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 In the 2019 General Appropriations Act, the proposed budget of the DENR is
o This is lower than the submitted budget by the agency, which was pegged at
P24.17 billion1
 The budget allocation is intended to be used mainly for forest rehabilitation and
protection and biodiversity conservation
 The bulk of the proposed budget will be utilized for the agency’s natural resources
conservation and development program (P11.760B)
 P5.152B will be allocated for the Forest Development, Rehabilitation, Maintenance
and Protection for the implementation of the National Greening Program
 P82.3M will be allocated for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program in
support of the Land Survey and Distribution and another P144< for the Program
Beneficiaries Development under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
 P8M will be appropriated for the implementation of the Operational Plan for the
Manila Bay Coastal Management Strategy
 An additional amount of P11.8M is allocated for the Wildlife Management Fund


1. What provinces in the country are being prioritized by the agency for its Enhanced
Biodiversity Conservation Program?
2. How does the agency ensure strict compliance and effective implementation of the
Ecological Solid Waste Management program?
3. What comes after the rehabilitation program conducted in Boracay?
a. What are the other areas in the country that the agency intends to
rehabilitate in the same manner?
b. Are these projects exclusively for popular tourist destinations in the country?
4. What are the modes adopted by the agency for its reforestation and forest
protection projects?
a. What areas are being prioritized by the agency?
5. What’s the latest status of the six-year massive forest rehabilitation program? Are
we on track in accomplishing the goals set in the extended Master Plan for Forestry
6. What undertaking under the agency’s Environment and Natural resources
Resiliency Program will be given priority for the coming fiscal year?