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Observation: Science Language Lesson

Interaction Teacher (activity Student (activity and Purpose/objective of

Activity Time
and language) language) the activity

The interaction Teacher used Students answer the The main purpose from
The teacher
15 min was T-S which English language to questions that the teacher this activity is to help
move the
asked them at the begging students to learn from
students to the is the teacher explain.
and they were interacting each other and, to make
carpet.Then, she interact with Teacher used a
starts to teach a with her.Thus, they were sure that all of them are
students first marker to draw and
new information drawn and write with the understand.
because, she write in the board
Hibernation, and let the then she supports
she wrote and students to them to draw like her.
draw the
draw with her
information in
the board.After
then, she
that, she gave support them
each student to talk about
paper to draw
what they are
and talk about
their drawing.
Teacher told the 10 min In this activity, The teacher used Students worked together The purpose from this
students to go the type of English language to as a group to answer the activity is to improve
back to their interaction was explain. questions, and they are student’s social skill and
chairs in their
S-S which is Thus, she was discussing and explain for to encourage students to
groups then, she
students are explaining everything each other while they are think and answer the
hand out an
worked together about Hibernation, and answering. questions by themselves
empty paper for
each group to to answer the she was modeling for without help from the

draw anything questions, and them sentences about teacher.

about the teacher Hibernation.
Hibernation and observe them.
write one
sentence with
their group.