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BSNL JTO LICE -24-09-2016


1. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word :

(A) Irrational (B) Irregular (C) Inconsistent (D) Irrelevant
Answer Key: (D)

2. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word :

(A) Excessive (B) Extravagant (C) Rich (D) Generous
Answer Key: (B)

3. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word :

(A) awkward (B) manageable (C) difficult (D) handy
Answer Key: (B)

4. Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word in capitals (Synonymous) :
(A) safeguarding (B) nurturing (C) neglecting (D) ignoring
Answer Key: (B)

5. Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word in capitals (Synonymous) :
(A) burst (B) drive (C) acclimatize (D) modify
Answer Key: (B)

6. Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in meaning as the word in capitals (Synonymous) :
(A) danger (B) fear (C) chaos (D) shock
Answer Key: (C)

7. Four parts of a sentence (P/Q/R/S) are given. Arrange them in the right order to produce a correct sentence :
even when/are well informed/people engaged in a conversation/their conversation may be dull P/ Q/ R/ S
Answer Key: (B)

8. Four parts of a sentence (P/Q/R/S) are given. Arrange them in the right order to produce a correct sentence :
is to convince your reader/the aim of an argumentative essay/you have taken on a subject/ is right that the position P/ Q/ R/ S
Answer Key: (D)

9. Four parts of a sentence (P/Q/R/S) are given. Arrange them in the right order to produce a correct sentence :
the conspiracy/got wind of/the Government/against the King's life P/ Q/ R/ S
Answer Key: (B)

10. Select one word which is closest in meaning to the statement in the question :
One who is all powerful
(A) Anarchist (B) Omnipotent (C) Omnisient (D) Strong
Answer Key: (B)

11. Select one word which is closest in meaning to the statement in the question :
To free somebody from all blame
(A) Obsolete (B) Epicure (C) Honour (D) Exonerate
Answer Key: (D)

12. Select one word which is closest in meaning to the statement in the question :
One who is indifferent to all pleasure and pain
(A) Stern (B) Stoic (C) Egoistic (D) Eccentric
Answer Key: (B)

13. Find out the correct spelt word from the choices given :
(A) Obedeint (B) Obedient (C) Obadeint (D) Obedeant
Answer Key: (B)

14. Find out the correct spelt word from the choices given :
(A) Foreign (B) Foreine (C) Fariegn (D) Forein
Answer Key: (A)

15. Find out the correct spelt word from the choices given :
(A) Ommineous (B) Ominous (C) Omineous (D) Omenous
Answer Key: (B)

16. The first two words are related in a particular manner. Select the word from given choices, which is related to third one in the
same manner :
(A) glass (B) cut (C) grass (D) steel
Answer Key: (C)

17. The first two words are related in a particular manner. Select the word from given choices, which is related to third one in the
same manner :
(A) consolation (B) ache (C) trance (D) stimulant
Answer Key: (A)

18. The first two words are related in a particular manner. Select the word from given choices, which is related to third one in the
same manner :
LIGHT:BLIND :: speech
(A) tongue (B) dumb (C) sound (D) chat
Answer Key: (B)

19. Choose the odd one from given four choices :

(A) Mars (B) Mercury (C) Saturn (D) Sun
Answer Key: (D)

20. Choose the odd one from given four choices :

(A) Elephant (B) Man (C) Hawk (D) Whale
Answer Key: (C)

21. Choose the odd one from given four choices :

(A) Honey (B) Pearl (C) Coral (D) Resin
Answer Key: (D)

22. Mark the most appropriate substitute to fill the blanks in the given description : When we get ready for dinner, I have to take
my books__________ the table.
(A) Off (B) From (C) Out (D) Of
Answer Key: (A)

23. Mark the most appropriate substitute to fill the blanks in the given description :
You have to leave your shoes ______________ the door when you enter the house.
(A) In (B) Over (C) To (D) By
Answer Key: (D)

