry 2. going up 5lbs per time till he hit 500.chair muscle gurus. While not as trendy-sexy as newer models. Week after week. Coan's conservation and impeccable pedigree stands out like a bright moon on a pitch black night. the body is acclimated to slightly heavier loads. Exercise technique is simultaneously refined. Coan discovered he wasn't made for bodybuilding but when Ed first started squatting he squatted 2x per week and maxed out each Nobody has dominated powerlifting or any sport for that matter like Ed Coan has." Here's the breakdown:" Week Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Weight. Coan began powerlifting as a 181-pound lifter. done consistently and spread over a long 14 week cycle. Period. Everything is done to develop momentum. This is a classic and timeless strength strategy. this is the most effective system of strength building ever devised. Sets & Reps 190x2x10 190x2x10 200x2x8 210x2x8 220x2x5 230x2x5 240x2x5 250x2x3 260x2x3 270x2x2 190x2x10 300x1 nterview With Famous Powerlifter Ed Coan by Ben Tatar CriticalBench. Compared to the army of arm. but it'll take a thirteen week commitment from the lifter. Small weight jumps coax strength and power gains from the body.5 percent of his max bench.pounds to the previous week's work set weight. By this time he knew he was going to be special in the world of powerlifting .

CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? Ed Coan: My name is Edward Ignatius Coan. he set over seventy world records and became the lightest man to shatter the 2400 barrier.and deadlifted 780-pounds and bench-pressed 485-pounds. Coan is concerned about his lifting. I'm going to bench 620 really soon. He got bigger in his early twenties and at 198lbs Coan squatted and pulled 863-pounds while bench-pressing slightly over 500-pounds. I had the opportunity to interview the strongest man there ever was. personal records are the name of the game. When he shattered the 2400-pound barrier. Imagine trying to squat 920 deep? You thought a 400lbs deadlift was tough? Add another 400lbs to that 400 then add another 100lbs and you still don't lift as much as may never happen. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. BT: ED. Records are made to be broken but under the conditions Coan lifts. As a 220-pound lifter. nobody was even close. He became the all-time greatest powerlifter in the history of the sport. BT: CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR ROUTINE? . BT: WHAT ARE YOUR BEST LIFTS? Ed Coan: My best squat in the USPF-1019 deadlift-901. Coan not only dominated his weight class but he dominated the giants in the super heavy weight classes. born on 7/24/63.the second best 220-pound powerlifting total was 2102. Ed Coan. When you learn more about Coan the hundreds of trophies he has and being the best isn't what is important to him. is and perhaps ever will be. he weighed nearly 200lbs less then the greatest super heavy weights of all time his best numbers were in the same exact ballpark as greats like Kaz and Paul Anderson. Here is my interview with the man with super human strength.Coan exceeded the all-time powerlifting total with an historic 2463-total.Not only did he beat the 350lbs giants but he destroyed them! Even though.

Wednesday-bench and triceps.Ed Coan: Monday-squat and leg stuff. shoulders BT: YOU DON'T TRAIN MUSCLES LIKE BICEPS? Ed Coan: nope. All forms of the exercise. BT: ARE THERE ANY ASSISTANCE EXERCISES YOU RECOMMEND FOR A BIGGER SQUAT? Ed Coan: pause squats and high bar squats. Friday-off. Pylos will help.light bench. Saturday. biceps are like ornaments on a xmas tree BT: WHAT IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE LIFTERS MAKE WHEN TRYING TO GET A BIGGER SQUAT? Ed Coan: overtraining and bad form BT: WHAT IS THE KEY FOR A LIFTER TO ATTAIN A BIGGER SQUAT? Ed Coan: train your ass off and perfect your technique. WHAT ABOUT LEG PRESSES OR PYLOS? Ed Coan: They have there place but if you squat hard enough you probably won't be able to do leg presses. Thursdaydeadlifts and back stuff. Tuesday-off. BT: WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE POWERLIFTING MOMENT? .

