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Introduction to Subtraction Using Numbers 0-10

Grade Level: 1st Subject: Math Prepared By: Leslie Hudson

Overview & Purpose Education Standards Addressed

The students will be able to subtract using numbers 0-10 so that they will be able to 1.1.D Communicate mathematical ideas, reasoning,
apply subtraction in areas dealing with money, cooking, and time in real world and their implications using multiple
situations. representations, including symbols, diagrams, graphs,
and language as appropriate.

1.3.D The student is expected to apply: basic fact

strategies to add and subtract within 20.

Lesson Details
Objectives We will subtract using numbers 0-10 working with a Materials Needed
(Specify skills/information that will number line and be able to state the difference between  Number Line Subtraction
be learned.)
numbers. Worksheet
 Pencil
Information I will introduce the activity by modeling how to use the
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary number line in a subtraction problem.

Verification By using a taped number line on the floor, students will Other Resources
(Steps to check for student act out number sentences by hopping down the number (e.g. Web, books, etc.)
Taped Number Line

Activity Students will be given a Number Line Subtraction

(Describe the independent activity to Worksheet to complete independently.
reinforce this lesson)

Summary I will introduce subtraction using the representation of a Additional Notes

number line consisting of numbers 0-10. The students
will use a taped number line on the floor to model
number sentences and will then complete an
independent Number Line Subtraction worksheet.