24. Mark the most appropriate substitute to fill the blanks in the given description : David cleaned his room by stuffing
everything _________________ his bed.
(A) In (B) On (C) Under (D) Along
Answer Key: (C)

25. Change the direct narration to indirect narration : "If you don't keep quiet I shall shoot you", he said to her in a calm voice.
(A) He said calmly that I shall shoot you if you don't be quiet.
(B) He warned her calmly that he would shoot her if she didn't keep quiet.
(C) Calmly he warned her that be quiet or else he will have to shoot her.
(D) He warned her to shoot if she didn't keep quiet calmly.
Answer Key: (B)

26. Change the direct narration to indirect narration : He said to his father, "Please increase my pocketmoney."
(A) He pleaded his father to please increase my pocket money.
(B) He requested his father to increase his pocketmoney.
(C) He asked his father to increase his pocketmoney.
(D) He told his father, "Please increase the pocketmoney"
Answer Key: (B)

27. Change the direct narration to indirect narration : "Please don't go away", she said.
(A) She told me to go away.
(B) She requested me not to go away.
(C) She begged that I not go away.
(D) She said to please her and not go away.
Answer Key: (B)

28. Change the following sentences into passive voice : After driving professor Kumar to the museum she dropped him at his
(A) After she had driven Professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.
(B) After she was driven Professor Kumar to the museum she had dropped him at his hotel.
(C) After being driven to the museum, Professor Kumar was dropped at his hotel.
(D) Professor Kumar was being driven dropped at his hotel.
Answer Key: (C)

29. Change the following sentences into passive voice : Who is creating this mess?
(A) By whom has this mess been created? (B) By whom this mess is being created?
(C) By whom is this mess being created? (D) Who has been created this mess?
Answer Key: (C)

30. Change the following sentences into passive voice : They greet me cheerfully every morning.
(A) I am greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
(B) I am being greeted cheerfully by them every morning.
(C) Cheerful greeting is done by them every morning to me.
(D) Every morning I was greeted cheerfully.
Answer Key: (A)

31. ICC World Cup Twenty20 2016 was scheduled to be held in

(A) West Indies (B) England (C) India (D) South Africa
Answer Key: (C)

32. Plaster of Paris is made from

(A) gypsum (B) zinc (C) slaked lime (D) limestone
Answer Key: (A)

33. Which among the following planets is smaller in size than the Earth?
(A) Neptune (B) Venus (C) Saturn (D) Uranus
Answer Key: (B)

34. Who is the founder of Art of Living concept

(A) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (B) Baba Ramdev
(C) Morari Bapu (D) Aasaram Bapu
Answer Key: (A)

35. Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blidness

(A) Vit.B (B) Vit.C (C) Vit.A (D) Vit.E
Answer Key: (C)

36. Which of the following is the longest river in the world ?

(A) Indus (B) Amazon (C) Nile (D) MissouriMississippi
Answer Key: (C)

37. The world's highest "Rail Bridge" is being constructed in the state of J & K on which of the following rivers
(A) Jhelum (B) Chenab (C) Indus (D) Ravi
Answer Key: (B)

38. She was the first woman Prime Minister of the world
(A) Indira Gandhi (B) Sirimavo Bhandaranaike (C) Golda Meir (D) Margaret Thatcher
Answer Key: (B)

39. "Deshbandhu" is the title of–

(A) B. R. Ambedkar (B) B. C. Pal (C) Rabindranath Tagore (D) C. R. Das
Answer Key: (D)

40. If a person wants to enrol for the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana his/her age must be between ___?
(A) 18-40 years (B) 20-55 years (C) 18-70 years (D) 18-65 years
Answer Key: (C)

41. Who among the following on 13 January 2015 took charge as the first vice chairman of the newly created NITI Aayog?
(A) V. K. Saraswat (B) Bibek Debroy (C) Sindhushree Khullar (D) Arvind Panagariya
Answer Key: (D)

42. Nationwide mobile number portability (MNP) became operational from?

(A) 1July15 (B) 1June15 (C) 3July15 (D) 2July15
Answer Key: (C)

43. BSNL recently launched a prepaid card linked mobile wallet service called?
A) Pocket Money (B) Emoney (C) Mobile Pay (D) Speed Pay
Answer Key: (D)

44. BSNL free roaming launched w.e.f.15.6.2015 is applicable on

(A) Outgoing calls (B) Incoming calls (C) Broadband (D) Both incoming and outgoing calls
Answer Key: (B)

45. R.K.Laxman, who died in Jan, 2015 was famous for

(A) Painting (B) Cartoons (C) Film Direction (D) Screenplay writing
Answer Key: (B)

46. Who amongst the following is the Head of the RBI at present ?
(A) K.V.Kamath (B) Raghuram Rajan (C) O.P.Bhat (D) D.Subbarao
Answer Key: (B)

47. Which scheme was recently launched by Union Ministry of Urban Development for 12 cities to preserve the rich heritage of
the country
Answer Key: (B)

48. Which Bank launched India's first MUDRA card under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
(A) Corporation Bank (B) State Bank of India
(C) Central Bank (D) Reserve Bank of India
Answer Key: (A)

49. The man responsible for conceiving the idea of short messaging service (SMS) technology, died recently. He was
(A) Charles Babbage (B) Tim BernersLee (C) Linus Torvalds (D) Matti Makkonen
Answer Key: (D)

50. Which space body has won the 2015 space pioneer award for science and engineering?
Answer Key: (B)

TECHNICAL – (Specialization)

01. A _______ connection provides a dedicated link between two devices.

(A) primary (B) multipoint (C) point to point (D) secondary
Answer Key: (C)

02. Which topology requires a central controller or hub?

(A) Mesh (B) Bus (C) Star (D) Ring
Answer Key: (C)

03. Circuits board or card that is installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network
(A) Modem (B) NIC (C) Repeater (D) Router
Answer Key: (B)

04. Which of the following provides reliable communication ?

(A) TCP (B) IP (C) UDP (D) All of these
Answer Key: (A)

05. Loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber is called?
(A) Attenuation (B) Propagation (C) Scattering (D) Interruption
Answer Key: (A)

06. Although they've fallen out of favor, which of the following devices is used to connect different network segments and
manage the traffic between them?
(A) Bridge (B) Hub (C) Gateway (D) Repeater
Answer Key: (A)

07. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of wireless LAN?

(A) Slower data transmission (B) higher error rate
(C) interference of transmissions from different computers (D) All of these
Answer Key: (D)

08. The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

(A) allows gateways to send error a control messages to other gateways or hosts
(B) provides communication between the Internet Protocol Software on one machine and the Internet Protocol Software on
(C) reports error conditions to the original source, the source must relate errors to individual application programs and take action
to correct the problem
(D) All of these
Answer Key: (D)

09. End to end connectivity is provided from host to host in:

(A) Network layer (B) Session layer (C) Data link layer (D) Transport layer
Answer Key: (D)

10. The domain, which is used to map an address to a name is called

(A) Generic Domains (B) Inverse Domain
(C) Small Domains (D) SubDomains
Answer Key: (B)

11. Which of the following registers is used to keep track of address of the memory location where the next instruction is
(A) Memory Address Register (B) Memory Data Register
(C) Instruction Register (D) Program Register
Answer Key: (D)

12. What is meant by a dedicated computer?

(A) which is used by one person only
(B) which is assigned to one and only one task

(C) which does one kind of software

(D) which is meant for application software only
Answer Key: (B)

13. Which of the following can be called as universal gate?

Answer Key: (B)

14. The decimal number equivalent to 1100011 will be

(A) 98 (B) 100 (C) 96 (D) 99
Answer Key: (D)

15. Which among following can be considered as most advanced ROM ?

Answer Key: (B)

16. User programs interact with I/O devices through ?

(A) Operating System (B) Hardware (C) Buses (D) Processor
Answer Key: (A)