genetics. technique. recovery techniques.Ed Coan: Totaling 2402 in Dallas Texas at 218lbs BT: GIVE ME 5 FACTORS A LIFTER MUST KNOW TO MAKE GAINS.. some nutrition. hard work and don't overtrain BT: WHAT REP RANGE DO YOU NORMALLY FOLLOW FOR SQUATS AND DEADS? Ed Coan: 5's 3's 2's I cycle my training. I just cheat from time to time BT: LETS MOVE ONTO THE MENTAL ASPECTS OF TRAINING. Ed Coan: knowledge.. Ed Coan: ok . week by week using lower weights and using more weight over a period of time to peak at a meet BT: SO WHAT IS YOUR DIET LIKE? Ed Coan: I do make sure I get the nutrition I am supposed to.

I keep it inside and let it out on the weights. Take advice from the guys that came before you. not the ten commandments Advanced lifters have to try new things and do what they know really works. It is hard to hold myself back sometimes but I just need to remember that I will feel better without injuries and lift more in the long run. Who really. If it aint broke. but it's only a guide. BT: WHAT'S YOUR ADVICE FOR THE BEGINNER AND ADVANCED LIFTER? Ed Coan: Find your way. BT: ED. in their heart wants it .BT: WHAT IS YOUR MINDSET BEFORE APPROACHING A NEW PERSONAL RECORD? Ed Coan: I approach it like it's the same as one of my warm-ups. don't fix it BT: WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CHAMPION AND AN AVERAGE LIFTER? Ed Coan: Mindset. WHY DON'T YOU CHOOSE TO GO CRAZY BEFORE YOU LIFT HUGE? Ed Coan: I don't like to waist all my mental energy. I don't change a thing. BT: BEING OVER 40 WHAT KEPT YOU MOTIVATED TO TRAIN THIS LONG? Ed Coan: I listen to my body and believe in pacing myself instead of killing myself.

BT: WHAT WAS IT LIKE WHEN YOU CRASHED? Ed Coan: I knew it was going to tear on the way down. but I couldn't stop it. Much more camaraderie BT: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ALL THE GEAR OUT THERE? Ed Coan: I don't really like all the gear.BT: WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU EVER SEEN IN POWERLIFTING? Ed Coan: Kirk Karwoski. but to each his own BT: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE STEROID DEBATE? Ed Coan: It's your life. There are no saints here on earth at this time BT: WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE SQUATTING 900LBS? Ed Coan: same as 500. There was no pain. I will not police bedrooms. do what you want. Hahahahahha BT: WHAT MADE HIM SO CRAZY? Ed Coan: no attitudes of most powerlifters. I was just disappointed and pissed . but better concentration.

I consider doing one. They are having one this year sometime. I suit up a few weeks before the meet to get a feel for the equipment. Others feel different and that's ok BT: LETS PLAY THE NAME GAME FOR A MINUTE .BT: HOW DO YOU PREPARE BEFORE A MEET? Ed Coan: Making sure I am stretched and iced and get enough nutrition and sleep. under 105 kgs.. BT: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE CHANGE IN POWERLIFTING? Ed Coan: Same rules across the board (fantasy) BT: WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER DOING A STRONGMAN CONTEST? Ed Coan: maybe. for the little guys. I lifted under a way different set of rules and different federation. It can't be done unless he comes to the USPF. BT: JESSE KELLUM IS COMING AFTER YOUR TOTAL. ANY COMMENTS? Ed Coan: he's not coming after my total.. BT: WHY DO YOU DECIDE TO STAY USPF WHEN YOU COULD DO BIGGER WEIGHTS IN OTHER FEDS? Ed Coan: That's the way I feel it should be done.

