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Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Select (S):
Identify a lesson and what standards are you addressing
The lesson was about to show understanding of the inverse relationship between
multiplication and division.

Describe (D):
What were you trying to achieve in your lesson?
Teacher was trying to achieve goals, teacher was focus of the lesson plan.
What did the students do?
The students responded to this activity and the teacher started introduces and
models. The students did understand the concept.
In the activity, teacher separated each group of emergent, developed and master.
High-level activity: Number sentence roll and write ( Dice game)

Materials: worksheet– pencil - dice


In this activity, the teacher will give an activity of them worksheet about the dice
game. This activity when the student will roll the dice and record the number in
column one. Roll again and record the number in column two. Then use those two
numbers to write multiplication and division number sentences.
Middle-level activity: Fact family house

Material: house - pencil


In this activity, the teacher will give the activity of them (Fact family house). This
activity has three houses each student, and they will see the connection between
multiplication and division – it’s the same number but just switched around. This is
three house they will write number sentences and complete it.
low-level activity: Number bonds

Materials: shape number bonds - pencil


•In this activity, the teacher will give each student number bonds. I put different
material in the top are shape or cotton or sticker and rock, two small circles are
written number sentences and separate between multiplication and division they
will count and write number sentences.

Analyze (A):
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did?
The students responded the way that they were enjoys activities and I used my class
positive and encourage of the students.
How well did your teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding?
My teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding I make different the
activities for them and monitor around when the working.
How well did you engage the students?
Some student find difficult how solve the division and subtraction and teacher give
more explain until them understood the lesson. So, teacher showed flash cards

Appraise (A):
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals?

Yes, my goals I used the strategy in the class.

Transform (T):
How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future?
In the future, I will to be following time and prepared more materials.

What are the implications for your professional practice?

A teacher development idea and more teach them.