17. A number system that uses only two digits, 0 and 1 is known as ?
(A) Octal number system (B) Hexadecimal system
(C) Binary system (D) Decimal system
Answer Key: (C)

18. Assembly language ________.

(A) uses alphabetic codes in place of binary numbers used in machine language
(B) is the easiest language to write programs
(C) need not be translated into machine language
(D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

19. Programming language 'COMAL' stand for

(A) common algorithmic learning (B) common arithmetic language
(C) common arithmetic learning (D) common algorithmic language
Answer Key: (D)

20. In programming language BASIC, area is calculated as

(A) 100 Area=Width*Length
(B) 100 Area: = Width*Length
(C) Area: = Width*Length
(D) Area 100: length*width
Answer Key: (A)

21. The memory address of the first element of an array is called

(A) floor address (B) foundation address (C) first address (D) base address
Answer Key: (D)

22. Binary search algorithm can not be applied to

(A) sorted linked list (B) sorted binary trees (C) sorted linear array (D) pointer array
Answer Key: (A)

23. A data structure where elements can be added or removed at either end but not in the middle
(A) Linked lists (B) Stacks (C) Queues (D) Deque
Answer Key: (D)

24. A variable P is called pointer if

(A) P contains the address of an element in DATA
(B) P points to the address of first element in DATA
(C) P can store only memory addresses
(D) P contain the DATA and the address of DATA

Answer Key: (A)

25. The correct order of the efficiency of the following sorting algorithms according to their overall running time comparison is
(A) Insertion>selection>bubble (B) Insertion>bubble>selection
(C) Selection>bubble>insertion (D) bubble>selection>insertion
Answer Key: (D)

26. What is the postfix representation of this expression?

(A) 4b*d9=a12*/(B) /12ab9+d4*
(C) 12a*b+9/d*4
(D) 12ab9+*d4*/
Answer Key: (D)

27. The running time of insertion sort is

(A) O(n^2) (B) O(n) (C) O(log n) (D) O(n log n)
Answer Key: (A)

28. A binary search tree whose left and right subtree differ in height by almost 1 unit is called
(A) AVL tree (B) Red Black tree (C) Lemma tree (D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

29. Which of the following algorithm design technique is used in the quick sort algorithm?
(A) Dynamic programming (B) Backtracking
(C) Divideandconquer (D) Greedy method
Answer Key: (C)

30. Which of the following statements about linked list data structure is/are TRUE?
(A) Addition and deletion of an item to/ from the linked list require modification of the existing pointers
(B) The linked list pointers do not provide an efficient way to search an item in the linked list
(C) Linked list pointers always maintain the list in ascending order
(D) The linked list data structure provides an efficient way to find kth element in the list
Answer Key: (B)

31. Database __________ , which is the logical design of the database, and the database _______,which is a snapshot of the data
in the database at a given instant in time.
(A) Instance, Schema (B) Relation, Schema (C) Relation, Domain (D) Schema, Instance
Answer Key: (D)

32. Which one of the following is a set of one or more attributes taken collectively to uniquely identify a record?
(A) Candidate key (B) Sub key (C) Super key (D) Foreign key
Answer Key: (C)

33. Which of the following is not a Armstrong’s Axiom ?

(A) Reflexivity rule (B) Transitivity rule (C) Pseudotransitivity rule (D) Augmentation rule
Answer Key: (C)

34. Fifth Normal form is concerned with

(A) Functional dependency (B) Multivalued dependency (C) Join dependency (D) Domainkey
Answer Key: (C)

35. If the state of the database no longer reflects a real state of the world that the database is supposed to capture, then such a state
is called
(A) Consistent state (B) Parallel state (C) Durable state (D) Inconsistent state
Answer Key: (D)

36. The strategy can retrieve a single record if the equality condition is on a key; multiple records may be retrieved if the
indexing field is not a key is
(A) A2 (B) A4 (C) A5 (D) A6
Answer Key: (B)

37. When two inputs that we desire to pipeline into the join are not already sorted it is the _____________ technique.
(A) Hash join (B) Buffer join (C) doublepipelined hash join (D) doublepipelined join
Answer Key: (D)

38. Which view that contains more than one table in the top level FROM clause of the SELECT statement:
(A) Join view (B) Datable join view (C) Updatable join view (D) All of the mentioned
Answer Key: (C)

39. Which of the following protocols ensures conflict serializability and safety from deadlocks?
(A) Two phase locking protocol (B) Time stamp ordering protocol
(C) Graph based protocol (D) Both (a) and (b) above
Answer Key: (B)

40. A unit of storage that can store one or more records in a hash file organization is denoted as
(A) Buckets (B) Disk pages (C) Blocks (D) Nodes
Answer Key: (A)

41. An ammeter of 0-25 A range has a guaranteed accuracy of 1% of full scale reading. The current measured is 5 A. The
limiting error is
(A) 0.02 (B) 0.025 (C) 0.04 (D) 0.05
Answer Key: (D)

42. Which of the following voltmeters would you use for measuring voltage across 20 kΩ resistance?
(A) Voltmeter having a resistance of 5 kΩ (B) Voltmeter having a sensitivity of 1 kW/V
(C) Voltmeter having sensitivity of 10 kW/V (D) None of these
Answer Key: (C)

43. Two resistors R1 = 36 Ω ± 5% and R2 = 75 Ω ± 5% are connected in series. The total resistance is
(A) 111 ± 5.55 Ω (B) 111 ± 0 Ω (C) 111 ± 2.778 Ω (D) 111 ± 7.23 Ω
Answer Key: (A)

44. The relative error is the:

(A) Difference of the measured value and the true value
(B) Ratio of the absolute error to the true value of the quantity under measurement
(C) Ratio of absolute error to the measured value of the quantity under measurement
(D) Ratio of the probable error to the true value of the quantity under measurement
Answer Key: (B)

45. An electrodynamic meter can be used to measure

(A) AC voltage (B) DC voltage (C) Both AC & DC voltage (D) DC current
Answer Key: (C)

46. A thermocouple instrument can be used for the measurement of:

(A) Direct current only (B) Alternating current only
(C) Both direct current and alternating current (D) DC/AC voltage only
Answer Key: (C)

47. Tangent Galvanometers are also known as

(A) Moving Coil Instrument (B) Moving Magnet Instrument
(C) Moving Conductor Instrument (D) None of these
Answer Key: (B)

48. Which of the following are needed both for protection and metering
(A) Wattmeter (B) Instrument Transformers
(C) Energy Meters (D) Power Factor Meters
Answer Key: (B)

49. In two wattmeter method of 3 phase power measurement, when does one wattmeter read negative
(A) when power factor is less than 0.5 lagging
(B) when power factor is greater than 0.5 lagging
(C) when power factor is less than 0.5
(D) when power factor is unity
Answer Key: (C)

50. A moving coil instrument has a resistance of 0.6 Ω and full scale deflection at 0.1 To convert it into an ammeter of 015
A range, the resistance of shunt should be
(A) 0.6 Ω (B) 0.06 Ω (C) 0.1 Ω (D) 0.004 Ω
Answer Key: (D)

51. In case of delta star connection of three phase transformer, secondary line voltage with respect of primary line voltage is at
(A) 0 degree (B) 30 degree leading
(C) 30 degree lagging (D) 60 degree lagging
Answer Key: (B)

52. Which among the following is also regarded as 'Dual of Thevenin's Theorem'?
(A) Norton's Theorem (B) Superposition Theorem
(C) Millman's Theorem (D) Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
Answer Key: (A)

53. In inductive circuit, when Inductance (L) or inductive reactance (XL) increases, the circuit current ________?
(A) Also Increases (B) Decreases (C) Remain Same (D) None of these
Answer Key: (B)

