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Science Lesson #2

Wednesday November 27th

Grade: 1/2
Lesson Title: Life Cycle of Plants
Lesson Duration: 60 minutes

Overview of lesson

Throughout this lesson the students will review the parts of a plant. They will also begin to learn about the
plants life cycle and complete a cut and paste worksheets. This will help them learn about how plants grow and
become prior knowledge they will need to know for our upcoming plant and bean experiments. This will help
them complete their future observation worksheets because they will know, understand, and have practice
with the plants life cycle.

Alberta Program of Study:


GLE 1–4: Demonstrate positive attitudes for the SLE 1-11:

study of science and for the application of science in  Identify the requirements of plants to maintain
responsible ways. life; i.e., air, light, suitable temperature, water,
growing medium, space and recognize that we
GLE 1–11: Describe some common living things, must provide these for plants in our care.
and identify needs of those living things.

Critical Questions

Lesson Inquiry Question: What is the life cycle of plants?

Lesson Guiding Questions:

1. What are the parts of a plant?

2. What do plants need in order to grow?
3. What is the life cycle of plants?

Learning Objectives

Students will…

1. Be able to identify what plants need in order to grow.

2. Be able to identify the different parts of a plant.
3. Be able to identify what the life cycle of a plant is by showing this on their flower handout.

 Class discussion
 SMART board interaction

Summative Assessment: Flower Handout

Learning Resources

Resource #1: SMART board lesson

Resource #2: Flower handout
Resource #3: Plants Can’t Sit Still book
Material and Equipment
 Flower handout
 SMART board
 SMART board markers
 Green construction paper for the stems
 Plants Can’t Sit Still Book

Lesson Procedures for Thursday November 15th.

Introduction ( 25 min.):

Go through the SMART board lesson and watch the videos.

This will take 10 minutes

Call students up to place the needs of plants to grow in the correct column.

This will take 7 minutes

Handout a worksheet to each student and have them return to their desks.

Show the students the rubric and explain how you will be marking it.

Then put and leave up the SMART board slide with the correct order of the life cycle to have the students
follow that.

Explain to the students that they must first cut and glue the pictures onto the correct flower petal and then
let me know they are finished and let me check it first BEFORE they are allowed to color. Once I give them
the go ahead, then they are allowed to NICELY color the pictures with pencil crayons only! NO markers.

This will take 8 minutes.

Body ( 30 min.):

The students will cut out the 8 pictures and glue them onto where they belong on the flower petals. Once
they are finished gluing all the pictures on then they will be allowed to color.

Once they are done coloring, they will then cut out the flower and glue it onto a green pre-cut out stem of
construction paper. (It is okay if we do not get to this step.)

They will be given 30 minutes to work on this.

 I will ask my grade ones to please join me at the back white board table so that I can help them
with the gluing and the order seeing as they usually struggle the most with this. Any other students
that feel they will need help will be welcome to join us at the back table as well for more hands on

Additional Worksheet:
 Early finishers will be given another worksheet where they will cut out words and place them
under the headings plans needs and plant parts.

Closure ( 5 min.):

When the students are done, they will be asked to hand in their flowers to the yellow social studies bin.

I will then ask the students to join me on the carpet and we are going to review through class discussion
what the needs of plants are.

I will finish off class with reading Plants Can’t Sit Still (If I do not get to this then I will start next class off
with this book)

Name: ______________

I followed instructions on how to glue and where to glue the

plant life cycle pictures.


I used a good amount of glue and cut where I was suppose to


I glued my flower nicely onto the stem and put

my name on the back with the title.

Worksheet Example:
Additional (Cushion) Worksheet:
Students Work: