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fin Easy Lesson MIN THE BALLROOM ofthe Sherston Landi Heels Vancouver, siting on an a those springy, armless conlerence chairs 1H4 830 pm, but having jst flown tn from Tocont, my body tell me ‘Re relly clorer to midnight. Arve: ican academe Paula Rothenberg tncroducing a conference bout ‘nei ‘uml She speaks repeatedly about ‘he power of uric and am Bang Trou heping up But Os smn not bout Profesor Rothenberg Instr ‘ory bein tthe endo her aes, Po is question-andansver time and fm ceyeing the door, thinking about lurge, comfortable bed Sever floors above. Suddenly, however, Im wide ‘awake, a the energy inthe rom shits {the microphone onthe ile. A Fst [Nations woman addresses the speaker. ‘She fe motonlest and her introduction ‘sounds amon ean incantation, “My English nome is Betsy Serv [My Anishabe Fest Nations name is ‘Sequatehey, which meane torte. The turtle is recognized in our clare for Being wie, bu that not why my moth ‘erclled ge that She named ae wre Beceem slow” Int, Sequtehsy is anything but sow ight-hented selF-depreetion It Simply her syle Her audience snow trated by her story of stolen che ‘hood ina Mito ative residential school, the long yeas of lonelnes that followed and her ulate spinal redemption Bey war cei 2 siden school in 1960, when she started kindergaen Herthee sere adv eo were al Inmates there Churcherun, resent schools onwinated in Cond a reaut othe Indian Aet. Their main purpose was simple to “Canadiana” mative dems by desvojig thet lnguage and Culture Betey would remsin st the anita school until 1967, when she finally ran aay Not knowing how to pose the ques: tion inteligenty, Teummoned enough cowage 0 waguely as her what Me wos Tike atthe shook, “1 give the postive parcand the negative part" she replied. “The postive pare" had a age fom. ‘There were over 200 of fale ered some sls cocking, Sewing ang” “The negtve prt "learned to be shamed of Anehrabe. The mie gave testve evens about what vage id ‘We were tld we needed to be conve