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Role Of Ultrasonography In Clubfoot Management – A Clinical

Clubfoot is one of the commonest congenital
deformities in day to day orthopedics practice. It is best
treated with PONSETI method. Severity of it is assessed
by various clinical score which are affected by
interobserver variation. Sonography can be used as
method to assess severity and prognosis of clubfoot.
Material and Methods
In a prospective study 25 child with 31 feets(18 male
and 7 female) of idiopathic clubfoot are examined
sonographically at the start of treatment during (if
tenotomy is required) and after the treatment. Following
parameter are examined which are medial malleolus
navicular distance, medial soft tissue thickness,
calcaneocuboid distance and length of talus. Each child
is treated with PONSETI method.
Sonographic variables correlate well with pirani score
at the start of treatment during and after the treatment
and has good repeatability and reliability.
Ultrasound can be used as diagnostic tool to evaluate
clubfoot and to assess the severity of it. It can also be
used to determine the exact time for surgical
intervention and to evaluate sonographically the
reliablity of correction by Ponseti technique