JESSE KELLUM Ed Coan: Very intense and does not quit GEORGE HALBERT Ed Coan: George has not yet hit his best BT: DO YOU THINK MARK HENRY IS A BIGGER GENETIC FREAK THAN YOU? Ed Coan: No he's just a larger freak in frame BT: BRANDON CASS IS A THREAT TO YOUR DEADLIFT RECORD Ed Coan: at what weight? BT: HE WEIGHS 229 AND PULLED 805. HE IS GETTING STRONGER TOO. He knew when to get out. . Humor me JAMIE HARRIS Ed Coan: Elvis in his later years.Ed Coan: ok.

but I am just a regular guy that lifts a lot of Ed Coan: I pulled 901 at 220 and 887 at 242 and might pull more this year BT: DO YOU FEEL YOU COULD SURPASS SUPERHEAVY WEIGHT WORLD RECORD HOLDER ANDY BOLTENS 933 DEADLIFT?. There are many lifters chasing my deadlift BT: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LABELED THE STRONGEST MAN EVER WITHOUT A DOUBT? Ed Coan: some say that. I wish him the best. but who knows? BT: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT VINCE ANELLO ANOTHER GREAT DEADLIFTER? Ed Coan: he is a very nice man. EVEN BEING MUCH SMALLER? Ed Coan: Only if I could go sumo again BT: WHY CAN'T YOU GO SUMO RIGHT NOW? Ed Coan: I tore some things and don't want to risk it again.cassstrength.Ed Coan: He has a long way to go. but I don't think I know him. . BT: YOU CAN VISIT HIS WEBSITE www.

315. BT: CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE FIRST TIME YOU LIFTED 135.800.600. training and some good pics and every meet I was ever in and some commentary on each one BT: IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR GENETICS WOULD YOU STILL BE A POWERLIFTER? .405..700.708-862-9779 BT: CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR BOOK? Ed Coan: it has everything in there.225. No matter what you can always like the challenge and appreciate the journey. I did 920 at the nationals at 214lbs BT: WHERE CAN WE GET YOUR BOOK? Ed Coan: quads gym. I remember the first time I squatted 900..BT: SPEAKING OF GREAT DO YOU FEEL EVERYONE CAN BE A GREAT POWERLIFTER? CAN JUST ANYONE DEADLIFT 700LBS? Ed Coan: No. with mental strength everyone can be strong though.500. There are plenty of lifters in lower weight classes that are strong as hell. Just look in my book. 900 and 1000lbs Ed Coan: it would take too long BT: OHHHH Ed Coan: hahaha.

not street.D WILSON ONE OF THE BIGGEST BLACKS EVER IN POWERLIFTING? Ed Coan: he was the biggest guy on the beach that day. We would have been in jail BT: WHAT WAS THE REACTION OF ALL THE LITTLE 4'11 95LBS PEOPLE AS O. I miss him. you have to develop them BT: LIKE MENTAL TOUGHESS? Ed Coan: I think you were born with some of it but you have to learn to develop lots of it on the way. LETS CHANGE TOPICS. let's just say that.Ed Coan: I made my genetics work for me. CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE TIME YOU WALKED DOWN THE STREETS NAKED WITH O. It was on the beach. BT: IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WISH YOU HAD THAT YOU DON'T? Ed Coan: I wish to be a few inches taller BT: HOW WOULD THAT HELP? Ed Coan: I would be heavier by about 20lbs. He was a great man. WAS WALKING BY. .D. BT: OK. I HEARD THEY RAN AND IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER Ed Coan: Fear.

Beau started with us. HAHAHA YOU JUST BROKE ANOTHER PERSONAL RECORD Ed Coan: haha Yep IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY? Ed Coan: I would like to thank my training partners Brian Schoonveld and Emmett Cunnane. I didn't know I had this much patience. WAS THIS THE LONGEST INTERVIEW YOU EVER HAD Ed Coan: Yes by far. I couldn't do it without them. was the biggest BT: WELL ED.BT: WAS WILSON THE BIGGEST MAN EVER IN POWERLIFTING? Ed Coan: Jeff Lewis weighs more but O.D. . He is a smaller guy with a lot of guts. Another guy.

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