54. If Current and Voltage are 90 Degree Out of Phase, Then The Power (P) will be__________.
(A) Infinite (B) Maximum (C) Minimum (D) Zero
Answer Key: (D)

55. In a Transformer , The primary flux is always _________ the secondary ( flux).
(A) Greater than (B) Smaller than (C) Equal (D) Equal in both step up and step down
Answer Key: (D)

56. The friction losses in Real Transformers are _________?

(A) 0% (B) 5% (C) 25% (D) 50%
Answer Key: (A)

57. If the number of turns, area and current of an ac circuit is doubled then the new inductance will be
(A) Equal to the former (B) Twice of the former
(C) Four times the former (D) Half of the former
Answer Key: (C)

58. In ac circuit μ the maximum current required is

(A) Equal to the effective(rms) current
(B) 1.414 times the effective(rms) current
(C) Twice the effective(rms) current
(D) 1.732 times the effective(rms) current
Answer Key: (B)

59. Which of the following is minimum error code?

(A) Octal code (B) Grey code (C) Binary code (D) Excess 3 code
Answer Key: (B)

60. SR Flip flop can be converted to T type flip flop if ?

(A) S is connected to Q (B) R is connected to Q
(C) Both S and R are shortened (D) S and R are connected to Q and Q' respectively
Answer Key: (D)

61. Register is a
(A) Set of capacitor used to register input instructions in a digital computer
(B) Set of paper tapes and cards put in a file
(C) Temporary storage unit within the CPU having dedicated or general purpose use
(D) Part of the auxiliary memory
Answer Key: (C)

62. Which of the following expressions is in the sum of products (SOP) form?
(A) AB + CD (B) AB(CD) (C) (A + B)(C + D) (D) (A)B(CD)
Answer Key: (A)

63. Digital circuits mostly use

(A) Diodes (B) Bipolar transistors
(C) Diode and Bipolar transistors (D) Bipolar transistors and FETs
Answer Key: (C)

64. The decimal number 127 may be represented by

(A) 11111110 (B) 1000 0000B (C) EEH (D) 0111 1111
Answer Key: (D)

65. A half adder has

(A) 2 inputs and 2 outputs (B) 2 inputs and 3 outputs
(C) 3 inputs and 3 outputs (D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

66. In which of the following base systems is 123 not a valid number?
(A) Base 10 (B) Base 16 (C) Base 8 (D) Base 3
Answer Key: (D)

67. The binary code of (21.125)10 is

(A) 10101.001 (B) 10100.001 (C) 10101.01 (D) 10100.111
Answer Key: (A)

68. A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because

(A) it is used by everybody
(B) any logic function can be realized by NAND gates alone
(C) all the minimization techniques are applicable for optimum NAND gate realization
(D) many digital computers use NAND gates
Answer Key: (B)

69. The number of Boolean functions that can be generated by n variables is equal to
A) 2n (B) 22 n (C) 2n1 (D) 2n
Answer Key: (B)

70. Excess3 code is known as

(A) Weighted code (B) Cyclic redundancy code
(C) Self complementing code (D) Algebraic code
Answer Key: (C)

71. Why do the D flip flops receives its designation or nomenclature as 'Data Flip flops' ?
(A) Due to its capability to receive data from fliflop
(B) Due to its capability to store data in flipflop
(C) Due to its capability to transfer the data into flipflop
(D) All of these
Answer Key: (C)

72. What kind of programming language is Java?

(A) Objectoriented programming language
(B) Relational programming language
(C) Sixth generation programming language
(D) Database management programming language
Answer Key: (A)

73. ISP stands for,

(A) Instruction Set Processor
(B) Information Standard Processing
(C) Interchange Standard Protocol
(D) Interrupt Service Procedure
Answer Key: (A)

74. _______ is used to store data in registers.

