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A modified questionnaire of Impact of social media on Students

academic Performance

This questionnaire is adapted from the studies of Zahid, (2016) and
Phasita (2017)

Dear respondent: I am a student of Agusal del Sur State College of

Agriculture and Technology, Trento Campus, going to write a research paper
in which the researcher has to analyze the impact of social media on
student academic performance. This questionnaire is designed to get your
response about this research and I hope so you will fill this questionnaire
with full attention and devotion. All information gathered shall be used
purely for research purpose and shall be treated with confidentiality Thank

Age ( under 20, above 20) Gender (Male, Female)

Qualification ( Under graduate, Graduate)
(Strongly disagree = SD, Disagree=D, Neutral=N, Agree=A, Strongly agree= SA)

Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly

Disagree Agree

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


1. Facebook positively affect

my study timins in routine life

2. I timely submit my
assignments whether
spending time on facebook

3. Groups and pages related to

studies created by scholars on
Facebook helps students in
their study

4. Does Facebook have a

positive impact on students
academic performance?
5. I find it flexible to focus on
work by logging into Facebook
as it helps me to remain in
contact with classmates


1. It's my routine habit to use

twitter in my daily life

2. Usage of twitter sites in my

routine life affect my

3. Students share study

material on twitter that helps
other students which are weak
in studies performance

4. I prefer to express my ideas

and feelings on twitter?

5.My membership on twitter is


Perceived usefulness

1. I believe that using social

media is a useful learning tool

2. I feel that using social media

will help me to learn more
about my class.

3. I believe that using social

media enhance my

4. i believe that using social

media will improve student's
satisfaction with collaborative

Students Academic
1. Using of social media to
facilitate academic activities
and coordinate with peers

2. Using of social media to

facilitate academic activities
and coordinate with teachers

3. Group discussions can be

arranged with my classmates
using of social media and this
will improve my academic

4. Using of social media to

build student-lecture
relationship with my lecturers
amd this improves my
academic performance

5. Using of social media

improves my interaction with
classmates and lecturers, thus,
help me to improve my
academic performance.