(A) D flip flop (B) JK flip flop (C) RS flip flop (D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

75. Which memory device is generally made of semiconductors?

(A) RAM (B) Harddisk (C) Floppy disk (D) Cd disk
Answer Key: (A)

76. How many 128 x 8 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 2048 bytes?
(A) 8 (B) 16 (C) 24 (D) 32
Answer Key: (B)

77. A CPU contains

(A) a card reader and a printing device (B) an analytical engine and a control unit
(C) a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit (D) an arithmetic logic unit and a card reader
Answer Key: (C)

78. An octal number 237 is equal to the binary number

(A) 010 011 111 (B) 010 111 011
(C) 011 101 101 (D) 011 000 001
Answer Key: (C)

79. Which one of the following is not a programming language of a computer?

Answer Key: (C)

80. EPROM stands for:

(A) Erasable Programmable read‐only memory
(B) Electrically Programmable read write memory
(C) Electrically Programmable read‐only memory
(D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

81. CPU can read & write data by using :

(A) Control bus (B) Data bus (C) Address bus (D) None of these
Answer Key: (B)

82. Transponder comprises of

(A) transmitter (B) receiver (C) antenna (D) all
Answer Key: (D)

83. The inner portion of the fiber cable is called

(A) Cladding (B) Coating (C) Inner conductor (D) Core
Answer Key: (D)

84. The bandwidth of optical fiber

(A) 900M Hz (B) 900 PHz (C) 900 THz (D) 900 Ehz
Answer Key: (C)

85. The frequency band used by most satellite is

Answer Key: (C)

86. The term RADAR stands for

(A) Radio direction and reflection (B) Radio detection and ranging
(C) Radio waves dispatching and receiving (D) Random detection and reradiation
Answer Key: (B)

87. The basic GSM is based on ____________________ traffic channels.

(A) connection oriented (B) connection less
(C) packet switching (D) circuit switching
Answer Key: (A)

88. The breakdown mechanism in a lightly doped pn junction under reverse biased condition is called
(A) avalanche breakdown (B) zener breakdown (C) breakdown by tunneling (D) high voltage breakdown
Answer Key: (A)

89. The main advantage of a crystal oscillator is that its output is

(A) 50Hz to 60Hz (B) variable frequency (C) a constant frequency (D) dc
Answer Key: (C)

90. A zener diode

(A) Has a high forward voltage rating (B) Has a sharp breakdown at low reverse voltage
(C) Is useful as an amplifier (D) Has a negative resistance
Answer Key: (B)

91. A power system whose input and output are DC is called

(A) Rectifier (B) Chopper (C) Inverter (D) Transformer
Answer Key: (B)

92. The frequency of voltage generated by an alternator having 8 poles and rotating at 750 rpm is
(A) 25Hz (B) 50Hz (C) 100Hz (D) 200Hz
Answer Key: (B)

93. In an intrinsic semiconductor, the Fermi level is

(A) closer to the valence band (B) midway between conduction and valence band
(C) closer to the conduction band (D) within the valence band
Answer Key: (C)

94. The control unit controls other units by generating ____ .

(A) Control signals (B) Timing signals
(C) Transfer signals (D) Command Signals
Answer Key: (B)

95. Which bus is bidirectional?

(A) Address bus (B) Control bus (C) Data bus (D) None of these
Answer Key: (C)

96. The word UHF means

(A) Ultra High Form (B) Ultra Half Form
(C) Ultra High Frequency (D) Ultra Half Frequency
Answer Key: (C)

97. In data communication using computers ,________ signal are normally converted into PCM
(A) Analog (B) Digital (C) Both a & b (D) None of these
Answer Key: (A)

98. In the case of telephone lines, the usable bandwidth falls in the range of _______
(A) 300Hz to 3000Hz (B) 300Hz to 3300Hz
(C) 30Hz to 3300Hz (D) 33Hz to 3300Hz
Answer Key: (B)

99. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) requires bandwidth of ________

(A) 32Kbps (B) 64Kbps (C) 128Kbps (D) 256Kbps
Answer Key: (B)

100. In a Hierarchical model records are organized as

(A) Graph (B) List (C) Links (D) Tree
Answer Key: (D)